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tv   9 News Sunday Morning  NBC  October 23, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MDT

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facebook tells us many of you want to remind the world who you are voting for. facebook tells us many of you want to remind the world who you are voting for, but when you finally head to the polls, you cannot take selfie. >> a dee in special education helps a brewer open up a new tap room. >> and a trip 100 years in the makers the cubs head to the world series. >> the sun is beginning to come up on the i-70.
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you. new this morning, police are looking for someone that shot and injured a man in denver. dpd said someone opened fire near east 20th avenue. the victim was rushed to the hospital. we are supposed to get an update on this story in the next half hour to an hour. stay with us on that. if you know anything about this incident, please call denver police. 7:01. we had such a nice day reminded me of summer-like temperatures. change for us. >> we were only two degrees shy from tying the record high. the record is 84. we were 82, but close. the firefighter danger is much lower across colorado today but it is smoky out there in custer county. it will be hazy generally around the pueblo area.
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be cooler. 75 will be the high. this is still above normal for this time of year. mainly sunny, winds will be light. highs in the upper 60s and low 70s. we had a very weak front that pushed through northeastern colorado this morning. that is the reason for the cooldown. the temperatures are in the 40s and 30s closer to the foothills and near the divide temperatures are in the 30s. we have a few high clouds this morning. after that the sun will be shining brightly on shoulder, face and calves if you are wearing shorts. in the last half hour on channel 20 i was asking folks to send pictures of their kids in costume. we are only eight days away from halloween. i will be sharing those pictures coming up. >> thank you . well, investigators are looking into spiking car thefts and investigators are trying out a new idea on facebook
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every time a car is stolen the aurora police department will put the information on their facebook and twitter pages, hoping the information will reach a wider audience and it will work the other way, as well, posting stolen cars on the facebook page. they believe people may be more comfortable reporting crimes online, however it comes as a warning to people. >> it is not worth anyone's and taking a picture. don't do those things and jeopardy your safety. call 9-1-1. don't follow it. >> more than 1,100 a car thefts have been reported in aurora since january. you can sign up for the page on facebook and twitter by searched apd alert. the partners at the denver business journal are reporting
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partners, the private partners, could take the a line problems to the courtroom. it stopped on a bridge in may and 80 passengers had to be evacuated off the bridge 50 feet above pe?a boulevard. earlier this week rtv's general manager said the cause is still under investigation. denver transit has been fined $1.1 million already for some of the issues and forced measure stating these measures are beyond their control. they are working on getting the new g line opened before the end of the year. the time of day you turn on your big appliances could cut down your utility bill in pueblo. excel energy and the colorado public utilities commission reached a time of use rate plan.
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and driers after 9:00 p.m. could save money. you could have options to have power from renewable energy sources like wind turbines. there is a downside to this. customers that choose this option will have to commit to five years and temporarily pay higher prices but should save over time. >> i am not sure my neighbors downstairs could be too happy with me doing a major merger is in the borks that could be the larger -- works that could be the largest acquisitions ever, at&t reached a deal on saturday to buy time-warner for $85.5 billion. the cnn film studio warnerboroughs, theme parks and a stake in hulu. a year ago they made the a -- warner brothers, theme parks
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a year ago they made the acquisition. 16 days left in the race for the white house. clinton has a 7 point lead over trump in the latest poll. trump outlined his first 100 days in the oval if he becomes president, vowing to be policy focused and also planned to sue all the women that accused him of inappropriate behavior. in pittsburgh clinton's talked turned to process. here is more as we line closer to election day. >> reporter: it was billed as a policy speech. donald trump laying out husband agenda for the first hundred dollars days and he touched on a wade range of topics, as the leadership of abraham lincoln. >> it is my hope we can look to his example to heal the visions we are looking through right now. >> reporter: to have mexico pay
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he once mentioned the women that came forward accusing him of inappropriate touching or kissing. he is now threatening to sue them. >> the event never happened. neverment all these -- never. all these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> reporter: an 11th accuser came forward in los angeles. >> if mr. trump thought such bullying tactics would silence his women from coming forward, he will be sorely disappointed. >> reporter: the clinton campaign which shows winning with a margin of error in every state is down to the clock. >> you probably know peep who are thinking about voting for donald trump. i understand they need a
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will listen to them, and i want to be their president, too. >> reporter: with early voting already under way in 34 states, for clinton and trump time is running short. you remember donald trump referred to hillary clinton as a nasty woman in the last presidential debate. so, singer katy perry put it on a t-shirt, out campaigning for clinton knocking on dorm room doors at the university of nevada las vegas. saturday was the first day their ballots early. >> miley did the same, too. >> yes. interesting facts as you you head to the voting booth. you are not allowed to take ballot selfies so voters have been sharing pictures of their ballots, going against the law of voter coercion. the denver district attorney warning people a ballot safety will give you a misdemeanor and
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outdated. the only gift that the cleveland indians players ryan merritt wants is a world series win. >> but he may be getting more than that. >> his fans found out he is getting married and found his wedding registry online. he is getting presents from their wish list at target and pottery barn. fans bought almost all the if many items on the wedding industry. i guess all of thinks ve guess all his loved ones will have to get creative with gifts. >> what is a shark vacuum. i have never heard of that. >> i with guess it is good. >> yes. how low with the temperatures go? we will find more. here is a beautiful shot of the horse tooth reservoir on your
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welcome back, everyone. a historical silhouette of denver with the pink clouds starting off your day. it will be a beautiful day. if it was a little too warm for you, we have more good news in the backyard with belen de leon. >> good morning. our temperatures were 20 degrees above normal. >> it was toasty. >> yes. and today we have a cooldown. temperatures will be in the mid 70s because of the weak front that pushed through northern colorado. if you liked yesterday in the mountains, you will get more of it today. the sun is slowly coming up in the sky. sunrise happening at 7:19.
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a reminder daylight saving time ends at 7:06 when he set our clocks back an hour or fall back. temperatures outside are in the 30s. northern colorado in the 40s. in the high country yesterday we were waking up to temperatures in the teens in some mountain valleys. and 30s in the eastern plains. this afternoon highs in the mid 70s around the metro area. 69 in fort collins. in the high country temperatures will be in the 60s. the western slope 77 degrees. a while ago bit of good news across colorado. we have had our hands full of wildfires, currently two burning, the jenkins and the fremont. we have patches and high fire danger across southeastern colorado. the forecast continues to be so dry.
