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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  October 28, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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be hearing the sound of snowmaking today. that is a difficult proposition when there are record warm temperatures. the slopes are barren. many years this is about the time when the base is being built up... stepping outside this morning it feels unusally warm. right now we're in the 60's -- way above average... good morning. gary, cheryl, and corey with you. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- we're about 30-degrees above average...
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looked like. littleton fire says the car was speeding when it ran into a light pole just north of chenango. both people in the car were rushed to the hospital. no word if drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash. v-p candidate mike pence and his family are safe this morning -- after a plane they were in skidded off the runway at new york's laguardia airport. it went off the ru rain last night. emergency crews evacuated 37 people and eleven crew members from the plane. members of the media were also in the plane along with pence's family. an n-b-c political reporter captured this video from inside. the plane didn't hit any fencing -- and was never in danger of going into the water -- which surrounds the airport. at the time -- donald trump was campaigning in ohio -- and talked about the mishap at the end of his rally. his opponent hillary clinton
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glad to hear pence and everyone else are safe. donald trump is still getting a lot of heat about that access hollywood tape, where he made aggressive sexual comments about women. and now he says he th n recording was illegal. in the tape -- trump is heard making lewd comments about woman with host billy bush. trump repeated on fox news that it was locker room talk, and said the microphone was not supposed to be on. he said quote - "not that i make that as an excuse for myself, but certainly it was an illegal act." trump says he's not ruling out legal action against the network. hillary clinton is
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some new emails from wikileaks includes one from a top aide to bill clinton. it talks about the former president earning millions of dollars, speaking to donors to the clinton foundation. the email doesn't suggest anything illegal -- but mrs. clinton is still getting attacked over it. she was busy campaigning with first lady michelle obama right now though. the two brought in one of clinton's largest rallies to date in north carolina yesterday. mrs. obama encouraged the crowd to get out and vote. overseas -- russian president vladimir putin continues to deny the claims that his country is hacking into computers in the united states to try and influence the election. while speaking to international foreign policy experts in sochi
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are just designed to distract the public from real issues. voters in colorado have a lot of state initiatives to consider before election day on november eighth. all are imporatant to our state - 1 addresses matters of life and death. here's tarhonda thomas with our fifth and final ballot breakdown. you've got nine state-wide ballot issues to consider, this election. now, this "ballot breakdown" is not to tell you which deserves a "yes" or "no." we just want to help you understand the question you're being asked on the ballot. so, we're breaking down a few. today-- it's proposition 106 it asks you whether you want to approve a change to colorado statutes-- to allow term lives. it also authorizes doctors to prescripbe those medications... and creates criminal penalties for tampering with said medication.. or coercing a person to request it. a "yes" vote means-- you approve all of the above. a "no" vote means-- you do not want colorado to allow medical aid-in-dying medication. there are very passionate arguments-- both "for and against" this proposition. if you need help considering both sides-- look on page 31 of your ballot "blue book." you should have gotten one of these the mail. if not-- you can see it, online. we've posted a link-- at and that's today's
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a small town police officer is paying for his crimes -- and
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in prison. court officials sentenced former rocky ford officer james ashby thursday -- for the 20-14 shooting death of jack jacquez. prosecutors say ashby was on duty and followed jacquez home when he shot him. the officer's family is suing. an officer who went crashing into a 74-year-old driver while going over 100 miles an hour -- is now convicted of a lower charge. weld county deputy tim boxley was previously charged of careless driving resulting in death -- but yesterday was convicted of a misdemeanor. he could spend up to 90 days in jail.
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in one colorado town -- be prepared for the possibility to pay higher prices soon. a new proposal in boulder would put a tax on those drinks. 9news reporter vida urbonas is taking a look at the proposal for us. vida, the tax is a few cents depending on the size of the drink... corey .. we're talking a hike of 2 cents per ounce on sugary drinks.. if the measure passes. it's up to the voters to decide.. whether to impose an excise tax on distributors of sugary sodas and sports drinks. within bould measure 2-h. proposes the tax on sugary drinks sold in boulder. if approved .. the proposal could raise as much as 3- point-8 million dollars a year. the money would go towards programs that would promote a healthier lifestyle for kids. the tax would not apply to diet soda drinks .. 100- percent fruit juice ..or milk or milk substitutes like soy or almond milk. supporters say it's a way to encourage healthier choices .. but opponents say
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opponents say the tax would be applied to distributors. and not directly on consumers.. an know if retailers would increase their prices.. in order to discourage consumers from buying those sugary drinks. we've posted the proposed measure .. on 9news dot- com. more than 200 veterans and thier families will be getting fed today thanks to some angels -- the soldiers' angels. the group is hosting a mobile food distribution for homeless and at-risk veterans -- as well as wounded service members.
