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tv   9 News Sunday Morning  NBC  October 30, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MDT

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? a powerful earthquake hits italy once again. how the country is handling the natural disaster while recovering from earthquakes that hit this area two days ago. donald colorado this weekend. chelsea clinton is next. the message she's sharing on behalf of her mother. the broncos looking for redemption against the chargers. steve spangler said he wanted to blow something up so we invited him in. a foggy look over downtown denver. a lot of breaking news to talk about. >> another earthquake that we told you
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morning. it was a 6.6 magnitude earthquake outside of perugia. reports of injuries, but no deaths. this follows two shocks from last week that crumbled buildings. in august, this region was hit by another devastating earthquake. that one killed nearly 300 people. and because of that quake, most of the residents had already left this area. back here in colorado, a gunman on the run boulder. police say they responded to a shots fired call at pleasant and broadway this morning. boulder police say there's a confrontation in the parking lot of a bar there. someone pulled out a gun and began shooting. a man was hurt and sent to the hospital. we're looking to see how he is doing this morning. earlier in the morning, cu boulder sent a warning to people in the area but police say there is no longer a threat there. we are are working to find out what
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the denver coliseum. one person was killed and two others are in the hospital. dpd says they're still looking for that shooter. . we know what sparked the brush fire that forced hundreds of people to evacuate yesterday. it was sparked by a power pole down in douglas county. we're in the information center with more. >> reporter: and good morning. south metro fire says equipment malfunctioned on a power pole and sparked afternoon. it sparked off highway 85 and chart ridge court. smoke could be seen for miles. it quickly spread to 200 acres near the chat field estates and back country subdivisions. the fire fueled by the wind and dry grass. 800 people had to evacuate as the fire moved closer to homes. firefighters contained it within five hours. those evacuated have been allowed to return home.
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and busy for the fire crews out there. . and of course, wildfire danger always a concern but lower threat today belen. >> exactly. we had cooler air moving through, it's increased our humidity. can you see the increase in humidity if you look outside because we currently have a dense fog advisory in effect so visibility is low in this area that y 10 a.m.. that's how long we're expecting the fog to stick around. visibility will be a quarter of a mile or less. the areas affected by it right now is denver, akron, about 3/10 of an inch, in fort collins we have visibility that's about five miles, so you're okay right there. and out in burlington, also very low visibility. today's forecast after that fog burns off will have partly cloudy skies, temperatures at 74 degrees, so a few degrees cooler than yesterday.
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breezy this afternoon. another dry day across the state. we do have that southwest flow that's bringing in high clouds, coming in from the southwest, and that's the reason we're seeing all those cloudy conditions in the mountains and certainly here along the front range. now, the temperatures are going to be in the 40s a little bit longer, believe it or not. this is about 15 or so degrees cooler than 24 ours ago. you'll feel cooler temperatures if you're heading out the door this morning. then temperatures in the 50s by 10 a.m., now, 40s this afternoon highs will be in the low to mid-70s. so pretty nice day in october. and it's game day, the broncos take on the chargers. kick-off is 2:05 and the forecast is dry and breezy. what's in store for your work week and hallowe'en, coming up. . chelsea clinton will be focusing on her mother's vision for america,
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on wednesday. not much more information has been released about the events. hillary clinton wants the feds to put her e-mails all out on the table. she is outraged that f.b.i. director james comey sent a letter to lawmakers about a newly discovered batch of e-mails days before election day. others are accusing comey of trying to sway the p unbelievable that comey would suggest the e-mails are pertinent to the scandal so close to the election. >> what the american people deserve and require is they open it all the way. bring out all the facts. don't just hide. let everybody read and know what e-mails you're talking about. >> another reason we're here is to help set the record straight.
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not her e-mail and let's not be distracted. let's move on. >> the e-mails were discovered on anthony weiner's computer. there's no idea how the e-mails got there in the first place. it's not clear what's in the e-mails just recently found. >> donald trump is thinking the justice department is protecting hillary clinton in controversy. the f.b.i. said they could be related to the e-mail investigation but they aren't sure right now. likely it will be a hot topic for trump when he campaigns in greeley today. he was in golden yesterday talking about a variety of topics, ranging from the e-mail scandal, refugees, to health care. >> hillary clinton wants to
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it even more expensive. bill clinton said it's the craziest thing in the world where people wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. >> golden is in jefferson county. some election experts are calling jeffco co a key swing county for trump. today trump will be at the university of northern colorado at 4 p.m. several people are being questioned this morning about a hit-and-run se lakewood. police say they found the honda accord that hit a motorcyclist last night. this crash happened near eastbound 6th and i-25. the motorcyclist went to the hospital with serious injuries. the deadline is fast approaching for rtd to fix its problems with the a line. they have less than a week to solve the issues with the malfunctioning equipment. regulators set that deadline. rtd officials flew to washington, d.c. to
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issues. the a line has had problem with gate crossings not functioning. if rtd misses the deadline it might have to stop the train to the plane and offer bus service while they work on the problem. . the cubs got this far but they will now have to win three in a row to beat the indians in the fall classic. the cubs suffered another loss saturday falling 7-2. series for them in 71 years. they hope to get a win in their last home game this chicago. game five of the world series tonight at 6:00. . now to broncos, we are fresh off a win against the texans. felt so good. and today our team takes on the chargers. >> the bolts in town for another matchup. the broncos need this win to get ahead in the division. they're hoping for redejs
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bolts. it starts at 2:05 this afternoon. in today's fast paced world people don't have time to carve pumpkins in the usual method. >> speaking of hallowe'en, a lot of you want to know what's the weather going to be tomorrow night? will the kids have to cover up
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. welcome back, everyone. 7:11 in. a foggy view. belen, is it good blowing up pumpkin weather is what i need to know?
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>> i think any weather is okay to blow up pumpkins as long as it's not windy. the forecast is going to start off with fog. looking to the city here, but you can't see the skyline. you can barely see i-25 in front of us. visibility is much lower this morning, as those temperatures have cooled into 40s and the dewpoint is close to that. humidity right now is so bad hair morning. into this afternoon, we're still going to hang on to the clouds. the dense fog advisory will last until 10 a.m. so that's how long we're expecting for the visibility to be this poor so be careful if you're headed out there on the roads this morning. then this afternoon our temperatures are going to top out in the low 70s with more blue in the sky and those clouds will ride back in this afternoon. but you know, as far as the clouds go, even though we see some of them, they're not going to bring any rain which is what we need across the state.