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fall weather but we really need the moisture. we will not get it in the next 24 hours. the forecast is showing high clouds near the divide and front range mountains. overnight it becomes breezy in the city, gustier in the eastern plains. tomorrow morning we are waking up to clouds in the mountains and here in the city a few high clouds. clouds right now and then sunshine, wall to wall sunshine. if you are going to be outside you want to wear that sunscreen even though it is fall. around 4:00 this afternoon. temperatures drop to 42 tonight, breezy at times with winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. texans in town tomorrow taking on the broncos. tuesday we have a isolated chance for showers in the city and our temperatures drop a tad, 717 degrees. more clouds in the sky by -- 71 degrees. more clouds in the sky by
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thursday 73. friday 75. next weekend is looking mild and dry. halloween is looking dry, as well, as high as 71. i know we have eight days until that day but we are getting excited for it. this is hailey from parker. she has a tinkerbell and police officer. so cute and these little girls are dressed up as pokimon. >> oh, yes. >> send my weather pictures and kids in costume. air. find me on facebook, instagram and snapchat. >> there is not a meteorologist that has more fun with graphics then belen. >> i hope they are getting the good stuff, the important stuff, too, because sometimes i can be serious. >> you look great in a pirate's outfit. thank you, belen. this week's "saturday night live" political humor brought
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kate mckinnon and, of course, alek baldwin. >> people are pouring into this country from next and a lot of them are very bad embrays. >> i have bingo. i have been playing all year. bad embrays, miss piggy, they are all living in hell and this wasn't my dog! [ laughing ] >> go watch that one. lady gaga picked up guest duties last night. there is a new spot to kick back some beers. >> we know there are plenty of places in colorado to go for brews but this one is unique because of who works there. brew ability lap employs adults with disabilities. people from non-profits and the disabled community really supporting what this brewery is all about.
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everybody is working and working really hard. i think they were crying because they realize they now have a purpose and they didn't have that before. >> the brewery's found are has a backgrounds in special education. they teach the employee about the brewery from start to finish. it is at i-70 and peoria this week we told you about a guy living near dia that made thousands of noise complaints. >> a lot of you could not believe it.
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welcome back. during the divided election season it is nice to find on >> we have one man's issues with airplane noise and let the ski season begin. here is more >> putin has outsmarted her in syria, every step of the way. >> i do get to ask some questions. >> yes -- >> reporter: so, we get it. you are tired of the election. you don't always agree with the
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mostly agree on, the moderator of the last debate. chris wallace is getting two thumb's up. he asked about the real issues. he didn't attack just one candidate. he wasn't bias. he handled them better than the other moderator, also wallace should have moderated all the debates. we needed someone to ask the tough questions while keeping the candidates and audience in line. some say he was lucky to he had time to figure out how to handle them. he didn't have the burden of the stupid town hall format. >> there wasa few people don't like the noise around dia. one guy in straussburg calls ten times a day to complain. this report got interesting comments.
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a house near the airport and other places then complain about the noise. >> it seems like everybody is wondering what the fashion will be this year and everybody is watching. i had to bring it. it is neon. >> and cheers to a new season. a basin became the first new ski resort to open in north america by friday. i love it. i may live on the eastern plains but i love to see the snow-covered mountains. i hope snowboarders enjoy the season. >> we want you to weigh in. you can send your comments to or call us or send us a message of facebook. we always look forward to hearing from you. cubs fans flying the w from chicago this weekend. >> love it. no longer the lovable losers. they have a victory and we have all the highlights from this
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good morning. december 30, 2007, the last time cu played in a bowl game. eight straight seasons to forget, all forgot up now. colorado getting win number six yesterday over a stanford team that had in the last three head-to-head matchups. the former high school star returned from injury for this game but never looked themselves. cu struck first this the 1st. the loop out in shea field for what turned out to be the team's only touchdown. special teams were terrible. they missed three field goals, even let the punter try one and he missed, as well.
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as their kicking game was bad. they forced four turnovers. the last one led to a field goal. colorado beat stanford for the first time since 1990 -- the year i graduate from the boulder. cu wins, 10-5. csu got back to the break even mark as they took it to unv in vegas. here is a look, 7-0, to getting warmed up. four more touchdowns, all in the first half as the rams roll 42-23. so, a good day for the rams and the bucks, a terrible day for the air force. a great game with a bad ending. the rainbow warrior, two catchs in the end zone in the second ot. 113, one for the int to seal the deal, 34-27 was the final. wyoming starting air force's
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rolling ever since. ryan hill, in front and close, cowboys on top, 21-13 at the half. would they hold on to take another victory? there you see the final score. 71 years, 71 long years! that is how long cub fans have suffered. that is how long it has been since the lovable losers appeared in the world series. well, guess what, for the first time since 1945 they are back! the cubs beat the dodgers clayton kershaw as wrigley field, former rocky, dexter fowler scored the first run, the only run they would need thanks to a diamond gem by kyle hendricks. the cubs win. holy cow! it is the dream world series, the cubs and indians. final score was 5-0. from the
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wrapping up a four game road township with a downer which is too bad because they actually played well on this road trip. and finally the news was of much better on the local college ice as du did it again. another weekend sweep for the pioneers. last week they took two from bu, this time around it with us michigan state. 3-1 was the final. stay with us.
