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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  October 28, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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. new evidence in the jon benet murder is not supporting the district attorney in the girl's case if the family should have been exonerated or not. >> cancel the en to trump. >> everything we care about is at stake in this election. you've got to vote. >> trouble for both candidate this is morning in the race for the presidential election as long lines are forming in early voting states with one goal, your vote for the presidency. . fans and indian fans alike planning this party for decades. the world series tied up heading to a field tonight that hasn't
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>> oh yeah. >> people are going to get to bars in wrigleyville early for the game. my daughter who lives there was telling me the police will shut down the whole area. they're not going to let anybody in or out after a certain time. >> friday night block party. >> they should have the day off. we should too with weather like this. >> you know what, that's a fine idea. i think we should go have a good time. around here today, warm. fantastic baseball weather. too bad we're not playing around here. high clouds over metro denver now. incredibly warm temperatures. readings you're seeing now are warmer than our average high for today's date. clouds helped insulate us and keep us warm. that's going to give us a leg up so to speak and getting to lower
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high. we hit 83 yesterday. that was a new record high. over the weekend warm, not as warm as today. a bit windy on sunday out of the south with highs in the 70s. mild and dry for the broncos and chargers game. weak cold front comes through monday. burial trick-or-treating weather still in the forecast. we should have hopefully thousands of people out and about enjoying the weather monday evening. >> thousands. i better buy more candy. 76 at 270 split starting to wake up and get more busy. highways have been quiet up until now. i'm going to change that up to our maps. a lot of activity here. i-25 leading up to i-70 interchange as well as two problems here across sixth avenue. eastbound at herton and another eastbound as you approach federal. the it would have major side street crashes include the wreck
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i would after void it using north and southbound superior. southbound lanes of santa fe still closed at union. westbound union to southbound federal along eastbound bowls to get back to san after the fay. going to be a major delay through the majority of our rush. >> thanks. 5:33 now. decades later, our investigators are revealing evidence that's not yet seen in the j ramsey murder case. now never before released dna evidence that could change a lot in this case. the boulder district attorney lacy cleared the ram say family in 2008 saying dna proved the ram says were not involved. the authorities had the genetic profile of the killer, they said. we took it to experts. they say the dna is not conclusive and may not be the
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person. could be a combination of three. not only that, the report given to dna's office before lacy cleared the ram say's saying the dna on her clothes was mixture of material from at least three people. those involved in the case including former governor owens says these findings are shocking. >> she knew, based on your investigation, that this dna wasn't necessarily person and in fact was potentially accumulated dna. she knew it at the time and why she used this evidence to clear the ramsey family then, a clearance that has continued because it's on the public record through today, is something i can't explain and she should explain. >> mary lacy has not commented on findings.
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decision. tonight 9 wants to know what may have led to the decision to exonerate the ramseys and ask what's next in this case. a mother tells police her 13-month-old from wyoming was given to a man to go fishing. today investigators are looking for the toddler in a landfill. they say the landfill is in welt county 08-miles from where the child is from in cheyenne. his grandfather called police after he disappeared weekend. the child's mother told police her boyfriend gave him to a man to take him fishing. detectives believe he was dumped in a trash bin at the community college. everybody is safe this morning after vice presidential candidate mike pence's plane skidded off the runway at the airport last night. it was a scary moment for the campaign. donald trump has more to focus on today than just that.
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just like the rest of the week, the battleground states are in play today. >> that's right. all the colors, red, blue, in between here north carolina and ohio the two battleground states we're talking about. those are the two candidates focused on yesterday the focus shifted briefly to new york like you mentioned where governor pence's plane skidded off the runway at laguardia airport last night. cell phone video shows the inside of the plane after in happened. pence was not fine. it was a bit of a scare. trump mentioned it yesterday at his rally in ohio. he mentioned a lot about hillary clinton, specifically the clinton foundation and latest batch of wikileaks e-mail that show a link between the foundation and bill clinton's for profit properties. >> they did sell favors, sell out the american worker.