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parking lot at eleven this morning. the frenzied post- thanksgiving shopping experience that brings turkey- filled shoppers out of the house before dawn -- is losing some of it's mojo... still ahead -- a fall in black friday foot traffic. so is black friday dead? but first... an iowa native keeps piling up firsts in her long career as an astronaut. peggy whitson's latest record
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7-of the armed militia members involved in a six week standoff at an oregon wildlife refuge are no longer facing conspiracy charges. a jury exonerated brothers ammon and ryan bundy as well as five other people. they were accused
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federal workers from their jobs at the malheur national wildlife refuge in january. the group claims they the standoff was to draw attention to the long running dispute over control of federal lands. but probably one of the most talked about moments iswh the courtroom on thursday. a judge ruled that ammon bundy be held on other charges stemming from a stand off in nevada in 20-14. ammon's lawyer was tackled and tased for insisting his client deserved to be free. the self- proclaimed "right hand man" of cult leader, charles manson, will most likely spend the rest of his life in prison. charles "tex" watson's 17-th parole request was denied. watson says he helped plan and participate in the killing of pregnant
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in 19-69. he has since apologized for the murders. watson is currently facing a life sentence at the mule creek state prison in california. he can seek parole again in five years. president obama is granting clemency to 98-federal inmates before leaving the oval office. this is the latest round that brings the number of sentences the president has commuted to 872 during during the president's term. the white house says this is more than the previous 11-pre almost all of the convicts were non violent offenders, like drug crimes. not all of them are getting out of prison right away. some will be released in october of 20-18. a california woman who claims she got cancer from johnson and johnson's baby powder -- is getting millions for her troubles. a jury has awarded deborah giannecchini more than 70-millions dollars in the lawsuit against the company. this is the latest case raising
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health issues from talcum powder use. earlier this year -- two other lawsuits ended with the defendants getting a combined 127- millions dollars. the woman who has spent more days in space than any other female is about to rocket up and break more records. iowa native peggy whitson will make her third mission to the international space station in two weeks. she was the stations first female commander -- and will become the first woman to ever command the space station twice come november 14th. she has loed -- and this next trip will also make her the oldest female astronaut ever to fly into space. so do you have what it takes to be a pilot? our amelia earhart does. she talks with a fellow pilot -- one who flew in world
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up. but first let's check in with marty who by the way... is
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black friday is no longer the only go-to option for finding the best holiday deals -- and because of that-- the day is losing some of its popularity. sales have been dropping since 20-13
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instead. it's also no longer the biggest shopping day of the year. instead -- the saturday before christmas now being called 'super saturday' -- has taken that top spot. with christmas on sunday this year -- experts think the friday before the holiday this season could beat them all. world war ii veterans are growing fewer by the day, but next weekend, you have the chance to honor and meet some of world war ii's most accomplished pilots who performed aerial combat, the fighter aces. there are only 70 aces living david wilhelm. you can still
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wings gala at wings over the rockies for next saturday november 5th. i'm honored to once again emcee the beautiful event and all proceeds go to maintaining the heritage of men and women like captain wilhelm at the museum.
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it's national celebration for one type of candy... which candy has americans eating
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today besides it just being friday -- it's national chocolate day. . we have another reason for you to treat yourself today besides just being friday. it's national chocolate day. the company has found on each american spends $57 on chocolate and eats 9.5 pounds of a year. it's made from seas that grow on trees in the tropics. they're tried, roasted, mixed with mix other ingredients and made into magic. >> hello, may i have another?
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. new evidence in the jon benet murder is not supporting the district attorney in the girl's case if the family should have been exonerated or not. >> cancel the en to trump. >> everything we care about is at stake in this election. you've got to vote. >> trouble for both candidate this is morning in the race for the presidential election as long lines are forming in early voting states with one goal, your vote for the presidency. . fans and indian fans alike planning this party for decades. the world series tied up heading to a field tonight that hasn't


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