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a deputy pepper sprayed, a state highway shut down, protest over the dakota rimming access pipeline no longer so peaceful. >> a tragedy under investigation. an armed thief breaks into a home full of children and the parents come home to find their 15 and 11-year-old kids shot to death. >> from the nfl, the college football signing protests over
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students calling for the university to make changes. >> people thought they were living in the lap of luxury in san francisco, until they discovered a sinking problem. >> and more state champions to crown. taylor has the results from the games later in the prep rally. but first this morning the el paso so county sheriff is investigating a shooting. one suspect is dead and another in custody after a security >> we know the forces special investigation team has been activated for this. one woman was taken to the hospital. we are waiting to learn what the situation was and what unfolded so early this morning. we will let you know as soon as we have that information. a high school in fort collins had to cut off their homecoming dance short because of a fire. >> someone used a fire extinguisher to put the fire out before the firefighters
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fire. nobody was kurt. and investigators in pueblo can i were allowed to go back -- pueblo county were allowed to go back home. the fire burned about 18,000- acres now. fire crews say the smoke will limit the visibility, especially in the lower valley. the junkens fire is 70% contained. >> as far as the junkens fire is concerned, officials are warning drivers around that area to there may be smoke hugging the roads, belen. >> that is right. the areas around can you tell user county and pueblo is where we will see the haze and smoke throughout the day but the rest of the air quality is looking good. fire danger will the much lower today across colorado. there still will be some spots in the central part of the stay and also southeast that will have high fire danger be you we are seeing improvement on this
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the temperatures in fort collins, denver 39, boulder 46. fort collins 43. greeley 36. temperatures in the foothills are 40s and 30s. afternoon highs will be in the upper 60s and low 70s, different from the 80s we had yesterday of the winds showing an improvement. in the foothills, up to 20 miles per hour but this is better than where we were yesterday. we had a few high clouds this morning that made for a great sunrise. mainly sunny skies throughout the day. maybe you will visit a pumpkin patch, attend a halloween costume party. here is a picture of my kids yesterday. coming up in the next ten minutes i will be featuring more pictures with your kids in costume so stick around for that. >> a lumber jack. creative, belen. i like it.
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the fight to retake iraq's second largest city continues. today iraqi and kurdish forces surrounded and seized two nearby cities and will continue to push toward mosul. it could be weeks to months before mosul is recaptured from isis. islamic militants have held the about 500 americans are out with iraqi forces and an additional 5,000 are on standby. >> we have tough fighting ahead and thest will continue to play its -- the u.s. will continue to play its part. >> the u.s. defense secretary ash carter made and a unannounced visit to baghdad saturday where he got an update from top officials and american commanders. one official from california
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united states involvement in the offensive even that he both countries remain divided against fighting in syria, but the u.s. led air strike in a city 130-miles south of mosul hit a funeral procession, not the intended target. they are not clear yet who is at fault. a brief cease fire in syria is over and both sides are blaming each other for it. the city was she willed again over the weekend. u.s. officials had high hopes for the cease fire but it turned out to be pointless because disagreements between the government and rebel fighters prevented most of the evacuations. meanwhile a spokesperson for russian president vladimir putin say any thought of bashar
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someone needs to remain in control. police say someone called from inside a clayton county home saying an intruder was inside and shooting. when they arrived a 15-year-old boy and his 11-year-old sister were shot to death. there were other children this the home. none of them were hurt. the youngest 6 years old. neighbors say the family just moved in. the parents have been cooperating and are not believed to be suspects. the sheriff's 83 people at a dakota access pipeline construction area. about 300 protestors trespassed on to private property in morton county saturday morning. at least one protestor grabbed the deputy's pepper spray and used it, blinding the deputy for several minutes. a
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ensued. crews are looking for anna schmidt along the columbia river gorge. she moved to portland in july and was reported missing on wednesday. volunteers and friends from the church joined the church over the weekend. her family realized she was missing when will she stopped posting on social media and didn't check this with her mom who was supposed to join her on a >> whether she is alive, we don't know. >> ann's car was found on thursday. search crews plan to use drones and a plane to look for schmidt in hard to reach areas. protests against the national anthem made all its way to a alabama texas a&m game stayed seated during the anthem. some held their hands up. this wasn't the first time the
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month and the university is being asked to look at the code of conduct and adding inclusive language. they also want the university hire a chief diversity officer. the world series will be a match up that has been decades, even a century in the making. the chicago cubs beat the los angeles dodgers saturday, clinching the national league title and playing the indians. world series since 1945 and haven't won until 1908. game one is on tuesday. >> wasn't the video of the celebration so exciting? to. >> to see it, i love rizzo. the whole team, they are so special. a good group of guys and a good team. >> i bet the city was alive throughout the entire morning
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it is 7:38. we have fall weather in the forecast today. >> how cold will it get? we will check in with belen. >> and here is downtown at coors field. a quiet day there as they separate. but the broncos have them
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a beautiful day out yesterday. a warm one. let's check in with belen de leon. we could see changes in the mix. good morning! >> hi, good morning. temperatures yesterday were 20 degrees above normal for this time of year. temperatures today will be cooler, in the mid 70s but still above normal. the a's season opened friday for the season. we had a lot of people out there yesterday and friday. this morning it is still really
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in the 50s with mostly sunny skies. with an 18-inch base, we are ready to go and we are excited for them. we are waiting for the first snowfall on the front range. in october we get on average 4 inches of snowfall but we are yet to see the obrian mcneil white stuff fall from the sky -- see the white stuff fall from the sky. we have weather. places where you see the jet stream kind of arch like this is where we have the warmer temperatures. our temperatures today will be in the mid 70s, so it may be nice to get outside. i know our broncos don't play today, but maybe, of course, other football teams will, so firing up the grill sounds like a good idea. or maybe getting work done in the yard, raking up leaves. 75 will be the high.
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light winds. we had a front that pushed through northeastern colorado that allowed for our temperatures to cool down. right now we have 30s. 40s in fort collins and 20s in some spots in the mountain valleys. even this is warmer than were you were yesterday morning in the teens for places like gunnison. this afternoon the temperatures in the high country are really not unchanged. similar to what you had on saturday. but the temperatures on the front range and eastern plains will be cooler, with highs in the 70s today, 69 in fort collins. you will bump into dry roads. you are not expecting any rain or snow, a few high clouds near the foothills and divide this afternoon and evening. the forecast remaining dry through tomorrow morning. winds expected to increase overnight. nothing too crazy. a little breezy here in the city from 10 to 20 miles per hour and a bit gustier for our friends on the eastern plains. tomorrow the broncos take on the texans. the kick-off will be 6:30 and
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i think i will be taking a sweater and i will be good to go. tomorrow highs in the mid 70s. tuesday 71. wednesday 74. a small chance for showers on tuesday and after that the weather remains dry for the rest of the week. i have been asking viewers to send pictures of their kids in costume. tony mcdowell send his his little girl's picture. >> she is serious. she means busy. >> don't mess with her. >> thank you, belen. people thought they were living in luxury in san francisco. i mean, you are living in san francisco, until they found out their apartment in a high- rise were not in the up and up. people in a moved into the millennium towers were told it was like no other. this building is sinking into the ground.
