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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 27, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MDT

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. >> with just 12 days to go, new polls are giving us a glimpse where this edecks e lex is going while there is potential election day a run up to the terror escalates. it goes terribly wrong as four go into a violent crash. next a major outpouring for the victims of the pulse nightclub shooting. another nasty wake-up call for millions. "early today" starts right now. >> good morning, everyone, i'm ayman mohyeldin. >> i'm frances rivera. >> numbers are moving for hillary clinton.
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lead yet against donald trump. clinton has a commanding 14-point lead. 51% to trump's 37%. despite the new number, clinton says she isn't taking anything for granted. >> we built this campaign over what is now a year-and-a-half and now we're seeing the results of all that hard work. we're not taking anything for granted. there is complacency. we want everyone to keep helping us. making phone calls, knocking on doors. reaching out to everyone. early voting where you can. being prepared to vote. >> she made those comments after sharing her birthday cake with reporters. former law maker joe walsh lit up social med ja tweeting this, on november 18th, i'm voting for trump. on november 9th, if trump loses,
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the former congressman clarified saying his musket, that referenced protest and civil disobedience. with 12 days between now and election day. team trump took time for personal business. surrogates and campaign staff on hand to open his new hotel. clinton made sure to go of trump. >> i was struck today donald trump is paying more attention to his business hand the the but we're going to keep working really hard to reach as many voters as possible. >> and trump later defended his hotel opening and attacked clinton before a packed indoor carolina crowd. >> so i built this building. i have to understand. i never practically go home. i work all the time. hillary goes, makes a little speech. she reads her teleprompter, gets in a plane, goes home and starts
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two and rub in and cut the rib bonne with them. to show you how low she is, she comes out and says donald trump took time off the campaign to open a hotel. okay. >> while on hand for his hotel opening, trump congratulated adviser newt gingrich, applauding him for his pesky exchange with fox news anchor megyn kelly that quickly went viral. >> congratulations, newt, on last night. it was an amazing -- [ applause ] >> we don't play games, newt, right, which done play games. >> a republican strategist hit trump on multiple fronts. >> i don't think it was useful to spend today dedicating this hotel in washington, d.c. and complimenting newt gingrich on having a food fight with you last fight. that was not a good use of today.
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precious. >> this morning according to a new washington post report that exchange in which gingrich goes over kelly biwhich is bias information about trump may be worsening women as they leaf the gop in droevs. trump is trailing by female voters and with voting under way in 37 states, trump's opportunities to overtake clinton are quickly ehave been a rating. already 10 mon democrats outpacing republicans in eight out of 12 battleground states the gop meanwhile holds their own against testimonys in three states. >> tim russ sert famously said it can all come down to florida, florida, florida, where an equal number of democrats voted, signaling the razor tight race and the damage trail, clinton campaigns for the first time with first lady michelle obama if north carolina.
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holding a concert while kane campaigns in ohio. mike pence visits nebraska and iowa. >> we have developing news overnight, the pentagon says u.s. airstrikes in al qaeda, a pentagon spokesman confirms the strikes took place sunday against two core leaders plotting striengs in the united states and europe. while they are assessing those attacks, it's succsf significant blow to al qaeda and afghanistan. meanwhile, over if iraq, isis forces have started we'll be right backing up their defense of mosul. matt bradley joins us live from mobile. there are reports that iraqi special forces are encountering resistance east of mosul. >> thanks, ayman, the battle has stalled just to the east of that city. it's kind of disconcerting. but the fact of the matter is these are shaping operations and the iraqi security forces say
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that's encircling this city. again, this is the second lagest city in iraq. even consolidating forces in a way that prevents anyone going in and out of mosul will be a large operation and has been the past two weeks. more disturbing news here, the associated press and reuters have both reported this morning that isis is actually forcibly removing civilians from some of the areas outside of mosul and bringing them into the city. they think they're using the we know isis used human shield itself in the past. but this suggest itself a new level of determination and doggedness. it looks as isis is using these human shields and hunkering down within mosul. >> that suggests they will not be aban doneing this city and moving to syria. >> matt bradley live for us in irbil in iraq. thank you for that, matt. this morning, travelers are learning more about an airline pilot who is alleged to have shown up for work under the
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charged. nbc's tom costello has the details. >> it was the 8:30 a him am rapid city to salt lake city delayed at the gate after tsa officerles smelled alcohol on the first officer. >> we assumed with the local tort there, it probably wasn't a medical issue and, indeed, the first officer was drunk. >> reporter: within a few minutes, the first officer, 38-year-old russell place say he blood alcohol level was above the limit. >> this is one of those areas, where pilots and crew member versus a zero imi intolerance for impairment for any reason. >> reporter: sky west ride in for delta. it quickly brought in a replacement pilot saying skywest holds it employees to the highest standard of professionalism and safety and security are the top priority t.
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administrative leave. in italy, a pair of powerful earthquakes struck a part of that country, crumbleing the epicenter, knocking out power and shutting down a major highway. officials say the aftershock was felt as far south as rome. it comes after two months after a deadly quake killed hundreds in italy. there was a lot of panic but as of now no reports of serious deaths or injure jake arrietta pitched a no hitter. and the cubbies even the series with a 5-1 written. now the series heads to chicago for game three on a friday night. >> there is what everybody wants, a really close world series for both these great teams. diners flee after a deer breaks into a restaurant.
