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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  October 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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strong winds still howling across our state... >> this is 9 news. >> strong winds expected to move across the state. making it difficult for firefighters as they wrap up containment on the fire near you fires in eagle county and custard county are still growing. >> the biggest threat is coming from the junkins fire. it has forced people in almost 200 homes near west cliff to evacuate. as of this morning, firefighters had no containment on that fire. the freeman fire in eagle county is 40% contained. meteorologist belen de leon will join us in just a minute to tell us if today's weather
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efforts. we start with jess cooh who is in centennial. jessica, they're battling that big fire in custard county. >> reporter: yeah. they declared a local emergency yesterday, which is why the state is getting involved. i would like to introduce you to mickey trove. i know you are here early becauser starting deployment early. >> yes. we're starting from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. tonight. our role is to get the resource the fire put out. the biggest part of that is securing a verbal declaration of disaster from the governor's office yesterday. that also allows us funding through the disaster emergency fund and the use of the colorado national guard. >> reporter: and it sounds like you started deployment a few hours after the fire started yesterday. what sort of resources are there now. >> right. we were notified by early in the morning. on 8:00, we had our field
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emergency operations center. as it went into pueblo, we had additional staff down in pueblo county. >> you were mentioning yesterday too -- it's obvious now. but the strong winding are really creating a problematic situation for crews. >> right. we're watching the winds down there. the weather, the terrain. we work with all of our partners in the national weather service and local first responders to put everything on this fire to make sure that we can get it out. >> reporter: thank you so much for joining us again, they are starting deployment at 6:00 this morning. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> reporter: so guys, crews of course continuing to fight this fire with 0% containment. more than 15,000 acres burned so far. we are hearing that there will be some kind of update as 10:00 this morning. we know that wind have died down. hopefully overnight. and temperatures also dipping into the lower 30s, meaning that smoke hopefully was cleared out as well. we may get a better understanding of exactly how
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>> hopefully we will hear about an improvement. despite the windy conditions this week, firefighters in eagle county are making good progress on the freeman fire. it is 40% contained. flames have burned 340 acres since it started on sunday. this fire has not burned any buildings. will is no word on a cause. belen de leon joins us now from the backyard. and belen, those high winds were really, really a problem the last o today. >> the winds will be weaker, gary. but we're still talking about gusts getting up to 30 to 40 miles per hour. let's just compare it to yesterday shall westbound we had had gusts of 70 to 80 miles per hour. here is the wind gust forecast around the junction understand fire. throughout the day we could see gusts up to 20 to 30 miles per hour. especially through this afternoon and evening. tomorrow, lighter winds are in store for them over there.
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in the forecast for us. right now we have gusts closer to the foothills and loveland pass up to 40 miles per hour. and calmer winds down south near the junkins fire. the humidity has risen and we will see cooler temperatures. our thoughts are with the crews trying to get a handle on that. the temperatures for today will be cooler than yesterday. finally it will feel like fall. temperatures currently in the 30s and 40s up and over the divide. highs will be in time of year. now, as we take you through the rush hour forecast this morning, you will be on dry roads. 42. this afternoon, more clouds and it will get breezy. 61 degrees. we have the potential of seeing rain and snow in the mountains. generally north of i-70. also a chance to see isolated showers. i'll walk you through your tuesday forecast coming up. right now let's look at the roads with amelia. >> good morning, belen.