7:45 am
buildings of this side. it was supposed to settle 5 inches but so far it has settled 16 inches. it is also tilting to one side, kind of an issue. experts say these problems make the building dangerous, especially if there is an earthquake. people in san francisco say they were sold a lemon. >> they assured me this was state state >> it looks beautiful, but people pay all this money and get a leaning tower? it was not built to bedrock. the millennial towers officials say they were not asked to do so. >> we saw video from inside the apartment, it is leaning and more than a foot underground.
7:46 am
the penthouse. >> until it sinks -- tilt your head a little bit! well, some games are blowouts, i want to say. we don't like those games. others come down to the final play. those are the best games for us, especially in the state championship. that is what softball delivered this weekend. highlights from the state tournament coming up next for
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good morning, everyone. a completely new team with a game that was a pitcher's dual.
7:49 am
gilmore. the school is up to the 7th, gilmore comes up with a monster state route and the inning. to the bottom of the 7th. a broomfield runner on 3rd and 2-out. the biggest home run at the top of the high school career. >> i can't believe we just did this. we just won a championship. i am really happy right now. i didn't think it would be over but it was. thank god. it is a pretty good feeling. a little scary of the you don't know if they are going to tap into you or not, but it is a really good feeling.
7:50 am
>> looking for the three-peat in four a. morgan weber and hannah hackner combine in double play. erie could not solve the pitcher, sitting 13 batters on the day. her teammates would rally around her to put this one away. in the 4th madeline mitchell snaps this one over the fence and wins this 3-1, taking home their third straight state championship in the my gut dropped. it was ensane that we just three-peated. i can't be prouder. >> we knew we had to work harder. we had the doubter. we didn't think we would three- peat but we had to prove them wrong. >> and another shot at the three a title, down 3-0 in the 2nd, a drop in the infield
7:51 am
full in two. drives this one to center field down the line, to the 4-1 lead in the 5th inning. they strike again, sending a ball to right field and brings in yet another run. rocky four takes home their first ever girl's state championship 5-1. >> rocky ford has not had a girl's state championship. to come up to straussburg where there is a culture of winning all the time, this is a big deal for our community. >> 36 typhoon teams in the five a classification for football. pick this up in the second quarter, eagle crest against castle view. you better believe he wants it in the end zone.
7:52 am
momentum carried through to the 3. the cats in scoring position and they track the pass perfectly. there is a pick. 100-yards the other way. eagle crest wins this 35-0 and improves to 8-0 on the season. confer hosting -- conifer hosting evergreen. the one defender stiff-arms the other then turns on the jets on the outside. conifer leads 7-3 and evergreen left in the half. they regain the lead. they turn to trickery later in the second half. meijer tosses this pass, swies and dodges his way for a big game. in the end conifer takes back the mountain bowl after six years against evergreen. 28-17 was the final. it was senior night for
7:53 am
off the corner, diego here and he finds the back of the neck. that makes it 1-nil. the gators kept the pressure on. same score. almost gives this team a two goal lead, be you his shot goes off the cross bar. it is still 1-0. in the second half, the ball down field has the back of the net. this game ends in with that result devlin goes on to win its second lead tight until three seasons. we have more from the state softball games and sports online. go to for extended highlights and interviews from all our games. i encourage people, especially with the softball. there was so much action. we only had a couple minutes to fit in all the action. >> we would like to give you more time but we don't have it.
7:54 am
>> thank you, taylor, so much. we have a lot coming up. looking to add spook to your
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welcome to fix , easy way to find the best home pros. >> need some extra spook for your front porch in halloween season? these floating witches hats may be the trick you need to welcome this year's little goblins. you need, of course, witch's hat, transparent string or fishing line, sewing needle, safety pin, battery powered
7:57 am
of transparent string you need. they need to be long enough to hang your hat as few inches from the ceiling with extra inside the hat. you will use that part to attach the battery-powered tea lights. next, thread your string to a sewing needing and from inside sew the thread half way through the very top of your hat. now, turn the hat upside down and find the string you left in the inside. string, tie a knot around the end of a safety pin. this will keep the hat from sliding down the string when you hang it. finally, take the very end of the string and tie a secure knot around one or two tea lights. now we are ready to hang them.
7:58 am
the hats to hangment this way you can remove the strips once halloween is over. now tie on your floating hats. i put mine on my front porch. i hung them low enough so the mailman may need to duck to deliver the mail. perfect. now i am really ready to welcome all the little ghosts and goblins this halloween. missed a step? head over for all the instructions. are you looking for help with
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remember when the trains and the plane came to a complete stop in may? dozens of passengers had to be evacuated, but not everyone agrees about why this happened. tracking down a stolen car takes eyeballs. now the aurora police department reaching as many as possible on facebook. the chicago cubs, the lovable losers no longer losers. they beat the dodgers at wrigley field, earning their ticket to the world series. it 1945. >> so you're just never going to answer a question about your e-mails? >> no, but it was very cute to watch you try. >> another election episode of saturday night live. tom hanks hosts. live look at your drive this morning. sun is up. not too many cars along i-90 and copper mountain. arapahoe basin opened their ski season this week. many more to come soon.
8:02 am
new this morning, police are looking for a shooter that hurt a man in denver. dpd says someone opened fire near east 20th avenue. looks like 20th and glen arm there, washington street. the victim was rushed to the hospital. if you know anything about this, call denver police. it's 8:02 on your sunday morning. thanks for starting your day with us. our belen de leon joining us now. cooler day in store today. nice for folks who wanted a break from the hot teat we saw yesterday. >> yesterday we were about 20 degrees above our high. >> warm. >> it was really warm. today it'll be cooler. highs will be in the mid70s. that's above normal for this time of year. let's take a live look outside, this time along highway 85. smooth sailing out there. it's a perfect forecast like for maybe some swap meets or flea markets or yard sales.
