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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  October 16, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm MDT

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4 lines for 160. all on america's best network. there's just a mass amount of data in this business. trey brown, director of college scouting you know, you've got to have a powerful laptop. we're trying to find prospects that are gonna make us better. you look at the athleticism, the speed, the explosiveness. the surface pro allows us to be everywhere. we're on the field, in the classroom. it's fast. it's powerful. i can write right on the screen. i couldn't do that on a mac. at the end of the day, we're trying to find the players that are gonna give us the opportunity to win championships >> al: k.j. dillon is back on the bench. getting worked on. and you have osweiler, awaiting the signal, that we are ready
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any score wins the game here. luck had it in hand. >> referee: we are in actual sudden death, the next score wins. >> al: already. as we know. plenty of drama here. and plenty of drama in a few living rooms, as well. you know what i mean and i know you do. here we go. at the 33 yard line. off the play fake. osw osweiler, has time. and over the middle to the 41 yard line. that's fiedorowicz who scored the game-tying touchdown. geathers makes the stop. gain of nine, second and one. >> cris: i would give osweiler the advice of work the other guys. he just stared at deandre of kins for three seconds and came off. the other guys started the other drive.
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he's back in. fiedorowicz moving around. the toss to lamar miller. lamar miller takes the ball into indices territory to the 49 yard line. tackled by mcnary. and lamar miller, 23 carries 149 yards. one rushing t.d. and one receiving t.d. >> cris: they get the big guy, clark, out in front of this thing. and you have to remember that fatigue becomes a real factor here. when these guys have to run sideline-to-sideline, as they did there, it takes a lot out of the pass rush. >> al: this time, he is stopped at the line of scrimmage, as the former dolphin. morris makes the stop. here's michele. >> michele: nick novak and i spoke before the game. he said anything inside 58, he felt good about. but let's remember, he missed wide to the right five times in the pregame, as well as missing the extra point. a little shaky for novak.
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instead, it was 13-9. of course, that turned out to be very big. second down and ten. from the 49 yard line. osweiler, deep down the left sideline. jaelen strong, huge gains against indianapolis. he has done it again. he has been silent tonight. stays inbounds. 36 yards. >> cris: for brock osweiler, he's finally done it. he finally broke away from having to totally rely on these moments on deandre hopkins. comes back the other way. and jaelen strong delivers. that's a fantastic catch. >> al: strong had three t.d.s, as a rookie last year. all of them, against indianapolis. now, clearly, in field goal range.
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don't do anything silly. >> cris: before you go in shotgun and make another throw, we have our shot right here. nothing wrong with the coverage by melvin. at the point of attack. it was jaelen strong, a guy that had to play 81% of the time this season because of injuries in there. his real role is outside. and he just showed you why. what a play. >> al: the colt killer. >> cris: brock osweiler, you have to give him credit. every time he's had a chance, he was down to his last chance. once. twice. and during regulation. and now, gets it back and does
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the offense, now on the cusp of erasing a 14-point deficit and winning the game in overtime. he wants to move it to the hash mark that's most beneficial. novak wanted it on the right hash. he puts it there for him. and here comes novak, for what will be about a 34-yard field goal attempt. make it 33. >> cris: that's the extra point, right? >> al: that is the extra point that was missed. three overtime field goals, in the eight-plus seasons in the nfl. >> cris: just so dangerous to leave an nfl game early. >> al: i'm sure they're enjoying it on the radio. 33-yarder to win the game.
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what a comeback. what a dispiriting loss for the colts. ready to go in a tie for the division, and houston goes to 4-2. they're 4-0 at home. mr. osweiler pays his first big dividend on that $72 million deal. the end. luck, that is. and the indianapolis colts will limp home, with a mark of 2-4, two games behind their top rival. so, novak missed a 33-yarder. and then, made the big 33-yarder, to put this game in the over territory.