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morning in the form of snow and sleet. our bill karins has all the chilly details. >> you might as well throw on freezing rain, this blue and white shows you where the snow is falling in central new york. some is moving into the scrantop area and catskills. here's the snowfall forecast. this is mostly an elevation of it. the mountains in maine. the and ron dax, the catskills and berkshires have a chance of accumulating snow during the day today from the hudson valley to bingham thomp, a slushy inch on the cars. not even halloween. here's a closer look at your day ahead. >> for those not getting the snow, the cities, themselves, will mostly be getting rain, including albany, new york, hartford, late, late this evening toward boston. down to the south the warmth continues. almost near record highs. mid-80s in texas.
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in the northeast. >> hopefully, we get it out of the way with all those costume coming out. just ahead, new video in the arrest of the suspected new york/new jersey bomber. orlando unites for the 49 victims of the pulse nightclub
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>> on june 12th, 2016, our world changed forever. 49 of our neighbors were taken from us too soon with more than 50 others injured in the horrific tragedy at pulse. tonight we honor their lives, the heroes who emerged that early morning and a healing community that shows the world love us as conquers hate. in memory of those we lost, we introduced a special orlando united banner, rising above our city beautiful that will forever
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orl orlando. >> paying tribute there, that was a touching moment for the victims of that attack and as well as the orlando community. well, the orlando magic you saw there, dedicating their opening game to the victims and survivors of the pulse nightclub shooting. the number 49 included the names of the victims who died during that june 12th shooting t. magic invited survivors, family members and pulse employees to attend the ceremony and the game. >> touching to see. >> j new body cam video, it's police body cam that reveals critical moments right before a shootout began between the new york bombing suspect and police. >> what's your name? what's your name? >> well the officer called for
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ahmed rahimi is charged with attempting to murder police officers. the 28-year-old is being held in a hospital when of the new york state prison. he faces charges with the september bombings in new york and new jersey that left 31 people hurt. new details about a police ride agree long in california that resulted in a gunfire and a car chase. they confirm two suspects have been arrested and are now facing the search continues for a third suspect. >> that shooting happened sunday during a shooting ride along that escalated, one of the suspects fired 14 shots at responding officer's car t. chief says one of the suspects told investigators they were using drugs. luckily there were no serious injuries. this is the scenario, you are out to eat at a restaurant. >> happens all the time. >> the president comes in, especially in a restaurant in northwest, indiana, then you start running for the exit
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were interrupted by this hungry guest. look at that running through the restaurant. >> that deer manages to get through the window of a cafe only to run over tables and nearly collide with a woman in the enindustriway. more stunned guests, finally stock market out another window on the way out a. little run by. >> i love the look on that guy's face, he walks out, sees the deer running around a. bizarre moment. just ahead, a big no we have a review for you. plus, elon musk detractors sending investors into a frenzy. new details next. ? ? ? ? ? ?
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breaking news take i kicks off today's great hits, overnight four people were killed, others injured when according to witnesses a tampa bay street race turned deadly resulting in a horrific multi-car crash that left cars mangled and university of wisconsin student is to be arraigned on sexual assault multiple counts, the student was arrested on one incident last week. since then, dozens of other women have come forward. closing arguments in the new jersey bridgegate are expected as former top aides and embattled chris christie look to side step signs of corruption.
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investors are giddy. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, apple will be hoping to reverse the performance in its shares yesterday there was weakness after earnings disappointment. today the big apple products event which is believed to be surrounding a new macbook, maps a macbook air. you may remember that hello was the first word that the makenzi tosh spoke in jobs unveiled the computer. look out for the new information surrounding the new macbooks later today, keep an eye on shares of tesla. the company is surprised with earnings yesterday, reporting its second ever profit. now, this is good news for some doubters surrounding elon musk and his 56 at tesla. the company saying they expect to be profitable for the fourth quarter as well. they do not expect to do a capital increase coming up. a lot of reassurance there.
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the can. her secret service is her -- she's the most interesting woman in the world. i don't always endorse candidates, but when i do, they're extraordinary. vote wisely, my friend. >> does that kind of look familiar? you have seen the dos echis beer ads, james franco endorses who he introduceshe it's a nice way to do it. those beer ads. >> i notice at the end the grilled cheese had a picture of hillary clinton and the h as well. a construction worker destroyed donald trump's star on the walk of fame with a slight hammer and a pick axe, a sledgehammer and a pick axe. help wants to raise money for the dozens of woman that accused trump of sexual assault. he went on to add he had a family member a victim of sexual assault and called trump, quote
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violence. though there were no immediate reports of arrests. the hollywood of chamber say they intend to prosecute to the full extent of the law. >> you know what surprises me, there was security that ran in. they seemed prepared to do something. we'll see. and a particularly contentious election cycle, americans are growing increasingly worried about the violence on election day. many school districts are taking extraordinary measures of closing schools out of concern for the student's safety. couple that with suffolk poll say 51% of people are worried about election day violence. three in four have confidence that the u.s. will have a peaceful transfer of power. four in ten trump supporters say they will not recognize the le jitd maes of a clinton presidency. so just to show you the mindset of a lot of you out there today. just ahead, a justin timberlake too hot to see.
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ring returned, and a disguised deputy catching drivers red handed... 9 news 4-30 starts now. good morning... happy friday eve.. i'm corey rose, here with gary, cheryl and marty.. marty -- we're getting absolutely


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