8:03 am
instead. we'll have high clouds this morning. temperatures will jump into the 50s around 10:00 a.m. we'll have mainly sunny skies as we go throughout the day. it's going to be really, really nice. now it's cooler because of colder air that has pushed in from the northeast. the temperatures up in sterling are 36. 40s and 30s around town now. similar temperatures near the divide. some spots in the mountains temperatures are in the 20s. highswill be in the upper 60s. 70 air that has arrived it's improved our fire danger across colorado. still some spots in southeastern colorado that do have high fire danger. and, you know, we really hope that your day isn't rough. daniel sent this picture in of these halloween puppies. i really appreciate you sending me pictures of your kids in costumes. i'll be sharing more of them coming up in your next 10 minutes. >> look at those cuties. >> mom got busy with the face
8:04 am
photos. thank you. 8:03 now. the aurora police department has been dealing with a spike in car thefts since last year. investigators are trying out a new idea, hoping to get the public's help. every time a car is stolen now aurora police will put that information on their facebook and twitter pages. officers hope this information will reach a wider audience. they also say this can work the other way around and help people report stolen cars by posting on the page. they believe more people may be comfortable sharing information however this does come with a warning from investigators. >> it is not worth anyone's safety to approach them, to be driving one handed and taking a picture. don't do those things. just call 911. tell us where you're at. don't follow it. >> more than 1100 car thefts have been reported in aurora since january. it's up by about 15% since last year. you can sign up for that page
8:05 am
off with a rough start. plagued with problems since it opened in april. our partners are reporting rtd and denver transit partners could take the a line's major break downs to the courtroom. the train stoppedden a bridge back in may. 80 passengers had to be evacuated off of the bridge. we originally reported lightning caused the power outage. that's the transit partner's story. earlier this week, rtd's general manager said the cause so far rpd has fined denver transit for the issues. dtp has filed a forced measure, which states the problems are beyond their control. both partners are waiting for this to resolve. we have an update on that $1.7 billion project that is far over budget and years behind. the controversial va hospital
8:06 am
it's about 80% complete. they showed us their progress yesterday. there's power throughout the site now. crews are putting finishing touches on their way to clinics and in patient bailed billings. a spokesperson says all construction should be finished by early 2018. urging veterans in colorado to be patient. >> there's various states of completion for different parts of the project and that will allow a staggered turnover of the facility to the department of veteran afs. veterans of colorado should know that we are working toward providing this state-of-the-art healthcare facility. >> the hospital fell behind when the original va designer spent extra time and money on projects purely for looks. an underground parking garage to preserve the mountain view. the army corps of engineers took over nearly two years ago. the time of day you turn on your appliances could cut down
8:07 am
xcel energy have reached a pending settlement for a time of use rate plan. this means meal people who turn on dishwashers and dryers after 9:00 p.m. could save big money. the deal includes customers being able to choose options to have power from renewable sources. xcel and black hills are required to supply 30% of their power from reknewable sources by 2020. customers who choose this option will have to commit to five years and temporarily higher prices. 16 days left in the race to the white house and the latest poll has clinton with a 7 point lead over trump. donald trump made a stop at historic getiesburg where he outlined his first 100 days in office. he touched on everything from inspiration alleyeders to making mexico pay for that border wall. >> it is my hope that we can look at his example to heal the
8:08 am
right now. >> trump also says he plans on suing all of the women who have recently accused him of inappropriate behavior. hillary clinton's campaign is trying to wait out the final two weeks and making an appeal to any voter who may be on the fence. >> you probably know people who are thinking about voting for donald trump. i understand that they need a president who cares about them, will listen to them and i want to be >> 34 states have started early voting. right now polls show clinton either winning or in the margin of error in every swing state. interesting fact here in colorado, you could get a misdemeanor if you head to the voting booth without your phone. there's a new law in colorado that says you're not allowed to take ballot selfies. voters have been sharing their photos of completed ballots, especially during such a controversial election cycle.
8:09 am
coercion. warning people that ballot selfies will earn you a misdemeanor. some colorado lawmakers argue this 1891 law is really outdated. >> if you want to know someone's opinion, just go on facebook. they share everything there. >> people are talking about it. you can't take a selfie while at the ballot box. the only gift ryan merritt wants is a world series win. he may be getting more than that. >> this is because fans found his wedding registry online. an and his wife to be gifts. fans have bought almost all the items. cutting boards, the shark vacuum, which is very intense vacuum and dishes all bought. and guess his loved ones will have to get creative with their gifts now. i think this is a testament to how much this man means to his fans; right? they are so grateful to him and the team and look how far they're going so this is their small way of saying i'll get you some dishes. >> the director told us the
8:10 am
>> oh, okay. >> right? she says yes. i was confused as to what it was last hour. >> just one of the best vacuums in the world. 8:10 now. those of you sick of the warm weather, good news in store. >> how low will the temperatures go? belen de leon will show us in
8:11 am
8:12 am
welcome back. 8:12 now. let's check in with belen de leon who is joining us in the backyard. is ryan is too nervous to ask. can he wear his bro tank today? if the temperatures will support that. >> 70s, is that okay for you, ryan? >> sure, that's great. >> awesome. the forecast is really looking nice for today.
8:13 am
your bro tank or maybe fire up the grill, or if you head out to support our rapids against the houston dynamo. they're in town and the forecast for the start of the game will be at 74 degrees. this will be at 2:00 p.m. it'll be warm and sunny out there. bright. take the shades with you. those winds will be light. the view in the high country is stunning. ridgeway right now, you can see those high clouds over the mountains. that's generally what we'll be seeing here in the city as well. you e they'll be high. the temperatures are going to be cooler because of a front, a weak one that pushed into northeastern colorado. folks in northern colorado are waking up to temperatures in the 30s. 40s here. mid40s to the south. in the high country, temperatures in the 20s in some spots. this afternoon, temperatures will get into the 60s mainly in the mountains. 70s on the western slope. similar forecast to what you had yesterday. the big difference will be felt on the front range in lower elevations because of that cooler air. headed out to the pumpkin
8:14 am
alliteration for you, kids. this afternoon, plenty of sunshine as temperatures get into the 70s. we'll be in the upper 60s by 2:00. a pleasant day in store for you. i hope you're going to hang out with the family, maybe get in the jeep and do some jeeping in the mountains. the forecast along i- 70 is looking dry. through this evening, high clouds increasing close to the divide. near the front range mountains. that's about it. dry for the next 24 hours. favorable if you want to get outside. soon, don't we? 42 will be your overnight low. breezy at times in the city. 10 to 20 miles per hour. gustier on the eastern plains. tomorrow the high will be at 75 degrees. the forecast is looking great for the broncos versus texans game. i'd take a sweater, it's going to be cool and dry. isolated chance here in the city with clouds increasing, 71. then after that that weather starts to warm up and dry out again for the rest of the weekend.