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dry through this afternoon through this evening, even through tomorrow morning. high clouds building in from the southwest at times, and winds increasing in the mountains and in the foothills through tomorrow morning. it's going to be a gusty start, but we'll have sunshine as you're starting off your day. right now we have 40s in the mountains, we have a mix of 30s and 20s the western slope has 55 degrees. and then fast forward to this afternoon, temperatures will be in the low to mid-70s from fort collins into denver, and out on the and on the western slopes temperatures at 76 degrees. tonight, 52 will be your overnight low. winds will be gusty at times here in the city from 10 to 20 miles an hour. let's take a look at the wind gusts in the foothills because through tonight those winds coming in from the west could gust up to 30, 40, even 50 miles per hour in the overnight hours into the early morning. it's these westerly winds, joan sloping winds, that will allow for the
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look really nice. during the day the temperatures will be in the 70s. gusty at times. the forecast around trick-or-treat time, 67 degrees at 6 p.m., a few clouds, but no rain. it's going to be dry for you. 7:00, 62, and i would just put the sweatshirt in the car through the end of the night. there's a possibility it could turn cool so we want your ghouls and goblins to then starting off a brand new month on tuesday, a high of 69. cooler air, on wednesday 65. thursday 68, and then friday a high of 71 degrees. i've got another halloween joke for you. what type of monster likes dance music? are you thinking about it? are you thinking about it? the boogie man!
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was like e what could it be? steve spangler is here. >> you're saying kids are going to bring in pumpkins to chemistry class tomorrow. >> parents are saying why are we doing this? this is why. this is what chemistry teachers do. we don't have directions for how to do this. you can find our dry ice mix. doing 8:00. see how you push the piece out, so i have another way to do it so your hands don't get messy. these rocks are called calcium carbide. this is what they used for people in lanterns when they're in mines. put your safety glasses on. >> safety first.
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pour this in here. it's generating assetlin gas. so that's probably a good thing. you'll have to do this one. then we simply light it from the back. watch this. [ boom ]. [ screaming. [. >> this is how you do it. >> he's on fire, too. >> that's how it works. we don't know how long to wait. we're going to let this one wait for a little bit more and what's going to happen is we create that littl inside and then, boom, pops it out. three, two, one. [ boom ]. >> see, that was a good one. >> that was that great one. >> that was a nice one. this one here, is supposed to say the number nine but my kids told me last night, dad, you're going to blow the whole face of it out. and they're probably right. >> let's see. >> we just don't know. this is the one we like with jessica, they is where we let it go and breathe a little bit. see how this is in here. we just don't know how long to
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>> anybody who has done welding before nodes you get great proportions mix. three, two, one. [ boom ]. >> did it stay? >> no it blew the center out. see, this is it. if chemistry teachers are asking their kids to bring in pumpkins it's because the exploding pumpkin day and it's great way to teach about triple bonds. >> how many of these do you go through? >> dozens. >> king soupers has been nice. >> that was so much fun. for even more. >> it will get you all the dry ice recipes, how to make the fake blood. 7 million views on facebook how to make fake blood. >> facebook at 8:00, too. >> yep. >> through so much. >> it is that time of year, all these
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tomorrow. we want to see your photos. >> they're the cutest. >> here are some adorable ones that we've gotten so far. a lot of them seem to be dogs. >> we want to see your kids, too. >> we know they're getting dressed up as well. >> look at these dogs in costumes. this is my favorite on the right. thomas lawton has donald trump trump. >> and this one showing her best. >> thank you for joining us. we will be right back. by the way, do you love halloween? because conrs this season. we'll break down the numbers on halloween spending coming up. >> dropped a lot of dough on
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. could you have all of your halloween costumes and decorations?
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have to do last minute shopping. americans are spending more this year on halloween. >> all those pay days. >> i feel like we spend more and more every year. >> i know iid. like every year i'm like let's recycle, let's go into the box and i end up taking them to the store and spending. >> the kids love going to the store. that's part of the thrill. >> they have so many fun costumes. you go in there and get lost. >> lots of money. >> the national retail billion, amounting to under $83 per person. $8 more than last year. most will go to costume. 3.2 billion there. a lot to candy. >> a lot of cavities, too. >> starbucks, the vampire
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is called an f repula. you see the little teeth in there? >> i think the scariest part is calorie county. >> you don't have to go. you can make your own little -- >> is this a fix? >> we have to fix this on the mind, we know you. >> we're going to talk costumes on fix they will charge extra if orders are made during the time when demand are hide and drivers are scarce. it will arrive first in phoenix, houston, miami, and atlanta. no word on here in colorado. uber says customers will be notified of the extra cost and the amount will appear on the menu screen.
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denver. >> they were offering to bring kittens on national cat day. >> a lot positive going on.
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. good morning. don't get too excited too soon. that was the feeling after the nuggets opened their season with a win at new
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the road last year as well and then came home and laid an egg. 49 setbacks for denver last season. the last team they lost to was portland. the same team they opened at home against tonight. denver was down 8 at the half but used a 17-0 third quarter run to take this evening over. denver with the first lead of the game. things got wild in the fourth. the power went out at pepsi for 28 minutes. and once crazier. got even worse as the blazers scored the final nine to force overtime and then in the o.t., portland took over and won the game. denver falls back to .500, the final score 115-113 blazers the best part of this game was half time. that's when the nuggets honored one of
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mtumbo's number was raised to the rafters. no one will wear that number again. >> it meant a lot. it mean a lot to me personally. it mean a lot to my family. >> avs, coyotes, colorado scored most. duchene got not one but two, the avs, the final score was 3 the broncos and chargers but last night what a college football game, up in laramie, wyoming, as wyoming got the shocker. upset number 13 and at the time unbeaten boise state. a late safety by chase appleby the difference. it's the biggest mountain west win ever for wyoming. it's the first time they've ever beaten the broncos. first time to knock off a ranked team since 2002.
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big party in laramie last night. final score 30-28. >> we're making strides. it puts us back on -- i don't know, it's great win. i'm going to enjoy it. >> look at this crowd behind you. >> go! >> that's fantastic. we finish with baseball. the cubs snapped one streak made it to the world series for the tirs time s that's the last time they won it all. if they repeat that, they need to come back from 3-1 down to cleveland. kluber got them again doing damage on the mound and at the plate. drove in one in the 2nd. cleveland wins the game, the final score
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. firefighters had to deal with dry, hot, windy conditions the past couple of eks but the junkins fire is nearly contained. officials have a warning for drivers in that area. medics and security guards just some of the people killed when air strikes hit western yemen. officials say the target was a resident' home. 18 are dead. a viral video has an unexpected result. the thief returns what she stole. fix this crew fantastic halloween ideas including how to make candied apples that are out of this world. and a state cross country meet. taylor has the incredible highlights coming up later in the prep rally. >> you don't want to miss that. top story is the weather. fog advisory in place. >> if you're driving that could become problematic. let's they can in with belen de leon for details.
