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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  October 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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vast liberal conspiracy to sub divert democracy on a grand scale? it's one of the other right? donald trump is casting doubt on colorado's mail in ballots and whether they're counted fairly. he didn't back them up with any evidence, and the accusations are juggled daily. the secretary of state and 64 county clerks, 54 of the clerks are republicans for what it's worth. >> el paso recorders office, chuck speaking. >> reporter: chuck is the county clerk, he's not rigged. >> it's our personal integrity and reputation that's at stake. >> reporter: yes, i know the internet says chuck is rigged. >> but if you have a question about the election process, the internet may not be the best source of information. reach out to your local clerk or recorder, come on down, see the process for yourself. >> wayne has been doing the
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now. >> reporter: wayne is colorado secretary of state wayne williams. lynn is his spokeswoman. >> he's the most patient man in the world, and we welcome questions about is system, and welcome to tell people how secure it is. rt: the voter sys is the same used in 2014, and no one jugged those results are -- suggested those results are rigged, but this different. >> it's such a weird election, and then why when you think it can't get weirder, there's a twist. >> >. and perhaps you got the facebook notification last night saying tomorrow is the last day to register to vote in colorado, it caused a lot of confusion. it's not the last day to register to vote, it's just the last day to register online and get a mail in ballot. and if you haven't seen the
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county recorders office or vote in person. here's the daily check of the early voting numbers, which again are not a vote suppression conspiracy, just the tally we have of how many balance localities party register -- ballots party registrations have returned. not everyone votes party line, but it does suggest the democrats are organized and motivated this year. is the a-lineng a 20. yes, it's working. no issues so far. way to go a-line. love the days it goes as planned. but what about the original a- line? it's a bus run from old town arvada out to dia for more than a decade, and it's making its final run tonight. >> we've always been better a-line. >> reporter: ron can joke
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people he's come to know. >> i've met so many nice people. >> reporter: people he knows will be without an easy option to the airport come tomorrow. >> i think the goal line will be good for the community once they get it going. >> reporter: the gold line, the g line is not yet ready. >> i'm upset with rtd. >> reporter: it's still the caboose of jokes, but it wasn't enough to keep the original a- line alive. it's a nonprofit service subsidized we talking to passengers for six years. >> many of them went with us for all these years, and we've been a stable crew. they know us by name, and we know many of the customers by name. it's more intimating than the train ever will be. >> reporter: i don't know about that. getting stranded with strangers on the train seems intimate too, but there's something that's being lost.
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i thought the day would be further off, and yet here it is. >> the company that runs the old a-line bus is offering online refunds to anyone with unused tickets at home, and put together for surprises of the final riders tonight. halloween is a big deal at the cercei house in aurora, and it's even bigger than ever. tyson s his family is determined to help him down his favorite holiday into a magical night, the joy he gets of setting up the display and meeting the trick or treaters. despite his health, turning off the porch light and staying in tonight didn't seem right. >> sitting there not doing it and giving up, that wouldn't be any fun. >> it was going to be my
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best. i wanted him to remember it, and i wanted us to remember it. >> the family would like everyone to come out and see the haunted halloween display, grab a handful of candy. the story on has intersections on how to get to their home in aurora. and when brandon marshall and spangled banner protest, we invited you to hear them out. now there's another person you need to hear out. >> reporter: all of these people have a choice to make today. >> our country's divided. >> reporter: a choice both simple and complicated. >> that's what makes america so great. everybody can protest about something they think is wrong. >> reporter: the choice, stand for the national anthem or join
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i think it is a cowardly move. >> it's not against the flag or america, it's about young black men getting shot. >> reporter: a lot of what was simple for matt kyle got complicated. >> shot in the right side of the neck by enemy fire. >> reporter: february 4th, 2007, iraq. >> when i first saw the nfl players not standing for the national anthem, i just didn't understand it. it's just completely disrespectful, and that's why we're here. make more than those protesting. >> this is an absolutely wonderful idea. >> reporter: few men have paid more for that privilege than matt kyle. >> how do you stand up? >> reporter: he chooses to stand up. >> stand dad! [ star spangled banner ] >> the message that we're all hoping to send is that not standing for the national anthem does nothing but disrespect every service member
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and that's it. >> reporter: that's it. as cameras focus on the protest, matt kyle wants you to see him standing. [ cheering ] >> statement made. the kyle family went home. if they look familiar it's because they shared their lives with us for the better part of a decade. we learned the basics of life after he returned home war and they became parents. we didn't present these views so you support them and the same with brandon marshall. not everything must be decided by a shouting match. we're confident you can make your own addition. president obama is preparing to hand over the power of the presidency and a pass word. >> i'm going to make him as mad as the dog owners were made. >> it's time to have an
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line halloween costume of the year comes from an unexpected
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president obama made history as the first president on twitter, and he'll leave his twitter handle behind, the twitter name potus will belong to the next president. they'll clear the time line of
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potus44. hey, can i make a recommendation? this is where we point you to anything, not of our doing, but is worth your time. check out a cnn reporters blog about the problem of fake news spreading quickly on social media. the title is the plague of fake news is getting worse, here's how to protect yourself. he discusses how easy it is social media. he says triple check sources before you share a story, don't just blindly share something, even if it comes from what you think is a reputable source. >. speaking of, 78 years ago there was an alien invasion from mars and wiped out a ton of people, and the country freaked out over the war of the world's chaos. halloween it was front page headlines across america.