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clinton pushed forward in battleground state north carolina. she and first lady michelle obama appeared together at a campaign rally and encouraged the crowd to vote. >> you hear people saying the election is rigged. understand they're trying to get you to stay home. >> here's how things up for candidates. it shows clinton potentially winning more states and more electoral votes. a candidate needs 270 to win. neither is quite there have yet. according to this poll, it shows hillary clinton with 252 possible electoral votes in the lead. colorado is a swing state. i'll swing down and show you. it's not quite blue.
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towards hillary clinton. anything can happen. those ballots have not within counted yet. this is one of many polls out in this race. >> interesting stuff. thank you. you've got to be 18 years old to vote. that's not keeping some elementary school kids from getting involved any way they can. a group of kids from boulder today, fifth graders, marching from their school to cu's campus to encourage everyone who is enough to vote. current record high in denver 80 degrees for today's date. we did that in 1994. a lot of records were set in multiple years. that's the last time we did it. for the month, yes it's been warm. now in fifth place. solo for warm pest octobers. even with the record warmth coming up today. i think we'll get close to the
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it gets hot in october at times. >> i guess so. >> thanks. 9 neighborhoods is taking you today six miles west of downtown, colorado springs. the first people came to the area in 1868. the town was laid out in 1871. the town was first called la font. a developer suggested the other name. a big attraction whe as a railroad in colorado springs in 1881. by the 18 90s, seven grand hotels including the cliff house, barker house, and the grand view which still stands today. it's at the foot of pike's peak. pike's peak is 14115 feet tall
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for more history and look at the springs today, join 9 neighborhoods instagram tour this afternoon. . if you were still hoping that a family member or friend won that nearly 10 million dollars jackpot, the winner is claiming his prize today at the store he bought the ticket in lakewood. we're told the winner lives his mom. they're planning a big alaska cruise. he works the overnight shift and happened to pop in and get the fifth we'll learn more today. we're happy for him. >> absolutely. >> love hearing the back story. >> very cool. broncos looking to get redemption against the chargers this weekend. they'll be without one of their starters. which is out? still ahead. indians and cubs tied 1-1.
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. game 3 of the fall classic tonight at wrigley field. cleveland indians got ready for their game last night. weather was brisk. many were wearing stockton caps. a few hours before, cubs on the field for their work out. they tied up the series wednesday night beating cleveland 5 to 1. it's tied 1-1. pitching matchup gamehr for the indians. tomlin 2-0 in the post season. >> i think us as a team have earned this right. we need to enjoy hit but also play to relax and not get complacent not just being here. >> hopefully they can keep it hot, get the lead against that team. you can get a lied that's better. you get behind and the bullpen is thank you >> game starts tonight at
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chicago. >> boy is it ever a big party. football fans pumped this weekend. broncos get another go against the chargers. denver will have to play without running back cj anderson. he has surgery to replace a meniscus tear in his knee. he's hopeful he can return for post season if his team makes it. we all hope they do. game is this sunday at >> hope he heals quickly. next olympics is still a year and a half away. athletes are getting ready to compete. some planning to win. that includes one of the fastest skiers in the world colorado's lindsey vonn von is in denver for the aurora economic development council. it's an a list event that brings 1500 people. vonn is one of the most decorated athletes in the world. she has a record of 20, more
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woman. she wants to prove that title further. >> i want to try to get to that next level. i feel i've accomplished a lot in my career. i can push myself harder. before i retire, i would like to race with the men. that's the pinnacle of my sport. i should be able to have the opportunity to race at that level. >> she was talking to matt competitors, she had to miss -- unfortunately for vonn, maybe fortunately for her competitors, she had to miss the sochi games. >> she keeps coming back. she's amazing. around here, warm day going on and dry. we have rain off to the west. there are flooding concerns in and around the los angeles area
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8500 feet in wyoming tonight and tomorrow. several inches of snow in the t-towns and in and around yellow stone. showers move to western colorado and this evening. they'll try to make it to this side of the continental divide. i don't think we'll have luck with that. showers move through western colorado tonight into tomorrow morning. for today, cloudy skies west. little sun here with very warm readings. 70s little terrain in the west. front range and eastern colorado it's not been an easy drive so far on our friday commute. we begin with i-25 near santa fe. the free way is fine. i want you to take note. we've got a major closure near union. additional wrecks one near
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a roll over crash has two lanes blocked. southbound lanes of santa fe remain closed to union. go to federal, bowles and alternate route. >> all week long, 9 news has been doing our part to help stop the bullying culture. >> the thing is, bullying will never really go away. instead the focus is leaning towards inclusion, empowerment and inspiration. do your part, understand what bullying is to help bull i willing culture. -- bullings culture. >> that's messed up. >> i think it kind of like is the snow ball effect. people will be like that's cool. i would like to feel that. i would like to be that person to stop bullying.