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36 and wadsworth, continuing over to 70 and 225. so far the fly-over ramps and the side streets are just trucking on through there. getting into our tuesday start. one area that has experienced an early delay is up to the north end. this is our southbound i-25 stretch up towards thornton parkway. it's a typical location for us to get a slowdown like this. we already have a crash that has rolled into place in the southbound direction. as for the speeds, we're up to dropping down to 55 miles per hour between e470 and the i-70 split. here is where the wreck sits. southbound coming up to thornton parkway. even once you get past it, tarhonda, there is a slight slowdown. washington could help you out. >> good alternate routes. thank you amelia. it is 6:05. donald trump will likely continue his accusations of a rigged election when he visits colorado today. he will have a rally in
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junction for an event in the afternoon. the republican presidential nominee claims that voter fraud poses a significant threat at polling process. he says that fraud is happening right now. >> people who died ten years ago and are still voting. illegal immigrants are voting. >> one study by a loyola law school found there have on impersonation fraud out of one billion votes cast between 2000 and 2014. meanwhile the trump campaign is definitely paying attention to colorado voters. donald trump junior spent the day here on monday after speaking in centennial at the gun club, he had planned to hold a campaign visit at the sink in boulder. but the owner put the kibosh on that. he said anybody is welcome to
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political rallies. meanwhile vermont senator bernie sanders was campaigning for hillary clinton. sanders touched on climate change, immigration, job creation. he said that hillary clinton is the best candidate to handle those issues. later in the day, he visited cu boulder's campus where he tried to garner support for amendment 69 health insurance coverage in colorado and make it universal colorado. hillary clinton will spend the day to prepare for the third and final presidential debate. her next public appearance will be in las vegas when she takes the debate stage. she has yet to comment on the accusations that the election is rigged. bernie sanders tried to playoff of those claims. >> the system is rigged in favor of the wealthy and the powerful.
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clinton on this issue alone. >> donald trump continues to refuse to release his taxes, showing his wealth. clinton has yet to comment on the latest leaks of her e-mail. we will have more on that coming up at 6:37. it is 6:08 now. mental health will again be the focus of the trial against a man who has admitted to opening fire inside of a colorado springs planned parenthood. he will be in court today. there will be a status hearing scheduled. it will talk whether to bar him from contacting reporters while he is waiting for trial. deer has been in the colorado state mental health institute since may. the november 15th shooting left three people dead and nine others hurt. deer says he attacked the clinic because of the anti- abortion views. it is now 6:08. the teens say it was a joke.
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been kicked out of boulder prep school. the school says that they were part of a neonazi facebook group. >> one member was a boulder prep student that pledged allegiance to the nazis and took his own life last month. one student showed the head master a chat between students recruiting members for what they called a war. we blacked out some of the names, the photos and profanity from the you will see that some could be considered disturbing. one says we need more vehicles and weapons. after seeing the messages the head master says she was terrified and this was no joking matter. >> too many examples where hate speech begins as just speech but then someone takes it a step further. >> now, the head master says she believes there could be mental health issues with some
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tolerated there. boulder prep, belen, is a small school of about 100 students. >> thank you, colleen. let's talk about air quality. because today here in the metro area we're going to have air quality that will be moderate. that means it is acceptable to most people. but still that sensitive group with respiratory problems, you might want to limit your time outside. because of the fires burning currently in colorado, our visibility will be on the poor side. you will especially towards the mountains. around 9:00 a.m., 47 degrees. but it will be hazy. around noon, it's cool and breezy. 60 degrees. around 3:00, gusts up to 20 miles per hour. temperatures in the mid-60s. clouds increase. and then tonight we will track a chance for isolated showers. i will have more about that in the full forecast. >> thank you, belen. tired of the same lame scary movies or the boring run of the mill haunted houses? there's a new way to get your
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>> get your scare on. wow, gary. >> we will bring to you a den engineer startup that is bringing halloween frights to a whole new level. >> a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> and a woman who had a brush
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>> please drop what you're doing and come and look at your television. i want you to take a look at this picture of the cute kids with smiling faces. i visited arkansas elementary school yesterday. we had a great time learning about the seasons and the importance of the sun in arraying. the best question that i got is how old are you. yeah he learned a quick lesson that you don't ask a lady that question. so thank you so mu second graders for having me. it will be cooler at the bus stop. grab the hoodie. 42 around lunch. around the last bell, clouds increase and temperatures at 64. highs today finally feeling like fall. in the mid-60s in city. 70s to the south. we do have snow falling in north western colorado. as the day goes on, the snow will develop, especially for the north and central mountain.
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afternoon. it is expected to be mainly dry. through 5:00 p.m., the clouds increase in northern colorado. we have the potential for isolated showers there. then isolated showers in the city is a possibility. the showers will be light and isolated. so not everyone is going to get in on the action through this evening our skies will be clear. and tomorrow morning we're waking up to sunshine. it will be cooler tonight. 36 is the overnight low. tomorrow will be the coolest day out of the week. a high nice weather. maybe you want to rake up the fall leaves. around thursday, 61. as we approach the weekend, it is warmer and it is drier, with highs in the 70s. amelia. >> thank you, belen. sky 9 cruising around the city at 6:15 and showing us the view up and over i-25 and arapahoe. yesterday there was a major rollover crash and this was a grid lock delay.