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rocky mountain news that day, hysteria among radio listeners throughout the nation swept through denver last night as the result of a too realistic radio broadcast. it goes on to say excited and weeping persons swamped the newspaper switchboard. one man said his wife fainted while listening to the broadcast. the radio play by orson wells was to blame, so triple check before sharing. and for interesting conversations, and we also value good beer, and we got an e-mail about both. john says he's sick of parents bringing their little kids to breweries and ruin his experience. he vented to steve staeger. >> i figured i should meet you for a beer. >> reporter: i can't drink a beer, but i can drink a water. cheers. >> what we like about the breweries with the outdoor space, and going in and
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literally make the decision not to stay in the outdoor space or don't stay long because so many parents we have multiple -- with multiple small children congress grate, so it hah -- congregate so it's got a playground atmosphere. >> reporter: you don't bring kids to a bar, so why >> i think it's time to get out of house, and enjoy the food and beer without it being effected by their children, but if they're not aware of what their children is doing, it's effecting the other customers and owners of business. >> reporter: you are a parent? >> oh, absolutely. it's not a get off my lawn kind of a thing. >> reporter: so what do you propose we do? >> maybe there needs to be some sort of regulations on, you
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children with you or, you know, some way of the businesses being able to police it a little bit when they see it's effecting other customers. >> reporter: you know a lot of parents will watch this tonight saying come on, seriously? >> and i'll make them as mad as the dog owners were made by the discussions about dogs and those types of things. >> reporter: i think it's a good conversation to have, maybe over a beer. next time ll >> absolutely. >> >. steve staeger is super hydrated today. we kicked this off on facebook this afternoon, and it's going nuts. we understand people are passionate about this, and we're curious about your though thes. we're collecting it, kids in breweries, parents choice or keep the kids at home?
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to one, you're saying keep the kids at home. and we debut a new look at the state of local tv news.
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and now for a new segment
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someone tweet is toxic air killing you? we'll tell you where it's the worst at 4:00. >> attention everyone; toxic air might be killing you. maybe, maybe not, be sure to tune in later today to find out if you're dying. until then small breaths, small breaths. and that is why people hate local tv news. hey, we tied a record high today. made it one of the warmest hallow degrees, so for all of us stuck inside today we'll be living vicariously through chris' lens the next 60 seconds. >> this time of year, i just like the feeling, this feeling of it. it feels so good. the sky's a gorgeous blue, hardly any clouds, bright
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maybe i should put some on [ laughter ] >> it's just very relaxing after i ate my lun my desk i came out to enjoy the weather for a little while. >> dry, not too humid, warm obviously being from up state new york. we left and it was in the 30s, and we flew in and it was in the 60s. >> i'm from the east coast originally, yeah, i really liked the cold, but as time goes by u laughter ] >> had a little snow last week. that's up state new york though. >> so i'll take every day i can get where the weather is still comfortable to be outside without being all bundled up. flip flops, tank tops, you name it. it was a warm one out there, and so much so, that yes, we
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toastiest halloween in the record books, last in 1950 at 79 degree, we're winding down on the end of october, and we're in the running for the 4th warmest october in the record books, and also going in with that 19-way tie for the least snowiest. of course we've not had any snow in the metro area, and none in the long term forecast. this evening down to 42, temperaturing a little cooler. there's a fron tomorrow allowing to winds to kick up just a bit tomorrow afternoon bringing a few clouds, and also slightly cooler temperatures. back to the upper 60s and partly cloudy skies for tomorrow afternoon, and look at this extended forecast. not too bad at all. down to 60 on wednesday. a very, very slight chance of a couple of sprinkle, then back to the 70s the rest of the week. the weekend not looking too shabby, back to the upper 60s,
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david capturing this awesome shot of folks in true colorado fashion at a basin dressed in the halloween best. >> we're in our halloween best. >> naturally. and the skeleton of a bike locked to the gate at alameda today got our attention. no handle bars, just the skeleton. kind of a halloween vibe. there's got to be a story here. and a next shout favorite costume of the day. jason dressed up as an a-line crossing guard with a sign that says you shall not pass. jason, we're fans of yours, also a fan of your boss, whoever that is, because they clearly have a sense of humor, and we could all use more of that. next year you should go to the a-line or should i stay you should stop as the a-line.
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perhaps best read out loud.
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>. it's a sign and one that's best read out loud. do not cross solid line when told. don't tell me that to do! no, when tolled. it's supposed to keep people out of toll send us the signs that make you go huh. some thoughtful feedback on the idea of kids in breweries today. jamie writes i see no problem. a lot of them are built to be family friendly. depends on the brewery. jennifer writes nope, period. not every corner of the earth
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stories, broncos trade miller. the campaigns adopt. out of -- continue. out of candy. red coats coming, which appears to be confusion about this, it was supposed to be orange. bruce webber, your jacket really does suck. love your shoe, take care. love you too bruce, we'll see
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taking why the break-up is getting even nastier. then, adele's alcohol confession. what you never knew about the singer. >> my entire life. plus, hollywood sell prats halloween. inside the celeb costume parties. who is the werewolf of beverly hills?
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leaderboard. >> i think i just swallowed a bug. now, for october 31st, 2016, this is entertainment tonight. >> mariah carrey demanding her ex fiance pays her millions. >> seems geeting unengaged from mariah carrey could be an expensive process. the ring is off for mariah, who basically said i don't care about those cheating rumors as she spent the weekend out with her backup dancer. while there was no pba, mariah was in a very good mood. she seemed like she wanted to be seen with brian tanaka. estimating her $7 million engagement bling with her


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