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lamar miller, what a night for him. frank gore, well, he had that 100-yard night. but loses the game. 26-23, texans in overtime. volkswagen postgame report coming your way next. enjoy your phone! you too. (inner monologue) all right, be cool. you got the amazing new iphone 7 on the house by switching to at&t... what??.... aand you got unlimited data because you have directv??
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welcome to "the volkswagen golf postgame report." mike tirico. >> what a stunning turnaround. the texans rail 23-9, with less than three minutes left. they rally to beat indianapolis, and alone atop the afc south 26-23. two sides of this on colts, looking to get everybody to three losses in this division. an they could not perform on the offensive end, or down on defense. but for the texans, lamar miller's good play and brock osweiler, the two off-season big additions, paid dividends tonight. as the sunday night bus goes around the country, you'll see the performances of this evening. remember, they are the players of the game. miller and osweiler get game
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and speak with michele tafoya. >> mike, thank you. brock, 3-0, in overtime. what is it about this situation that helps you to thrive? >> michele, it's not me. it's the teammates that are around me. you know, what these guys did tonight, is truly unbelievable. the defense kept us in the game. we struggled early offensively. we never quit fighting. lamar made an excellent play. it's truly the teammates around me. i'm blessed for that. >> bill o'brien told me at halftime, he had no idea how this offense was going to get going. but somehow you guys found a way. what do you think was the turning point? >> we used the term, keep chumping. keep fighting, keep chomping. there was a couple of plays in the third quarter, where lamar and the offensive line created huge runs.
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offense going. >> this was a monumental moment for you. the crowd was booing this offense in the first half. to turn it around the way you did, what does it mean to you personally? >> i hope everybody hangs around for all four quarters next time. i can promise you one thing, this team will never stop fighting. >> you are heading to denver next week, what do you think this week is going to be like before you head back to the place that drafted you? >> it is all about taking the emotion out. i have nothing but love and respect for the city of denver, the organization. my teammates. it's take the emotion out, have a normal work week. and prepare for a great team. >> congratulations, brock. let's go to lamar miller. lamar, two touchdowns. one of them, you danced. and we measured it. it was 50 yards you had to run around before you got to the end zone. how would you describe how that play unfolded? >> i think brock did a great job of, you know, just getting the
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play for this team. >> you also like to make plays in front of a guy you could call your mentor, frank gore. he had a nice night tonight, as well. how motivating was it for you to play in front of him? >> it was a lot of motivation for me. every time he made a big play, you know, it gave me that boost to, you know, want to make a big play to compete against him. i think the offensive line, they did a great job, you know, opening up holes for me. i would try to go up and make plays. >> congratulations on the win, lamar. >> thank you. >> michele, great stuff. two terrific performances. i want to bring tony dungy in. coach, we can go over osweilers number. 14 of 17. made the throws and had to make the touchdown to fiedorowicz. did you see the reaction of his teammates in the interview with michele? you get the sense this is more than just one win at the end of the year for brock osweiler and the texans. >> it really is, mike. just really probably a landmark
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they're down 14 points, nothing is going right. comeback and win it. you saw that emotion. and that energy. so, it was huge, just the fact that they have confidence in their leader. then, the second part of it is, you have to look at how it's unfolded. at home. division win. this is going to be so big down the stretch if you get into tiebreaker situations. stealing this win was huge. a big, big night for them. other si how crushing is this for the colts? to play well but really have their defense really come apart in the last three drives. they're going to have a lot of work to do to recover from this one. >> 2-4, at tennessee next sunday. want to bring in mike florio from ben roethlisberger who injured his knee in the loss at miami, get us updated on big ben's injury. >> well, mike, they did an mri
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it revealed a torn meniscus. he will have surgery on monday. how long he will be out remains to be seen. they host the patriots, then a bye, then, the ravens. he's expected to not play sunday, beyond that, it remains to be seen. >> a big loss for the steelers, with that game against the pats coming up. jay ajayi, a guest with mike and von miller is a guest on tuesday. al and cris to wrap it up in a moment. "driving my life away" by eddie rabbit ? well, the midnight headlight blind you on a rainy night ? steep grade up ahead slow me down makin' no time. ? ? but i gotta keep rollin', for the mornin' ? introducing the new turbocharged golf alltrack with 4motion? all-wheel drive.
