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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  October 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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ware when he wasn't home last night. one of the things taken was ware's super bowl l ring. if you recognize them in the pictures, call 720, 913-stop. there is a reward. a standoff in brighton that lasted nearly nine hours has finally ended. it started around 5 a.m. when a man called police and said other officers were trying to knock down his door near south 10th avenue. when po only found a man inside the home threatening to shoot them. he had barricaded himself inside with a woman who was later identified as a suspect, not a hostage. around 2:30 the two came out and gave themselves up. schools were under lockout in the area for most of the day, but they were released on time. police have not released any information about either of the suspects. more than 286,000 coloradans have already turned in their ballots according to
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office. jefferson county voters are leading the pack nearly 40,000 ballots turned in there. on the national stage both presidential candidates were in florida today. a new cbs poll and the average of recent florida polls has trump trailing by three percentage points. trump had a new opening on an old issue today after the white house revealed the cost of coverage of obamacare. the affordable care act will go up next year by about 22%. trump says it's a lot worse thant. number. you're talking about 60, 70, 80% in increases, not 25%. >> trump also said his employees are having tremendous problems with obamacare, but 95% of his employees get coverage through his company. mean while clinton slammed trump during her rally in florida. >> in america we don't say we're going to keep you in suspension about whether we will respect the outcome of an election. we have free and fair elections.
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clinton's big worry now is the ersseing polling showing -- now is supporters seeing about the polling showing her ahead and not voting. owners of more than 300,000 hondas still haven't gotten their air bags repaired despite warnings from the automaker and u.s. regulators. honda said it's had facebook ads and even made calls to owners to get them into dealerships to get the cars repaired. so far only about 13,000 have done. so the cars are older and may have been sold several times over, so it's hard to track down the current owners. the administration is working with honda to try to figure out how to get drivers in to make repairs.
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recalled because they could deploy and spread shrapnel through the vehicle. they've killed 11 people in this country. new tests show headlights on the country's most popular pickups are falling short and it could be dangerous. the insurance institute for highway safety released new ratings for truck headlights and they western good. of 11 small and large pickups tested only the honda ridgeline earned a good rating. all four small trucks were rated four and so were three the large pickups. two were found marginal andone acceptable. >> most traffic fatalities occur between dawn and dusk. so for the drive to be able to see, the headlights are really the only thing that will do that. >> the tesla could help far and low beams project on the straight-away and curves. headlight ratings will become
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high pick safety award starting next year. a trailer full of cows roll over on i-70 near georgetown this afternoon. i-7 is back to normal, but the same can't be said for more than 70 cows. 9news mountain newsroom matt renoux live now. >> reporter: there were about 80 cows in that. >> i truck when it crashed and rolled onto six of those cows died, but about 50 of them have been rounded up and rustled up. those are some of them gh here at the fairgrounds here in clear creek county. the rest of still on the loose roaming the open ranges of georgetown after a full day of hustling and rustling. working the highways of colorado. >> been with cdot 25 years. >> reporter: steve alderman expects some busy days, but
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quick as possible. >> reporter: working to clear this semi crash near georgetown. >> this guy had brake issues, lost the brakes, couldn't make the curve. >> reporter: couldn't a black the turn or keep his load of cows in the trailer. >> he had 80 head of cattle on board. six of them died from the crash. luckily the driver is okay. >> reporter: which sent cattle running all over the open range of georgetown. >> you don't see this every over there, but cows on the side of the mountain in the road, no. >> reporter: cdot, police, colorado state patrol, animal control and firefighters. >> it's a little unusual. >> reporter: all worked together to wrangle those cows up. >> we're just keeping them under control. >> reporter: before they could run out onto i-70. >> a car hits a cow, that's like hitting a brick wall. cow weighs 500 pounds. >> reporter: which as it turns
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>> hold on a minute. >> reporter: but eventually with the help of a spur wearing cowboy most of the cattle got corralled just outside of the georgetown visitor center and steve's list of catching animals on the road -- >> oh, we've had different chickens and pigs. >> reporter: -- just got a little longer. >> it's always exciting up here in the mountains. >> reporter: the truck when he lost his brakes, he knew he was going to crash. they're on their way to a feed lot now to load them up and get them to lamar to the feed lot where they deserve a great meal, fatten them up a bit and they'll be sold. the 50 that they were able to load up now, but about 15 are still roaming around
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they want to know about it. >> thank you, matt. the most haunted hotel in colorado is being turned into a classroom. >> also ahead if your child was planning on dressing up as a clown for halloween, think again. more local schools are banning that costume. >> a local community college is getting help in its mission to increase diversity in science and technology. >> in spite of cloud cover a mild afternoon, all the much needed moisture up in th skies are clearing tonight.