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hall keen, spooky. yeah, and you know our viewers are so great this morning. they woke up, they took those pictures and they're sending them to us let's share a few of them because it certainly does look spooky out there. thank you garcia who sent this picture in of fog in his neighborhood. and john, we appreciate you. there is a bit of color out there. this is a halloween sunrise if i ever saw one. we have a little bit of moisture pushing in from the southwest and very light rain in parts of our central mountains. but for the front range it is dry. no rain falling from the sky. all that moisture is in the lower levels in the form of fog. we have that dense fog advisory in effect until 10:00 this morning because in some spots visibility is about a quarter of a mile or less. in fact, here is a look at the current visibility. you can see the spots that have that orange color is where the visibility is at its lowest. in the high country, not affected by any of this fog.
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reason why our humidity is higher, our temperatures will be cooler. after that fog burns out our skies will be partly cloudy and this afternoon your highs will be in the 70s. there you see all of the clouds that are pushing in from the southwest. we'll have those clouds in and out during the day. the temperatures will top out in the mid-70s around 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, that forecast for the broncos verse chargers game is looking just fine. 40s outside right now and your afternoon highs looke unseasonably warm. so a warm and dry october. but we're starting off a brand new month this work week. we'll let you know what's in store for you coming up in a few. >> and it looks like temperatures will be cooler, providing a little relief from all the fire danger. the junkins fire now 85% contained. they're focusing on putting out hot spots. it started nearly two weeks ago in custer county and then spread to pueblo
7:33 am
line. several homes were destroyed. incident commander says smoke may still cause visibility issues for drivers. . on to some world news now. dozens were killed by air strikes across yemen overnight. at least 43 people were killed. most of them security officers and prisoners, after a saudi led coalition dropped bombs on a security facility in western yemen. dozens more were injured and the death toll could the country has been stuck in conflict since 2014. earlier this month secretary of state john kerry called for negotiations. several people were killed when a car bomb deadnated in benghazi including the head of a construction group. it exploded yesterday in a busy area. four people were killed and more than 20 others hurt. you're looking at the remains of the car. the anticorruption activist was a
7:34 am
they've led efforts against opponents. nobody has claimed responsibility for this attack so far. families separated for years by the u.s./mexico border got a chance for a three minute reunion this weekend. residents in blue shirts, and white shirts for mexico. some of these family members have not seen each other in years. certainly emotional. many of those on the emigrated from mexico and are undocumented. when a woman stole flowers from a porch, social media has the photo. she takes the pots of flowers and the pot, too, just walks away with it. within 24 hours this video had more than 130,000 views and shares. neighbors quickly identified this woman
7:35 am
area. >> it was disappointing. it was shocking that someone would actually come up and steal just some simple flowers off of your porch. >> it's one thing if you're stealing a package but this was a potted plant just sitting in front of his house and she took everything. that same camera captured this woman returning the flowers the next day. the homeowner things sharing the video played a role. he's not sure if he will press charges. [ spooky music ]. . hey, halloween. whether it's costumes or frights, it's about as much about one upping as it is about having fun. let's be real here. what way to have fun and one up somebody than to get creative with your haunted houses. >> how about a virtual reality haunted house? a real thing here in denver and we found out they're terrifying. . >> vr has the ability to immerse
7:36 am
>> reporter: there's a place for blind trust but i'm telling you, justin speaks the truth. >> it feels real for a lot of people than just a mask coming at you. >> reporter: haunted vr, with far nor scares than its walls could hold. >> there was one person who thought it was real and she was attacking everything and i had to bear say it's okay, it's not real. >> reporter: the idea was thought of last year placing completery fake scenarios in seemingly real world environments. >> i felt i was getting stabbed. >> reporter: if you're taking it with a grain of salt. >> i had to give myself a couple of pep talks. >> reporter: i don't blame you. i did the same thing. >> i have never done vr so don't judge me if i sta squling.
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>> reporter: are you kidding me? and this moment, and this moment. [ screaming ]. >> reporter: and this moment. [ hysterical laughter ]. >> reporter: there are critics of his venture. until they come and see this for themselves. dan grossman, 9news. . >> i'm never going to look at dan the same again. >> i didn't know that a man could scream that high. oh, dan. >> we need to have a talk. >> i need it sounds fascinating. 7:37 now. here's something not scary. picture pert temperatures in the 70s today. great for tailgating and hopefully followed by a broncos win later on. >> should be a good time at sports authority field at mile high. we need to get through this fog first. belen de leon has more on the dense fog advisory and when it might break
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. welcome back. a live look at fort collins where you can see the dense fog advisory in full effect up there as it is down here in denver. let's check in with meteorologist belen de leon with a look at the forecast. belen, it is easy to see -- difficult to
7:40 am
there today. >> it is. and i'll show you the area that's under that dense fog advisory. you know those lower clouds, that fog, and those high clouds have allowed for pretty pictures. thank you so much to our viewers for sending them in. this one is from hartley, he says go broncos, and here's another orange-looking sunrise from monica. thank you for sending that in. speaking of the forecast for this afternoon. great. some clouds, but it will remain dry. the temperatures will be mild, 70s for the start of the game. a little breezy at times, but all in all it's looking like a winning forecast for our broncos. now, this morning we have that fog that's going to stick around till about 10:00 this morning. so this area that's shaded in grey is where we have that visibility that will be at times at about a quarter of a mile or less. so we had cooler air move through the state yesterday, it's increased our humidity, it's dropped our
7:41 am
but it's also helped improve our fire danger across the state. so, places where y see green, green is good. little spots with yellow and that is high fire danger in the central part of the state and also to the south, but by and large that forecast is looking much nicer than what it did in days past when it was so dry. the temperatures right now ranging from the 30s and 20s in the mountains, the western slope 55 degrees. 40s down low and out on the eastern plains. this afternoon we'll be cooler than yesterday. temperatures in the 70s for lower elevations and 60s in the mountains of the futurecast will keep us dry. those clouds lifting at around 10:00 this morning and then we'll have those high clouds streaming in from the southwest from the mountains and wind increasing in the foothills. tonight we'll drop to 52 degrees. watch the winds and how they will increase in the foothills. at times overnight and through tomorrow
7:42 am
miles per hour with the strongest winds expected before sunrise tomorrow. as of now, haven't heard or haven't seen anything about high wind watches in that area. tomorrow 66 degrees, bye bye october, the weather starts to cool down for the start of a brand new months. temperatures in the 60s through the end of the week. got another joke for what kind of pants do ghosts wear? boo jeans. >> hello? you're welcome. >> good stuff. >> you can tell those at halloween parties later, okay? >> we'll be the hit of the party. >> thanks, belen. all right, taylor. a lot, wow. >> you saw it happened, for our viewers saw what happened at six, i'm not kidding when i saw one of the most dramatic prep rallies we've had. highlights from the state cross country
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. >> announcer: welcome to the 9news prep rally. here's taylor temby. >> good morning, everyone. what is the state championship without a rivalry? fort collins lauren gregory going for the fourth straight individual title but she faced grandview's brie oakley. she came in on the day as the number one racer in the nation. she blue past gregory, she beat the course record by over a minute. oakley had heard the hype coming into the race and she delivered. >> i definitely kind of felt some pressure just, like, everyone i know has
7:46 am
not wanting to get cocky or anything. i wanted to run my race and be confident in myself. >> issac green going for his second straight title. ryan wallace was leading after two miles but then green turned on the jets late. he would sprint across the finish line well in front of even finish the 3.1 mile race like it was a breeze. back to back state championships for green in a spot he didn't consider when he got to high school. >> i kind of got in there because i wanted to get out of the practice early, there's such a community with the guys and coaches. i play basketball and that's considered a team sport did you doesn't compare to
7:47 am
heading the finish line, a slight led over young, young falls, and it appears the race is over. but wait, mcconnell falls out of exhaustion and young has a chance. the exhaustion against to her and young is able to stay on her feet, gimping across the finish line. she wins the 3a state championship. >> i think once you really really close something takes you want to do is go and about done and get there. especially seeing her i knew i wanted to try so bad because i've been building to this and hoping i could get the win today. >> in the 2a girls race, vau, she stepped on the gas, she wins with a time of 19:47. >> everyone has been supportive.
