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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  November 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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six days left to cast your vote. as hillary clinton and donald trump wrap up these final days trump is telling early voters to go back and change their votes. fight for colorado isn't going away. both campaigns sending big names to our state looking to days. >> i'm on the streets. i'm homeless. let me prove i'm not here matching. i'm ready to work. the positive approach the city is taking to help people while sprucing up neighborhoods. good morning. we are half way through the work week. the weather makes a bit of a change today.
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a slight dip in temperatures today. >> yes, and some snow in mountain areas. this is the later web cam west side of silverthorne up the big hill over towards frisco. we have snow going down in the valleys if summit county and winter park. in denver it is cloudy and dry. i have seen some decent showers. they are working their way into some of our higher foothills communities. some folks are going to see some wet snow. some light rain this morning. downhill. you'll see the moisture begin to evaporate. we had pockets of snow in mountain areas. checking out winter park they have had three inches up there. temperatures in the 40s. cooler than it has been. the wind also lighter than it has been. that's going to make way for a
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afternoon, we will reach up into the low 60s today. it should be fairly comfortable by late in the day. sky9 just launched over the commerce city corridor of 270 near i-70. we are waking up and volume is building. up in the mountains we are talking about a different environment. cdot cam we have a live view of i-70 near silverthorne towards vail. we have lots of issues with semitrucks off chaining up. traction and chain laws are in effect for drivers along i-70. we have seen two accidents near vail pass and silverthorne in the westbound direction. out west to give you perspective in terms of how long your drive could be slick if you are making your way out west from golden west into the upper elevations towards the exit at u.s. 40 towards loveland pass that stretches 35-
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southbound speer crash wrapping up near 13th avenue. construction in the opposing direction near stout street. this is last day of the road work. >> thank you very much. six days out from the election. and the push is on to sway undecided voters. both campaigns are focusing on our state. ce in loveland at 5:30 tonight. hillary clinton's daughter continues her tour of colorado. she'll stop in boulder this morning. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is in boulder. chelsea clinton won't be the only family member coming to colorado this week. >> reporter: no. we just learned bill clinton is coming to colorado. we'll give you more details on that coming up. first i want to give you a look at the campaign office, which she'll be visiting in boulder.
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mall-type space. they have reached the capacity. on the website it says registration is full. looking through the windows you can see the lights are on. it is clear in there. no one is in there yet. she'll come here at 9:00. doors open at 8:00. this is not her first stop in colorado. chelsea clinton was here yesterday. she was in aurora. chev luther king library. both sides of the campaign know millions of americans voted. so many more still have ballots in hand or at home. they are urging them to fill them out and turn them in. the sooner the better. campaigns want to count on the votes. chelsea clinton is going to be talking economics. it is a theme we have heard echo through a lot of her mother's campaign stops talking
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people of all income levels. let's talk about bill clinton. it was just announced he'll be in colorado on friday. he'll be in pueblo then denver then fort collins. not just one stop. three stops in one day trying to cover a lot of ground. we have seen so many members of the trump campaign here in the past couple of weeks. seems like the clinton campaign is trying to catch up to the momentum the trump campaign built here by and bill clinton out in the span of a few days. colorado is a state both candidates are eager to win over. >> thank you very much. donald trump's running mate indiana governor mike pence is in low-fat diet tonight. he'll be holding a rally at the larimer county fairgrounds. doors open at 3:30. he kicks off at 5:30. pence campaigned with donald trump in pennsylvania on tuesday. they focused on the affordable care act saying they would get
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they are in office. donald trump said he would call a special session of congress to replace the healthcare law. he says quote if we don't repeal and replace the affordable care act we'll destroy american healthcare forever. he said clinton's plan to strengthen obamacare will lead to dire consequences. donald trump is sending a message to early voters who have what he might be calling buyers remorse. change your vote. sound st but there are four states in the midwest where voters can change ballots. michigan voters can do it up to three times. trump is rolling out $25 million for ads in is states. all but one of which voted for president obama in2012. mr. trump is in florida today will polls show early voters and support between trump and clinton are evenly split. hillary clinton is campaigning in arizona and nevada today on the top of mind
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aid's e-mails. sources tell nbc the fbi is nowhere near done. it may not have results by election day. they have 650,000 e-mails to go through. those e-mails were found on anthony weiner's laptop during an unrelated sexting investigation. weiner separated from clinton's closest aid. more than a quarter of independent voters say female review makes them less likely to vote for hillary clinton. during a rally in fort lauderdale, florida clinton unleashed an offensive against donald trump and his comments about women. clinton says for the past 30 years donald trump demeaned and degraded women. she took the stays with former miss america who accused trump of fat shaming her years ago. today the fight for your right to take a selfie with your completed election ballot will go to court in colorado.