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rizon, at&t and t-mobile rates. for people with hearing loss, visit ? ? what? is he gone?? finally, i thought he'd never leave... tv character: why are you texting my man at 2 a.m.? no... if you want someone to leave you alone, you pretend like you're sleeping. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more you do. tv character: taking selfies in the kitchen does not make you a model. welcome back to "the volkswagen golf postgame report." >> michael is going to get it up the middle. pushes towards the goal line. touchdown, seattle. michael is the deepback. wilson will give it to him. cuts to the right.
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snap down. the kick from hauschka is up. plenty of leg. and it is good. >> before we preview next week, just one other note here. the colts had won their last 41 regular season road games, in which they had a fourth quarter lead. they hadn't lost one of these games in ten years, in the regular season. the last time, though, in the playoffs was '08. that was tony dungy's last game. and that sent tony to football night inri it's been ten years since they coughed up a fourth quarter lead in a regular season game. >> it was stunning, it was, to see the texans turn around their offensive night because they were struggling. >> arizona plays tomorrow night against the jets. meanwhile, seattle, it was a tough one today. they missed hauschka missed the extra point. the field goal, come from behind, after they coughed up the lead. we see arizona next week. >> you are talking about one of
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and those guys were on fire. once again, seattle's defense, when they had to make plays, made the plays to win it. >> and the houston texans pedestrian made the plays they needed to win tonight. overcoming a 14-point deficit in the last three minutes of the game. win it in overtime by a score of 26-23. except on the west coast next, it will be your late local news. for now, al, cris, michele, mike drew and the guys downstairs, saying good night from nrg stadium in houston. nbc sports thanks you for watching this special presentation of the national
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certainly you felt it.
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should be. we even broke a yesterday by two degrees at 85 reported out at dia. not to mention it is very dry, very windy, prompting red flag warnings that will continue into tomorrow. more in just a moment. but first an update on the freeman fire burning in eagle county. crews have it 15% contained tonight. that is with limited help from helicopters. strong winds have made it difficult to fight the flames from the air. gusts up of to 30 miles per hour grounded ts winds could pose similar challenges tomorrow. flames have burned nearly 3070 akers since the first was first reported yesterday off of frying pan road. no evacuations or road clough shovers been ordered. the fire has not burned any buildings or hurt anyone. there is no word yet on the cause. investigators do know what caused the two most recent fires in douglas county. the one friday near inspiration drive east on e-
10:23 pm
working on a gate actally started a 30-acre fire in parker. no one was cited but firefighters say they serve as a reminder to be smart when it is this dry out. >> burning this time of the year is a horrible idea. anytime we're using a heat source and we have fuels available, we have to remember that all it takes is a little bit of wind, and what we think is a small fire can quickly get out of control. >> we want to meteorologist danielle grant. certainly a beautiful weekend but we're looking at several areas in need of moisture. >> unfortunately it's not going to be in the cards for the next couple of days what. will be in the cards are the gusty winds. we're going to be watching high fire danger. red flag warnings, wind gusts as high at 50 miles per hour potentially here in the metro area with relative humidity
10:24 pm
pick up. 3:00, 4:00 a.m. they're gusting around 40 miles per hour in estes park. by the time you're at work, they're about 58-mile-per-hour winds in allen's park, netherlands, bailey, and the foothills, and they will be rolling off onto the plains. by the afternoon they spread across parts of larimer county into weld county and down here into denver as well. once again the next 24 hours are going to be crucial as gusty winds all afternoon long. as we take you through the futurecast you won't really notice too much. it is going to be very dry as we head towards the start of the work week. maybe a few changes by the middle part of the week. those winds kicking up overnight significantly tin foot hits. we do have warnings posted across the state. tomorrow is still going to be a warm one. we will still be considering high fire danger across the entire area, and then finally mother nature will bring us a
