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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  November 1, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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becoming days instead of weeks. exactly one week until voters decide who our leader will be -- hillary clinton or donald trump... a blast in the night means one neighborhood is safe this morning. explosive materials found -- and detonated.. police say a teenager had them. a big day for people under the affordable care act. the first day of open enrollment -- and also the first day of big changes for some... good morning and happy november first. corey, gary,and cheryl with you. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us as well.
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serious threat. it was a lot of explosive material. police say they hadn't seen anything like it before castle rock police and a bomb squad are still at a home where they say a teenager had it. their goal now -- make sure the area is safe. 9news reporter andrew sorensen is live at the home in castle rock. andrew -- a lot of families were forced to leave their homes... if they didn't have somewhere else to go... the people who live in 30 homes in castle rock spent the night at the douglas county fairgrounds. police here say they found explosive material at a house around 8 am yesterday. they were trying to let a couple thkn something else the night before. we don't have a lot of details on what the explosives were... but police chief jack cauley says it was enough to take to the county bomb squad. they called atf... who blew up whatever they found on a golf course here late last night. chief cauley says people had to stay out all night because there was more work to do inside the house. "and that investigation, we expect to take quite some time. we have a lot of work to do inside the home right now. however, the explosive material that we did idenfyearlier has bn detonated and made safe." as we get into the 5 am hour here... we're told the people who live here will finally be able to come home. as, 9news. hillary clinton's
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comey is using a double standard when it comes to her email investigation. campaign manager robby mook says according to a c- n-b-c report -- comey was against releasing information about possible russian interference in the
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trump, because it was so close to election day. but then mook points to the timing of when the f-b-i announced new clinton emails -- calling it a quote 'blatant double standard. the clinton camp wants comey to immediately correct the issue. donald trump is seizing the fbi's announcement that it found more emails possibly related to its clinton investigation. he called the announcement a bigger scandle than watergate, although most experts say it's not coab times report shows the republican nominee isn't without issues of his own. the paper says trump avoided paying potentially hundreds of millions in taxes -- in a way even his own lawers considered questionable. the times is questioning how trump canceled hundreds of millions of dollars of debt as his atlantic city casinos went broke. the paper reports trump claimed his creditors' losses as his own. congress later
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three colorado lawmakers want an arizona ad showing former denver mayor wellington webb and former colorado governor bill owens urging people to vote against legalizing pot -- to be taken down. in the ad -- both webb and owens claim colorado has the highest teen use of the drug -- and not giving the money to denver schools. colorado senator pat steadman and representatives millie hamner and jonathan singer say that's not accurate -- and want the ads pulled. a school board court today - in accused of trying to sexually assault a child, and luring a child over the internet police arrested adams county school district 14 board member robert vashaw back in september. officers say no kids from that school district were involved. his preliminary hearing is this afternoon at 1-30. boulder police want your help to find this man -- the suspect they say shot someone near the c-u campus.
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of owsleys golden road near broadway and pleasant street on sunday. the victim is okay and out of the hospital. police say the suspect is about five-nine and 150 pounds. anyone with information should call boulder police. today is day one of
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care act's fourth open enrollment period. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas has what you need to know about entering the health insurance marketplace. tarhonda -- people can also start changing their insurance plans today too... yes, they can. but-- for many-- it won't be as easy as "that." experts urge people to do a lot of research-- before making a decision... so you don't end up paying more. anyone who's insured through their job knows-- they can "add" or "take awti during open enrollment. but people with the most "angst" over this-- include americans under age 65... who don't get their insurance through work. instead-- they use the "affordable care act exchange." we've seen competition decrease among insurance companies-- raising prices for health care plans for many people. in colorado-- for example-- 14 counties now have only one carrier to choose from-- under the exchange. a survey also found: many americans just don't even know where to start-- when trying to select a new plan. "health policy professor" ken thorpe says-- begin with.... literally... a
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down the "pros and cons" of each plan you see. in some cases-- the plan that seems the cheapest per- month... could still end up costing you more-- when you add in doctors visits and prescriptions. so-- experts say... take you time... and choose carefully. corey? those who ne finding a place to live could have another option starting today. the denver city council is celebrating the opening of their latest affordable housing project -- the welton park apartments. this is video of them breaking ground on it in june. the building has 223 affordable apartents for low and moderate income households -- making up to 33,660 dollars for a one- person home -- or about 43-thousand for a family of three.
