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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  November 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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that the coach would really like people to stop yelling. all that is next. the a-line train to the airport has another three months to get its act together. the deal is a reprieve from federal regulators who could have just shut down the project this weekend. we have coverage of the significant development with a familiar question for rtd. >> reporter: line working today? >> is the a-line working today? it's working every day, 100%. >> reporter: nate curry, the spokesman for the rtd has reason to be spunky. they got good news, not good news like they're all in the clear but good news like they have a longer deadline to fix things, mainly the problems causing the guards to stand by everywhere the train crosses a road. the feds gave them until early next year to fix the problems
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22nd. is this a technical glitch or a management glitch for the city? >> it's much more of a technical glitch than anything. it's important for viewers to remember this is the first time ever in history that we have built imk like this with the safety in place. >> reporter: the a-line was the first ever built. the b-line, the 2nd. the g-line, it would have been the third, supposed to launch in the fall but is now on an the problems figured out with the a and b lines. >> we are not going to get hung up on dates anymore. that tripped us up. as far as expectations and pressure to, i think, you know, get things opened when we needed to hold off. >> reporter: that tripped you up on the a-line? >> no. we were confident and it was ready to go. we noticed when we set a date, we disappoint people if it's not hit.
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possibility it pushes to next year as well. >> reporter: you want to know about the annoying train horns? they will keep blowing for now. he said they have to get the crossings figured out first and then work on the horns. only 20% of the a-line runs through residential areas. 80% of the g-line does. so if they start that off without the annoying horns, that would be nice. >> just one longhorn arvade arvada, that would be good. hey, donald trump might make a race of it in colorado in a dead heat with hillary clinton in colorado and that gives us a look at which ballot questions might be passed. get after it, brandon rittiman, get after it. >> reporter: put donald trump and hillary clinton head to
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point lead with clinton, but in a 4-way race, it's a dead tie, 39-39. people still waiting for ballot for trump, 35 to 37. and i guess the big question is, have the have not voteds made plans to vote? >> that is the question question and trump is winning by 8 votes and if they vote, this is a tie race. >> reporter: information about the local ballots. prescription-assisted suicide, 60% and the prop to open the other primaries is passing by by a lower margin. what's losing? colorado care, the state universal health plan paid for with income taxes.
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new tobacco taxes polling 48- 48. each of our political analysts now gets 30 seconds to tell us what surprised them out of today's polling. from the poll that i just got a glimpse at, really interesting showing a lot of interesting trends in colorado and the backers of amendment 71, raise the bar, would make it much more difficult for regular, ordinary citizens to add amendments to the colorado constiti future amendments to break to qualify. they are at 53% and they are requiring everyone in the future to get above 55. these folks aren't meeting their own standard. i think that's strange. >> i think there were two surprising things in the poll we sauteed. number one was the question of medical aid and dying. i thought that would be a lot closer considering the fact that the catholic church is giving out yard time and spending money and talking about it during church services
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also, i was expecting that amendment 69, the statewide socialized medicine would actually be doing worse even though it's doing a little less than a quarter. >> if you are sick of political flyers clogging up your mailbox pity the men and women who have to carry them to your door. stupid mailers are on the heavy cardstock. the carriers have carried 19.5 million political ss if political mail didn't work, they would stop doing it but you have to think a lot of cardstock, a lot of ink and sore backs. here's your daily early voting summary, not a conspiracy or an attempt to supress voter turn out but the political momentum that we share all year. democrats have narrowed.
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have to. 35% from republicans and 26% from unaffiliated voters. this is a solid idea of how this is shaping up. republicans are talking about impeaching hillary clinton and she hasn't been elected yet. gingrich led the charge to impeach her husband. we talked about this when he stopped by. carrying her campaign into deeper and deeper trouble. >> we heard from religious like wisconsin senator ron johnson who suggested prior to election day if hillary clinton is elected she could be impeached. is that what republicans should be talking about right now? is that a serious suggestion? >> i think it's a serious suggestion that she will have to be investigated no matter what because the allegations,
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corruption from so many different direction -- direction thas you can't a lot of it under the rug. nixon got 68% of the vote and left office 18 months later. so winning the election, if you have done things that are illegal doesn't protect you from the consequence of having broken the law. >> in a bit gingrich and i will discuss whether it's fair donald trump to impugn colorado's voting process without proof of widespread fraud and talk about one similarity between trump and clinton. as another for-profit school in colorado goes under, students are struggling to find a new path to their career. heritage was filled with students working for dental hygiene and blood work. >> i was fresh out of high school and graduated in may and right when i was going to be somebody i feel like nobody.
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that go under for the school. heritage closed because of declining enrollment, and the state is working to find another school to accommodate the students. we are beginning november, the last month of the year that denver sends out sweepers to collect carb from your pocket and whisk it to city coffers. love that they do a great job warning sweeping days. you have seen the signs. remember. street sweeping days. your humble host got two tickets in one day due to his stupidity. you know the sound a sweeper makes? can a which i --ca-ching. denver has banked
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the ticket -- tickets are $5.3 million the city rakes it in when we for get to pay the tickets. $2million in late fees. we're talkin' sports next, not stats and highlights but an nfl play are's radical fru go, ality and the bronco's latest or confidence?
