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tv   Today  NBC  November 4, 2016 7:00am-9:59am MDT

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>> surprise. >> who is going to good morning, the end is near. four days to go and "time's" cover the move of the nation. the campaign has left them repulsed and now nbc news has le concerns about a cyberattack on election day. this morning what security officials are doing to protect the vote. in the dark. a popular las vegas hotel and casino forced to close overnight after workers damaged its main power line. thousands of guests evacuated. repeated advances. fox news anchor megyn kelly stunning accusations against her former boss. this morning her claims and what
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and party of the century. millions of cub??p fans expecte to fill the streets of chicago for a massive parade celebrating their historic world series win. but will a man long tormented for adding to the team's curse be there? he's speaking out for the first time in years today. november 4th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. the tail of two moves. okay, i'm in chicago. we have people waiting 108 years to party and blow off some steam. what about those numbers on the election? >> the rest of the country waiting four more days just for this to be over. we saw a poll that eight in ten
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repulsed. here is the state of the race. the candidates busy in the home stretch. each will hit three states. trump in new hampshire, pennsylvania and ohio. clinton making stops in pennsylvania and ohio, as well along with michigan. >> new nbc news/"wall street journal" marest poll 9 point advantage in texas and five points in arizona and trump is ahead by o in the meantime, clinton top aide huma abedin headlined a fund-raiser in washington, d.c., last night. let us begin our decision with peter alexander in hershey, pennsylvania. peter, good morning to you. >> matt and savannah, good morning to you. new polls show donald trump
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trying to shore up its support in democratic states places like michigan and pennsylvania. new this morning a top aide will tell me that donald trump will hit ten states from nevada to new hampshire. >> how many of you have already voted? >> reporter: duelling rallies in north carolina, a state that in four days could help decide this tightening race. >> i have so many incredible friend here tonight. >> stage with medal of honor recipients, praising their service. >> so much more brave than me. i wouldn't have done what they did. i'm brave in other ways. i'm brave, i'm financially brave. big deal, right? >> reporter: miles away, clinton getting a boost from former rival bernie sanders. >> and i've got to say, too, this election would have been a lot more fun now that we're on the same side. >> reporter: still, the blistering attacks on both sides
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other of being unfit to serve. >> completely out of his depth and whose ideas are incredibly dangerous. >> she has no right to be running, you know that. >> reporter: trump slamming clinton for the fbi review of newly discovered e-mails on an aide's computer. >> if she were to win, it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis. >> reporter: clinton arguing trump's message is emboldening those with extremist views. >> h and conspiracy theories. >> reporter: tore into former kkk grand wizard david duke agreeing with the show's host saying he deserves a "bullet in the head." >> if i said exactly what you said, i'd be killed for it. these aren't good people, these are horrible people. >> reporter: president obama is vouching for clinton while poking fun that republican
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night live" skit is not somebody you want to trust with nuclear weapons. >> reporter: trump unimpressed. >> from the campaigner in chief, obama. this guy does nothing but campaigns. >> reporter: in the philadelphia suburbs, melania trump making her solo debut vowing as first lady to fight >> our culture has gotten too mean and too rough. especially to children and >> reporter: but clinton is trying to capitalize on trump's history of insults in a new attack ad. >> i'd look her right in that fat, ugly face of hers. >> he is a war hero because he was captured. i like people who weren't captured. okay? you got to see this guy. i don't know what i said. i don't remember. >> reporter: the nastiness reaching a crescendo heading into the campaign's final weekend. last night, huma abedin, clinton's long-time aide,
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way for the first time publicly since james comey the fbi director announced the review into her e-mails. chased down by paparazzi before a charity event in washington, d.c. >> hi, huma, how are you? >> just to highlight the tightness of this race in these final days, the clinton campaign is now announcing that president obama and first lady michelle obama will join bill and hillary clinton for an election eve rally in philadelphia. matt and savannah, on monday very much. let's turn to chuck todd. he's going to break down the must-win states for both campaigns. i know you have the lay of the land right there. you see two paths for donald trump. tell us about it. >> one thing to point out, right now our battleground map currently has clinton over 270. there is enough blue states here that we think she can withstand this. let's go through a trump path. he sweeps battlegrounds, give him all of those nebraska
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he has to flip one of these rustbelt states. this is not the easiest path for him. maybe it is wisconsin. that would put him over. of course a pennsylvania would put him over. but what happens if she pulls off north carolina which a lot of people think. then you see here, as you saw even with pennsylvania, we've got to flip something else. even win two of these rustbelts -- a wisconsin, or maybe even a colorado which we've seen. it is tough. the biggest thing for trump, he's got to figure out how to wisconsin, pennsylvania, michigan. there's still not any hints he can overtake her. he's making it close in all three places but this is where that has to happen. >> that rustbelt strategy is always what they said. >> chuck, come on over and join our conversation. chuck says he has to flip a blue state. nicolle, if you were scheduling him and looking to try to
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best shot? >> the problem is he's not ahead in any of those states and he's not tied in any of the states with enough electoral votes to get him above 270 or to get him to 270. it is a hail mary strategy. i guess you spread the time. it is a good thing he said he doesn't need a lot of sleep and his schedule reflects that. he is in all of them. >> what about hillary clinton? what is her strategy over the next couple of days? i know it's basically get out the vote, get out the vote but also hope for a wikileaks free weekend. >> i think there is that, but she is -- they've decided to close hard negative. as you see. every ad. they've trying to remind everybody about every negative thing trump has said, especially to african-american audiences, hispanic audiences. yesterday she brought examples of people, they would introduce her to say donald trump essentially discriminated against me. in front of an african-american audience. it was an program woman. in front of hispanic audience,
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i kind of think she ought to do something like, i know a lot of you have some trust issues with me -- but. and i don't think they're going to do that. >> we gave you homework assignments and we were asking what you thought each candidate should do if you were hired by the campaign. >> highly unlikely. >> what is your best piece of advice for the donald trump campaign? >> his mentality when he goes to these big rallies is to entertain them and give them the show he thinks they've waited in line for. it is generous as a politician but he needs to shorten up that stump speech and focus like a laser. on his outsider message. it gives him the best chance of flipping one of those states. >> i think simply continue to let kellyanne keep his iphone or android. the other thing i would say, show a little bit of humility. i think there are some voters out there that want to know that he actually feels a little bit of remorse for some of the harsh things he said. sort of answer these ads. she's closing this way, maybe actually say the words "i'm sorry." >> i think a lot of people are saying, okay, only four days to
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let's look at these numbers that may give us a strong hint of that. as we said now twice. 8 in 10 americans say the campaign has left them disgusted or repulsed. how about these numbers? when it comes to donald trump supporters, only 6 in 10 say they'll accept the results of the election if he loses, and only 40% say they think their votes will be accurately counted. where does that leave us in the year to come? >> it leaves us in a place we've never been before. listen, all politics being very person. i am in a family divided with trump supporters and clinton supporters. the healing i think will begin in every community and every household. but i have never seen numbers like that. i saw something that 70% of people think that the election will be rigged. that means a lot of democrats who think by foreign power and a lot of republicans by state and local election officials. upwards of 60%, 70% of people are grappling with how the
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tabulated and executed. >> can i be the schoolmarm here? you didn't do your hillary clinton homework. >> so hillary has to make sure that the turnout in the operation that obama pioneered and perfected turns out for her. that's why you see the president, mrs. obama on the trail to sort of activate that. then she has to get through a weekend without another fbi bombshell. she sort of needs a bombshell-free weekend. >> i just think, i smell a two-minute ad. that big, long closing ad, her to camera. look, she's got trust issues. you nobody -- she's not going to fix them with an ad but look the american people in the eye and say, look, i get it. i know you have some issues with me, but i promise "x." makes an ethics play. do something. she's not doing anything to actually respond to those concerns. >> long few days ahead of us, guys. thank you. cyber attacks have already played a major role in this election. nbc news has learned u.s. officials are now taking
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the possibility of more on election day itself. here's nbc senior legal and investigative correspondent cynthia mcfadden. >> reporter: as americans focus on the razor-tight presidential race between hillary clinton and donald trump, u.s. officials tell nbc news the government has its eyes on potential threats to election day security. according to multiple sources, the u.s. has launched an unprecedented effort to protect the country against cyber attacks aimed at sowing current and former officials say an attack on critical infrastructure, including the u.s. power grid, is 1 of the 3 worst case scenarios on the list of concerns. one highly placed intelligence source tells nbc news -- your vote is safe. you just might not have any lights. also on the list, a large-scale denial of service. in other words -- part of the internet goes down. or, a cyber attack aimed at
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transportation in swing states. but intelligence sources in a senior obama national security official tells nbc news they believe a more likely scenario would involve hackers from russia or somewhere else using social media for an 11th hour document dump of false information, implicating one of the candidates with no time for fact checking. while multiple intelligence officials say they have no specific warning about an election day attack, they and sophisticated internet disruption a possible dry run for inspiration for another attack. for "today," cynthia mcfadden, nbc news. intelligence sources tell nbc news that through diplomatic and back channels, the u.s. has communicated to russia how seriously any cyber attack would be viewed. now some stunning news from one of the country's most prestigious colleges.
