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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  October 14, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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more. what they'll protest later today. melania trump is threatening to sue over her husband's sexual assault allegations. good morning everyone. happy friday. marty is joining us on a dry, warm weekend ahead. good morning. >> going to be toasty out here. pushing near record highs today. clear conditions out here now. of course the course of last few days, limited clear as we look down out of the top of the four seasons hotel down toward downtown denver. clear skies throughout the day today. highs in the mid 80s for you. if we hit the 85 by the way, that would tie the record high. going to be warm the next few days hovering near 80. >> all right thank you marty. getting outside to our drive this morning getting little more
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highway wise, c470 good example of speeds in the 60s. getting out to speed across the city. 16 minute stretch northbound c c470 up toward the city. don't forget this weekend we've got the rock-n-roll marathon taking place across downtown civic center park all the way over to city park. a lot of road out. don't get caught if you're not heading down to the race. if you are, enjoy it. going to be a musical weekend. great weather to map. >> thank you. donald trump is on attack claiming the women that accused him of misconduct are lying. >> he says the media are trying to doom his chances of winning. >> it's a war of words on all sides of this presidential campaign. >> it's coming from everywhere
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of inappropriate behavior is growing. trump says he's never met these people, and says they're made up stories. hillary clinton weathering her own crisis. wikileaks saying the whole foundation of trump's campaign crumble. >> whole thing is bizarre and vicious. >> and michelle obama speaking out about all of this.
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innocence. they're virtually tied. >> bitter bonus. thank you. in response to a magazine article that claims donald trump kissed a woman against her will, his wife is threatening to sue the magazine. the woman says trump pushed her up against the wall and assaulted her. trump argues portions are false and fixal xized. to sue the publication. candidates for the u.s. senate seat will tackle the forum. this comes days after the heated debate where reports of bennett
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october 20th will host a debate for candidates of the sixth congressional seat. both debates are at 7:00 p.m. on channel 20. it is 5:34. another bad night for broncos. they lost to san diego chargers in a game experts say the offense was off. it's the first road division road game lost in six years. broncos loed they were down by eight recovered on side kick. trevor could not connect on this hail mary pass. good effort. broncos still lose 21-13. >> broncos are off next two sundays. they won't play again until a home game monday, october 24th against the houston texans. it will be the return of brock to denver. many have circled to see him
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high. we'll have the game on channel 20 on that monday night. we'll have access to the locker room and bring you interviews with the team on channel 20. in just hours, a rally at dia over more transparency over the long term privatization of jackson terminal. dozens of food and retail workers are expected to be there. dia officials and the company are in negotiations right now. workers don't think ty about how that privatization will affect them. they'll gather at the main terminal at 2:00 this afternoon. the organization boot 66 will honor a fallen u.s. marine. brandon graduated from the school in to 07. he died in 2010 serving a tour in iraq. he was 21 years old. today a ceremony will honor him. it's 5:35.
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left a bomb out tuesday. the device was detonated. a suspicious vehicle was parked at the time boulder county sheriff office. the vehicle was cleared until found not to be a threat. fbi set up a hotline about tips. if you know anything, call police. (303)441-3677. the fire in parker that blackened 30-acres and prompted evacuations was workers repairing a drive way gate. the fire started thursday afternoon. dry grass, warm weather and occasional breeze kept this moving. a firefighter was treated at the time scene for minor injuries and later went back to work treating the fire.
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>> we were going to weld it on to the existing steel. unfortunately for the firefighter. the seattle area is bracing for the most powerful storm in 50 years. heavy rain was falling last night. the island got winds of up to 100 miles per hour. where the center of the storm goes tomorrow seattle will face winds or just rain. other storm predictions show 16 trillion gallons of water could fall in that region between now and sunday that would be 2 trillion gallons more than what fell on the southeast during hurricane matthew this month. no small amount marty. >> it's a huge storm system
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northwest. that's on top of 2 to 4 inches of rain that's already fallen many areas of the pacific northwest. rain forecast just part of the issue with with upwards of 10 to 20 inches of rain in northern california and along the coast. winds extremely strong going to heat up quickly in the eastern plains and valleys. >> schoolgirls have been released. 300 were taken from their school more than three years ago. the release shows most were carrying babies when they were freed. >> such a sad situation.