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such a way. that law has been around since the 1890's. a lawsuit is asking for colorado's law to be ruled unconstitutional and ban the state from enforcing it. two iowa police officers were shot and killed in two separate ambush-style attacks. the search is on for the killer. officers responding to 20 minutes later police came to help an officer shot. police with telling the community they are at risk. schools have been shutdown. fort collins man accused of attacking his ex-wife is now charged with attempted murder and child abuse. prosecutors say jordan magnet stormed into his ex-wife's home, two weeks ago and choked her until she passed out. the child was in the next room.
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he then continued to attack her in the front yard while she was trying to run away. first they find out their son was arrested. then police tell them he was keeping dangerous chemicals in their home. a castle rock family learned the house is condemned until the fire department says all the chemicals in the house are out and it is safe once again. the house is still taped off. sitting in trash bins on the driveway. police found the chemicals monday morning when they showed up to tell the parents sis son and friend were arrested. they saw two devices intentionally made. police called hazmat. neighborhood was cleared out. bomb squad detonated the materials. everyone was allowed back into their homes a day later. a decision on the charges the teenagers will face will come
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thank goodness. this is very cool. about five inches of snow. it is still snowing we could see another inch before it wraps up around here. we'll have clouds. it would not shock me if you have a light sprinkle at the base of the foothills. in the foothills we'll get a little bit of light rain and snow this morning. it should be melting on contact with our very warm ground. you can see the snow showers starting to work their way into jeffco a little bit heading down the hill. they'll fizzle going east. that's okay. i'm glad to see the mountains get snow. >> absolutely we are. ten minutes after 6:00. buried under restructure for more -- rubble for more than a day. coming up, amazing story of
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we have light rain/snow mix growing on in our foothills communities sneaking into jeffco and boulder county. all part of this system that came through last night. it is still snowing in the mountains. it is really concentrating here
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and foothills. the sierra snow will push snow into colorado friday, saturday and sunday. it is a cloudy start and dry finish. we are not going to see much moisture down the hill. look for highs today in the 60s. 40s and 50s in the mountains and foothills. if it is raining or sng or i-70 in the foothills it will melt on contact. it is not going to be sticking. generally clearing here through the afternoon and evening. upwards of a couple tenths of an inch of moisture to be had. 60s in the east and west. 40s and 50s in the mountains. we start with clouds this morning. we'll end up with partly cloudy skies and light winds. tonight we clear it out. tomorrow we are back to a warm up again with dry conditions
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saturday night into sunday morning to return to standard time. we'll also return to slightly cooler temperatures. let's check in with sky9. it is 6:15. they have been checking out the city around 270 checking out the 25 drive near the dtc, arapahoe, belleview, county line and c-470 all exits are running clear. we are seeing more volume. c-470 and transitioning through in a calm and quiet fashion. check this out. here's all the snow marty mentioned. areas of your drive it should affect we'll start off west towards loveland pass. chain restrictions and traction laws are there across silverthorne. in town there is a minor crash southbound across speer near 13th. we have construction along the northbound lanes of speer. check this out, on january 1st
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three plus theme only 59 days away. >> okay. start warning people now. it is a possible solution to a prevalent problem in the denver area. the city is starting to work on a new pilot program to connect the homeless with work opportunities. 9news reporter colleen ferreira is here. she's been looking into this. this program kicks program -- kicks off today. >> e they have been handed a lawsuit around that. this program gives homeless people hope. the city is working with the non-profit to connect people who don't have a home but do have a will to work. some workers will be placed in city agencies for the day. others in private employers for the day. the best part they will leave with a paycheck at the end of the work day. >> this is not volunteer work.
