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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  November 4, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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presidential candidate are in colorado today.... bill clinton for clinton -- ben carson for trump... that was one man's was set free after nearly three decades in prison. but now -- his freedom might not last... we've shown you the rebalancing in acupunture, the relief in chiropractic services... the science of biofeedback, and the ease of cupping. and today... the calming in aromatherapy. our fifth and final alternative pain therapy. how certain smells can help alleviate your pain... >> good morning
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cheryl here. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us as well. marty- not a cloud in the sky when the sun rises this morning.. while presidential candidates hillary
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-- they're sending support to colorado. former president bill clinton for hillary -- and doctor ben carson for trump. with just four days left -- winning the centennial state would be a boost for either side. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is live in denver where bill clinton will rally today. tarhonda -- denver is only one of three stops today... now as for ben carson -- he'll also make several
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today. oklahoma governor mary fallin will join him. the two republicans will rally in colorado springs at the classical academy at 1-30 -- and then at the plum creek golf course in castle rock at 3-15. later -- they'll head to aurora for an event at the center for active adults at
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candidates are touring the battleground states. today pennsylvania -- yesterday north carolina. while in carolina hillary clinton argued voters should take seriously -- that a trump presidency would lead to quote 'normalizing discrimination.' she was speaking to many african americans. in north carolina so far, not as many african americans have voted as in the last presidential election. democrats believe it's because of laws passed by republicans there. and just a few miles away -- donald trump was attacking hillary clinton. he gave a defense- themed speech while campaigning in north carolina. surrounded by a dozen veterans -- he said he can't picture clinton becoming commander in chief. he asked those surrounding him what they think of her being their boss. then he answered himself saying quote 'i don't think so.' after serving 28 years for a crime
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commit -- clarence moses-el was released. 9news reporter vida urbonas has been looking into this for us. and vida .. now -- he has to return to court to be retried. jury selection in this case begins today... in a denver courtroom.. the denver da has decided to re-try the case of clarence moses-el .. for a sexual assault committed in 1987. he was freed last december after serving 28 years in says he didn't commit. moses-el's conviction was overturned.. after another inmate -- who was convicted in two other sexual assaults testified that he had consensual sex with the victim the night moses el was accused of assaulting her. the judge concluded that moses-el would likely be acquitted if he was tried again. back in march a judge said 60-old moses-el no longer had to wear an ankle bracelet. authorities have been also only checking in on him every three weeks..
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petition to get mitch morrisy to drop the charges. progress now colorado is calling this a terrible miscarriage of justice .. the organization is circulationg a petition to get the case dropped. the group says dna evidence that could have exonerated him was destroyed after being neglected by the denver district attorney's office. police have found the truck that hit and killed a young woman -- but the man who was behind the wheel is still missing. officers are now looking for this man -- norlan estrada-reyes for the deadly hit and run sunday morning. police say he was driving near east 13th ave and broadway when he hit 28-year-old karina pulec. officers found the truck abadoned. they say estrada- reyes was living in denver -- but now
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if you have any information -- call crime stoppers. the first affordable apartments completed using denver's general revenue funds is opening today. the northfield apartments in the stapleton neighborhood offer 84 rentals for those making less than 60- percent of the area's median income. builders used the new revolving loan fund from the city to complete it. it's located at 49- hundred trenton street. long before the nation suffered through the 9-11
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there was another attack. we can read about it in history books, but don't often get the chance to talk to the people who were there. that's why you may want to take advantage of a very special book signing at theta sunday. lt. jim downing is 103 years old, and was there 75 years ago when the japanese bombed pearl harbor, drawing the united states into world war two. he was stationed on the uss west virginia, one of the battleships that caught fire and sank that day. and now he's written a book about it, called the other side of infamy - my journey through pearl harbor and the world of war. we talked to him about his emotions
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again you can meet lt downing and get his book this sunday at 2:00, at the tattered cover aspen grove. and by the way in decmber we'll be airing a one hour special on the 75th annversary of lt. downing will be a big part of it. more on that as we
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one hospital that has many patients with heart conditions, decided to ban talking about something... what they can no longer debate about to stop those patients from getting heated up, still ahead. plus- one thing that can calm you... certain smells. we tell you more about
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north dakota pipeline. this time, members of the religious community are standing in solidarity with the cause. a large group of protesters and clergy members held a prayer rally on the lawn of the that ended though when police locked down the capitol and arrested more than a dozen of people. this is what's left of an historic african-american church, burned and marked with the words "vote trump" in mississippi. now, police in greenvillesay they are talking to a "person of interest" in the case. the police chief said the man willingly talked to investigators for hours. but he stopped short of calling him a suspect.
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be looking at arson charges. the harvard men's soccer team won't be playing the rest of the season. they were suspended over what's being called "appaulling" sexual comments about female soccer players. it stems from a 20- 12 document called the "scouting report" uncovered by the school's newspaper. the harvard crimson article reveals the report included lewd comments while rating female soccer players by attractiveness. anyone who's taking a vacation out of the c wait longer to get it renewed. six-weeks or longer. that's because back in 2007 -- officials changed the laws to travel to mexico, canada, and the carribbean. and so people started flocking to apply for passports now those passports are expiring. adding to the demand -- a new security measure includes a computer chip that quickly provides
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you may have heard that it's not always polite to talk politics - but a health risk? a hospital in long island has banned debating about the election. the hospital banned political debates in the gym of its cardio rehab unit because they have patients wh serious heart conditions. the manager says she saw patients getting upset over the election -- and the last thing the hospital wants is to increase the stress level ofnt heart surgery. the manager says she's not against free speech -- but politics can only be
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trigger everything from headaches and memories. there can be physical benefits, too. that's why u-c health's clinic in stapleton will often ask patients to consider aromatherapy. there are hundreds of fragrances claiming to help with everything from hair loss to energy levels. at uc health, it's often
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pain. >> dr. corbin says aromatherapy can help people in pain, relax. experts say aromatherapy is not an alternative to pain relief - but something you should ask a doctor about adding to your treatment. let's check in with
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been nominated for
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whether she gets nominated this year or not-she will still be taking home an award. we'll tell you
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history and now meryl streep will have another title to brag about. she'll receive the cecil b. demille award at the globes this january. the award is given out annually for 'outstanding
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air here on 9news on january eighth -- jimmy fallon is the host. you've probably seen a lot of people posting pictures with their 'i voted' stickers on social media... it's 5:27 now. you have probably seen people posting pictures with "i voted" stickers on social media. a judge is going to decide today if that's legal or n. selfie and whether that's legal
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z25koz zvpz
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. imagine having a president
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of hillary -- talking about leadership, what leadership? >> he says he knows how to shake things up. >> the only thing left to do is vote. >> the race for the white house is down to its final four days. four days for candidates and star supporters to make a mark on who people are voting for. >> two people who know what it's like to campaign are here in colorado campaigning presidential candidates. good morning everyone. happy friday morning. gary, corey, cheryl with you. marty joins us. another lovely start in the 9 news backyard. >> it's cool as it has been the last couple mornings. quite pleasant out here. we'll end with another warm day around here. excited about a storm system in south western colorado. looks like it's on track. dry and clear over over the front range now for the commute.


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