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>> still a lot more. >> there were 200. >> only 21 came back. >> long ways to go. >> continue to hope and pray for them. 5:39 now. if you have a honda civic in the drive way, you'll want to hear this. >> plus airlines are taking a step furtherer in the wake of the exploding samsung phones. links they're going to now and
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. overheated phones have back up plans. they're finding out what to do if a passenger's phone catches fire during a flight. three airlines are adding fleets in case the fire extinguisher doesn't work the samsung overheated this month earlier on a southwest flight. the aviation administration has
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passengers not to use or charge phones in the air. honda is recalling 350,000 civics in the u.s. because their parking brakes may not work correctly. recall says brake warning light will blink in the instrument panel. honda says no crash or have been reported. it's now 5:42. coming up, the rich history behind the capital city. >> thanks. high fire danger an issue along with strong winds. red warnings out for wyoming and
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danger. mid-80s today. close to 80 around here tomorrow. very warm conditions for this time of year. the wind is a huge issue. 30 to 50 miles per hour winds and south in the valley. going to see strong winds. then tonight into tomorrow morning see the nice brightly lit strip of high winds right up over the foot range mountains. we're expecting wind gusts over 50 miles per hour. all of this abnorm amidst the conditions. thank you. both sides of the highway fairing nicely. across the board, no major accidents to kick i think this is off. downtown down to denver tech center, 15 minutes for now. speeds 66 miles per hour. we head to the weekend,
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place. expect street closures downtown. these road closures block a lot of folks off. plan ahead, and you'll be just
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. the man police say fired the
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psychiatric evaluation. the 26-year-old is accused of murdering palm springs officers saturday. he pleaded guilty in court yesterday. da says his motive was to kill police officers. also pleading not guilty in court thursday, arehami. his court case was only for new jersey bombs. he's still in the appeared in court from his bed with lawyers by his side the bomb injured more than 30 people. according to our partners at denver business journal, this is called one of the 10 most beautiful neighborhoods in the country. it's bordered by broadway today west. north downing street to the east and eastth avenue to the south. when colorado first became a territory, golden was the
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mining. 20 years later, 1886, construction started on denver's capital. an address on lincoln, grant, sherman, logan, pennsylvania cull fax was a status signal. commercial buildings started to move in on million i don't millionaire row. the rich moved on to other ar many other big name organizations are there now. capitol hill has many great restaurants, breweries, coffee shops. for a look at all those things, join our 9 neighborhood instagram tour this afternoon. . around here today, we have clear conditions to start the day. there are clouds that drifted in overnight. that was an indication of warmer air that is moving in. we just mention had the huge
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pacific coast from california to british columbia. huge storm, big impact there. virtually hurricane type conditions in that part of the country. for us today, generally clear condition across the area early on. high clouds late in the day. 60s and 70s very windy in the mountains and foothills. 25 to 35 miles per hour gusts during the day. tonight they get stronger. that moves us to 80s around here. fairly gusty conditions that get more intense by tomorrow morning. strong winds, mostly confined to in and near the fit hills afternoon today and through the night tonight. clear conditions start the day. few clouds drifting in late this afternoon. we'll have a few high clouds tomorrow. i'll lower tomorrow's forecast temperatures just a few degrees. 80s around here today with 70s in the mountains.
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1962. tonight a few high clouds around here with low to near 50 degrees. tomorrow and sunday, and monday all within a degrees or two of 80. the wind really kicks up monday afternoon into tuesday when we finally cool back down. >> getting outside, enjoy the ride. look at the beautiful view of our city. love this camera along southbound 25. it gives the big picture o up and hits the road. no crash, no stalls, nothing to worry about accident wise out there. clearer commute in terms of highway 85 through greeley. a lot of fog with low visibility. today it's looking awfully nice. lots of green from e470 to c470 our drive to the airport up toward fort collins as well as down south to colorado springs.
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and the lines were long. you've got the clear conditions heading throughout the day. amelia, thank you. broncos lost and again to the chargers. it hurt this is morning. we have more on what went wrong
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. imagine experience in the ability to engineer and build a vehicle. wheat ridge high school doing that and more. >> every day you get to look forward to coming into the class. it's a challenging class but a good type of challenging. it's putting your knowledge to the test of your hands on ability and your computer science. that's one of the unique things about our class. we have kids from different ends of the spectrum. kids that aren't with their hands. you have the kids good at computer design. being able to bring all of those things into this program is really unique in what make this is such a special program. >> you're going to like learning more about kids. we've got the full edition coming up in the 8:30 half hour. >> nice. they're already on that path. that's amazing. they could be here at this anchor desk and blow us all out of the water.
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5:54 now. looks like many, many fantastic beasts if your a harry potter fan. you know what we're talking about. >> fantastic beast and where to find them comes out in a month. this is not the end of the world for hairy -- for harry potter. >> that's all for 9:00 news 5:00 a.m. 9:00 news at 6:00 a.m.
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. enough is enough. >> this is a conspiracy against you, the american people. >> a fiery speech from the first lady and trump on the defense. all reaction to the republican nominee sexual assault allega dia employees coming together with questions about privatization seeking answers about their jobs. when you step outside today, you might not believe it. it's true. ski season around the corner. good morning everyone. marty is with us as well. those ski resorts are going to need a few cool days. that is not today. >> not this weekend.


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