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through, enjoying the ride passing by bellevue, orchard and all the way up to colorado. let's come out to the cdot cams. southbound across 25 approaching thornton parkway, there is a crash right at thornton. travel times 15 minutes as you head on down. across the downtown stretch, we're clear. up north, here is the one crash still in place. it looks like it cleared up and out of the way. check this out, guys, i had to share this he shared this shot of the super moon last night on twitter. it is getting shared like crazy on social media. share this one because i can't get enough of this. >> it is a perfectly composed picture. >> it is beautiful. >> that is unreal. >> i love it. >> thanks, amelia. do you like to be scared? people love it or de test it. >> not so much. >> all right. then have ee. if you're looking for a good
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of the traditional haunted house, there's a den engineer based business giving people a scare that is right in your face. >> totally like in your face. >> uh-huh. >> it's called the virtual reality haunted house. you guess it, it used virtual reality to give people a fright. if you're feeling adventurous, find it at epic brewing in five points. our partners at the business journal went. it features three experiences. a walk above a plank on a sky scraper, an escape from a apocalypse. >> and there's a beer at the end of the road. >> i hope. >> as if there aren't enough things to get your blood pressure really cranking these days. >> do you know what is scary? bills. >> bills are pretty scary. >> i'm scared enough of that. >> that is going to be popular. >> virtual reality. >> the wave of the future. >> there you go. >> he says they have been the face of oppression for too many
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history. this was a surprise. one of the highest ranking
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>> 6:20 right now. it seems like all too often we're hearing news of memorials of people tragically killed. today a memorial for two fallen police officers in palm springs, california. they were shot to death while responding to a domestic violence call.
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service today. they were killed on october 8th. that's when investigators say 26-year-old ex-con strict john felix started shooting at them with an assault rifle. he could face the death penalty. the president of the national organization of police chiefs made a stunning admission. he said that he is sorry for the historic mistreatment of people of color in the united states and for law enforcement's role in that mistreatment. at the annual conference in san francisco, terrence cunningham been the face of oppression in enforcing laws. cunningham says past injustices have created mistrust between communities of color and the police. >> we must move forward to build a shared understanding. we must forge a path that allows us to move beyond our history and better protect our communities.
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this pros is for the law enforcement profession and the iacp apologize for the actions of the past and the role that our profession has played in society's historical mistreatment of people of color. >> he says that officers are not to blame for the past. flood waters in parts of the carolinas are still going up, a week and a half after hurricane matthew hit. e crested overnight, breaking a flood record set in 1928. the overflow from the river is now chest deep up and to the windows of many homes. the river starts in north carolina so all of the flood water from there is starting to reach south carolina. >> those pictures are something. >> yeah. >> in the middle of shopping, she suffered a heart attack unfortunately. now weeks later she is getting a chance to thank the people who rushed to her side to help
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minute. first we want to check on the weather and the traffic. >> what a cooldown in comparison to 24 hours ago. look at the numbers. we're about 20 degrees cooler in eagle. and steamboat springs, about 25 degrees cooler. yesterday it was the front pushing through that caused rain and snow in the monday tans. larry pierce sent us this gorgeous shot where you can see the snow off to the distance. the forecast will be favorable for our ski resorts to fire up the snow guns. temperatures in the 40s. overnight lows will be dropping into the 20s in some spots. it is getting chilly out there, amelia. >> yes, it is. great way to get between downtown and the airport is the train to the plane. that means that 37 minutes is all it will take you to get either direction this morning. out across the rest of the morning commute, we're waking up and hitting the roads. 44th avenue is a good example. good news.
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delay that crash on thornton parkway, all southbound lanes are clear and the speeds in the
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>> she nearly died two weeks ago. but now a florida woman is
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attack while in the store. several store employees rushed to her help. she knew she had to go back and let them know how much she appreciated on what they did. they looked together to the future. >> i can't wait to see her. and definitely unforgettable. make sure that janet is well taken care of. >> just a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart. janet is still recovering. she says that this is her fourth near death experience. >> oh, my goodness. >> what? >> my goodness is right. >> so glad those people were there to help her. >> probably so happy to see her. >> go ahead to see she is doing better. >> spend halloween living like a vampire.