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rest of the season because of sexual comments about members of the women's team. the move came after lawyers found an explicit scouting report on the women's team that included lewd remarks about the players. harvard's president called those comments appalling. the first place men's team will forfeit its remaining games and will skip the ncaa tournament. now to a disturbing discovery in south carolina. a woman missing for more than two months found alive chained this morning, there is an urgent search under way for more potential victims. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the very latest on this. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the search of that massive property is set to resume later this morning as the suspect is scheduled to face a judge at this detention center later today. this terrifying mystery only now starting to unravel. >> reporter: this morning after a harrowing two-month ordeal,
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rescue a miracle. missing since august, along with her boyfriend charlie carver, authorities found brown chained up in a padlocked storage container. >> it was very emotional, to say the least, when she was found. especially when she was chained like a dog. she had a chain around her neck. >> reporter: found on a 100-acre rural property, the container is roughly the size of a school bus, 30 feet long by 50 feet wide by 10 feet high, according to police. four bodies she believes are buried on the property triggering a massive search. >> we're trying to make sure that we don't have a serial killer on our hands. this very possibly could be what we have. >> reporter: authorities found weapons, ammunition and a car they say belongs to brown's boyfriend. so far, no bodies.
7:16 am
the property, todd colehap a registered sex offender. investigators believe brown and he may have been acquainted. brown and carver reportedly had dinner august 29th at their apartment. the next day friends received te two days later they stopped coming. after several weeks, mysterious postings began to appear on carver's facebook page suggesting the couple was fine. but their families believe those were fake. this morning, the stunning discovery still sinking in. >> just knowing that she's alive and i can go see her and hug her and tell her how much i love her. >> reporter: the sheriff says that coalhep will be charged with kidnapping and possibly other charges. expected to be arraigned later today. matt and savannah. >> gabe, thank you. the power is back on at the paris hotel and casino in las vegas after a massive power outage forced thousands of guests to evacuate the hotel on thursday. a main electrical line was accidentally cut by construction crews in the basement of the hotel. that prevented the back-up
7:17 am
11 people were trapped in elevators but eventually rescued. about 3,000 guests were sent to neighboring hotels until they were allowed to return to their rooms this morning. look who is back from his epic travels. hi! did you have a good time? >> unbelievable. still when i think about it. to see history was just really an honor. guess what? the party still continuing in chicago today. perfect weather for the cubs parade. i'm guessing there is not one kid who is going to be in school today. everybody is going to be field at 10:00 a.m. 54 degrees, some sun and clouds, mild afternoon, a high of 59. it is going to be spectacular. just part of a building heat dome that's going to continue to spread from the southwest with temperatures in the 80s in vegas, st. louis in the 60s, atlanta, you're going to be in the 70s as well. look at next week, the beginning of next week. chicago, you'll stay in the 60s. charlotte, in the low 70s. memphis, same thing. dallas and denver as well.
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the country on in to next week. we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. gy is us. i just bought a book. and while i was telling you about the book, i downloaded a song. oh, and full disclosure, when we were just chatting about that song thing, someone arranged a date. guilty. the point is, life is digital. so, carmax, created a site where you can reserve a car online. come in when it's convenient, your car will be waiting. just another thing to make buying a car better for you... reads this tweet that i just posted.
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talk about timing. chicago public school kids were already off today, so it worked out. but for all the surrounding communities, i'm sure, day off. >> and great weather. >> this was written in the cards, meant to be. >> in the stars. >> how do your friends in cleveland feel about that? >> i don't think they more. just ahead, fox news anchor megyn kelly opening about her allegations of sexual harassment against her former boss. this morning the stunning accusations and how he is responding. fans of the chicago cubs, as al just mentioned, gearing up this morning for the world series victory parade. 108 years in the making. we'll take you there live.
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(flash bulb popping) (whooshing) coming up on channel 20. i'm corey rose. here's a look at what's happeninon channel 20 for 9news 7:00 a.m. a colorado man is back in trouble today. police say they caught the princeton impostor doing this time just ahead. and then the maroon snow
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the forest service has a way to capitalize it, their proposed plan, and how you can weigh in coming up. we are getting up with sky9, they are over c-470 and wadsworth with big improvements are visible from this view, this aerial shot showing us the drive overall looking pretty great westbound lanes are clear at bowles after a serious crash where a trailer detached from the truck that was pulling it early this morning. southbound, a new crash along i- 25 around the stadium curve, backups go to i-70. so it's a tough one across downtown. for us today, dry here, locally we will see rain and snow continue to move into southwestern colorado through the afternoon and evening tonight. we will have details on that on channel 20. warm around here, the clouds will thicken in the southwest and with that rain temperatures will drop from the 50s into the 40s late this afternoon. we have a dry, warm die coming up for us, a few foothill
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tomorrow. don't forget to turn those clocks back this weekend as we return to standard time and with another front coming up on monday, we have a small, very
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it's 7:30. it's friday morning, 4th of november, 2016. great crowd in rockefeller plaza. chilly morning and we are all re ready to head into the weekend. >> we'll get outside in a inside studio 1a a look at some headlines. officials in baltimore now say the driver in the school involved with a community bus should not have been behind the wheel. his commercial license has been suspended two months ago. five people were killed in that crash. no children, luckily, were on the school bus at the time of the accident. with just four days to go, hillary clinton and donald trump are pulling out all the stops on the campaign trail. clinton held an outdoor rally in raleigh, north carolina, last
7:31 am
bernie sanders and pop star pharrell williams. >> trump held two events of his own in north carolina on thursday while his wife, melania, made a rare campaign appearance in pennsylvania. >> we have to find a better way to talk to each other, to disagree with each other. to respect each other. >> trump said if she becomes first lady, she'll be an advocate for women and children and work to fight online bullying. okay, here is today's campaign moment. its latest tapping into voter frustration. a simple message, the end is near. that is capable of multiple interpretations which is the point. meanwhile, the end of the curse is here for chicago and this morning that city is throwing a massive parade to honor the cubs historic world series championship. it begins, where else, at iconic wrigley field. ron motte is there. good morning to you. >> good morning to you.
7:32 am
message since the cubs clinched the other night and now this great fan base that has been denied this honor for so very long is about to cut loose. a day to let it soak in, a lifetime to treasury. the chicago cubs and their legion of unwavering fans producing a cacophony of joyous noise. after a century of unprobability finally became reality. >> i'm full on crying just because, you know, cubs world series. we won. since 1908. >> reporter: world series champions at last. >> i'm so happy because they didn't win in 108 years. >> it's surreal. it's so special. >> reporter: president obama, a proud white sox fan, phoned cubs
7:33 am
>> world champs. >> reporter: pride for the cubs. >> they won. they got it. it's over. >> reporter: on buildings, on t-shirts, on the lions at the art institute. a sellbacelebration for the age. one many weren't able to see for themselves so relatives brought the party to them. >> everyone is in a great mood and everyone is just walking around giddy. >> reporter: the hometown heroes return to chicago hours after picking up some hard-earned hardware. world series mvp ben zobrist, who knocked in the go-ahead run
7:34 am
my wedding, 30th birthday, bar mitzvah. >> reporter: here, there and everywhere. and the chicago river is also being spruced up for the big day. being dyed cubby blue in honor of the cubs. the parade will kick off at wrigley field and course through downtown before ending at grant park. a huge, historic day here in chicago. matt, savannah. >> all right, ron, thank you very much. il celebration. let's go to carson in the orange room with that. >> yes, that other angle here. let's go back to the city of chicago. they're celebrating. whether or not they'll see the infamous cubs fan steve bartman come back from hiding. back on this up fortunate lay when bartman interfered with this foul ball and many blame him for contributing to the 108-year world series drought.
7:35 am
stands right after that play. nobody could have anticipated the years of backlash that have followed. he has not granted an interview but his lawyer and spokesman spoke out saying that bartman is overjoyed about the win and when asked if we could expect bartman to show up today in chicago at the parade he went on to say the one thing that steve and i did about is if the cubs were to win, that he did not want to be a distraction to the accomplishments of the players and the organization. regardless of whether bartman resurfaces, cub fans coming to it's over, man. come out of the shadows. the cubs are the world champs. this win has been a long time coming for chicago cubs fans. it's been more like an eternity for steve bartman. >> when did that happen? >> 13 years ago. >> that's a long time to be in the wilderness, i think. >> limitations is over. let him out. >> he sounds like a good guy, too. thanks, carson. >> mr. roker. >> we have interesting video to show you.
7:36 am
of phoenix. storms firing up all that dust. driving becoming a bit of a hazard and we could see more of that, again, today. torrential downpours. big problems. look, in fact, stretching from texas all the way into the southwest. we've got a big upper level low that's developing and as it does, we're going to look for those showers and thunderstorms. while we're talking about some areas picking up to three inches which doesn't sound like a lot and gullies and watches through the south y flooding and, also, we're going to be talking about mountain snows, as well, as this all continues. amounts look like this. generally, as i said, one to three inches where you can especially see some of that flash flooding. rest of the country, while the heavy rain continues in the southwest, high surf southern california.