7:48 am
well. she knows what she's doing. my teammates, they pushed me in practice. support me and my family, my family is always supporting me. >> our six man football teams are in playoff mode. the majority of the pack, one more game in the remaining season. mavericks home coming game against erie. the mavericks steel, rips, strips, a ground and goes 26 yards to give them the lead. in the fourth quarter, mead adds to the spread. 228 yards rushing check out this amazing catch. the somehow manages to get a
7:49 am
delight of head coach jason plat. deja vu here, taking on chapperell. we've seen this more than once. first it's the fancy foot work. check out as he cuts up throughout middle. open space, and gone. it's a 65-yard return for a touchdown. ramona will be hard to they win this 40-7. jesuit looking for an eight win. martinez find the hole and pulls away for the lead. raiders getting the job done on the opposite side of the ball as well. they shut out westminster in the first half and find the end zone after 5 fumble is picked up on the snap. they win 53-13. heavily favored number three cherry creek taking on number 30 fossil ridge in
7:50 am
soccer championship. cherry creek gets a through ball and finishes into the back of the neat. up 1-0 at break. second half, fossil ridge answers back. that goal is good from 40 yards out. that ties things up, so we're heading to overtime. on a throw in, the ball lands in front of house and he sneaks that ball into the net. falcon ridge wins completing a big upset. we have highlights from all those games at we have more from the state cross-country meet. >> things were tried to the very end i felt for them. they were trying to get through it. >> incredible stamina. much more coming up in our next hour. >> yeah, our fix-it team is
7:51 am
i don't know what it means, but
7:52 am
welcome to fix this. the free and easy way to find the best home pros. . >> hey, welcome back everyone.
7:53 am
right now. they're trending in our fix this team is going to show us how to make them. >> nothing like stuffing your pet into an awesome costume. you can even make your own. how to do all this good stuff. hey, guys. >> we want to start with the pets because we have izzy here. she has a natural combover. >> donald troum stole it from izzy. >> there's a way to do it yourself. we got a wig, for that. >> she's looking at me, like, help! >> and then have you to cut around it. but there's your easy. [ laughter ]. >> i'm sorry. >> stuffed animals. >> this is last year's. i don't like this. >> i think this is a genius idea. they're affordable. have you to cut a hole in the middle and here you go. >> isn't that adorable?
7:54 am
>> she's such a good sport. she really is. >> a great suggestion in case you want to make something yourself and for a good surprise. >> yeah. >> and we're talking about easy ways that you can do halloween yourself. wichs, i'm a witch, i just put a hot on. and these galaxy apples. take a look. >> reporter: we are always looking for ways to celebrate fall and one thing that is trending is t candy apples. it's called a galaxy candy apple and there are two looks, the red jolly ranchers will give it an apple look like the red slippers in the wizard of oz. the blue and purple ranchers give it that dark galaxy look. you need red or green apples,
7:55 am
sticks, jolly ranchers, glirt glirt. glitter. lay out the parch paper, preheat the oven to 350. keep an eye on the jolly ranchers all the time. stir as they melt after a few minutes. make sure it gets bubbly so you know it's hot and it will to your apple. take it out of the oven with an oven mitt and be very careful not to get the melted jolly rancher on your hands so it will burn you. stir in the glitter and roll the apple around quickly. place it on the parchment paper and sprinkle more glitter on top. heat up the bowl and dip in your
7:56 am
. [ music ]. . >> these dry very hard so it's a great idea to cut them, share, and enjoy. if you like more information, go to . >> there's a safety concern, don't just bite into these. they're hard. >> have to cut them. >> don't bite into that. >> lying a lollipop. >> mr. trump, would you like an apple? [ laughter ]. >> you have to slam this down to make it edible. >> edible glitter is what you use. >> sure, if you say so. >> great ideas. that looks --
7:57 am
>> it's working, what do you think? yes? no? >> you can make that yourself, the cake. we have the instructions on line. you can watch us go through the instructions, you can see how to do it yourself. >> thank you, guys. we have another our of news, weather, all the fun stuff ahead. stick with us. . are you looking for help
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>> this is 9 news. >> a powerful earthquake strikes italy again. how the country is handling this natural disaster was recovering from earthquakes that hit just days ago.
8:00 am
clinton is sharing on behalf of her mom. this morning we know what sparked the douglas county fire. now this man is saying good- bye to bella. let's take a live look at downtown denver this morning. fog. we can't even make out what we are looking at right now. be careful as you head out on the roads this morning. plenty of breaking news to let's start with the earthquake in italy. at this point, there are reports of injuries but no deaths. this follows two significant after shocks in the same region last week. one registered at 5.5. the other at 6.1. in august this area was hit by a devastating earthquake that killed 300 and after shocks l informed. because of it, many residents had left the area.
8:01 am
buildings that have crumbled to the ground. police say think responded to a shots fired call this morning. boulder police say there was a confrontation in the parking lot of a bar there and somebody pulled out a gun and started shooting. a man was hurt and went to the hospital. earlier this morning, cu boulder sent a warping to people in the area but there is no longer a threat. we have an update to a triple shooting near the coliseum. a second victim has died. it happened on the 4300 block of columbine street. police say they have no information on a suspect. all right. well, 8:01 on your sunday morning. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm sure a lot of you want to know what the halloween forecast will look like. but right now, belen, look at that fog. >> yeah. spooky out there. fog out there right now.