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>> this is >> the fire is nearly out. two others are still growing and forcing people out of their homes much the junkins fire in custard county, the freeman fire in eagle county are proving difficult for firefighters right now. >> firefighters are making progress on the freeman fire, reaching 40% containment as of
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meredith. >> strong winds are fueling this in custard county. it blew up to 15,000 acres on monday. it has forced the evacuation of nearly 200 homes in the west cliff area. >> yeah. it is a mess in some parts of the state. firefighters will need help from mother nature if you're going to make any progress today. belen de leon have a look at the weather in a minute. but first we went to send it out to they're trying to get a handle on the fire snooze gary, we are sitting inside the command center for a very, very -- useful information hub. i would love to bring in vicki trose with colorado emergency management. vicki, this is a new view of the information hub. this is used when you have to send people to emergency situations like you had to do yesterday and today.
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this is where we coordinate all of the resources, all of the support that is needed at the local level in order to fight the junkins fire or any other disaster going on. >> give us the lay of the land here. who is here right no and what are they watching. >> they have this room set up so we can have up to 70 personnel come in. and the people who staff all of these desks have decision- making abilities to get us real- time information on what is in happening with weather, what is happening with our fire fighting efforts. >> reporter: this has been a tough fire to fight. you said that strong winds and dry conditions have proven to be a problem for the past couple of weeks, including this fire that has grown more than 15,000 acres in a short amount of time. run us through the different times from type 1 to type 5, what that means and where we are currently right now.
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our normal response to a normal house fire or local law enforcement. so that would be like a type 5 response. and it just helps us get information, get resources at the correct level to help people. so a normal type 5 response, yesterday we had a type 3. so we brought in a command staff. we call them overhead personnel to help fight the fire. and then the fire today is transitioned to is mostly federal level. they have higher training, more resources that are there. >> reporter: all right. thank you so much, vicki. the type 1 means it's the most serious kind of fire. they say it's not at that stage right now, guys, but they're preparing for that which gives you an indication of the potential of how dangerous the fire could be. six structures have burned. one of them a home. we see the number of homes could have grown to three
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>> thanks very much, jessica. it's really neat to see inside and see what the folks are looking at. and what we're looking at is that wind gust forecast for today. because yesterday it's no wonder that a wildfire was able to spread so quickly. in that area, there were gusts up to 70 miles per hour. now, throughout the day, the winds will be erratic at times. a couple of things working in favor for our the winds will be weaker and cooler temperature. around the junkins fire, the gusts could be up to 20 to 30 miles per hour. overnight through tomorrow morning, a possibility for the winds to still remain breezy. our thoughts are with them. folks in custard county this morning are waking up to air quality advisory in effect until 9:00 a.m. because of the smoke and haze. here is a look at the current
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it's in parts of south central colorado where red flag warning will be in effect today. now, the temperatures you will notice they're going to be cooler. this morning, we have temperatures in the 30s around town and 40s closer to the foothills. and near silverthorne, 29 degrees. it's also finally going to feel like fall. 10 degree difference from yesterday to today. highs in the 60s around town and 50s closer to the the sky. and the weather really for your drive into work or school will be fine. 42 degrees. this afternoon, clouds will increase. breezy. temperatures at 61 degrees. we are tracking a chance of rain and snow in the mountains and a possibility of showers on the front range. right now let's take a look at the roads. amelia has that for us. >> yes. sky 9 is over the accident filled area of 225 right now. we have two northbound problems. one here at colfax which is off
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there is a second crash northbound 225 right along 6th avenue. here is what the backups have transitioned into. looking at our cdot camera, you see the speeds have dropped down to the single digits because of the crashes. i heard on twitter that folks are saying it is cleared to the shoulder but there is still a delay because of curiosity. the drive southbound is 23 minu average speeds, 28 miles per hour. so today is one of those days where i might head out to the east and use chambers or further to the west of 225 havana is the best way to parallel the highway commute. gary. >> thank you, amelia. on the eve of tomorrow night's third and final presidential debate which is in las vegas, donald trump is focusing on colorado today. he is campaigning here. his running mate will visit durango tomorrow.