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this morning shows a change in the number of babies born prematurely... and how colorado compares to the rest of the country. but first... the obamas channeled m-j -- dancing to thriller for halloween. how the white house celebration - next.
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dead after a gas explosion in a chinese coal mine -- and 20 others are stilapmedia in china says they don't know the status of those 20 people. the mine exploded just before noon monday. rescuers worked throughout the night -- and the search and rescue is still going on. two miners have
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prosecutors say a 14-year-old boy from utah used his mom's gun to shoot another teenager outside a middle school. the shooting happened last week -- police say the two teens had planned to meet behind the school to fight. they say the teen initually grabbed his mother's gun as a scare tactic -- but it quickly got out of control officers say he shot the other teen twice in the head at the standing rock indian reservation. that teen did survive. there are new concerns about the popular app snapchat -- now under scrutiny for its speed filter. it records how fast you are going when you take a selfie. troopers in tampa say a passenger in a car was using the feature, trying to get over 100 miles an hour -- when they slammed into a minivan. the crash killed five people, the speeding driver and his passenger -- along with a mother and her nine and ten-year- old kids who were in the minivan. two others in the van survived -- and are in the hospital now. florida highway patrol says it's
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played, but they think the driver was going 107 when they hit the minivan. snapchat has released a statement saying quote "we actively discourage using the speed filter while driving." bill cosby is back in court today for a pre-trial hearing. prosecurots hope to call 13 acc the comedian drugged and molesterd women in a crime spree over five decades. cosby has pleaded not guilty -- and remains out of jail on a one-million dollar bond. his lawyers have been actively trying to get the case thrown out. the trial is set to begin in june. i'm willing to bet halloween is still lingering at your homes this morning. probably in the form of all the candy your kids racked up last night. president obama
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the holiday by giving out candy. but not before having a little fun. the first family danced to michael jackson song 'thriller' as they kicked off their halloween party. pretty nice for some kids in washington dc and military families to get to trick or treat at the white house. not just candy - but games on the south lawn too. some standout costumes were a ballot box, captain america, pokemon, and star wars. know what might work -- we're showing you all kinds of alternative pain therapies this week. still ahead -- how chiropractic therapy could help you. but first let's check in with marty
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alternative pain relief that is widely accepted in the u-s. chiropractic services are rooted in the idea that the body is interconnected -- and should be aligned. doctors poke, prod and adjust the body with the hopes of getting it to perform at it's
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about whether it actually works. others, swear by it. most people who see chiropractors are experiencing some kind of pain. doctors say it's worth considering, if you want relief without taking pills. dr. randy moyer is a also works with the american heart association. we'll talk about this kind of alternative pain relief some more in one hour. including, why its becoming increasingly common -- for chiropractors to see children as young as 10. for the first time in eight years -- the march of dimes reports the number of babies born prematurely
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the increase was -- from 9 point 57 -- to 9-63 percent. still -- that represents two- thousand more babies born too soon. the rise earned the u-s a 'c' grade in this year's report card. each state gets a grade too though -- and colorado did well with an 'a' rating. the lowest scores ?( were across the southeast. a little bit of your time can help save someone's life. our bonfils blood drive is starting drive for life. it will be at sports authority field from eight this morning until five at night. the goal is to get more than 12 hundred donations. let's check in with
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focused on self- driving cars -- uber already has its eyes to the skies. uber's latest plans,
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towards the future -- flying cars. yepp -- its called up and running within ten years. uber says in addition to this being incredibly cool -- there are benefits like saving travel time and loosening up congestion on busy roads.
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candidates are turning their focus to colorado -- a swing state that could be part of the swing vote... the campaign visits happening ahead of next week's election, when we come back. exactly one week until election day --
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until election day -- and now both of
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getting the f-b-i's attention. a review of clinton's emails -- an inquiry into trump's former campaign manager... both candidates trying to shut each other down today. clinton in florida -- trump in pennsylvania. but they're sending their teams here to colorado -- one of the battlground states that could make all the difference.. good morning everyone. gary, cheryl, and corey here. meteorologist marty coniglio is the good morning everyone. thank you for joining out. gary, carol and che this morning. marty joining us as well. >> pushing up close to 70 today, 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. that's how we end up during the day today. it's still plenty nice out here. it's a bit windy. not as it was yesterday in the foothills. thatust great. east on the plains, we have strong gusts going on now. over 25 to 35 miles per hour. that's keeping temperatures in the 40s and 50s on the east side of town.


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