8:02 am
is out there. you can see or you can't see actually this is supposed to be the mile high right in front of that lens is where we have i-25 corridor. and you can vaguely see just a few cars moving. but that fog is dense. visibility is the lowest right now across the front range and for parts of northern colorado and eastern colorado as we have cooler air that moves through in the overnight hours. it is mainly affecting lower not a problem. we just have high clouds up there. here is the advisory. areas in the gray color is where we will have the visibility that is the lowest at times a quarter of a mile or less. and that should be improving by 10:00 a.m. so after that, skies will be partly cloudy. temperatures today just a few degrees cooler than yesterday. and it will be a breezy afternoon. notice how as we go throughout the day, the temperatures aren't going to struggle to get
8:03 am
lunchtime. and then this evening, the clouds will increase again. the temperatures right now, they're crisp, very october- like. we have 40s around town. and 40s in the high country. this afternoon, although we will be a few degrees cooler than yesterday, this is still unseasonable for this time of year. warmer than where we should be. we should be in the low 60s. kickoff for the bronco couldn't ask for a better forecast. temperatures in the 70s. high clouds and breezy at times but it will be dry. all right. are you geared up for trick-or- treat? we have that forecast coming up in a few. >> it looks like a good day to make friends with tailgaters. chelsea clinton will be visiting colorado this upcoming week. she will be in aurora tuesday. boulder on wednesday. not much more information has been released about the events though. hillary clinton wants the
8:04 am
on the table. this after using a private server being called unprecedented and deeply concerning. other democrats are accusing comey of trying to sway the presidential election. gregory meeks and others in the black caucus believes it is unbelievable that to influence the election. >> what the american people deserve, what the american people require is to open it all the way. bring out all of the facts. don't just hide -- let everybody read and know what e- mails you're talking about. >> another reason we're here is to help set the record straight. it's not about hillary. and it's not her e-mail. and let's not be distracted.
8:05 am
anthony weiner's computer during an unrelated investigation. weiner is the estranged husband of one of clinton's aides. abdeen doesn't know how the e- mails got on in the server in the first place. donald trump believes that the justice department is protecting hillary clinton from the latest blow in her e-mail contvereferring to the justice department, advising james comey to about the former aide. at this point they aren't sure if they are related to the investigation. this will be a hot topic when trump campaigns in greeley today. he was in golden yesterday talking about a variety of topics from the e-mail scandal, refugees to health care. >> hillary clinton wants to double down on obamacare, make it even more expensive. bill clinton admitted that
8:06 am
in the world, he said. where people wind up with premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. >> some election experts are calling jefferson county a key swing county for colorado. trump will be at the university of northern colorado at 4:00 today. we now know what sparked a brush fire that forced hundreds of people out of their homes yesterday. it was sparked by a power po information center with more. >> and good morning. south metro fire says equipment malfunctioned on a power pole and sparked the fire friday afternoon. it sparked off of highway 85 and chatridge court. smoke could be seen for miles. it quickly spread to 800 acres near the subdivision. the fire fueled by the grass and winds, people had to
8:07 am
homes. those who evacuated have been allowed to return home now. the douglas county sheriff's office says no structures were damaged. the recent dry conditions made it tough and busy for the fire crews out there. in the information center, vida urbonas, 9 news much news. police are looking for a white truck this morning after a hit and run. investigators say the driver hit someone on 13th and broadway and took off. the victim was found dead at the scene. if you know anything about this, call denver police. better description of the car. several people are being questioned about a hit and run case in lakewood. police found a honda accord that hit a motorcyclist last night. it happened near eastbound 6th avenue and i-25. the motorcyclist went to the hospital with serious injuries. several big guns are now in the hands of criminals and no one had to set foot inside of this store to take them. parker police say burglars were able to break the glass, reach
8:08 am
this crime scene was, quote, too easy. two ak, one ar and a shotgun were stolen in a matter of seconds. the surveillance cameras were only pointing at the guns and only captured a finger. >> the guns obviously were stored super close to the front window. close enough that you could reach your arm in past the bars, grab four guns and take off. it doesn't seem logical where they put the guns. >> the biggest concern is hands of criminals. they are tracking down the serial numbers. information with information about this burglary is asked to call parker police. so you may remember us telling us about a veterans special journey for his sick dog. we are sad to tell you that bella the chocolate lab has died. diagnosed with cancer in 2015. her owner started a road trip
8:09 am
somebody stole the bike off his car. it was loan today him from the ride to recovery organization that helps veterans heal through cycling. he will continue his journey despite losing bell. the deadline is fast approaching for rtd to solve the problems with malfunctioning safety equipment. federal railroad regulators set the deadline for rtd. rtd officials flew to washington, d.c. to regulators about the issues. the a-line has had problems with gate crossings not functioning properly. they have had to watch for issues around the clock at crossings. it may have to offer bus service while they work on the problem. oh, cubbies. the cubs got this far. it will be an uphill battle for them to win the world series. they have to win the next three
8:10 am
classic. they suffered another loss on saturday, falling 7-2. couldn't get the bats going like the indians did. this is the cubs first world series in 71 years. they are hoping to get a win in their last home game in chicago. game 5 is tonight at 6:00 p.m. they have to win this one to move on. >> you have. >> to play the indians in their home. >> important to note, still not over. >> crazier things ve the texans. let's hope that it is a good game against the chargers. >> they lost last time in san diego. our super bowl champs hoping for redemption against the bolts. kickoff is at 2:05. and we might have difficult time getting around the foggy weather that we have been telling you about this morning. >> yeah. after those -- after that
8:11 am
your sunday. what will the weather look like
8:12 am
8:13 am
belen de leon is joining us in the backyard now. so we accidentally discovered ryan's halloween costume. what are you going to be for halloween. >> my husband and i are going to be couple from the adams family. the sunrise this morning with the high clouds looks kind of hall wean-ish. some would say it's a broncos sunrise, right. thank for sending this picture in. this was up in evergreen. if you're doing tailgating this morning, it will be cool and muggy around 9:00 a.m. 53 degrees. some clearing around 11:00 a.m. 61. then around 1:00, partly cloudy skies and dry. this is what we have outside of your door right now. this is a live view from sports authority field. it should be facing the mile high city but i don't know where it is facing.