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c1 the bronco passed yesterday's trade deadline without making significant trades, so tell us, mike, is that confident? is that complacency? might it be a combin complacency. i would say it leans towards confident although the broncos did make a trading deadline move last week when they picked up a tight end named aj derby. he will be a receiver type tight end they hope bolsters their passing game. the broncos poked around for a defensive lineman and might have poked around for a running back but, the prices are too steep in the nfl this time of year. there were only a couple of
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jamie collin and last year, john elway with vernon davis and it didn't play out because players have a tough time coming into a new team and you a a new plaw -- playbook in and a new season, and that's why you don't see trades in the nfl like you do in baseball. the broncos think they have a roster capable of making a run for the super bowl. i think championship game here in denver rather than on the road in new england. >> i have another recommendation for you, something interesting that is not our own work but worth your time. nfl players live large with the big money with the attention and glitz and glamour. we want to highlight the detroit lions glover quinn. he lives off 30% of his take-
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first three years of his career in the nfl. that is good monday but imagine the temptation. the visit real. cu'sfootballteam is bowl eligible for the first time in nearly a decade and head coach mike mcintire and his players are hearing new things yelled from the stands this year. >> they heard themselves called ms they heard themselves yelled at, and i side they are not bums. they are not losers. they're awesome people and we'll show you, and that's what this is all about. we're showing everybody what the human spirit is. >> buffs play tomorrow night against ucla. the game is in boulder. you are not going to watch? you can tune in. coming up, a cat's whose
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either of ours. >> it was natural because we met her on a trail.
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if you're hiking in colorado's mountains, beware of
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q has more instagram followers than both of us combined. 13,000 people follow q. when graham proposed to his wife off qawppedry peak he gave her a kitten as a gift and q has been along for the hike ever since. >> she reminds you to slow down and take your pace rather than just rushing to the summit. she reminds you to slow down and look at different things and draws your attention to otherwise. she is pretty colorado. >> very colorado. erin said they hope q's story might liberate a few other house cats from more tedious lives. that's as colorado as it gets right up with the water skiing squirrel. i'm meterologist kathy sabine, a beautiful fall evening in denver. just a few sprinkles on the windshield this morning.
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the rainbow visible in the southern sections of the metro and beautiful snowfall. down here, cooler than average for the front range. dia right about where we should be for this time of year and this is the coolest day of the week as we kickoff a cooling trend. not good news for the snowmakers. so many furry friends enjoying the wintery weather fall. this storm is due to lift northward and bring us a chance for showers for saturday. mountain snow and between now and the weekend, high and dry and sunshine for the next couple days with temperatures in the 60s. a cool night tonight with clear skies and drop into the mid- 30s, near freezing in many years, especially weld county. tomorrow, sunny, breezy and warm and the weekend storm offers a 20% chance of much- needed rain on saturday and
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sign of denver's first official snowfall but beauty to be found up and down the front range and way up high. donald trump is all over the map this week. it's not a criticism but a geographical observation in new mexico, michigan, minnesota, all reliably blue state where is he was trailing. that's where we started our conversation with former speaker of the house newt gingrich campaigning for trump. it suggests he doesn't have a clear path to opposite. the polling shifts and he is up six points in the l.a. times poll this morning. >> that's always been a good poll for him. >> yes, and it was also a very accurate poll in 2012. the idea of blue states and red states are dependent on the next election. they start changing and go from blue to whatever. >> his momentum is certainly undeniable. but there is the fact that more and more states have more and more early voting.
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our mail-in ballot system, no proof just an allegation that it's crooked. is that fair? >> it's not fair but it's a crucial thing across the country, and tell make a difference in a close election. >> last time you were here with brandon righty man you said this with donald trump. >> i think he has the biggest upside and biggest down side of any candidate i have ever seen. if yt will be an amazing historic figure. if everything works wrong he will be worse than goldwater. >> so i'm curious. where did he work out, amazing historic figure or worse than goldwater? >> i think he is an amazing historic figure, he is doing better than goldwater, and the question is if he can win and win decisively. >> if you take bill clinton, you can't separate what people
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often, they were intertwined and overlapped. is the same for donald trump for all the republicans who wish he was more polished candidate or didn't say such inflammatory things? is that separated out from who he is or is he a package? >> i think he's a package. he is the only amateur we have never seen, came out of nowhere and beat 16 other candidates and got to be the nominee and now has a very real chance to win. that i he will make mistakes and do things that a more seasoned candidate wouldn't do, but on the other hand, he has tapped into and responded to an american desire for change that turned out to be dramatically stronger than anybody expected. >> former speaker of the house, newt gingrich, thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming by, and you can see the full interviewer youtube and with the u.s. labor secretary who joined us in his personal
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hillary clinton. we are back with two
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feedback on political coverage. richards we need to stop veering left but he appreciates we are trying to avoid blatant partinship, and what is up with that red square?
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welcome to the broncos
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of this show, emmanuel sanders, the cohost of this show. and to his left, the afc defensive player of the week, bradley roby. pretty impressive stats from that game in san diego, against san diego, i should say. 7 tackles. but the biggest play, of course, the pick 6, which you seem to be accustomed to these big plays, bradley. >> yep, i like to make big plays. >> with the game you're coming in, you had mentioned you as you it in the past, for whatever reason it is, and it's not just this game, we see you making big plays all over again. someone needed to step up, and this this case, that someone was you. >> yes, something i've done ever since i started playing football was make plays like that when the game was on the


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