7:37 am
that's what's going on. now, let's take a look at what's happening on sunday. it's a good one. oh, yeah. oakland, california, hosting the broncos. the raiders. we're looking at the raiders. i'm okay. >> it's been a long two days. >> it's been a long two days. i'm fired up for this game. partly cloudy in the coliseum and partly cloudy and mild and 66 degrees on the best night of the week. sunday night football night in america. >> that's perfect. >> it's a geography lesson in
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we have something to do! roll that billboard! this sunday night football weather brought to you by verizon. verizon lte advanced. powering the largest 4g network ever. better matters. other news now, we're learning more this morning about the sexual harassment allegations being made against ailes by current anchor megyn kelly. stephanie gosk is here with that part of the story. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. megyn kelly hasn't just reported the news, but at the center of it. especially when she took on donald trump. alleges former fox chairman roger ailes harassed her when she was brand-new on the job.
7:39 am
excerpts first appearing thursday in radaronline in a source in a position to know are already making headlines. the star anchor writes that ailes offered career help in exchange for sexual favors on multiple occasions. engage in a kind of cat and mouse game with me. veering between obviously inappropriate sexually charged comments. for example, about the very sexy bras i must have and now he'd like to see me in them. and advice. according to the excerpts, ailes tried to kiss her several times. when kelly said she refused his advances, he asks me an ominous question. when is your contract up? then for the third time, he tried to kiss me. in july gabe sherman reported that kelly told investigators hired by fox that she was sexually harassed by ailes. >> she rushed another chapter after completing the man ascript to address these allegations for
7:40 am
has denied that he harassed kelly, a denial his lawyer echoed thursday, pointing out kelly's own words praising ailes in an interview last year. >> i really care about roger and he's been nothing but good to me. >> reporter: ailes left fox news abruptly in july just weeks after gretchen carlson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. the media mogul denied those allegations and two months later fox agreed to pay carl >> the lawsuit really broke the dam. the wall of silence that had existed inside fox news. >> reporter: kelly writes she was approached to defend ailes several times and refused. there was no way i was going to lie to protect him. >> mr. trump -- >> reporter: the book released comes after high-profile conferrontations between kelly d trump and his campaign over trum's treatment of women. >> you've called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and
7:41 am
and you don't care about public policy. >> me? really? >> that's what i get after watching you tonight. >> you know what, mr. speaker, i'm not fascinated by sex but the protection of women. >> the book comes out just as kelly is renegotiatingi her contract at fox. the publisher and fox news are both controlled by the murdoch family. >> stephanie, thank you very much. coming up, last-minute election scams. who is claiming that you can actually text your vote. but, first, these messages. veri. okay, google, show me korean restaurants in boulder. (google assistant) i found a few places. (announcer vo) the only network than can power the first phone with the new google assistant, unlimited photo storage, and a stunning vr experience. how is this possible? (announcer vo) so buy a pixel, only on verizon, and get up to $400 back. and right now get 20 gigs and four lines
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general mills big g cereals. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. back now at 7:45. we have a warning as we head into the final w back now at 7:45. a final warning as we head into the final weekend of the presidential campaign. >> new scams targeting voters are popping up. haley jackson is here with more on that. >> the latest one involves something you use every day, your phone. you may use it to follow the
7:46 am
despite new fake ads you might be seeing pop up online. it sounds too good to be true because it is. instead of heading to a polling place or mailing in a ballot, just text your vote instead. like this tweet recommends. encouraging hillary clinton supporters to vote from home by texting a number provided. problem is, it's not an option. not existent. though, that's not stopping some from spreading the bogus tremendous communications mechanism for democracy, and also a place to amplify anything we didn't like in our democracy to begin with, which includes rumors, lies and dirty politics. >> reporter: twitter has suspended at least one user who promoted these text to vote tweets. in another instance, the messages seem to come from the account of a gop operative who used to have ties to donald trump's campaign.
7:47 am
nbc he never posted the images and that he's not responsible for this. those tweets introduced as evidence of possible voter mischief in an ongoing legal battle between the dnc and the rnc. the clinton campaign says it's proactively monitoring issues might face with social media accounts. and nbc spokesman says, this isn't anything involving our campaign, adding their singular focus is turning out voters to trump's own complaints about a rigged system. calling on supporters to watch for fraud at the polls. >> this is a rigged election. it's a rigged system. i it's a rigged election. >> reporter: what should you do? remember, if someone asks you to vote by phone? you can't. that doesn't exist. double check to make sure info
7:48 am
sensitive information about voter registration unless you're shoe who you're talking to, like someone from the board of elections. the bottom line, so far, voters staying savvy, staying away from voting scams. >> when it comes t votes already cast this year, we can say there's been a whole lot more hype about the threat of a rigged election than evidence there is any problem with rigging so far. >> listen, even with all the talk this campaign about a rigged system, a new poll shows three in four say they will probably accept the official election results as legitimate, even if the person they're voting for doesn't end up the winner. should note, though, matt and savannah. more clinton voters than trump voters feel that way. >> three and four. but still 25% say not so fast. >> the opposite. still ahead, michael jackson's son, prince, getting emotional during a very rare interview. what he is saying about his father and following in his footsteps. first, these messages. these
7:49 am
7:50 am
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7:56 am
coming up on channel 20. >> hi, everyone, i'm gary shapiro. here's what's happening on channel 20 for 9news 8:00 a.m. another cost conscious community is opening up to low income family members today. we will talk about the eligibility it will take to get in. the search on this morning for the driver suspected of slamming into a young lawyer and killing her before taking off. we will tell you what police are revealing about the suspect coming up. and two teenagers implicated in a castle rock haz-
7:57 am
but an additional charge is bringing some questions with it. we will talk about that coming up. right now let's check the weather and traffic and marty and corey. >> southbound 25, check it out, the view at 84th is fantastic, a nice drive, bright, sunny day, looks like right now i would say enjoy it because thorton and northglenn rarely looks like this but similar across 104th as well as the north end, e-470. seeing a lo avoid would be sixth avenue to the west of 225, there is a crash at patomic and that's a busy part of the city both east and westbound stretches of 6 are pretty sluggish there, just off the highway but look at 225, still in the 50s. >> good for everybody out there. we have a dry, warm day for you. if you're not at work a great day to be outside. rain moving into southwestern colorado, picks up during the afternoon, snow in the san juans will be moderate to
7:58 am
50s in the southwest before noon and then dropping into the 40s as the clouds and the rain really picks up in southwestern colorado. we will be warm and dry here for the front range yet again pushing 70 degrees with a couple of clouds here and there, tomorrow it gets thicker as far as cloud conditions go with mid-60s for our daytime highs tomorrow, we will have a few showers in the foothills and a small chance for light shower coming up on monday as the secondary front comes
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is 8:00 on "today." coming up, the end is near. with just four days to go, donald trump and hillary clinton rev up their campaigns for a final weekend push across the finish line. >> she has no right to be running. you know that. no chief who is completely out of his depth and whose ideas are incredibly dangerous. >> as national polls tighten, what are the key states to win for each candidate? plus, signed, sealed, delivered. >> my "today original," good old-fashioned journals and notecards taking us back to a time of civilyhen people actually took out a piece of paper and a pen to say thank
8:01 am
design our very own product inspired by a lost art with an eye toward helping others in the future. and why you may not really need to wash out your coffee mug again, "today," friday, november 4th, 2016. >> from minneapolis to the big apple, we're here for the woo! >> good morning, west palm beach, florida! >> good morning, nashville! woo! >> all the way from baltimore to celebrate my 57th birthday! woo! >> woo!
8:02 am
it is the 4th day of november, 2016. is this a school holiday or something? we have a big crowd out here today. >> it is crazy out here! it's loud. not only is it loud, i would say it is magical out here. if you wonder why all the screams are happening, it is not for us. it is the cast of "fantastic beast." they're here to give us a sneak peek at the highlynt rowling. our crowd, they're waving wands. >> i've got to get one of those wands. i like those. first on this friday morning, here isere is a look a "news at 8." i'm peter alexander on the campaign trail ahead of donald trump's rally in hershey, pennsylvania. trump according to latest polls, maintaining leads in states like arizona and texas. it is a much closer race in georgia.