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candidate is planning stops in colorado springs and grand junction today. the first one in colorado springs. doors open in about 25 minutes. and the event will start at 10:00. donald trump will then head to west star aviation. the rally starts at 3:00. the newest poll shows that hillary clinton is 10 points ahead of donald trump if her campaign says she is spending $2 million in arizona on advertising. first lady michelle obama is campaigning on clinton's behalf in houston this week. they are putting $1 million into efforts in missouri and indiana. hillary clinton's e-mail problems just don't seem to go away. this morning, a newly released document indicates that a state department leader had asked the fbi for help last year in reducing the classification
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taken off of her private server. the document doesn't shed any new light on the e-mails but focused on inner agency discussions about them. patrick kennedy originally contacted the fbi about an e- mail that was in dispute. that's when an fbi agent appeared to offer what was described as quid pro quo overseas in iraq. they deny any deal to change the classification of an e- mail. the trump campaign is calling on kennedy to step down from the state department. the clinton campaign says that hillary had nothing to do with the controversy. donald trump's campaign is addressing accusations of sexual assault from a number of women. in a recent interview with fox news, trump said it would be easy to apologize to a woman accusing him of sexual assault
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would seem like an admission of guilt. >> the recording that started the scandal and the string of accusations against trump has an nbc news personality out of a job this morning. nbc has fired today show host billy bush. he was the man having the vulgar conversation with trump. they talked offensively about women before an access hollywood appearance in 2005. on that tape, bush is heard laughing as trump talks about fame and enabling him to grope and melania trump went on cnn on monday calling it boys will be boys talk and said that billy bush egged trump on. 9 news is helping you sort through the blue books before you make your election picks on november 8th or before november 8th because you should be getting your ballot any day now. we're hosting two more debates. one will look at ballot questions on channel 20
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a debate between mark hoffman and morgan carol. it is 6:40 now. one of the two teenage girls accused of plotting attack at a high school want to be seen as kids not adults when it comes to the law. brooke higgins wants the case moved back to juvenile court. they tried to get weapons and carry out an attack at the school in highlands ranch. that was last december. both teenagers are still charged as adul point. an fbi operation is rescuing children from sex traffickers. operation cross country has saved 82 children in its tenth nationwide sting. 9 news reporter colleen ferreira is getting new information from the fbi about raids that took place in colorado. colleen. >> the raids took place in colorado last thursday, friday and saturday. they took place at hotels, truck stops, street corners. and they say on social media apps so they could target the traffickers.
6:41 am
taking place around the country and the latest operation that took place last week. the fbi says two dozen juveniles in colorado and wyoming are exposed every year. this is their yearly effort to rescue them and arrest those responsible for exploiting then. now, in this operation last year, they rescued 20 children and they arrested 7 traffickers here in colorado. the nationwide operation last week recovered 82 un 239 people exploiting those victims. so later this morning, we know that the fbi was going to release how many juveniles were recovered last week locally and how many people were arrested in the latest sting. this was the biggest operation to date moving it to cambodia and the philippines. >> it is incredible to know this it happening under our noses. thank you, colleen. new this morning, the bombing in aleppo has stopped
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russia and syria warplanes have stopped airstrikes ahead of a humanitarian pause on thursday. the temporary truce will last for 8 hours. it will give people who are sick or hurt out of -- a chance to get out of the area. this morning, we're tracking snow in the mountains. let's show you satellite and radar. north western colorado is the beneficiary more showers and the mix of rain and snow for the north and central mountains and a chance for isolated showers along i- 25. that won't happen until late this evening and overnight. we have high fire danger still in southern colorado. a red flag warning will be in effect this afternoon for trinidad, branson where gusts will get up to 30 miles per hour. not as strong as yesterday, but just strong enough to be able to make any fire to continue to
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danger in southern colorado where the junkins fire currently is at is high. >> that's a same. >> thank you, belen. it is 6:42 right now. two lucky or unlucky people will get the scare of a lifetime this halloween. the story behind this castle, where they are offering people a chance to spend the night. >> #nothanks. >> awesome. >> we want to kill them. that's what we want to do. >> the broncos are getting