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jefferson and douglas county districts are leaving the decision up to the principals whether or not to ban clown costumes. the state's largest school district is banning them they've become such a problem. this halloween students at denver public schools are not allowed to wear any type of clown costume. the decision was made after creepy clown sightings across the country, people dressed as clowns arrested for chasing ca especially kids. some schools have even gotten threats from people posing as clowns. dps has not received any threats but is enacting the ban all the same. stanley is the setting and inspiration for stephen king's novel the shining. cu is offering a new horror writing fiction class at the hotel in january. it's a hybrid course with two weeks of online work and one
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hotel in estes park. stephen graham jones hopes the haunted hotel will inspire his students to write some of their scariest work. >> what's scary stuff? lots of nights where the students don't want to turn their lights out and hopefully lots of nights where the people they write to don't want to turn their lights out. >> the course costs $3,250. it includes tuition, the room at the stanley, breakfast and lunches. the deadline to apply october 31st. the federal government wants to see more diversity in the fields of science, technology and engineering. 9news reporter nelson garcia shows us how it's trying to address the problem from the ground up. >> reporter: inside its own science labs the community college of denver wants to discover something rare. >> i'm a science girl. >> reporter: hispanic students like lorena luna. >> that's what people call me
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department of education believes the science,technology, engineering and math fields need more students, especially hispanics, so it awarded the school $3 million to achieve that. this is the dean of math and science. >> in my perspective it is a big deal. >> reporter: she said the school will expand opportunities and create programs to steer hispanic students towards these careers. >> it will give them the growth in lo growth in colorado's population, we here see it not only as an opportunity, but as a responsibility. we are here to serve the community. >> reporter: luna says it's a cultural thing in latina families. >> the older generation thinks that we are meant to work all day every day like hands on when in reality we could work with our minds, with our interests. >> community colleges are very
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class families and families with lesser means have access to four year education. they start here. they can go anywhere. >> reporter: they can all be a science girl, too. >> being the different one and showing others that if i could do it, anyone else can. >> reporter: in denver nelson garcia, 9news. >> the community college of denver is the only community college in the state to win the federal five year grant. boulder is tied for the city with the lowest incidences of people having the city is tied with ann arbor, michigan. a new report reveals which u.s. cities rank the highest and lowest when it comes to heart attack rates. there were 190 cities across the country surveyed. charleston, west virginia, duluth minnesota topped the list with 7 1/2% of residents reporting a heart attack. boulder had less than 2% of residents with a left of a
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a heart attack. proof that vanity existed thousands of years ago. earlier this year two mummies had a full ct scan. those scans showed one of them had hair extensions. it let scientists virtually unwrap the mummies and look behind both mummies were 30 years old when they were mummified which is the life expectancy for that time. denver museum of nature and science has an entire mummy exhibit on loan on display through february 5th, 2017, from chicago. there is an additional fee to see it. >> the hair extension fascinates me, people back then that dedicated to their appearance? >> they apparently were.
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>> cool stuff. it was gloomy and cloudy a lot of the day in denver, but don't let it fool you. >> kathy has a halloween
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i was driving all over the state today, clouds everywhere, but the temperature to me was
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>> i grabbed a sweater and no need for that today, mid-70s this afternoon and we're only going warmer going through the second half of this week, crazy october weather pattern, not too many people complaining about a day like this, though. send those pictures in. watch for them tonight at 9:00 and 10:00 on 9news. temperatures in the mid-60s till the sun sets. 84 today in lamar, 71 in denver, 61 in eagle, 65 degrees in grand nc this time of year. instead we're headed into record territory as we move into the upcoming weekend. winds are northeast at 8 at the airport, calm in the backyard outside the studios, 70 degrees this 5:00 hour, not a lot to show you on radar. there's some moisture coming in. we do have snow around 9 and 10,000 feet, maybe get some of you thinking about the ski season. some of those resorts will be
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information for you on there's a hurricane off the coast of mexico. seymour should stay put for now, but the reason i'm showing you this category 4 storm right now winds about 130 miles per hour because it wraps back around and weakens somewhat. we may get some of that moisture caught up in the about flow here. that may bring some rain to the western slope. we'll see. the storm track is staying north and systems coming close to colorado, energy heads east to us. general hill the west to southwest flow will limit the amount of moisture we see with the bull's eye from minneapolis and omaha, wichita, travel may be impacted there as well as the pacific northwest. in between south west winds get us back into the mid-70s here, the cool air pushing back into the midwest where it stays put. in the management rain and snow showers ending. the cloud deck is eroding along
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statewide tomorrow. 43 greeley, 44 lamar, 36 vail, 46 grand junction with high temperatures above average but not as mild as today. some areas will be a smidge cooler only for one day. temperatures warm right back up again. in the foothills 66 in bailey and 59 in the grand lake area. in the denver metro area for tonight we are calling for clearing skies, light winds and a mild evening low of 44. sun is up tomorrow at 7:20. we start off conditions and chilly temperatures, mid-60s by lunchtime, mid-70s in the afternoon. a beautiful day is coming up tomorrow, a temperature trend that we see increasing heading into the upcoming weekend. eventually the other shoe will fall and we'll see our first snow in denver. for now enjoy some of fall's finest, highs near 80 thursday, friday and saturday. halloween forecast looks spectacular. as adele mentioned, anything
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for us parents out of with the kids in the dark of the night. we have temperatures close to 60 when the kids step out monday night. sports stocks closed lower the middle of company earnings reports and forecasts. the dow fell 54 points. the s&p lost eight.