10:25 pm
i will let you know if that storm system will potentially bring us any rain or snow. >> danielle, thank you. with just over three weeks until election day the campaigns are trying to pick up every vote possible. tonight former presidential candidate bernie sanders was in denver to campaign for hillary clinton. he spoke on the aurora campus. >> our campaign was ab clinton and her campaign and write the most progressive party platform in the history of the united states of america. you made that happen. >> before sanders took the stage massachusetts senator elizabeth warren made a pitch for hillary clinton. it is the first time the two
10:26 pm
agenda. it is a colorado agenda. it is an american agenda. and that is why bernie sanders and i are here today. >> more than 1700 people turned out for tonight's event. sanders has more events tomorrow in colorado. the first is in fort collins at csu. that begins at 2:00. three hours later he will appear at cu boulder support of amendment 69. it will replace most private health insurance with a single insurer called colorado care. also tomorrow donald trump junior will appear at the centennial gun club. donald trump will campaign in colorado springs and grand junction on tuesday. his website has ticket information for both events. hillary clinton holds an 11-point national lead over rival donald trump as we head into the final debate on
10:27 pm
poll which was conducted after last weekend's debate. trump on the offensive after a growing number of women accuse the nominee of sexual misconduct. he denies all the accusations and insists that the media is bias for not digging hard enough into clinton's e-mail controversy or the clinton foundation's alleged ties to russia. meanwhile trump blaming the media for his problems feels desperate. >> the news media's one sidedness zion my lifetime. >> he's saying that america can't run a fair election. he is swinging at every phantom of his own imagination because he knows he's losing. >> trump heads to wisconsin tomorrow. clinton has no events planned. 9news will host two more local did he basements we're going to be taking a closer look at ballot questions on channel 20. on thursday, october 20th we will host a debate between the six congressional district
10:28 pm
democrat morgan carroll. thousands of mail-in ballots will be sent to registered colorado voters tomorrow, 22 days before the election. if you are worried that you didn't sign up this is the first presidential election where everyone's ballot is being sent directly to them. victoria sanchez found out some changes that voters should be aware of. >> we're just weeks away from picking a new president, choosing a u.s. senn to and deciding how we feel about new amendmen votes, we need ballots. and because of a new law we should get them this week. >> that's one thing that's changed with this new model. there was a change law in 2013. what they did was alleviate a lot of confusion, because there were times when you actually had to sign up to get a mail ballot and request one. certain elections they're mailed to you automatically. now if you are an active registered vote, you get one
10:29 pm
if you have not gotten it after a week call your elections office. if you are not registered at all, you have until the end of the month to sign up to get a ballot sent to you. if you really want to wait until the last minute you can do same-day voter registration on november 8th. that means if you can prove you have been a resident for at least 22 days you can participate. there are some other things voters need to know. >> one that the balance loint a lot of the counties is going to look different. you used to have what's your candidate's name would appear, the point of the arrow, the gap, and you voted biconnecting that. now you just fill out a bump. >> reporter: and two, don't wait until the last minute. postmarks don't count. the cut off is 7:00 p.m. november 8th. you will have to pay 68 cents for postage or put it in a ballot drop-off box. if you do mail it in it is suggested you do it by
10:30 pm
equal one ballot. make sure to turn both of them in. >> it might seem like something small but some voters still want one of those "i voted" sticker. you can get a virtual sticker through snapchat. if you want a real one, just tell the polling center that you voted and they will give you one. >> that's the one way that we let people know that we voted. >> exactly. if you are still connected u live in the county of denver and the app can show you exactly where your polling places are. so everything is on-line now. >> making it helpful. victoria, thank you. nearly six months ago a murder and a fair shut down rosenberg's bagel in denver. today dozens lined up. over the past few months they have been hosting pop-up locations around denver. it seems that customers could


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