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>> isn't it amazing when we actually meet the people that we're afraid or angry at and we find out we have more in common than we originly faith and forgiveness. beth's daughter rachel was the first person killed at columbine high school in 1999. this mom from littleton says that rachel loved to write and she was a christian. she was killed after professing her faith to one of the shooters. bet has met the mother of one of the killers and says she has forgiven them. >> i can easily believe on her part that she didn't know what was in the heart of that boy
6:47 am
rachel was doing. all those years of journaling and writing and what god was doing in her little heart, it wasn't hard for me to believe that she got blindsided. i just got the better side of that. >> wow. >> there is a new film coming out this week about rachel's faith inspired by her journals. the film is called i am not ashamed. it will be released on friday. you can watch beth's interview at 1:00 today on channel 9. >> equipment, food, research supplies, they are all headed to the international space station. this is the rocket. it took off overnight and the rocket blasted off from virginia. it should reach the iss a little later this week. two years ago another rocket took off but exploded six seconds into the launch. the explosion was blamed in part on aging soviet built rocket engines. those rockets have since been upgraded. a colorado space craft is giving us a look at mars in
6:48 am
before. this is an actual picture of mars. it is from the mabin space craft. it caught the glow from the atmosphere in unprecedented detail and also showed how strange and irregular the winds on mars are. the instruments that led to these findings were built at cu boulder and the research that led to the latest findings are coming from work being done on the campus in boulder. so, gary, yesterday i i visited the second graders from arkansas elementary. look at these beautiful beaming shining faces. we had such a good time learning about the seasons and the role of the sun and the importance it has in our weather. they're a great group out there. thank you for having me out. the school bell forecast will be cool this morning. grab the hoodies. 42. around lunch, it will be 60 degrees. clouds increasing in afternoon. temperatures around the last
6:49 am
cooldown before we even get to the weekend coming up in a few. now let's look at the roads. may, amelia. >> we've got multiple lanes blocked northbound across 225. a couple cars in front of the tow truck are also involved. we have four lanes of traffic getting through. but it's still going to cause an impact. in fact your northbound travel times from 225 at the 25 split right up to i-70 are at 38 second crash near 6th avenue. the combination is rough. use havana or use chambers. both of those alternates will run smoothly northbound. cheryl. >> turks amelia. 6:49. coach kubiak is back and says that the team is focusing on turning things around after two difficult weeks. gary kubiak returned to practice on monday since he had been in the hospital and off
6:50 am
condition. he did not talk about his health yesterday when he addressed the team but he talked about righting the ship after the two losses. the insider says that kubiak looked pale and his voice was weaker but overall kubiak insists he is fine. >> still feeling the effects. a little weak. >> no. do i look weak? [laughter] >> are you trying to tell me something? >> i thought you were talking a little softer. >> probably because hollering a lot this morning. >> right back at it. hollering as soon as you hit the practice field. believe that kubiak and the broncos are excited for monday night. they will welcome back brock. he signed that $17 million contract with the houston texans. the broncos defense says they are ready for their former teammate. >> we know he left us. it is what it is. i'm pretty sure he wants to
6:51 am
get a lot of interceptions. >> no one has any ill will towards brock but at the same time it's a competition and we want to shut him down. we know brock. he came from here. and we want to kill him. that's just what we want to do. >> i just mean that between friends. >> yeah. >> a nice friendly way of doing that. >> healthy friendly competition. >> i'm sure that the crowd will be pumped up for that one. >> yeah. >> a lot of people love halloween but only the true fans of spookiness for this challenge. staying at the realest haunted house ever. count dracula.
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>> all right. here is the deal. no garlic or garlic scented items allowed in the entire house. not just my house. >> that's the rule of airbnb's newest rental, which is count dracula's castle. >> transylvania. >> the site is offering two people a chance to stay in the castle on halloween. they will sleep trimmed coffins, enjoying a candle light dinner. >> intimate. >> yeah. >> and spend the night in the castle. >> no. >> except for the other ghosts. they have launched a contest for two lucky guests or unlucky depending on your point of view. it looks really cool. >> it would be neat to see.
