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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  November 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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concerns over cyber security are at the forefront ahead of the election tuesday. the department of homeland security-- the military and the intelligence community says they're taking extra precautions this year. that includes keeping an eye on cyber among other possible targets -- on election day. the obama administration say it is watching hackers from russia and elsewhere- who might try to influence twitter, facebook and other social media. for now-- there are no specific threats. good morning. im chery here with gary, corey and marty starting off
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marty has the details.
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final say on its new president-- both hillary clinton and donald trump are making their final pushes in our state today. former g-o-p presidential nominee ben carson will make several stops here for trump. former president bill clinton will be in pueblo fort collins and denver today. meanwhile-- intelligence sources say they're preparing for possible hacks affecting electricity, the internet, social media and transportation for next tuesday's election. donald trump - and extremists supporting him -
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polls. nbc polls show trump ahead in arizona and texas, but a statistical tie in georgia. team hillary clinton thinks north carolina is a firewall that trump needs to win. president obama campaigns there today. this as the fbi examination into 650-thousand emails linked to clinton's top aide. separately-- the state department released more than 350 emails it got previously from the f-b-i last summer. nearly one in five were duplicates. the judge hearing arguments for and against ballot selfies is expected to make a decision today. the case is over whether colorado voters should be allowed to take selfies with their ballots after they've been filled out has made it all the way up to federal court. that's after several people sued. a lawyer representing that group says the law is outdated. the ban was passed in the 18-90's-- as a way to prevent people from showing others their completed ballots. later today-- the judge is expected to decide
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least temporarily - before the election. if you're planning to travel out of the country-- but need to renew or get a passport first-- you need to start process early. it could take 6 weeks or longer to get a new one. that's because 49 million passports will expire over the next several years. a flood of people applied for them in 2007 when laws changed requiring people to have them when traveling to mexico, canada and demand for new passports are new security measures that include a computer chip that quickly provides personal information. we're told many people will want updated passports because they meet new domestic travel requirements taking effect in 2018. and by the way, some state's driver's licenses still don't meet the standards, colorado licenses do. . at last check-- the house in castle rock where two
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sealed off. one of the 2-- 16 year old boys involved is charged with possession of an explosive or incendiary device. the other is charged with two counts of sexual exploitation of a child. we have few details on those charges because the boy is a minor. both teens are facing gun possesion charges as well. they were arrested monday. deputies found dangerous chemicals at a house in the plum creek neighborhood. a bomb squad the search for this man who's wanted for felony hit and run involving death continues today. norlan estrada- reyes is accused of hitting and killing a young lawyer early sunday morning. police say he was driving the white truck that hit karina pulec near east 13th avenue and broadway street. the 28 year old was a promising attorney at a denver law firm. police say the truck was found abandoned later. estrada-reyes was living in denver -- but now they need the public's help finding him. if you have any information-- call
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it's a big day for chicago and the cubs-- coming off of their first world series championship in 108 years. this a live look at wrigley field where the team will start their victory parade in just hours. the cubs will leave around 10-- then head that-- there will be a rally at grant park. it's a good bet to say tens of thousand of fans -- maybe hundreds of thousands or more --- will see the parade and rally in
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a denver museum is
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weekend-- but they're not going to need bubble wrap or boxes. we'll explain just ahead. then the peaceful beauty of camping in the maroon bells snowmass wilderness is no longer a secret. what the forest says they're planning to do
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should be within reach. that anything that matches your taste can match your budget. that green living doesn't have to cost much green. we believe that you should always have room for the little things. and that your dream kitchen should work as hard as you do.
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was arrested and could be facing charges after protesting the pipeline construction in north dakota. the demonstrators call themselves water protectors. they say the pipeline would ruin sacred burial sites and could possibly contaminate drinking water in the missouri river. yesterday--protes tors did a sit in in the judicial wing of the capitol building
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14 of them were arrested for disorderly conduct. the forest service is looking for your input on how to deal with the maroon bells snowmass area's growing popularity. overnight camping on the trails has more than doubled since 2007. because of the influx-- there are plans to define camping zones. the forest service says if certain levels are still exceeded -- mandatory overnight permits may also be necessary. public comments and th o are welcomed at a meeting later this month in basalt. talk about a big move-- vance kirkland museum will be moving over the weekend. they're not packing boxes though-- they're just going to be moving the entire building at once. so you can get an idea of how big the building is-- this is a bird's eye view of the museum courtesy of sky9. right now it sits on pearl and 13th. on sunday morning -- the museum will start to move down
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then to its eventual home at 12th and bannock. the museum will make that move at a very slow one mile per hour. parts of pearl street near the museum will start to close as early as today to get ready. 9news is going deeper into how this is done tonight on "next" starting at 6.