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services. >> i make $12.50 an hour. i'm cool with that. >> we can see how they work and see if they want a position with denver parks and recreation. >> later this morning mayor hancock will join the first work workers of this pilot program as they plant trees outside of the city and county building in civic center park. there is a lot of work to be done around denver. hopefully these guys can help out and get paid for it. >> they are excited about it. a lot of firsts for both the cleveland indians and chicago cubs as they both battle to win their first world series title in decades. what better place for two long lost family members to meet for the first time than at the world series? two weeks alone in the jungle with nothing to eat but
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australian tourist stranded in the malaysian jungle for survived by eating while ferns. he was trekking alone when he vanished in the national park. in the northern part of malaysia. fire and rescue teams found him and air lifted him out of the jungle. he was taken to the hospital. aside from being hungry he said he had infected cuts on his feet and that's it. >> that is incredible. >> good for him. >> incredible story to tell for
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>>i'm surely wants to eat a lot now. up next, we have a big announcement to share with you. we have been teasing it all morning for you on facebook and twitter. with the last clue you probably figured it out by now. if you want to check the crews before the announcement in a few minutes go to our facebook and twitter page. let's check in on weather and traffic. around here we have light showers going on in the foothills. again for our friends in jeffco and boulder county and wet roads for the next few hours. we are not going to get accumulation of snow on the road. it is just too warm down here. few light pockets of rain and snow in the foothills. really not much to back this up. this is the last edge of this particular system coming through. going through the day we start with clouds and the light showers in the foothills this morning. it gets progressivetively
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25 and university we are getting busy and we are waking up on the city drive. you can see speeds dropping out of the 60s into the 50s. we have been lucky. it has been a calm beginning overall. 270 drive times nine minutes eastbound and southbound. 42 miles per hour. that's a slower zone. across our maps not too much to worry about. earlier crash southbound speer at 13th as cleared out. out to the west if you are headed along 70 you are going
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here we are. in the backyard because we have a big announcement. miss colleen is pregnant. >> how cute. i like that. >> how exciting. >> it is so much fun to share this with all of you. i have been hiding this for a
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>> we were out of order earlier. but we figured it out. >> my husband and i are so thrilled. i love little babies. i have darn good examples. we are so excited. >> a lot of people guessed it they would could not tell who because there are so many possibilities. >> right. >> yes, five months along. we want you guys to go online and guess the gender. we'll do the gender reveal for you this morning at 6:50. we want you to go online and vote. >> we'll let's you know. two sisters one cubs fan,
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after days hovering around the warm record-breaking temperatures it is temperatures today. >> and more typical weather. we have snow at silverthorne. latest weather cam show headlights in the distance. three and a half to four inches of snow have fallen at the continental divide at loveland ski area. we have a band of rain and snow down the foothills. it would not shock me along highway 93, c-470 to see some light showers. they may make it in the form of sprinkles on the west side of
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east down slope you go the more evaporation you'll see. as far as snow goes it will not stick to the roads. this is last piece of energy from this system. most of us will see clouds around this morning. further west and south you are better chance you have of seeing a couple of very light showers during the morning. we clear out for the afternoon with highs in the low 60s today. a big change from what we have seen the la sky9 is up and above our wednesday morning drive. they are checking out 25 near 6th avenue. both sides of the highway are loading up. crash count is still at zero for the highway. i just tweeted out let's stay nice and calm. 25 and 20 southbound delay is heavier than normal from i-70.