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. om we meet the engineering brightness team, a group of kids that light up when learning. they are developing lanterns to send to kids in undeveloped countries. >> i told my dad. he was super excited. he couldn't wait to nobis going to learn to 3d print and
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and that they love coming to school. our staff loves coming to work. it's because of the students that we get to interact with. >> amelia came back. sky high from that story. see the whole thing. they're amazing kids. high clouds over the area for us today. very warm conditions and dry here with rain that caused flooding in parts of southern california this morning. part that was system break off andov be look at clouds that thin during the morning and early afternoon. they'll never go away completely. the heat, whether cloudy or not, heat is on low 80s today. 70s at and above. 6500 feet. in person colorado, we see clouds during the day. this evening, watch for showers to start to develop in the west. they're going to be isolated and very light. it's not going to be a big
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today. couple hundredths of an inch. we may have that down along the higher rain down side the colorado river late tonight. it will be a warm day with 80s in the east, 60s and 70s for mountains in west. i'm going 826789 we'll break the record high today. last time we were 80 plus was 1984 on today's date. another warms. tomorrow and up to 70s tomorrow and sunday. sunday the wind kicks up out of the south ahead of a weak front that is slated to come through on halloween. it's cooling us down. unfortunately it does not have rain or snow to share with us. it's now 5:52. checking out our view live shot at union. trying to find the delays
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herton. the drive time is less than 10 minutes. accident near the mouse trap. it's a northbound 25 crash leading up to i-70. slow downs light so far. there's the two wrecks i mentioned 6 eastbound at garrison and her share ton. east of i-25, first at 11 th. this is terrible. a corvette wrapped southbound santa at a -- santa fe closed at union. time again to take the beautiful pumpkin you bought at the store or pumpkin patch and turn it into art. we'll feature them throughout the morning, campings or art.
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?>> cheryl loves doing this. nobody is going to save you when evil is about to strike in portland, maine. a flash mob of zombies is downtown dancing to thriller. organizers say the walking dead dancing to mj hit has become a holiday tradition there. it started as an annual event in 2013.
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thriller. >> isn't that funny? awesome. >> we're tweeting out all morning, every half hour, you want hints on what we'll be -- hints of what we'll be for our halloween show monday. log on and start guessing. >> that remains to be seen as every year the plan is good. >> her dance is good. >> if we come with our costumes, you can do thrill. >> i'm in troub end of the 6:00 show this morning to do a halloween science. >> explosions and fizzing and -- >> if there is such a thing. >> all right.
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. maybe not dramatic but scary. mike pence's plane skidded off the runway in new york. >> all they did was sell favors, sell out access and sell out the american worker. >> 1 1 days to go, 12.6 trouble for both candidate this is morning. a parker police officer did what he had to do to save people from a gun. >> the alternative -- never going to have to know that.


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