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living options are
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where the latest community will open up still to ocme. affordable
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apartments is celebrating its grand opening it's the first low cost housing development using denver's general revenue funds. the complex will offer 84 energy efficient units. the apartments will have-- one-- two and three bedrooms for households making less than 60% of area median income. the celebration will be held at the northeast corner of northfield boulevard in stapleton. congresswoman diana degette and denver mayor michael hancock will be there. it starts at 8-15 this coming to the castle rock outlets today-- the 55 foot white fir christmas tree is coming from the shasta trinity national forest in california. it will be set up this evening. over the next week-- the outlets will put up more than 8 thousand lights and 5 thousand ornaments in preparation for a free tree lighting concert on the 12th.
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headline. can you water ski? well, there's a baby that can. and yes, i said baby! bella can't even walk yet, but she can do this. some think it's dangerous. what the parent's think, next.
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didn't shoot any of this video. lots of you have commented on our facebook page-- with reactions running the gammet. some of you are saying this just goes too far-- but most say it's fine. 9news reporter chris vanderveen has more on the nats of bella looking in camera bella bales is about to surprise you... her parents are
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not because of what they're doing here -- or there -- or in front of what certainly appears to be a set of ribs that hopefully she didn't eat... sot: 6:51 "not yet... no teeth yet...." no bella -- sot: 12:33 "she's already adventurous... you can tell..." and the rest of the
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will suprise you... simply because of what they did not long ago... sot: 13:51 "just wanted her to be safe and be experiencing things -- yeah she surprised the heck out of me...." let me give you a little hint... nats of video yeah... we thought the same thing... are you freakin kidding me? there's no way that's alright... right? sot: 18:20 "well leading a fulfilling life sometimes takes a measurement of risk and reward... yeah... it's fun..." so let's get back to randy and beth for a moment -- and their incredibly preposterous and potentially dangerous idea -- bella can't even walk -- right? so what made them think -- she could water ski... sot: 9:19 "yeah... her waterskiing mad skills..." waterski... well... nats of them scooting around kitchen this probably... dad put it together -- mostly because he wanted to see -- away from the water -- what the six month old was capable of.... to suggest the family has an adventurous side -- would be like saying -- colorado has mountains... so this -- nats ong just made sense -- was completely unfrs sot: 15:51 "i years so i wathe rope -- standin." nats of her ter -- moved it -- 5 days into heo anned lifevest aleaving theht -- wh- something -- ultimatif e ready -- if something were t they say -- they werprised themselves--d ik west waterskier behi "i haven't broken aughter has so their decision --don't care -- thinaughter -- thinksot: 10:07 "it's cru don't anticpate and thsimply with one heck of a stor her -- when
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into our country's memory-- ever be forgotten and one that turned ordinary men into heroes. pearl harbor. as we approach the 75th commemoration of that day-- 9news sits down with one of those heroes. his experience on the front lines just ahead. long before the
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there was another attack. we can read about it in history books, but don't often get the chance to talk to the people who were there. that's why you may want to take advantage of a very special book signing at the tattered cover at aspen grove this sunday. lt. jim downing is 103 years old, and was there 75 years ago when the japanese bombed pearl harbor, drawing the united states into world war two. he was stationed on the uss west virginia, one of the batt caught fire and sank that day. and now he's written a book about it, called the other side of infamy - my journey through pearl harbor and the world of war. we talked to him about his emotions that day. again you can meet
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his book this sunday at 2:00, at the tattered cover aspen grove. and by the way in decmber we'll be airing a one hour special on the 75th annversary of pearl harbor, and lt. downing will be a big part of it. more on that as we get closer. the emotional roller coaster that is the presidential race is enough to cause a heartattack. but really. how one hospital is making sure that seriously doesn't happen, at 5-15. that's going to do it for 9news at
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presidential candidate are in colorado today.... bill clinton for clinton -- ben carson for trump... that was one man's was set free after nearly three decades in prison. but now -- his freedom might not last... we've shown you the rebalancing in acupunture, the relief in chiropractic services... the science of biofeedback, and the ease of cupping. and today... the calming in aromatherapy. our fifth and final alternative pain therapy. how certain smells can help alleviate your pain... >> good morning


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