8:14 am
a dense fog advisory until 10:00 this morning. temperatures are at 43 out at dia. humidity is at 93%. we have the fog lifting around 10:00 this morning. some clearing through lunchtime. and then high clouds stream in from the southwest. it's expected to be a dry day across the state. but we will have winds increasing in the mountains this afternoon. currently there aren't any watches or advisories in effect. if you live along the foothills, the ar the windy conditions just be careful this evening because that's when the strongest winds will develop through tomorrow morning. around 9:00 p.m. here we have partly cloudy conditions. and then through tomorrow morning, we will have clearing. but those winds will be fierce tomorrow morning, especially in and around the foothills. the temperatures right now are in the 40s. we have 30s and even 50s out on the western slope. this afternoon, sticking with the 60s in the mountains. 70s for lower elevations.
8:15 am
through overnight is affecting us on the front range. similar conditions yesterday in the mountains yesterday today. 52 is the overnight low. partly cloudy and windy along the foothills. check out the wind gust forecast through the evening hours and tomorrow morning. the brighter the color, the stronger the winds. we could see gusts up to 40 to 50 miles per hour in that area. here in the city, gusty at times in the morning. then the improvement. around trick-or-treat time, your ghouls and goblins will have a pleasant forecast. around 6:00, 67 degrees. 7:00, 62. around 8:00 p.m., 57 degrees. you might need the jacket as you approach later in the evening. 76 will be the high tomorrow. and then we're going to cool off into the 60s as we're starting off a brand-new month. and the forecast is still staying pretty dry for us. but still, even this is above
8:16 am
your forecast, please contact me on facebook, on twitter. if you have better jokes, please pass those along as well. what happens when the ghost goes into the fog? >> he -- >> he is mist. >> where are you getting these. >> i'm just -- i googled them. >> you're too much this morning. >> good stuff. thank you for all of the jokes that i can use and pretend they're mine. >> you it is that time of year. funny jokes and costumes for halloween tomorrow. >> yeah. we would love to see your pictures. you have been sending us great ones all morning. why not go all out. send us your taco dogs and your disks. thank you so much for sending us your photos of puppies and kittens. interesting to noted, we have been asking for pictures of children as well.
8:17 am
much for sending this lovely photo. i love that you go all out on the pet costumes to. i bought a ken bone outfit for my cat. >> i need to see photos. >> you know it. >> keep the photos coming. we love it. moving on now. anyone can be a hero. tuesday is your chance to help save someone's life. the drive for life is happening at mile high. your blood type does not matter. all that matters is that you give. >> it's easy to who is doing blood -- you know, who is the blood center here. and i knew i could get involved right away and make a difference right away because it's just so -- it's just so easy to go in and like i said, don't look when they're putting the -- if you don't look when they're putting the needle in, it's okay. >> that is chris kennedy. he just donated his 50th gallon of blood and received blood
8:18 am
crash back in 2001. you can donate next tuesday at the drive for life. it's at sports authority field at mile high. they don't take appointments or anything. you hang out for a couple of hours and see the cheerleaders. sometimes the broncos show up. you never know. it is a good time out there. we have proctor's garden coming up next. decorating pumpkins with us. who better than them, right?
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
>> it's 8:21. welcome back. we have the amazing brandon and julie with us this morning. they're going to teach us how to do last-minute decorations and beautiful ones too. let's start with you julie. >> ye pumpkin decorating. if you don't like to get your hands messy. we have a -- >> thank you. i don't. >> so we have this little guy up here. and all you have to do is you have to cut out just a little piece. you don't have to gut him. stick in vampire teeth and push pins and you have a decorated pumpkin. >> polar opposite than steve earlier. >> yeah. >> that is adorable.
8:22 am
these. you could do a monogram or your initials or something like boo. >> how easy and convenient. i was looking at it and i thought you must have spent so much time decorating. it looks like glitter. it looks nice. >> it took five minutes to do it. >> wow. >> sometimes you don't want to ruin the pumpkins. you want to take them throughout the entire season. >> exactly. >> that's what i did over here on this one. i over this pumpkin. after halloween, i'll take it off and put it in a trio and carry it throughout fall. >> i like the colors too. >> yeah. >> changing them up a little bit. >> this gray one i love that. >> yeah. >> and brandon is going to show you how to take them through the entire fall season and make something gorgeous. >> yeah. >> pumpkins can still be around for thanksgiving. >> right. >> exactly. >> what we have here, these are
8:23 am
i prime the pumpkins. we will have all of these tips on >> perfect. >> then you mix up chalk paint. it sticks better if you use chalk paint. and lightly dab some. >> and follow the lines. right. >> yeah. if you end up getting too much on there, you wait 15, 20 minutes. >> is that your subtle way of saying i got too much on there. >> not at all. you're doing a great job. >> at the end of the day, it makes this. >> you have to display on halloween. but it is a fun adult activity. just because you grew up doesn't mean that you have to top supplying with -- stop playing with pumpkins. >> you always give us the coolest stuff to check out. we have all of the tips again
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> from colorado's sports leader, here is rod mackey. >> good morning. don't get too excited too soon. that was the feeling after the nuggets won in season. the last team they lost to was portland. denver was down at the half but used a 3rd quarter run to take this thing over. denver with the first lead of the game. things got wild in the fourth though. the power went out at pepsi for 28 minutes. once it came on, it got even crazier. it got even worse as the
8:27 am
force overtime. in the ot, portland took over and won the game. denver falls back to .500. 115-113 the blazers was the final. the nuggets honored one of the best to ever hoop it up here, number 55 raised to the rafters at pepsi. no nugget will ever wear those digits. >> again. people would come from genera that name. it mean a lot to me personally. it means a lot to my family. >> avs, coyotes. a goal for the avs. his first ever for colorado. and duchenne got not one but two. let's talk football. we're all about the broncos today. but last night, what a college
8:28 am
shocker. upset number 13 and at the time unbeaten boise state. a late safety by chase applebee. the difference, it is the biggest mountain west win ever for wyoming. it's the first time that they have ever beaten the broncos. safe to say there was a big party in laramie last night. final score, 30-28. >> we're making strides. it's a great win. i'm going to enjoy it. >> when you look at this crowd behind you -- >> i can't hear you. >> that's fantastic. we finish with baseball. the cubs snapped one streak and made it to the world series for the first time since 1945 but 1908 may live on. that's when chicago won it all. they will need to come back
8:29 am
cleveland. kluber got them again, doing damage at the mound and the plate. cleveland wins the game. the final score was 7-2. stay with us. 9 news returns right after
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> this is 9 news. >> firefighters had to deal with the past two weeks. but the junkins fire it fearly contained. a warning for drivers in the area. officials say the target was a resident's home. at least 18 people are dead. a truck carrying too much stuff paid the price for overloading. police say it's what made this overpass collapse. it took 12,000 pounds of explosives to bring the old bay bridge down. the final step to a renovation project in san francisco.