8:03 am
some of hillary clinton's advantages in some key battlegrounds, a top trump aide this morning tells me trump is going to be going on offense over the course of this final weekend hitting ten separate states in three days. a republican analyst describing that this morning as a hail mary pass for trump. but his closing argument is clear, accusing hillary clinton of being corrupt and saying that she is simply unfit >> honestly? she has no ri you know that. no right. if she were to win, it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis that would cripple the operations of our government. >> reporter: this morning a top trump aide tells me highlighting the fact that hillary clinton is campaigning in pennsylvania today and again on election eve that that simply demonstrates that the democrats are nervous that they might lose the bluest of blue states. now to my colleague, kristen
8:04 am
pittsburgh. >> reporter: peter, good morning. with polls getting tighter, secretary clinton's strategy today aimed to solidify support in some of the states where she already has a lead. she starts her day here in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. she's going to talk about the economy, aiming to energize women voters, and also african-american voters who have been slow to turn out for early voting in some key battleground states. she's raising eyebrows with her second stop, that's michigan, a reliably blue state. some democrats asking if she's worried about losing that state. her campaign denying that, saying it is merely an attempt to solidify that important state where she suffered an upset with bernie sanders during the primary. now she appeared last night in another key battleground state with bernie sanders and superstar pharrell and she sharpened her attacks against donald trump. >> i've had people say that they can't sleep, that their stomachs are bothering them, they have
8:05 am
signal, because this is a big decision. >> reporter: new polls do show warning signs for both candidates. let's start with a new poll out in wisconsin which shows clinton ahead by six points. she has a four to five-point lead in recent polls here in pennsylvania but very narrow leads in florida and north carolina. donald trump is up by one point in the reliably red state of georgia. secretary clinton ends her day in one of the biggest battleground states, ohio. matt? savannah? >> kristen, thank you so much. a program note -- our election day coverage begins right here on "today" next tuesday morning. special prime time coverage starting up at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. that's 4:00 pacific. and you want to tune in wednesday morning for all the results, reaction and analysis. want to tell you about a
8:06 am
samsung recalling almost 3 million top loading washing machines. officials say the top of the machine can unexpectedly detach posing a risk of injury. there are reports of at least nine injuries, including a broken jaw. until the problem is fixed, consumers should only use the delicate or waterproof cycles when washing bulky items. 34 different models are involved in the recall. for the complete list, go to there was a very close call thursday for a florida pilot. take a listen. >> guys! clear the building! clear the building now! >> his plane lost power over a driving track where seminole county deputies were undergoing training. instructors cleared the track and a nearby building just before that plane crash landed and skidded into a chain linked fence. the pilot walked away without a scratch and the faa is investigating. just ahead, why it might be okay never to wash your coffee cup. >> your office coffee cup. then on "popstart!" a rare interview with michael jackson's son, prince. and for "today's original,"
8:07 am
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8:11 am
toys"r"us ...awwwesome! okay. 8:11. time for what's "trending." maria is back for more. >> aren't you happy about that? >> now see what you think of this first one, maria. i think it will alleviate guilt for a lot of people. i worked in an office for many years and i had a dirty coffee cup so i love this story. from the "wall street journal," don't wash your coffee cup every day. an infectious disease expert told the "journal" you can just leave it on your desk, just refill it every single day. but there were two caveats. one, it can't be a cup that i share with other people. okay? al is like glaring at me. also, if you use cream and sugar, you probably shouldn't because if that's left in the mug for several days like some mold and little critters could
8:12 am
>> like a chia pet. >> you don't even have to rinse it with water? nothing? >> if you drink black coffee. how hard is it to walk to the bathroom, rinse with water and put it back on your desk? >> i'm just saying, i work in an office -- >> you didn't just rinse it out with water? >> i've used a dirty cup. >> you like this story? >> first of all, i don't use cream so it is okay. but i am a big coffee drinker. my daughter who is very germophobic is like you didn't rinse the coffee cup. that's so gross. now i can refer her to this story. >> maria, i knew i loved you. i love you. let's go around the table on this one. knew i loved you. i love you. let's go around the table on this one. what makes you most anxious? >> dirty coffee cups. >> my children. >> kids. >> sickness for your sids? >> sitting innext to you. >> we've known each other for a long time. lot of people worry about their help.
8:13 am
illness can actually give you a real illness. researchers in norway finding those obsesve thoughtsre linked to a 73% higher risk of heart disease. >> that makes sense. >> we've got to start thinking about good things. not about being sick every day. you ever want something so badly, you say a little prayer to god, you give me this, i'll start going to church, i won't cuss anymore. imagine how hard cubs and indians fans were praying for victory. nowe' church in illinois is saying, okay, cubs fans, time to hold up your end of the bargain. check out this sign. it is really cute. central baptist church of springfield says on facebook -- fyi -- if you made any promises, service starts 8:35 sunday morning. >> a priest with a sense of humor. fantastic. in a few days, this country will mark a very important milestone. a day that means a lot to a lot of people.
8:14 am
for months. not the election. it is the birthday of maria shriver. maria's birthday coming up. you want to take back the nasty things you said about me? >> does it have my name on it? >> it does! >> this is why you had your pastry bag out this morning. >> that's so sweet. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday, maria. cheers. >> speech! >> you want to take a sniff? >> that's good. i'm actually really touched. >> happy birthday. >> how about "popstart!" in honor of maria's birthday? >> i'll save the bubbly for after. i've learned. because that could be bad. michael jackson's son,
8:15 am
times" about starting his own career and the skills he didn't inherit from his famous father. prince telling the paper he cannot sing or dance like michael but he loves producing the music saying i can never be separated from my father. set that big of an example and i don't really have a problem with that. i'm proud to have his name and to be his son. prince also saying michael once offered him this bit of career advice -- trust no one. >> wow. next, the hollywood legend that is preparing to call it quits. quinten tarantino saying that he plans to stop making feature films after number ten. so far he has released just eight. after that tarantino says his attitude will be, drop the mike, boom, tell everybody, match that "bleep." there you go. finally ryan reynolds and what he said that got him into a little bit of trouble with his wife, blake lively. in september they welcomed their second child, but they're also a very, very private couple so
8:16 am
about that birth until this week when ryan let it slip on national television that the new baby is indeed a make it up to wife? with milk and cookies. blake posting this photos. "the way i know that ryan got himself into trouble." her favorite cookies. remember that, fellas. that's your "popstart!." happy birthday! >> we love maria. al, let's get the weather? shall we? we've got a busy weekend looking ahead. we are watching wet weather making its way into the pacific northwest. more heavy rain from texas into the southwest where we may see some flooding. we'll watch that as well. afternoon. highs, nice and toasty. 70s and 80s through the southwest. 80s through the gulf coast. temperatures throughout much of the country above normal with the exception of the northeast and new england. for new york city marathon sunday, 9:00 a.m., sunny and cool, 50 degrees. by the end of the race it is
8:17 am
a light breeze. should be >> and that's your latest weather. guys? all right, al. thank you. now to a new installment of "today's original" where we work with companies to create new products and to raise money for good causes. as you will recall, al cooked up a new shake shack burger, the roker burger. i got it design a shirt for the yoga brand spiritual gangster. this morning it is matt's turn. >> we live in a digital world, right? you are on your phones and
8:18 am
analog world still. i still like to write my dates in a print calendar and i like to write handwritten thank you notes as opposed to texts and e-mails. so with that in mind i teamed up with a detroit company to create my "today's original." >> reporter: my "today original," good old-fashioned journals and notecards taking us back to a time of civility when people actually took out a piece of paper and a pen to say thank you. i partnered with detroit because i like comeback stories. shinola helped create more jobs in a city once driven by the auto industry. but detroit fell on hard times, and is now seeing a resurgence. >> this is an area that looks to be dying at one point in time, and now we're breathing. >> reporter: a comeback story that includes students like these at the detroit edison public school academy who are a key part of the next generation of success stories.
8:19 am
school where some of the children are even homeless. they were the driving force behind creating my "today original." >> we've laid out some working samples. part of this is that it is personal to you. >> i'd love to kind of remind people about the joy of actually holding on to something that doesn't ring or beep or send you a tone. >> we have options from notecards to paper journal linen journals. >> i love that. my calendar now i have one week on double page. >> i like unlined, too. that's nice. >> that's my closet. you just came up with my closet at home right there. i live that color pallet. >> reporter: three months later my "today original" was in the o works at shinola's factory in detroit. first stop, the leather room
8:20 am
stitched. >> we have one of the first ones off the line. so each product will be stamped with the number 20 to signify 20 years at the "today" show. >> that is so nice of you. thank you. >> we thought maybe you want to take a stab at embossing the first one. >> is it difficult? ky mess it up? i don't want to mess up the first one. you have a guys there so you know it is already there? all right? ky do it? hands out. >> nice! >> i ry >> we'll be going to watches next. we'll suit up because it is a clean room. >> so i am now prepared for the clean room. >> we are. >> okay. complete with the logo on the back. >> looking sharp. >> i just want you to know, al and savannah are already making fun of us. >> reporter: this get-up prevents even the slightest bit of dust from interfering with motion making. >> all the tiny parts that make up really what makes the watch
8:21 am
that's rhonda. >> yaba dabba doo! >> what's that mean? >> good time. >> how are you? nice to see you guys. >> they go off and have a bront ?brontosaurus burger and that's it? >> detroit had been beaten up pretty badly, and i know you guys wanted to be part of the rebuilding of detroit. >> we came here, we saw the future. we wanted to be in a place where we could have an impact. so certainly wanted to create in a city that needed it. >> reporter: shinola is known for craftsmanship. watches, passport holders, journals, date books, and thank you notes finally come together. >> hello, sir. how are you? >> should i be blindfolded or something? >> no, no, no. welcome to the work room. >> wow. >> so this is basically the setup that you would find in the stores. >> we have these journals.