8:15 am
as of now that forecast is looking nice and dry. the high of 71 degrees. and i've been asking you all morning long to send me pictures of your kids in costumes. monica sent me this one of this little hunter. he caught himself a deer. he has that on top of his scooter. find me on facebook, twitter, instagram and snapchat. do you have your costumes ready? >> i don't. i need some suggestions. >> i'm they can help with that. i'll tell you what my husband and i will be. we love couples costumes and we're going to be gomez and morticia adams. i have that mustache going. >> he's all set. >> thank you. this week saturday night live political humor brought to
8:16 am
>> thank you for bringing up my e-mails, chris. i'm very happy to clarify what was in some of them -- sorry, what, carol? i'm sorry. i thought i heard my friend carol. back to your question about the way that donald treats women. and that is how you put it. >> lady gaga picked up the musical guest duties last night. looks like a funny show haven't seen the whole thing. good reviews online. >> never a shortage of material lately; right? >> that's right. we have proctor's garden coming up next. julie is here with the dos and
8:17 am
8:19 am
8:19. time for proctor's garden. excited for today's segments. you're going through fall gardening. >> there is a lot to do. i'm going to help you take some things off your list. start with grasses. do not cut down your ornamental grasses. they saturday so much interest.
8:20 am
beautiful. they offer a lot of seeds and food for the birds. they come and eat the seeds here and it's so much fun to watch. so keep the beautiful interest in your garden. in the spring you can cut them down and let them regrow. don't cut your grasses. along with that, don't cut down your perennials. your perennials, if you keep them -- if you keep all the foliage and everything on, it helps protect them for the adds a little insulation. helps protect them a bit. that will be a spring thing. don't rake your leaves. >> say what? >> i know. this is what good soil is made of. so what you want to do is -- if it's on your lawn, just use your mulcher on your lawn mower and run over it and it gets into the lawn and helps create better soil and helps create a healthier lawn. you can also crunch it up into your garden beds and if you
8:21 am
it in the bottom of really tall pots next year. so it's kind after filler for your pots without using too much soil. so don't have to rake your leaves. do mulch them. >> this is the best. things i don't have to do. >> there's a few things you do want to do. make sure your keep your -- it's not time for your pots to go all the way away. just -- if it gets to be freezing or tephras, make sure you get it to the ground. then pin it down to the ground because the ground is where the heat is stored. >> i think that's what people overlook. they throw it on top. >> that's not going to do much. if you keep the heat in from the ground it will extend the life of your pots. when your pots are done, you want to make sure you dump the soil but keep it in a clean trash can or something. the soil, it's an investment.
8:22 am
year. but you don't want your pots to freeze. you want to dump the soil and then you can turn them upside down and then cover them either with their plates or you can put tarp over them or something. this is also an investment. you don't want to freeze those. >> exactly. >> ready for the wintertime. >> all online. we'll be right back with
8:23 am
8:25 am
december 30, 2007, that's the last time cu played in a bowl game. eight straight seasons to forget. that's all forgotten now. th colorado getting win number six yesterday over a stanford team that had outscored them 138-17 in their last three head to head matchups. christian mccaffrey returned from injury, but never looked himself. cu struck first in the first. what turned out to be the game's only touchdown. colorado dominated but the scoreboard didn't show it. special teams were terrible.
8:26 am
they missed three. even let the punter try one and he missed as well. the cu defense was as good as their kicking game was bad. forced four turnovers. two picks. the last one actually led to a field goal nay made. colorado beats stanford for the first time since 1990. the year i graduated from boulder. cu wins 10-5. csu got back at the break even nick stevens started the scoring. td toss there. visitors on top. the guys in green just getting warmed up. colorado state followed it up with four more activities. all in the first half as the rams roll 42-23. so a good day for the rams. terrible day for air force. they lost to hawaii at home in double overtime. it was a great game with a bad ending. the rainbow warriors. two catches in the end zone.
8:27 am
deal. wyoming started air force's losing streak. they've been rolling ever since. brian hill. cowboys on top. 21-13 at the half. would they hold on to take another victory? there you see the final score. 71 years -- 71 long years. that's how long cub fans have suffered. that's how long it's been since the lovable losers appeared in the world seri. for the first time since 1945, they're back. the cubs beat the dodgers and ace clayton kershaw at wrigley field. former rocky dexter fowler scored the first run. the only run they would need thanks to a diamond gem by hendricks. cubs win, cubs win, cubs win. it's the dream world series.
8:28 am
final score was 5-0. from the diamond to the ice. avs wrapping up a four-game road trip with a downer last night. too bad. they played well on this road trip. two wins, two losses. taking the loss between the pipes. the news was better on the local college ice. du did it again. another weekend sweep for the pioneers. last week they took two from bu and this time around it was 3-1 was the final. stay with us.
8:29 am
8:30 am
after a wildfire in custer and pueblo counties -- residents finally going home today after a wild fire in custer. the junkins fire has not been fully contained. another fire shuts down
8:31 am
school. protests over the controversial dakota access pipeline continue. more than 80 people are arrested. facing numerous charges. iraqi and kurdish forces going after isis in iraq. areas near mosul taken back from the islamic state as troops continue their push towards the city. more state champions to crown. the results from the softball title games later on in the prep rally. but first about a shooting down south. the el paso sheriff is investigating an officer- involved shooting. the two suspects were connected to an earlier shooting. one suspect is dead, another in custody. it happened in security, which is southeast of colorado springs. >> the deadly force investigations teem has been activated. police say the two men shot and killed a woman around midnight and then they split up, went in different directions. police caught up with them. the two exchanged gunfire with
8:32 am
them hours later. new overnight, a high school in fort collins had to cut off their homecoming dance because of a fire inside the building. fossil ridge high evacuated in the middle of their dance. someone had to use a fire extinguisher to put out the flames before firefighters arrived. investigators trying to figure out what caused the fire. nobody was hurt. evacuees were allowed to last week's fire forced them out. the fire still burning though. it's destroyed five homes and burned about 18 houseworks 18,000 acres. let's check in with belen de leon. with temperatures dipping into the 30s overnight, some folks near the fire will wake up to a lot of smoke. >> that area is experiencing hazy conditions. same goes for pueblo.