8:32 am
state cross country meet. taylor has the highlights coming up. first we want to get to the top story. that is the weather. many of you woke up to that fog this morning. plenty of it as we take a live look outside. a fog advisory is in place right now. it is going to affect your drive if you're out there early. be aware of that. and also be aware that it hopefully will burn off later odd. for that, we must check if with belen de leon. >> belen, when are we expecting the fog to >> the advisory is in effect until 10:00 a.m. that's when the temperatures will get warmer and a bigger departure between the dew points and the temperature. >> gotcha. >> putting us in the halloween spirit. >> i like the fog. >> people are liking it. again, the dense fog advisory in effect until 10:00 a.m. let's look at what should be sports authority field. you can see improvement on the lower side of your screen where we're finally able to see cars along i-25. this area shaded in gray is where we have the advisory in
8:33 am
less. and all it is is because of cooler air that moved through overnight and increased our humidity and dropped our temperatures. we're currently almost 20 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago, at least here in the city. our temperatures for today will be in the 70s. so not that far from where we were yesterday. only a few degrees cooler. but you will mainly feel that this afternoon. this morning, it is cool out there. we have 40s around in the mountains, 30s. 57 over in grand junction. this afternoon, low to mid-70s. a slight cooldown from yesterday. even this is above normal for this time of year. in the high country, temperatures in the 60s and in the 70s. i think it is a nice day to head out to the pumpkin patch once the fog lifts around 10:00 a.m. partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the mid-70s through 2:00. then in the evening, the clouds increase again. here is what is happening. we have the jetstream or the storm track moving from the
8:34 am
so it is bringing in clouds into colorado. there's a very small chance to see showers in the overnight hours and through tomorrow morning in parts of the mountains. by and large, the forecast is looking dry across the state. by 6:30, high clouds here in the city. and winds will increase in the mountains, in the foothills, here in the city. gusty at times overnight. and then tomorrow morning, we have sunshine. again, there are the small showers that could develop into north western colorado. if yhe the broncos, do tailgating, it will be cool to start off. then this afternoon, kickoff is at 2:05. it will be dry and breezy. temperatures in the 70s during the game. towards the end of the game, in the upper 60s. it will be dry out there. the winds this evening will be the big story. they will ramp up in the foothills. at times gusting from 40 to 50 miles per hour. the downsloping winds will keep
8:35 am
side. 50s overnight. we could see the gusty winds in and around the foothills and the areas prone to the strong winds. tomorrow the high is 67 degrees. the last day of october. then a cool down monday and tuesday. another cooldown tuesday into wednesday. the temperatures in the 60s for the start of the brand-new month. i'll see you at the end of the newscast and tell what you is in store for the trick-or- treaters. >> thank you, belen. the southern colorado is 85% contained. some of the crews are now focusing on putting out hot spots. it is burning 11 miles east of west cliff. it started two weeks ago after winds took down a power line. several homes were destroyed. incident commander says that smoke may still cause visibility problems for drivers. dozens were killed by airstrikes in yemen overnight. at least 43 people were killed. most security officers and
8:36 am
coalition dropped bombs in western yemen. dozens more were injured and the death toll could rise. the country has been stuck in conflict since 2014. earlier this month, secretary of state john kerry called for negotiations. several people were killed when a car bomb detonated in benghazi, including the head of an anti- corruption group. it exploded yesterday in a busy area. those are the remains of the hurt. the activist was a supporter of the libyan national army. no one has claimed responsibility for this attack so far. a tragedy in italy was caught on video when a highway overpass collapsed. a truck with an oversized load brought the overpass down. one person was killed and several others hurt. firefighters worked into the night searching for victims. local officials failed to close
8:37 am
in san francisco bay is gone. a support pier that held the bridge over san francisco bay was demolished this weekend. there were 12,000 pounds of explosives to demolish that part of the bridge. the eastern part of the bridge was replaced three years ago but the support pier remained. we're switching gears back to halloween. we have seen people go all out. i'm su in canada, it's the pumpkin man who is the spooky favorite. >> his name is paul from toronto. he has been working on a large pumpkin devouring other smaller pumpkins. he has been scaring the neighborhood for years now. he knows what he is doing. >> yeah. it looks interesting. always fun. >> he keeps himself busy with that, doesn't he, taylor. >> yeah.
8:38 am
i have something scarier for you. the cross country state championships. one the most dramatic pep rallies we have had before. highlights from the meet coming
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> welcome to the 9 news prep rally. here is taylor temby. good morning, everyone. what is a state championship without rivalry. lauren gregory going for her fourth straight title this weekend but faced competition from brie oakley. this race was just between
8:41 am
ranked runner in the nation. she looked like it yesterday. she had a 50 second lead at the 2 mile and beat the course record by over a minute. oakley had heard the hype coming into the race and certainly delivered. monarch senior issac green was going for his second straight title. he didn't get out to a quick lead. that was ryan wallace instead. he was leading after two miles then green late. he finished well in front of the pack and finished the race like it was a breeze. it is back to back state championships for green all in a sport that he didn't even consider playing when he first got to high school. >> i kind of got into it because i wanted to get out of swim practice earlier. i got there and there was such a good community with the guys and the coaches. nothing quite like it. i played basketball but it doesn't even compare to cross
8:42 am
who had the most exciting finish of the day. quinn mcconnell had a straight lead over mckayla young. she falls and it appears that the vase over. but mcdonnell falls out of exhaustion. gaining ground as mcconnell can barely walk. the exhaustion finally gets to her and she gets over the finish line with a time of 18:36, winning the 3a state championship. really close something takes over you and all you want is to go and be done and get there. especially seeing her, i knew that i wanted to try so bad. i've been building up to this and hoping that i could get the win today. >> in the 2a girls race, chloe held off two runners until the last mile when she stepped on the gas. 19:47 was her final time.
8:43 am
supportive. my coach trains us really well. she knows what she is doing. she has been a big part of my success. my teammates push me in practice and my family is always supporting me. every week we show you the highlights in sports from all of the prep games. at the end of the day we know that the scores don't matter, the moments do. the bruins and thunder hawks reminded us of that on friday night. in the 4th quarter, team manager entered the game. he as cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair. he scored the final touchdown of the night. how great is this? everybody poured on to the field to celebrate his accomplishment. if you want more or miss any of our highlights from earlier this morning, go online. we posted the extended highlights and interviews from all of the games on that moment, though, it's one of those moments that is being spread all over. it is going viral. but really just reminds you
8:44 am
for. >> i didn't think that you
8:45 am
>> this basically sums up the weather this morning. foggy out there. as you look at downtown from our station here at sphere and logan. that should burn off around 10:00 or so. that's when it will start. we will check in with bell then a little bit. >> a foggy morning. >> a nice start to the day
8:46 am
about the top presidential candidate. another third party candidate is making noise in the final stretch of this election. >> this week's balance of power. >> how do you define winning an election? evan mcmullen is not going to win the presidency. victory is in his sights as he joins us for balance of the power. the candidate is in a three-way dead heat in utah with donald trump and hillary clinton. he would be party candidate to win a state since george wallace. he is on the ballot in colorado and campaigned here last week after joining us on balance of power. >> unaffiliated candidate for president. one of 22 on the ballot in colorado. it is a crowded ballot. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> did you single handily create a swing state in utah.