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is. from colorado's sports leader here's here's rod mackey -- from colorado's sports leader here's rod mackey. >> the broncos have righted what was wrong. the previous four games the broncos running game couldn't reach the 90-yard mark. last night they ran for 190. anderson and booker went off. booker was just shy of the century mark with 83 total
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>> now i'm just excited. we played really well up front. our whole line played tremendous. you got to give them all the credit. i just picked the right spots and tried to run through tackles and i put more on myself to make more plays. >> we're both out there one-two punch and, you know, complement cj when he gets tired and run hard. >> reporter: you found your best friend, the in vengeance with book and cj. >> those two guys carried us and the guys up front paved the way and did a heck of a job. >> the broncos sent a 2017 seventh round pick to the patriots today for tight end derby. how cool would be it to be in cleveland tonight? there's something you don't say every day of cubs and indians, game one of the world series
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and speaking of basketball cu held media day today. there are a lot of people expecting big things from the buffs. their head coach tad boyle says don't get too excited too soon. >> we have some pretty talented guys in uniform this year, but right now we are -- if i had to describe our team in one wonder, it would be -- word, it would be considered an upper tier pac- 12 team right now. >> i'm still excited. this week's prep rally honor roll ends out at the park. here's taylor temby with the plays of the week. >> reporter: thank you. the on honor roll begins with
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defense. victor barnes tracks this pass perfectly and takes it 100 yards the other way to help eagle crest defeat castle view. here is morgan weber and hannah hackney combining for the double play and how about that stretch at first? back to punt for no. 3? no, he's not. it's a fake. borgi will sprint 44 yards to the end zone, the no. 1 ranked panthers continuing to dominate in 5a. no matter how you see it, no. lutheran quarterback will willis tosses to the back of the end zone. see, told you the angle didn't matter. the 5a state title is on the line for no. 1 and chloe knapp crushes it. her homer in extra innings would give the cougars the 1-0 win over broomfield. we've ranked them. now it's your turn.
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back to the broncos and mike klis and i weren't the only ones asking the questions after last night's win. >> reporter: how were you guys able to bounce back from last week? was in any changes in preparation or energy at practice or anything? >> a lot of energy at practice, 58 on defense brought it every day and pug brought it, too, his position coach, so very thankful to have those guys pushing us every day of practice. >> so the broncos now plant players to ask questions. >> they're tired of mike and i's questions. they don't like those. von just can add something else on his resume which is this long. >> trevor is unflappable. >> that was pretty cool. >> thanks, rod. last look at weather? >> cloud deck is moving out. that was our best shot at rain and snow today.
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average -- 75. keep in mind the average this time of year is 62. halloween will be dry and mild, also to broncos game sunday. they're playing in town again, right? >> they're not going home? >> he never has to put a mask on for halloween. >> that's uncalled for sitting
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tonight, two weeks to go. trump and clinton in florida. the frenzied final sprint. trump trying to take aim over obamacare. clinton trying to put the map out of reach. growing outrage over american service members promised bonuses to re-enlist d money back. the white house and the pentagon now weighing in. caught on camera, the dramatic moment as three cousins are ambushed in a hail of gunfire. tonight a manhunt for a shooter on the run. mid-air emergency on a transatlantic flight. crew members struck with a mystery illness. the pilot forced to divert. what happened? and swipes online. as holiday shopping fast approaches, a new alert about where credit card fraud is soaring and how to prevent it. "nightly news" begins


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