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drive times from downtown to the denver tech center are 16 minutes. speeds are in the 60s. check this out. what marty has been mentioning through the morning and we have been tracking across the i-70 drive is a wet road along 70, loveland pass and traction laws are in place as well as chains for semis and cars over silverthorne. a week from today there will be a new president. you won't have to watch ane both major parties are making a final push no our battleground state. republican vice presidential candidate mike pence is in loveland this morning. hillary clinton's daughter, chelsea, wraps up her two-day tour in boulder this morning. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is boulder. after chelsea leaves another clinton will visit colorado before november 1th. >> reporter: her father will be here coming up on friday. we'll talk about that in a
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campaign office chelsea clinton will be. people have been going in and out getting ready and set up. the doors open at 8:00 to the public. barricades are set up. they are an mys stating -- anticipating people will be lining up. there is a lot of buzz happening around this office now. that's because chelsea clinton has been a big force in working for her mother. yesterday she was in aurora outside of the martin luther king lry crowd of supporters about everything from economics to gun control. that was something a person asked as a question to chelsea clinton. she's been crisscrossing the country on behalf of her mother to campaign. when know when she is in boulder this morning she'll focus on economics. a message her mother has been sharing as she has been on the campaign trail talking about making an economy that works for everyone. not just the richest of americans. that was the message she shared
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up. we seen increasing competition. we seen donald trump send so many people to colorado whether it be his children, running mate or supporters. now the clinton campaign seems to be playing catchup and sending chelsea clinton here yesterday and today and bill clinton. we received word he'll be in colorado on friday. right now he is in iowa. on friday he'll make three stops in colorado. he'll be in pueblo, where he'll be in those cities and what time, we don't know yet. campaign has not announced that. they are opening registration on hillary clinton's website. registration is required to be able to go to these events. as for this one, registration is full. as you can see this building is small. however many people can fit, the max has been reached. they are hoping for crowds for bill clinton on friday.
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plenty of time in colorado the past couple of weeks. past weekend his family members were here. now republican vice presidential candidate mike pence will make his fourth stop of the campaign in colorado tonight. he'll hold a rally at the ranch complex in larimer county fairgrounds in loveland. doors open at 3:30 event is scheduled to kick off at 5:30. he and his running mate donald trump were in pennsylvania on tuesday when repeal the affordable care act. donald trump is sending a message to democrats this morning. go back and change your votes. at a rally in wisconsin he urged people two cast vote for hillary clinton who are having buyer's remorse to go back and switch their votes. >> if you live here, michigan, pennsylvania or minnesota, those four places you can change your vote to donald trump and we'll make america
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their votes by a certain deadline. wisconsin voters will have until tomorrow to change their minds. you cannot change your ballot if you have sent one in here in colorado. a heckler got hillary clinton fired up on tuesday. she was talking to supporters in fort lauderdale when she was interrupted. clinton had enough and addressed the heckler. >> i am sick and tired of negative, dark, divisive dangerous vicks of behavior of people who support donald trump. >> clinton said she feels sorry for the kind of campaign trump has run. top of mind for clinton is an fbi review of e-mails while she was secretary of state of state. independent voters are saying last week's discovery could sway their vote. fbi has delivered another surprise to the clinton campaign. this time releasing documents
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bill clinton's controversy presidential pardon of a fugitive named mark rich. he fled to switzerland after he was indicted on tax evasion. president clinton's motive were pardoning rich because rich's ex-wife was a wealthy democratic donor who made big contributions to the hillary senate campaign. clinton campaign is questioning the ti saying it is more evidence that the fbi is trying to influence this election. fbi says any material requested turned freedom information act is automatically sent out to the public. donald trump campaign has not received a lot of newspaper endorsements it is denouncing the newest one. crusader is a ku klux klan paper that say they share
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views do not represent donald trump or the americans uniteing behind his campaign. if you have questions about your ballot head to we break down tow who -- to vote and where to register to vote and truth tests of this election season. >> because of the acts and the actions of our officers yesterday, the community is safe. safe. castle rock home where some dangerous chemicals were found is not. this morning police are mulling charges for a teenager who lives in that home. 9news reporter andrew southern an is joining us live from castle rock. >> reporter: police had two community meetings last night. one for the press. one for the community to update
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been going on since monday. they hammered home a couple of things. one the community is same this is still an active investigation. quick recap. police arrested two teens monday morning around 2:00 a.m. downtown castle rock for suspicious behavior. the house one of the boys they found explosive chemicals all over the house. a.t.f. blew those up monday night. the house is still condemned while they clean up the other chemicals. they anticipate lettin they say there is still other chemicals they need to clean up. what people have questions about is whether the explosives can be linked to threats against high schools here. police say it is not. >> if they went to douglas county high school it is hard not to think it wasn't connected. >> that's not to say as we go through the investigation we might not find a link.