8:47 am
when he abandoned conservative principles or the party did by nominating him. people talk about utah being a red state or republican state. like much of the mountain west, i would like to call it a principle conservative state. people who are committed to conservative principles, all are created equal and all have the right to life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness. that's why hillary clinton western states by large margin. that's why we're bringing our message to the mountain west. >> they're sending a message and there is also the practical impact. i would like to unpack those two things. what is the message that you think your voters are sending? in colorado what would be the practical impact of voting for you. >> first of all there is an opportunity for us to win. it's a three-month presidential
8:48 am
challenging path for that would be if the race between hillary clinton and donald trump is very close in the electoral college. if that's the case, we can win by -- we can win by blocking both of them from a majority. >> in fairness, nothing suggests that is going to happen because of how badly trump trails. >> hillary clinton and donald trump are so flawed that the race is still volatile enough that anything can happen in the remaining two weeks of the race. but yes there is a big ma them both. all we can do is do our part which is to win a state or two or three. >> what is the message sent by that. >> the message, if we're able to do it -- it is less about the message and more about the practical impact. we will get a second chance to free vent hillary clinton and donald trump from becoming the next president of the united states. meaning that the election would go to the house of representatives and each state would get a vote.
8:49 am
there that potentially we could avoid having one of these candidates as our president. if that doesn't happen, then you get into, okay, what does this all mean then? what it means is if we're able to win a state or just perform very well in a number of states or in some states in a region, it sends a message to washington. it sends a message to the republican party that there are people who will stand on principle. these key keep repeating, equality and liberty. we will not go along with the republicans if they're going to become a white supremest party. conservatives are not going to go along with that. >> what is your opinion of elected republicans like colorado congressman mike coffman who won't tell voters who they are going to vote for for president. >> i think that's unfortunate. that's not reallieder ship. there are a lot of people -- a lot of members of congress, for
8:50 am
was exposed as bragging about sexually assaulting women, you know, after that, a lot of members of congress and others distanced themselves from trump and withdrew even their endorsements. not all. some of them just condemned the comments but didn't withdraw them. the point is some of them did. but then they stopped short of saying what they are for and then fighting for it. that's what leadership actually is. leadership is not just saying what you're against but it is saying what you're fighting for it. this country is in a leadership crisis, i believe. i think hillary clinton and donald trump personify that. also these leaders who won't say what they are for or fight for a positive path forward for the country, i believe they're part of it too. i think our leaders often lack courage and lack conviction around principle. and they put party ahead of the country and ahead of the american people's interest. they put power over principle. and we just can't have that in
8:51 am
>> between the two major party candidates, hillary clinton and donald trump, which of them strikes you as the more morally sound choice? >> well, look, you're asking me to make a lesser of two evils decision. and i'm calling on americans to do better than that. we need better leaders in this country. we have gotten our self in this rut of believing that these are the kinds of decisions that we have to make. especially with our elected leaders and the votes we make. as a result of that, we have lowered our standards by doing that, we have gotten the kind of leaders that we have now that lack courage and principle and put their own interests ahead of the american people. so i'm not going to answer that question because i think it's a wrong question. and it's a fair question, one that i'm asked a lot. we need to start proactively searching for leaders who are honest and wise and promoting them into office rather than passively waiting for the two major parties to give us what they give us because it's just
8:52 am
>> thank you for stopping in denver. >> thank you. >> and i apologize. i said brandon. that is kyle clark obviously. week 6 against the chargers is one that the broncos would like to forget. they will look at redemption today. >> this time the san diego bolts will be on our turf. rod and mike have a game
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> i hate to do it but let's go back to week six. >> are you sure. >> a matchup that looked good for the broncos. didn't end that way. the broncos are tied with the raiders and the chargers are last with only three wins and the bolts are on our turf this afternoon. >> rod mackey and mike are here with the pregame live today. >> the bolts, chargers have proven that they can beat this defense surprisingly. >> yeah. san diego is on a roll right now. the last time that broncos played them, san diego was struggling but they beat denver. they beat atlanta last week. chargers come in here on a roll. >> they do. the broncos didn't have kubiak last week. it was a short week. and trevor siemian wasn't quite
8:55 am
right arm, not much of a left arm. you had that. the offensive line was just coming together that game. they had a terrible day where everybody had -- each of the five had a major penalty. the offensive line i think is better after their performance against houston. it will be a different bronco team that takes on the chargers today. obviously a different environment. >> going into that game, you and i both talked about it. it just didn't feel right. kubiak was out. it was road in the division. >> yeah. >> it had a feel to it that you were like okay. i think the broncos righted a lot of wrongs last week and got the swagger back last week against the texans. >> they did. this is a big two-game swing as they both are in the division. >> oakland next. >> san diego is definitely in the afc west title picture if they win today. the broncos knock them out if the broncos win today.
8:56 am
we will talk about c.j. anderson. so there's going to be a lot of challenges for the broncos in this game. the key once again is they have to get to phillips rivers. if you get to phillip rivers, you can bother him and he can be ineffective. but they were so short with their passing game last time, it >> broncos very familiar with rivers and rivers familiar with the broncos. we will talk much more about that, guys, coming up a little later. about four minutes from now on game day live. >> have to get after phillip rivers today. he is a mobile quarterback. von miller has to get in there. >> and he likes to talk. >> that he does. always interesting. >> final check of the forecast with belen. great temperatures for tailgating and the game tonight. >> yeah.
8:57 am
the dense fog advisory in effect until 10:00 a.m. here is the trick-or-treat forecast for tomorrow afternoon. stronger winds in the morning. but i think in the afternoon, the winds should decrease. around 6:00, 67. 7:00, 62. around 8:00, temperatures at 57 degrees. before we go, just because i'm on such a roll, why don't vampires like taylor swift. >> bring it. >> because she has bad with the jokes all morning. >> thanks to one of our twitter followers for sending that this. >> have a safe and wonderful halloween tomorrow. we will see you next weekend. go broncos.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> if you're looking for meet the press, they're airing that right now on ktvd channel 20. >> division game, va >> the division is so tight this year. >> it's a must win for us. especially after losing the first one. >> we just want to show them who the better team really is.


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