8:22 am
physical calendar. this i love. why don't we write a note and i'll thank people for their help in this cause. >> that is something that we could include in all the products. >> let's never forget the personal touch. thanks for helping. >> reporter: a thank you from me to you because every time you buy a product, the money will go towards scholarships at the detroit edison public school academy. these kids are the seeds from >> hey! what a great pleasure to see you all! >> greetings, matt! thank you and have a great day! >> very nice. >> we are so grateful for your visit today. we heard about you. we heard that you don't necessarily go with the texting and the instagraming. you like handwritten notes. so everyone in here wrote a
8:23 am
taking time from your busy schedule. >> thank you for being willing to give the profits from your product to our scholarship fund. your kindness has proved that you are selfless and you truly care about our community. >> i'm one of these believers that if you still write someone a little note -- when is the last time anybody went to the mailbox and found a letter that was addressedt a special feelin? i can't tell you how much this means to me. i'm so thrilled to be here today. bye-bye! >> that was beautiful! >> i love that school. i'll tell you about that in a second. my shinola thank you notes, journals, date books, passport holders and watch straps are available now. again, the proceeds go to a great cause. scholarships for kids at the detroit edison public school academy. you can find out how to buy them at they're also for sale at the
8:24 am
i'm going to go over there after the show and meet some people. and, we have something for each of you. a journal with your initials on it. >> cute! >> thank you very much. >> i guess that's mine. >> i love your color palette. you actually match it now. >> perfect timing for christmas. to be able to help this school. >> i hope people will get away from the phones and the computers and get back into writing things down. >> can we adorable those kids were at the school? you had a ball. >> that cheer. >> adorable. >> you know what else was adorable? >> what? >> just that hair net and you were worried about your hair getting all over everything. so cute. >> thanks for bringing that back. by the way, if you use these products, we want to see how you're doing it. post your photos using the hashtag lauer notes. just ahead, the you inest creation from j.k. rowling's wizarding world.
8:25 am
to find them."
8:26 am
coming up on channel 20. >> i'm cheryl preheim. here's a look at what's happening on channel 20 channel for 8:00 a.m. police are now investigating a vandalized camp. somebody spray painted messages on the side of the building. we tweeted out video of that a moment ago. we will have a report coming up here on channel 20.
8:27 am
days now. hillary clinton and donald trump both working to get the attention of voters in colorado, so they are sending their teams our way. bill clinton will campaign for hillary today, ben carson for donald trump. traveling outside the country over the holidays? better renew your passport now. millions of passports are expiring and some changes mean it's going to take a lot longer to get a new one. let's check the weather and traffic with marty and amelia. deer in the tr road which is adjacent to the cherry creek station park. mississippi near 225 as well as this view at parker and 225 is where the deer have been spotted. the aurora police department is tweeting out please take it slow if you're headed this direction, just give an extra look, we certainly don't want to see anybody hurt, deer or humanwise here so take it slow through the area. luckily there haven't been any incidents yet. clearing out crashes across the city and it looks fantastic out here.
8:28 am
issues but we will talk about those on channel 20. for us today a dry day today, we have cooler air moving into southwestern colorado along with rain and snow, especially in the san juans, elk mountains and saguache range through the afternoon, the evening and especially overnight tonight into tomorrow morning and that will be the coolest spot in the state, it's sunny there now, we will have clouds rolling in through the morning and moderate to heavy rain in the afternoon and evening. dry for eastern colorado including the front range, up today, a few clouds around tomorrow, light shower or two in the foothills, we actually have another cold front coming through on monday, it's not superstrong but enough to perhaps squeeze out a few rain drops and slightly cooler temperatures for election day and then the middle of next
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on a friday, it is november 4th, 2016. what an adorable crowd we have on our plaza this morning. we're so happy to have them. i got look at this! i'm sorry. i'm just here with my new best friend. >> coming up, we've got a group that's adding to some of the excitement around here this morning. we're talking about the cast of fantastic beasts and where to find them. lot of people looking forward to seeing this movie written by j.k. rowling. eddie redmayne and the cast will
8:31 am
>> matt! >> happy birthday! >> maria's back with a revealing look -- >> i swear, i said i matt, you do it to me every time. >> well! man! >> let's make sure we tell people what you mean by that. all right? >> this is the enthusiasm when we watch the raiders take on the broncos and the nfc match-up, sunday night. we've got it covered for the big game. we've got food help happening
8:32 am
dip. we'll get to that in a minute. >> i'm sorry, there's just so much joy going on. happy birthday, sweetie pie. it is a busy, busy weekend. heavy rain in the pacific northwest, unseasonably warm in the plains. look for sunshine along the eastern seaboard. for sunday -- sunday -- warm through the mississippi river valley, more rain from texas into the mid plains. as we look ahead, election day, the election day forecast looks good lakes, mid-atlantic states. down in the south, temperatures and weather a little on the wet side as you get through the mid mississippi river valley. as we move out west, no big problems. a few showers in the pacific northwest.
8:33 am
>> carson? >> thank you very which is well under way. throughout november we're going to be growing out our beards. some of us, this is just day four. also our mustaches to raise awareness for men's health. 6 out of every 10 men have not talked about prostate cancer or getting screenings with their doctors. nearly 60% of men only go to their doctors when they have
8:34 am
preve preventatively. we'd love to track your progress as well throughout the month to raise awareness for the important cause using the #noshavetoday. carson, thank you so much. harry potter fans certainly have reason to smile this morning. cast of the new movie "fantastic beasts and where to find them" is right here. now this is set 70 years before harry's time at hogwarts when anotr british wizard named
8:35 am
>> let's do a little of this. ? >> here are the movie's stars. oscar winner eddie redmayne, katherine waterston, dan fogler. >> i needha kitchen. a show of hands, mo who was a hy potter fan before being in this project? i heard you even auditioned for one of the early roles. >> that is true. when i was at college i auditioned to play tom riddle and it was -- i don't think the real costume director was there. but the seventh assistant was there. i think i said?? about one lin. i wasn't very successful. >> it worked out.
8:36 am
comes from the mind of j.k. rowling and all of us harry potter aficionados will recognize the title of the textbook in the original harry potter movie with "the fantastic beasts and where to find them" which is one of the books the kids studies. but there was no plot. so it opens it up. don't you think? >> yeah. it was so exciting to get to read the script because nobody knew anything about it except for maybe a few actors and designers and the crew. it was really exciting to be the first people to read it. of intimidation that the hopes and dreams of harry potter fans are resting on your collective shoulders? >> what are you talking about? >> no, you are right. we all felt like when we were making it the people behind this made all the films. so we all felt so -- they made us feel so secure while we were making it. in a sense we started promoting the film. everyone is like how's that
8:37 am
out. how was it for you? you are the no-mag for us. you're the american, not a muggle. you don't have wizarding powers. how do you fit into this group? >> oh, man. you ever read or seen mid summer night's dream? >> yes! >> you know the bottom character? just like a regular dude? but he gets to go into the magical forest and he falls in love with tatania, you know, and he gets to play with the fairies and he gets to play with the wizards and then by the end, he kind of thinks, man, maybe this is where i was supposed to be. you know? >> and your character, newt scamander. he comes over, he has his magical briefcase. he's been going around the world looking for these fantastic beasts. >> he has been traveling around the world studying and finding
8:38 am
case so it has a kind of mary poppins like quality to it. but he arrives in new york and it sets a lot of things in motion. in some ways it is like the catalyst into a bigger story of proper -- back into the potter world of good versus evil. there is a sort of epic scale to it that he triggers. >> epic is a good way to describe it in terms of the effects and just the sweep of all of this. a lot of come here and they'll talk about like, oh, i had to train for this or i did these stunts. as i understand it, at least for the three of you, you had to do some wand work. can we talk about wanding. is it really difficult? >> they've got wand elbow. >> who got wand elbow? was that from like flicking it? >> i think it is doing the same action over and over all day. the next morning you woke up and it really is just like tennis elbow. it's right in there.
8:39 am
>> you practice at home with the wand? >> oh, yeah. i basically just walked around the house all the time. my wand work would never give me a bad elbow. wanding is very easy. not practical. >> we better wrap this segment. i should say, congratulations to you. i know you and your wife have a new little one. little miss iris. how is she? >> she's doing incredibly well. she's heaven. we're very lucky. >> we're so happy for you. great to see all of you. i know we will see you a lot because there will be more sequels in this, we hope. >> good luck. >> thank you so much. catch "fantastic beasts and
8:40 am
and on imax november 18th. coming up, maria shriver is here to take us inside the male brain. hmm. but first, this is "today."