6:55 am
freaked out the people are. >> i don't think i would be able to sleep. >> it's a reality show waiting to happen. >> absolutely. >> nailed it. >> happy halloween to be, belen. >> i'm all about that i'm going to sign myself up for that. let's look at the forecast. it is a terrific tuesday. if you were waiting for fall, it's finally here. the temperatures will be cooler as we look over the city right now and the sun is gradually rising. the winds won't be as wild as yesterday. but it will times. we will see mountain rain and snow. and through tonight, a possibility for some showers here on the front range. now, this morning the temperatures are starting off in the 30s. we will jump into the 40s eventually with a mix of clouds and sun. staying in the 40s a little while longer. then by 10:00 a.m., temperatures at 50 degrees. here is what the afternoon looks like. highs in the 60s. northern colorado, 59. in the mountains, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. now right now we're tracking
6:56 am
colorado for rio blanco county. the area north of i-70 could see a chance of showers. light accumulations to a dusting to maybe two inches. that's about it. this afternoon, clouds increase in the city. in northern colorado we will have a chance for showers. that takes us through tonight and tomorrow morning. isolated showers. not everyone is going to get in on the rainy action and southern colorado stays dry. the winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. lows across the into the 20s and 30s in the mountains. tomorrow will be the coolest day out of the week but dry. a high of 57. then we gradually warm and dry out by the weekend. the weekend looks nice. amelia. >> thank you, belen. they have been going crash to crash to crash. now over northbound i-95 over arapahoe where a left shoulder accident is keeping us sluggish. it is dark enough that the
6:57 am
people to slow down on both sides of the highway. outside we go to the rest of the morning drive. it is busy out here. 225 northbound leading up to a couple different wrecks. we're seeing travel times around 35 minutes between the northbound 25 stretch leading on to 225 up to 70. so prepare for this. use chambers or havana as your alternates. here is where the crashes sit. northbound, there's two separate wrecks one at colfax and one closer to almeida. another right around mississippi. 36 minutes is the drive time. over northbound leading up to arapahoe. then we have delays backed behind a crash at johnstown where multiple lanes are blocked. nine miles of a backup. it will be tough to get through this one heading to fort collins. >> oh, boy. get prepared for it. here are the top stories we're following today.
6:58 am
from residents, state officials, firefighters keeping a close eye on the junkins fire this morning with more than 15,000 acres burned reaching over to pueblo county as well. the fire started overnight monday and the strong winds were helping to fuel this. the majority of this fire that burned just burned within a few hours time within the remaining acreage burning into the night. so, again, more than 15,000 acres burned. and just about 200 residents having to evacuate the fire, tarhonda. we are actually inside the office of emergency management incident communication room right now. coming up at 7:00, we will talk about how they were able to communicate that there was a fire. >> okay, jessica. we will be watching for that. thank you. donald trump got into a lot of trouble over an old recording. now his son has his own controversial tape. today a recording released of donald trump junior speaking on a radio show on the day of the aurora shooting.
6:59 am
shooting. trump junior made an appearance on satellite radio opi and anthony where they described what happened in the theater. he said overall i give the movie two thumbs up, end quote. the huffington post says that cnn recovered the recordings. morgan carol tweeted a statement in response to that report. she says the shooting happened five minutes from her home the district she represents. she is calling on trump junior to apologize. on the eve of the final presidential debate, donald trump is in colorado. he will start the day in colorado springs. and then grand junction for a second rally at 3:00 this afternoon. hillary clinton will spend the day preparing for tomorrow's debate. the latest nbc news poll shows she has an 8-point lead over trump in a two-way race. michelle obama will be campaigning for hillary clinton this week as well.
7:00 am
20. we are heading over there. if you are staying, hope you enjoy the today show. we will see you tomorrow. fight to the finish. >> people that have died ten years ago are still voting. >> donald trump defiantly sticks to his claims of voter fraud, even as high profile members of his own party say it is nonsense. nell anesthea interview addressing those acquisitions of sexual misconduct and trump's lewd comments on a hot mic. >> sometimes i said i have two boys at home, i have my young son and i have my husband. while hillary clinton's e-mail scandal comes back to bite her. did a top state department official try to strike a quid pro quo deal with the fbi to have an e-mail sent to her marked unclassified? direct hit, new video of coalition forces taking out an


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