8:33 am
quality is good. that's going to allow for temperatures to be cooler but also for that fire threat to be much lower across the state. here's a look at the fire danger across colorado. it's much lower than just 24 hours ago. but still there are some spots in the mountains and in southeast colorado that are just very dry. they'll have some high fire danger. no red flag warnings issued across the state. as far as the temperatures go, this morning you can kind of see where that oozed in overnight. in fort collins, 37 right now. 40s around town. in the mountains, a few mountain valley areas have temperatures in the 20s. 24 hours ago they had temperatures in the teens. now this afternoon, your high will be around 75 degrees. if you want to get outside, do some yard work. rake some of the leaves up. we'll have plenty of sunshine. just about high clouds. not getting in the way of our temperatures.
8:34 am
in the 70s. out towards the western slope. 60s in the mountains. a basin, another ski and snowboard day for you. temperatures will be in the 50s and 70s down in the eastern plains. plenty of sunshine. a few high clouds. temperatures will be in the low 70s around 4:00. now future cast is showing great weather all across the state. traveling along i-70. i- 76. i-25. high clouds increasing overnight near the divide since early this morning i've been asking you guys to help put a smile on our face by sharing your kids in costumes. sassy skeleton and the sheriff. little yoda. the force is strong of this one. i can feel the force of his cuteness. her girls dressed as minions. coming up, i will take a look at the forecast for halloween at the end of the newscast.
8:35 am
have to cover them up. >> exactly. you don't want to wear a puffy jacket over your costume. thank you so much. 8:35 on your sunday morning. in world news the fight to retaining iraq's second largest city continues. iraqi and kurdish forces surrounded and seized two nearby towns and they'll continue their push towards mosul. the operation which has been an international effort is far from over. officials say it could be weeks, even months before mosul is recaptured from isis. militants have controlled the ci iraqi forces say militants are fleeing the area. u.s. forces are offering air and ground support for this battle. about 500 americans are out with iraqi forces right now. one american from california lost his life this week. russia has largely welcomed the united states' involvement in the mosul offensive. this weekend the russian defense ministry says the u.s.- led air strike in a city 130
8:36 am
target. the mayor of that say says they're investigating but it's not clear who is at fault. this is a heart breaking story out of georgia. no adults were home when two children were shot and killed did ugh a home invasion. someone called from inside the clayton county home saying there was an intruder inside and he was shooting. when they arrived a 15-year-old boy and his 11-year-old sister were killed. there were other children in the home as young as 6 years old. none of them were hurt. neighbors say the family just moved in or multiple gunmen, but say the parents have been cooperating with police and they are not believed to be the suspects. sheriff's deputies in north dakota arrested 83 people at a dakota access pipeline construction area. morton county deputies say about 300 protesters presses thatted saturday morning. at least one protester grabbed the deputy's pepper spray and used it, blinding the deputy. charges against the 83 include
8:37 am
engaging in a riot and criminal trespassing. the world series will be a matchup that has been decades, even a century in the making. the chicago cubs beat the los angeles dodgers saturday securing the national league title and a spot against the cleveland indians in the world series. cubbies haven't been to the world series since 1945. they haven't won it since 1908. game one is on tuesday. fans will have to wait till game 3 to try to fly any w's over wrigley long time. >> taylor temby with a look at prep sports. >> some games are blowouts, others come to the final play. that's what state softball delivered us this weekend.
8:39 am
8:40 am
good morning, everyone. mountain range valley christian
8:41 am
only two would get the chance to defend those titles. 5 a had two new teams. this game was a pitcher's duel. emily bell versus taylor gilmore. up until the 7th. top of the frame, ct has a runner on third. gilmore comes up with a monster strikeout. bottom of the 7th. now with the bells turned with the broomfield runner on third. two outs. she forced a ground out. that sends the still scoreless, but not for long. chloe knapp hits the biggest home run of her high school career. her teammates are there to mob her at the plate. the cougars claim their first softball steatite until school history. >> we just did this. i mean, we just won the championship. i'm really happy right now. when i first hit it, i didn't think it was going to be over. but it was. thank god.
8:42 am
it's scary though. you don't know if they're going to tackle you or not. it's a good feeling. >> one, two, three, tigers. >> looking for 4a. tigers trail by one. morgan web ebber combine for the double play. check out that stretch. that would keep the eagles at bay. erie could not day. her teammates would rally around her. smacks this one over the fence. would hold on to win this 3-0. taking home their third straight state championship in the process. defending 3a champs for another shot. down 3-0 in the second. anita acres gets one to drop in the infield.
8:43 am
richardson. ashley harmio was dialed in. drives this one to center field. that brings in whitney nelson for the lead. would also strike again in the final inning. sending a ball to far right field and that would bring in yet another run. rocky ford takes home their first ever girls state championship 5-1. there are 36 football teams in the 5a football classification with just two weeks remaining in the regular season, only eagle crest is teams with just one loss. hoping to keep it this that way. they got right to work. early in the first. scoreless. would drop back. let this one go. right in the arms of max in the end zone. the 54-yard completion gives the panthers a 7-0 lead. the you fillty guy. he's back to punt. no, he's not. it's a fake. he's going to take it 44 yards to the end zone.
8:44 am
any of our other games from this morning, we have more online. go to we have such great highlights and interviews. so emotional from the state softball championship games. >> it's hard to fit it all into one time. >> just got a couple minutes, but great stuff online.
8:45 am
8:46 am
some republicans are on the fence with this controversial election. so in this week's balance of power we spoke to two republicans who tell us how they feel donald trump will impact the party. >> to trump or not to trump. we have two republicans on either side of that issue. joining us now is tom tancato. was a cruz guy. we also have -- leader of the never trump movement.