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found no link at all. >> reporter: the house where this all happened police say the homeowners can't go back until they have cleaned up the other chemicals. they say that the neighborhood overall is safe because the chemicals left aren't explosive. around here we have showers working their way down to foothills into the west side of town. they are light. haven't made it toward we are seeing some wet road especially up around lookout mountain and highway 93 along c- 470. very light rain there. again, the snow you are seeing generally melting as it hits the pavement above 10,000 feet we are seeing the best stuff. this is the last impulse of energy that snow that moved through overnight. now pushing close to five inches at winter park. that is wonderful to see. >> that's good news.
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like to hear that. deadly mystery from 15 years ago is getting a second look. was it really her son who accidentally killed a woman on the eastern plains? our 9news pod cast is asking who is to blame? we talked with host kevin vaughn coming up. >> prepare for a race. now more people are going to transfer their brain. brain trainers aren't there to make you smarter
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>> reporter: was a 6-year-old
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doing something different. taken an indepth look at an investigation and putting it together in a pod cast. we are joined by kevin vaughn. how are you doing? >> good. >> today is the sixth episode of blame looking into the 2001 death of jill wells. her young son, six years old is blamed at the time for the shooting. give us a look at what you have covered so far and what is ahead today. >> we have gone back to march 28, 2001. we looked at the visited with a couple of jill's sisters and gone over evidence that's been developed that suggests this may not have been the accident reported. we begun to talk to people in law enforcement involved then. today we'll talk to someone involved in reinvestigating the case some years later. and to a coroner who as information about what he thinks happened here.
6:47 am
talk about how you went through the investigation on a large scale. >> it involves tracking down dozens of people. at last couldn't we inter-- couldn't we interviewed 65 people. normally you do an investigative story and it ends with fanfare. this story is different. >> it is interesting. it with this every since. >> so how has it been received? >> very well. it was an experiment. i don't think we have done anything like this at channel 9. we love people's feedback. you can find the pod cast on itunes and subscribe to it and give us feedback, rate it. that will help us know if this is something people enjoy. >> it is very, very well done. that's for sure.
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let's check the weather. marty has that. >> around here we are looking at the rain and snow on the west side of town. good showers going in the foothills. it looks like it is mostly rain below 8,000 feet. some of that sneaking into the western suburbs. here for the next hour and a half light rain going here with snow decreasing now. this is the last little push of this moisture as it moves through the area. we'll see it this morning. we'll have showers going in the mountains during the afternoon. then coming up tomorrow into friday look for rain to move into southwestern colorado. that's going to be a nice change for us. people are using windshield wipers this morning. >> yes, they are. we have the lookout mountain cam pulled up. you can see the view out west. psychothat you can see the rain coming down. traction laws are required as
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it has been a nice, quiet drive. not too much to worry about. volume is picking up around the mouse trap, i-70 elevated deck and 225 southbound parker road. the find and body work together in powerful ways. a form of alternative therapy is aimed at using that connection. >> 9news >> reporter: you don't need to think about making your heart beat faster. it just happens. what if we can figure out how to change that. >> you can look at the monitor and say when i feel this way my heart rate is doing this. tension of my muscles is doing this. >> reporter: it is called bio feed back therapy. it shows how you body responds
6:50 am
understand is speeding up relaxation training. >> reporter: doctors say it helps with pain by pinpointing where and what the problem is. it is growing in popularities at uc health. >> we go to trainers to prepare for a race. >> reporter: doctors attach sensors to your body. they send signals to the brain. there are different forms of feedback which focused on the brain. >> the best we can do for ptsd is neuro feedback. >> reporter: more young athletes with head injuries are trying this out. >> the beauty of what we are doing now is that we have the capability to make the brain healthier. >> reporter: over time doctors say patients can learn how to change their brain activity.