8:42 am
back now at 8:42 with more of our "brain power today" series and the question what makes men act the way we do? no jokes. special anchor here with a look inside the male brain. good morning. >> no jokes, right? okay. no jokes. good morning, the truth is men and women's brains are far more alike than they are different. that's true. far more alike. but there are in fact small differences that may have a big effect on men's behavior. >> this is about work! >> no. this isn't about work. this is about us getting closer and you getting so freaked out. >> reporter: let's face it -- men's brains aren't always on
8:43 am
>> we have the same thoughts a little bit. i think men are more calm, quiet, reserved. >> i feel like men are not very organized in general compared to women. we don't like to plan ahead. >> those small differences in our brains can have the two sexescting >> reporter: in a new book, a psychiatrist goes inside the male brain to help explain some typical male behaviors. >> the male brain reads emotions very quickly shuts it down very quickly behind the masculinity. >> i don't think emotion was a word i used growing up. >> reporter: michael is part of a support group for men. study shows male brains often are wired to be emotional fixers in relationships. >> sits it's very much male wanting to fix it when he is feeling
8:44 am
conflicts in relationships because she feels not heard by him and thinks he's just running over her. >> well, some things can't be fixed. one thing i learned in this work, we talk about well, why don't we just sit with them. >> sit with not being able to fix. >> sit with whatever it is. whatever the feelings are. see what comes up. >> reporter: during pregnancy, a lot comes up for men as well. call it the doting daddy brain. >> his testosterone starts to go down and his parenting hormone by the time the baby is born, he's already being primed, also, to be a parent. >> reporter: but too often, she says, men get pushed out of quality time with their newborns. >> when my daughter was born, i could feel my want to really connect with her. i was feeling angry at my partner because i feel like i wasn't given the space to kind of spend time. >> reporter: the message to new moms -- leave dad alone with baby.
8:45 am
attention from their fathers in their first five years of life actually have better reading scores in school. >> reporter: and as men enter their golden years, hormones in their brains fluctuate just like women's. >> they end up having a little more oxitocin, the cuddle hormone. lots of older men say that they really enjoy cuddling more. >> with my grandson, i'm able i think to be far more expressive and physically him than i ever could with my own children. >> reporter: but drops in their testosterone also leave older men vulnerable to mood swings. in fact, our new state of men 2016 survey found nearly half of men feel more depressed than they admit to people. the mankind project helps men learn how to share their feelings. >> i never really learned until i joined this group of men that
8:46 am
armor go, and doing that i could somehow become more of a man myself. >> wow. that i was reading this script earlier going check, check. i identify with all of that. >> and so many women don't understand that. because men don't communicate that. so i'm hopeful that that piece, or understanding that men's brains are a lot like ours but there are also differences and that will foster communication and action. >> and my cuddle hormones are going crazy rig >> maria, thank you. by the way, thank those men you interviewed. >> i was going to say that but you cut right into my tag. >> because it was going past without you doing it. >> you interrupted me. the man kind project. find out a lot more about it at >> my cuddle hormones just crashed. maria, thank you. up next, flank steak, fries
8:47 am
but first, this is "today"
8:48 am
8:49 am
we're back now, 8:49 with "today loves football food." getting ready for sunday night's game between the denver broncos and oakland raiders with help from serena wolf, author of "the this is tough because you are taking traditional snack food and dude food and making it healthier. >> exactly. dude diet, the realistic and approachable healthy lifestyle for people who want to look better and feel hotter without giving up all the awesome foods they love. >> have you noticed i've been poking into the kitchen all morning? i love flank steak. >> these are the key players.
8:50 am
t t tomatillos. i love a flank steak, it is a little bit leaner so you can eat more of it. >> you can slice it nice and thin. talk to me about marinating. >> we'll marinate it real quickly. pour these into the bowl. a little olive oil and lime juice. garlic and cumin. then just give this a little whisk. pour it right into a ziplo o that up, get as much air out as possible. swish it around. marinate that at room temperature. you don't have to put it in the fridge. leave it out for 20 minutes. >> how do you get the husks off these things? >> have you seen a tomatillo before? you can just peel this off with your hands. they sell them in most supermarkets now. it is a little sticky. you need to rinse these really,
8:51 am
with a little bit of citrus in it. >> we have our tasters downstairs. >> this is going to come down to the raiders defense, they've ranked 31st. >> okay, dude. >> should be a raiders win. >> we have some tomatillos sliced. under the broiler for four, five minutes a side. they come out a little shrunk be and charred. that brings out the fl processor with -- then over here, dump this cilantro, jalapeno, garlic, salt. >> how long do you pulse that? >> it is going to be pretty quick actually. just let it go until it is nice and smooth like this. comes out looking like that. it is nice and creamy from the avocado. it is really high in antioxidants.
8:52 am
marinating. this is already seasonedit pepp. put that right on the grill. that will cook for four or five minutes. >> how does this taste, guys? >> really great. >> the fries are terrific. >> so you sliced it up nice and thin. >> slice it up nice and thin. then just bring this over here. we serve it with the salsa. you can put this on a oven baked fries so they're healthier. you have homemade sriracha there, ketchup kicked up with hot sauce. >> how are you voting for? denver or oakland? >> i'm going to have to go with denver. >> you just angered carson. >> second-best steak i've had in a long time. >> serena, thank you so much. great to see you.
8:53 am
watch the raiders host the broncos sunday night. coverage begins at 7:00 eastern time. we're back in a employment.
8:54 am
willie is here with a look at what's coming up on sunday. >> that was not enthusiastic.
8:55 am
>> sunday we'll be just two days from the election. we'll break down the states and numbers to watch with chuck todd and nicolle wallace. then pop star common on issues of race and injustice in america. >> i'm thinking the work you do outside music, people could call you a modern day civil rights leader. would you be happy with that label right now? >> well, i definitely want to do the work. i don't know if i would like to be that, but i feel i got some ways to go. but i'm going to do the work, i'm going to do it. >> common, so smart, so fun to talk to. had a lot to say about what's happening in the country right now. he has a new album called "black america again." he'll be performing in the next hour this morning. heard him rehearsing earlier. cool. very cool. >> i love all your profiles you are doing. are you just like meeting all of your heroes? >> yeah.
8:56 am
w time with them. you get to spend more than you do with an interview. we'll have common coming up. and harry connick jr. >> heartthrob.
8:57 am
this is 9news. hi, herb, i'm gary shapiro with -- hi, everyone, i'm gary shapiro with this 9news update. just four days for the candidates to prove they are worthy of your vote if you haven't decided yet, both hillary clinton and donald trump have been spending -- sending, i should say, spending and sending multiple people to colorado for the cause. our state is one of the critical swing states. today bill clinton will be campaigning in pueblo, denver, ft. colorado springs for the democratic nominee. for the republicans, former rival ben carson is holding a rally today, he will be with oklahoma governor and they will have it in colorado springs, castle rock and aurora. marty joins us now with the weather forecast. going to be another nice weekend. it's just so dry. >> it is very dry here, moderate drought for here along the i-25 corridor. however, we are going to put a dent in the drought in the central and southwest parts of
8:58 am
southwestern colorado this afternoon, snow at and above 8000 feet, several inches of new snow from the sawatch range, especially down through the san juans by midday tomorrow we will see some showers over the southeastern plains tomorrow. looks like we will get shut out, though our friends in the foothills just to the west of town may see some light rain tomorrow afternoon. for us today, it is a warm, dry day, clouds move into southwestern colorado and the rain really gets going down in that part of the clouds this afternoon with near 70 today, mid to upper 60s tomorrow and sunday, does turn slightly cooler for the beginning of next week but with an average high of 58 that's not so unusual at all. >> remember fall back on saturday night.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," it had to be him. harry connick jr. co-hosting again. and "freebie friday." just wait until you see the fabulous prizes you could win at home. and the puzzle wizard with a brain teaser all that coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" for a friday morning. it is november 4th, 2016. i'm al, along with tamron. the one, the only, harry connick jr. so great, because normally i'm not here, you're filling in for me. >> i've missed you. you know how i can tell that i
9:01 am
feeling in my heart because i've known you for so many years. i saw you sitting there, i said oh, al's here today. >> is that what you said? >> i did. it is good to see you. >> yesterday i was making dinner after i had gotten home, turned on channel 5 here in new york and watched your show just in time for back it up. >> now whenever i see harry i instantly back it up. do people do that just when they see you? >> people are sending in videos of themselves backing it up. i'm backing it >> i guess we should explain this. or not. just leave it out there. figure it out. >> love that. >> it's on your show. speaking of which, you've got something kind of fun going on tonight. these tiny houses are all the rage. people are downsizing. you've teamed up with shark vacuums which is great because that doesn't suck -- >> see? that's why i missed al so much. only al can get away with those jokes. >> no. he's not getting away with it either.
9:02 am
>> i am so excited. i'm going to be on the street right in front of the intrepid in new york city. i'm going to be in there all night long. i'm having a house party. my band and going to be there. i'm going to spend the night by myself in the house. >> what are the dimensions? >> small. >> you're like 6'0" tall? >> i'm 6'1". i haven't been in the house yet but i've been doing a lot of training. going into boxes. >> why do you want to do th? >> because i figured david blaine can do it, go into times square and be in a block of ice? i'm going to one-up him. sleep in a tiny house. deal with it! >> so can we drive by? >> yeah. >> it's on wheels. we should drive by the middle of the night. >> i'll wake up in rutherford. something like that. guys? >> where am i? we're going to watch for that. >> just the whole idea.