8:47 am
given the elevator pitch. how did you come from being a cruz guy and end up on trump. >> easy. her name is hillary clinton. what more do you want to know? what more does anybody want to know? >> that's a short elevator speech. i will give you that. >> it should cover everything. you have a situation now. i wasn't a trump supporter. i was a cruz guy. fact is now we have two candidates. two candidates. there is no, from my point of view, there's no alternative. >> kendall, your response that or just your elevator pitch too. >> i agree. hillary clinton is not someone we want to see in the presidency. that'sy had started the movement that i did in order to sponsor the conscious clause at the rules committee at the convention in order to not have donald trump be our nominee. we knew he was replete with all of his problems. we could foresee it was going to actually be a hindrance to the party at the current state
8:48 am
course that has come to fruition. they had a chance at the time of the convention that they had counted the delegate votes when we called for the roll call vote and he would actually not have been our nominee. they made a choice at that time. at the convention i was told they would win without the conservative never trumpers. so far he hasn't earned my vote. he needs to earn the vote of the never trumpers. >> he won the convention without you folks. remains to be seen if he can win the if president trump happens he'll have four to eight years to define his legacy and how it impacts the party. let's assume he loses. what is donald trump's lasting impact on the republican party. >> it's going to be disaster as far as i can tell. really and truly, you know, kendall, i completely understand and appreciate her -- why she is where she is on this issue. but you know how many people i have had to vote for at the top of that ticket.
8:49 am
believe me, i did not feel good about that. not one iota. yet, of course, the alternative for me, again, was not acceptable. we've gone through this time after time and yes, they tried at the convention to stop it. it failed. so therefore we've got donald trump. that's the reality. democrats and republicans many of them wish we had two different candidates, for both sides. they are not the candidates i've seen running here. i think it's a disaster if for the party. what has happened even with the never trumpers, that's a disaster for the party. if it happens, it could be the best thing that comes out of this election. if he loses, from my point of view, the best thing that could happen is that, that the party as we know it collapses and some new thing comes and rejuvenates the old one.
8:50 am
party on november 9th? >> there's going to be a lot of rebuilding. there has to be someone who a lot of strong leadership because the personalities are so divided. i've never seen such vitriol in a campaign. i've always fallen in line every single presidential candidate. by the way, a lot of people, a lot of republicans, especially with mitt romney weren't supporting mitt romney. i would get frustrated and try to win their vote through just discussing issues and doing the things that you normally do politically to turn out votes. but there was not the name calling and the coercion. i'm in touch with probably 10,000 never trumpers, but it's turned more into the conscience movement. we weren't doing it with one candidate in mind. we were doing it out of conscience. the right to conscience is something that we hold as such a dear level. it's why our nation was
8:51 am
against dan. we truly believe in conscience. >> what happens to the republican party? who cares. do you really care? is that a matter of conscience for you? it's not for me, as i said. but i have a great deal of concern if i have one commitment, philosophical, moral, all the rest of it, it is to this country. it is to the america i grew up in. it's to the america i love. and i will parties don't matter to me in that regard. and i don't care that -- you know, that he's a republican. i care that he's running against hillary clinton. her presidency -- you know we could survive a lot of things in this country. we have survived a lot of things. we could survive a hillary clinton presidency, but we could not -- i don't think -- not the america i love cannot survive a hillary clinton presidency and a hillary clinton appointed supreme
8:52 am
this a terribly incredible election and one that your conscience should lead you to the point of saying what's more important to me. is it my personal feeling about this guy who is rude and crude and all the rest of that stuff or do i want truly to put in here a corrupt, pathological liar, which is what she is. >> this is a conversation that we don't always get to have around here, so we appreciate both of you coming in. >> nd thats for having us. >> thank you for your time. this has been balance of power. thanks if they'll hug it out. >> ended on a high note. much more on we are switching gears. it's been two weeks, we have been missing our broncos. >> they're coming back tomorrow night though. just over 24 hours to go. >> kubiak is back, so is brock. boo. our game day live co-hosts will take a look at what tomorrow's
8:53 am
8:54 am
texans and our denver broncos. both 4. 2. the matchup will be the first time brock osweiler has been at mile high since last year. >> how important is this game? we're coming off of two losses. an extended period of time off. i think they need to win this
8:55 am
because of all the brock talk, everyone hasn't talked about the fact this team has lost back to back games. granted that happened last year twice, they were able to bounce back. should they lose on monday night, all bets are off. >> practically speaking it's probably not a must win game, but after you lose two in a row. if they lose to brock -- i'm seeing no way they're losing to brock and the texans, a team. they do then it really shows that there are some serious issues with this team. i do think it'll be a confidence thing. right now this isn't a great team. i think those two losses showed everybody that this isn't -- okay, the super bowl team is gone now. this is 2016. still got a chance to be a good team. still got a chance to be a great team. it's not right now. they have to fix some things in this game. >> it's crazy this is the second straight sunday we've
8:56 am
on game day live we'll also be talking about a special ceremony we'll have on monday night. three new ring of famers. >> simon fletcher. one guy saying over the years, how come simon fleche r isn't in the ring of fame. jason -- automatic. tell me who the third is. >> john lynch -- >> here the shortest. >> he's the reason they're having it game here today. john lynch, hard hitting safety four years. those are three real good inductees. you'll have a lot of the ring of famers come back for the ceremony. it's a nice deal for the broncos. >> always a special night. monday night football. we'll talk about that coming up with dave and sam and mike on game day live. back to you. >> good stuff. thanks. appreciate it. >> great temperatures.
8:57 am
>> she's claiming it. the forecast is looking really nice for tomorrow. let's get you through your sunday because the highs for today, you'll notice they'll be cooler. 75. lots of sunshine. winds will be light. this evening it'll be breezy at times. winds from 10 to 20 miles per hour. tomorrow for the broncos versus texans game, kickoff at 6:30. temperatures will be in the 60s. i'm headed out there. i'm going to cheer on our broncos and i'm going to take a sweatshirt. a little cool. will be just a little cooler for next week on tuesday with a small chance for some showers. then past that, the temperatures will continue in the 70s. halloween right now is looking mild, highs in the 70s and dry. >> like that. >> great forecast. thank you so much. have a wonderful week.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
good morning and welcome to broncos game day live and week of the nfl season.... today the broncos we want to kill them. that's what we and i think it'll be fun -- >> we're aware we lost two games in a row. this is a big game for us. >> brock is the reason for my


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