6:51 am
hurting this tool can help you learn how you mind works with your body. alternative worth considering as practices grow in popularity. >> it is coming out of the closet a little bit. it is okay to do as much with your brain as you do your physical body. >> doctors recommend to check and see if bio feedback therapy is covered by your insurance company. nbc says it is often denied. health insurers trade group based on whether there is strong evidence that the alternative therapy really does work. we'll soon welcome another member of the 9news morning family. we told you last hour santa -- colleen ferreira and her husband are expecting a baby. she is going to reveal the gender this morning. >> first we'll give you a chance to guess. is it a boy or a girl?
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suspect accused of ambushing and killing two police officers in iowa. police are hunting for 46-year-old we know the name of the and killing two police officers. police are hunting for 46-year- old scott michael green. police say the community in des moines is not safe until they find him. police are armed with rifles searching for green. both officers were shot while sitting in their cruisers two miles from each other. it happened within 20 minutes. schools in the community are closed. police are paired up for their safety. 6:54.
6:55 am
sports game seven. >> oh, yeah. >> baseball fans are getting what they wanted. >> that's for sure. >> and nervous about it. >> the world series headed to decisive game seven after the chicago cubs put a hurt on the cleveland indians in game six. cuba scored nine runs including the grand slam by russell. it is the first in'05. they cheer for opposite teams. game six was special for both of these women. lori green is an indians fan. selena is a cubs fan. they are sisters who never met until game six last night. the two had been trying to connect for years after green, who was adopted was able to track down their biological father.
6:56 am
in person until the game they love brought them together. >> they decided to be in the same place at the same time. >> lori invited her sister to game six. they sat next to each other but they did root for their own team. >> there is so many lay ours to our -- layers to that story. a few rain drops in the backyard. be prepared for that when you walk out in a few moments. we have light over the area this morning. they will decrease here very rapidly this morning. western not in for -- we are not in for a big washout today. there will being light snow along kenosha pass and the continental divide during the afternoon. cloudy and damp this morning. clearing later in the day. we reach into the low 60s. we have this pock it of rain -- pockets of rain and snow over the front range this morningen it clears out this afternoon. we'll get a rebound with nice
6:57 am
before these clear out later in the day. we have seen up to five inches of snow above the 10,000 foot level. we have had moderate snow in the mountain valleys. when you melt it down it ends up to be a tenth or two of an inch of rain. really good moisture for the mountains out of this small system. 60s in the east today. clearing very late in the day in the mountains with 40s and 50s for the mountains. we had early showers around here. wheedler out. hit -- we clear out. today clear conditions. drop down in the 30s. tomorrow slightly warmer. the weekend more so as we move into the 70s. remember to turn the clocks back. >> thank you. sky9 is over 125 and santa fe showing delay southbound from 6th avenue. as we go out to the cdot camera here's an important view. we are looking at wet
6:58 am
near golden. slick ride out west. no accidents so far. as we check out the rest of our morning commute my clicker is not working. no accidents to worry about. it is calm and clear. we have been asking you to guess this morning. we revealed our lovely colleen ferreira is pregnant. >> yay! >> we are so excited. we have been asking our viewers if they think it is a boy girl. 57% of people say girl. 43% say boy. surprising at all? >> what is funny is some people two know i have been pregnant for a while say they can tell by the way i'm carrying. i never know if that's true or not. my mom thought it was one thing for sure and it ended up being the other thing. we are all going to reveal right now. we have the big balloons inside
6:59 am
if -- confetti if it is a boy or a girl. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. it's a boy! looks like a spangler segment. >> we did it all on our own. >> how fun is that? we thank you so much. >> when are you due? >> i'm due in february. no names. i'm taking suggestions. e-mail me. i hear gary and marty are very popular names these days. they'll be on the short list.
7:00 am
popular name. we are going to channel 20. good morning. battleground blitz. six days to go, hillary clinton and donald trump pulling out all the stops, buying up ads, ramping up their attacks. >> if you knowny they're thinking of voting for trump, i want you to stage an intervention. >> hillary is the one who set up an illegal private e-mail server to shield her criminal activity. you know that. she knows it. >> trump even going after the skyrocketing number of early voters, reminding some of them it's not too late to reconsider. >> you can change your vote to donald trump.


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