9:03 am
tour bus going across the north sea in the bottom of a ship. i didn't wake up. they put my tour bus on the bottom of a ship in a thunderstorm. the bus drove on to the ship. everybody got off the bus, forgot i was in the back. i woke up in the belly of a slip in the thunderstorm. it was the weirdest thing. you can tell me about tiny house and i would not know until i woke up in rutherford. >> the band forgot you. >>re so we're back now. we had a fun time. i got to tell you -- listen, i was rooting for the indians. worked there for five years. but if anybody had to win the world series, so thrilled that the cubs did it. it was -- and we had this almost planes, trains and automobiles thing. we were in cleveland for the game seven, which was just insane. then had to fly to chicago. but we couldn't get in to chicago because the weather was bad so we landed in milwaukee. then drove --
9:04 am
then came home. but, man. it was unbelievable being out there hanging out. >> what was it like hanging with bill murray. >> bill was ahead of me one row. when you go to a game with bill murray, bill murray's there with everybody. he's handing out m & ms. he's letting you have some that nachos. for example, i've never had this bourbon called fireball. >> you have? >> no, i don't drink but i know all about fireball. apparently apparently it is very good. >> it's a cinnamon infused -- >> look at you. >> then i had 108-year-old port at harry caray's. >> perspective for people at home, he's no hoda and kathie lee when it comes to drinking. no one is hoda and kathie lee when it comes to drinking. >> no.
9:05 am
>> no. >> what got into you? >> you're in the spirit. when you're tired you think i'll do anything. wow, a port? great. rubbing alcohol? this is fantastic. >> what did you like? the port or fireball did. >> i think the port. it was very nice. very nice. >> di . >> you did a great job. >> got the parade at 11:00 central, 10:00 a.m. eastern. we brought something for you. >> you brought us gifts? >> we brought you gifts. this is, thanks to our friends at world championship hats. >> that's sweet! >> oh, my goodness! >> al, was it one of those events like super bowls and all major sporting events, you think you're going to remember them forever. but that one really seems like -- >> because it was the game seven -- to me, listen. i'm 62. i don't ever remember any game seven like this.
9:06 am
this history of not winning. you had extra innings, and you had a rain delay. it was just -- we said, as long as it doesn't go into extra innings, the game will be okay. of course, it went into extra innings. >> these are awesome gifts. thank you so much! i love this. you have a hat clause or something? you didn't put your on. >> i love hats. i want to keep it pristine. >> you're > guys. >> put that hat in your tiny house. >> no, i'm going to put it on ebay. >> you got this great thing going on. you're on "today's take." it's "harry's take." >> so people -- i'm so flattered that people ask me to sing my songs. i thought it would be nice on my show to sing songs that i've never sung before. thousands of people have sent in requests of me to sing songs other than mine from any era.
9:07 am
'60s, '70s, '80s, '90s but one request stuck out. it was sir mix a lot's "baby got back." i think we have a clip. i did it in a different way ? i like big butts and i cannot lie ? ? you other brothers can't deny that when a girl walks in with an itty-bitty waist and a round thing in your face ? you get sprung ? ? you want to pull up tough cause you notice that butt was stuffed ?
9:08 am
hooked and i cannot stop staring ? ? i i like big butts ? >> classic. >> yes. yes. >> fantastic. >> that's a classic. >> i feel they should sing that at weddings. >> they don't write lyrics like that anymore. >> they say that is the great american song right there. >> they write lyrics like that, they just don't sing them like >> what's going on with the empire state building? >> did you see my instagram? >> i did not. i missed it. i missed it. i'm sorry. >> yesterday. that's me at the empire state building. what's so awesome about it, no one -- no journalist has ever been allowed that far up. i was -- yeah. >> where are you? >> this is the dome where the antenna are. only construction workers are allowed to go up this far. i got an exclusive.
9:09 am
we're going to air it next week. >> were you terrified? >> no. when the -- >> when the ape came there. >> they let me in this area where only construction workers get to sign. i was essentially at 105 stories up tethered just by a string. >> would you do that, al? >> i would. i climbed up -- not the same height but i've climbed up the george washington bridge and helped change the lig >> how far was that? >> i think it was 30 stories. but you are walking along that cable. that's only like a foot wide. >> well, this was incredible. it was 105, 106 stories up. we'll show you what happened when we got up there. aside of my bear grylls, i went out in the wild with bear grylls -- >> you should climb to the top of my tiny house. just sit up there, have a hot dog or something. >> that sounds like a classic
9:10 am
? climb up to my tiny house ? ear worms. that's when you get a song stuck in your head. yesterday nick lachey was here from 98 degrees and that song ? give me just one night ? >> is that the choreography? >> i sang that all day including on top of the empire state building. a new study identifies three similarities in songs. upbeat, tempos, pitch patterns, similar to other popular songs, anup notes. these are the things that make them stick in your head. for example, this song. ? strangers waiting up and down the boulevard ? >> do you think it get stuck in your head maybe because it gets -- you hear it all the time? >> yeah. >> i think that's why it gets stuck in your head. because you hear that song -- it's just one of the best rock songs ever. >> one more. this one i love.
9:11 am
? la la la la ? >> you don't know this one either? >> you know that tune. >> no. i know the next one. number one. gaga ooh-la-la. >> see that won't stick in my head. >> what sticks in your head, al? >> uh, "go cubs go." i've heard that now -- because its simple and >> what's your ear worm? is. >> i like "lean on me." repetitive. i do that on harry's take today. >> all right. one song we soon won't be able to get out of our head, "all i want for christmas is you" the one song that made mariah carey zillions of dollars. she made this on the casio keyboard all on her own.
9:12 am
i just love "o holy night." >> "hark the herald angels sing." >> see, mine is mariah carey. >> that's such a famous song. that's been around for a while. >> i'm getting my tree this weekend. i did hot pick last year, purple the year before and lavender. so i got to get my tree. is it too early? >> our stage manager, zach, is going -- >> fine. coming up, harry and i have been going ladies and gentlemen, on this major point of etiquette. on the last few dies days we have not been seeing eye to eye. >> because he's taller. >> i've got more hair. >> that's true. al is going to chime in. if you are going through a revolving door, does the man go first or the woman? the answer after this. and it's fre"freebie friday." wait until you see what we have for you this friday. including you at home. when i first started working with capital one,
9:13 am
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white breast meat chicken in all of our chicken soups! behold our greatest opus. and do you know, if you mix up the letters of opus, what it spells? it spells ?soup!? soup is our opus! and we create with glorious chicken. we are back with more of "today's take." our guest co-host harry connick jr. i guess you guys have this raging debate going. >> yes. knock-down drag-out fight. >> i noticed how many men don't let women on the elevators first. or off. it bugged me the other day. i mentioned it and we started talking about male/female etiquette. i said revolving door. who is supposed to go through the revolving door first? harry, you said? >> this is what i think.
9:16 am
emily post etiquette rule that contradicts my thought, but here's the technique of it. you never walk into a building in front of a woman under any circumstances. so if there is a revolving door and i'm with jill, i start the movement of the door, i let jill go in first, and then i go after her. the only time i would ever go before her in a revolving door is if i'm going outside because it might be raining, you have to see what's going on. that is the only building together, i'll get the motion started. it is an antiquated theory to assume that a woman doesn't have the strength to push the door open. >> so you're saying you push it, then i would slide in -- >> you don't have to slide. i make sure that you have enough room. i control the motion. >> as it were. >> as it were! >> what do you say? >> i say you both go in together. >> yeah! yes. >> okay. we did a story a couple years ago on the "today" show and the rule was that the man goes
9:17 am
institute which you knew. they said men traditionally enter a revolving door first if it wasn't moving. but women went first if it was already in motion. this is old etiquette. based on the notion -- >> that's right. it's antiquated. that's antiquated. the man needs to get it going. then the woman goes through. unless you're going outside. you nevert woman be the first person -- >> when you are walking with your wife on the street. you're on the outside. >> why are you on the street side? >> because in the old days there was stuff in the gutters and stuff. the splashing. >> in the bed, do you sleep at the side of the bed closest to the door or do you put your wife closest to the door? >> this is a case where my wife -- anything she wants. so she wants -- wherever she wants to sleep, she's cool. how about walking up the stairs? i'm always behind you. coming down the steps, i'm always in front of you. >> i think guys should be in front of you walking down but
9:18 am
i'll catch you. >> you're such a gentleman! >> as we go to our local stations for weather, don't forget, daylight savings time, fall back. set your clocks back. >> i don't get it. >> check your batteries >> that's your latest weather. i got my times picked up.
9:19 am
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9:22 am
warm up with pillsbury. so it is "freebie friday" and today we are giving out bose quiet comfort 35 wireless headphones and bose sound touch 10 bluetooth speakers to three fans out on the plaza. >> let's see who wants them. i'm so excited. >> let's roll. come on. come on. follow me this way. lady goes first, right? >> yes, indeed. >> so, then, harry, they can listen to some of your finest tunes. we've got two minutes. they're rushing me. >> this is going to be tough going outside before you. >> just follow me, harry. >> i have to go out first. >> go, honey, go. >> he's such a gentleman. >> no, i have to let you go. >> all right. harry connick, you are first.
9:23 am
there you go! what's your name. >> natalie. >> how are you? is. >> let's send it back in to al. >> it is crazy out here. >> al, what's up? >> okay. so here's the great news, guys. for you folks at home, we have three more headphones and three spears t give away to our fans at home. you want to find out how you's take. we would love you to like us. so please, the bose headphones and these speakers. we got three of each to give away to you at home. go to's take and like us. hey, while we continue just ahead, if you obsess over solving the clues on nbc's hit "blind spot," we're going to
9:24 am
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9:27 am
9:30 am
from mind from mind b blowing magic t impressive illusions, our next guest is the mastermind behind some of holiday's hottest tricks. the lead magic consultant for the bank heist film "now you see he's also the puzzle writer, for the last two seasons he's worked with the team behind all those puzzles, secret codes, and tattoos on nbc's hit show "blind spot." david is here today with challenging puzzles for us and a chance for you to win a trip to new york. nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> how do you come up with this magic?
9:31 am
mind blowing. people thought a lot of that stuff was done with cgi. and it wasn't. >> some was, some wasn't but it started with the director and writers. i worked with a great creative team. it was a wonderful collaborative effort to come up with all that stuff. if you want to learn how to rob a bank, we can talk after the show. >> what about -- okay. "blindspot." the puzzles, the tattoos. do you start with the answer and work your way backward? >> the writers and creator has come up with the long game. we did start at the beginning with those tattoos and the puzzles that are embedded there. week to week sometimes we figure out what the crime of the week is and we work backwards. it is a puzzle for us to figure it all out. >> you've got some puzzles. you've got a bunch. we'll answer them in the form of these cross words but these are all presidents. >> yes. i'm going to give you ten clues.
9:32 am
here's the first one. >> president james garfield. >> president garfield. >> i was so nervous. >> garfield goes here because it is the only one that's eight letters. the next one -- what movie is this? billy -- james madison. >> so hard to guess. >> we took it out. >> here's the next one. >> i feel so stupi >> mary tyler moore. president tyler. >> our tenth president, john tyler. >> next! >> oh. stewart, mr. smith -- >> goes to washington. >> yes. washington is going to be
9:33 am
behind you? >> next. this one's so hard. tom hanks plays a congressman. he has a war. >> i forget the name of the movie. >> charlie -- >> charlie wilson. >> yes! very good! >> on it! on it! on it! >> you inspired me. >> that one was so hard. sorry. but i needed to put it in there. who is this friendly aardvark? >> arthur! >> yes! >> i get a point for the fact i knew it was "a." >> this next one is so hard so my apologies. >> oh. >> that's -- >> drill bit is the first part. president zachary -- >> taylor! >> drill bit taylor! yes. >> zachary taylor. >> i'm so glad i know how to play the piano. >> i needed that for a very special reason. >> president adams. >> this next one is my favorite one. it is late in the title. we have the assassination of lincoln.
9:34 am
>> this is crazy. >> crazy. >> robert -- four letters -- >> taft! >> cover ford. that's so hard but we're going to end strong here with jim carrey. >> truman! >> yeah! >> back it up, back it up, back it up. it is about finishing. >> that is fantastic. >> gentlemen, there was a secret answer this whole time. i constructed this puzzle so that the intersection here, these nine letters have significance and i'm going to circle those and these nine letters spell t-o-d-a-y. s-h-o-w. that is the "today" show. >> that's not the only puzzle david's got for us. we are launching a "blindspot"
9:35 am
challenging puzzle just for you. >> if you solve the puzzles correctly you'll have a chance to win a trip for two to new york city to go on a set visit to nbc's "blindspot." here is the first puzzle. can you solve it? >> it is going to be on our website, puzzle. don't give it away. >> i know it! >> don't give it away. >> i know it. >> you can catch "blindspot" wednesday nights at 8:00, 7:00 central. right here on nbc. >> let's do this together. >>xt our dynamic duo of superstar chefs are cooking up butternut squash two ways after these messages. >> they are right in here in the kitchen. w pixel phone by google. only on verizon. okay, google, show me korean restaurants in boulder. (google assistant) i found a few places. (announcer vo) the only network than can power the first phone with the new google assistant, unlimited photo storage, and a stunning vr experience.
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9:40 am
good morning. >> we're making sort of a play on a squash bruschetta. celery root is one of those vegetables. >> there is our grid. bacon, butternut squash, cheese, peppers. >> i think that the celery is one of those you see at the grocery store like what do you do with that? what do i do with butternut squash that's unique and different. a little bit of butter and oil to help we would just season as we go. this is what ends up coming out of the oven 15 to 20 minutes later. it is all nice and just tender. but not mushy. then add in some raisins for a little bit of sweet. some pistachios for a little bit of crunch. some sugar for a little bit more sweet. capers for some saltiness and a little bit of vinegar. kind of playing off a nice sweet and sour.
9:41 am
whipped feta. >> could you substitute something like a ricotta? >> sure. just a little ricotta schmeared on top. it is a nice way to have butternut squash as a snack when your guests come over. >> beautiful. >> looking good! >> a lovely butternut squash soup. >> yes. the biggest thing people have at the spices. star anise, clove, peppercorn. tie this in a knot. some people buy it cubed, a time saver. or we can just chop it up into quarter-inch slices. i have some shallots warming up. you want to seed that for me? we don't have time on the "today" show because i'm sharing my time today with my friend.
9:42 am
series. sharing is caring. shallots, butternut squash. the chicken brought. this cooks dn for about 25 minutes. most importantly, clove and star anise is very strong but you want to take it out right beforehand and get your im immersion blender. >> what's great, this is dairy-free. >> don't worry, tamron. >> she knows ecaxactly what shes front of tamron. >> most importantly, garnish. >> i'm out. i'll be back. >> tamron hall's dress provided by butternut. >> honey! come back! >> you can put them in little cups for hors d'oeuvres. >> this is really good. it is so good. really delicious.
9:43 am
>> donna ttella, stephanie, tha you so much. get this -- mark your calendar. november 23rd over 30 chefs will be on our plaza for a pre-thanksgiving day celebration. it is going to be a thanksgiving chef-a-palooza. nobody has ever done anything like this. guess what? that's what'
9:44 am
catch up with common. he's got a brand-new album and he's going to give us a listen right after these messages. ? ? well, if you want to sing out, sing out ? ? and if you want to be free, be free ? ? now you can collect 4 trolls characters. one free, inside specially marked general mills cereals. dreamworks trolls. rated pg.
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series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. there are a lot of ways you can describe common. is he an academy award, golden globe and grammy award sinning singer, songwriter, producer and actor. >> common has 3 of the 4 legs of the coveted he got. maybe he will hit broadway soon. i'm going it look at whatever camera i want to. maybe he'll take home the coveted he could do it. >> for now he's out with one of his most powerful albums yet titled "black america." his 11th. good morning. last time you were here you were in your acting role in "selma." >> i feel like this is a continuation of "selma" and glory because those are songs, music and art that speaks up for society and social issues and black america.
9:49 am
people and bringing what black culture is to the forefront. not just the protests, but the joy, the love, the spirituality, your god and us. just creating that equality. that's what the music is. >> it is great. common was on my show the other day. we had such a great time. what i learned most about you because i know you publicly -- but when i got a chance to hang with this guy, you are a terrific guy. >> thank you. >> just a good soul. it was nice spending time with you. take it away. >> yes. thank you. ?-? hold on won't be long ? ? suddenly the southern trees we hung from baring souls forgive them father they know it is not
9:50 am
? ? pride of the pilgrims affect lives of millions ? ? for now we know the new jim crow the stop, search and arrest the black souls. philosophies of control, a cruel hand taking hold we let go to free them so we can free us ? ? america's moment to come to ? freedom freedom come ? ? freedom come ? ? hold on hold on won't be long ? ? won't be long ? ? freedom freedom come ? ? freedom come ? ? hold on won't be long ? ? black bodies being lost in the american dream.
9:51 am
still alive check amendment 13 ? ? not whips and chains are subliminal. instead of slave they use the word criminal ? ? sweet land of liberty shock me with your gun and now you want to trump me ? ? america we staring in the face of hate again ? ? the same hate they say will make america great again ? ? for america to rise it is a matter of black lives and we going to free ? america's moment to come to jesus come on ? ? freedom freedom come ? ? freedom come ? ? hold on won't be long ? ? it won't be long ? ? freedom freedom come ? ? freedom come ? ? hold on won't be long ?
9:52 am
? ? ? freedom freedom come ? ? freedom freedom hold on ? ? hold on ? ? said it won't be long ? ? won't be long ? ? won't be long ? ? freedom ? ? freedom come ? ? ? hold on ? ? it won't be long ? ? freedom ? ? i tell you it's coming ? ? if you just look forward hold on won't be long ? ? said it won't be long ? ? freedom freedom come ? ? freedom hold on won't be
tv-commercial tv-commercial
9:53 am
? hold on hold on ? >> woo! that's so powerful. thank you so much, common. make sure you get his new album. we are back. this is "today" on nbc. bravo! gosh.
9:55 am
we love harry! >> we do want to thank you. >> you want to come into the tiny house? >> i love you. >> mind boggles. hey, who you got coming up?
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