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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  November 4, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MDT

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passionate and personal account of the power of deciding who gets to be in power. >> homes under construction need repairs after a crane has a really bad friday. >> raiders week. >> and the broncos might be missing a key player for that rivalry game. no matter what mike klis is ready to go. 9news starts now. >> yet another time we're telling you about a local medical worker trusted to care for others and now faces charges for stealing drugs. in this case, though, the nurse at the center of the latest case got a job in colorado after being fired in oklahoma for testing positive for drugs and getting caught twice stealing them. casey unra is a former nurse at university of colorado hospital in aurora. she is accused of mishandling and possibly taking medications
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working in the dialysis unit. the state health department was notified about the possible drug diversion in july. unra was arrested yesterday. fewer than 50 people where she worked were told to be tested for hepatitis c. so far there is no evidence of any infections. the number of patients possibly affected in this case is far fewer than the one involving rocky allen. he was a surgical tech at swedish medical center who pleaded guilty to stealing fentanyl and putting nearly 3,000 patients at risk. and may face seven to 11 years in prison. a niwot high school teacher was arrested accused of assaulting a student in class. 43-year-old dillon hollingsworth turned himself into the boulder county jail this afternoon. he grabbed a 17-year-old by the neck and kicked him in the groin for using profanity. apparently he had warned his weight lifting class the next person to swear would be punished. at least 25 other students were
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for the second time tonight donald trump's headquarters in denver was targeted by vandals. this evening someone threw a rock through the windows of the offices as staffers worked inside. nobody was hurt. police have the suspect in custody. this morning vulgar graffiti was sprayed on the side of the building. it's unknown whether the suspect who threw the rock had anything to do with that. volunteers are back tonight for the second time today repairing that damage. the candidates are donald trump will campaign here for the 2nd weekend in a row. tomorrow night at 9:30 he will rally at the flash western complex in denver. last weekend trump -- national western complex in denver. last weekend trump held two events. bill clinton campaigned today in pueblo, den and fort collins. -- denver and fort collins. bernie sanders will campaign for her tomorrow in colorado spring. >> third-party candidates are
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libertarian gary johnson will campaign at colorado christian university at 3:00 sunday. coloradans can take a ballot selfie as long as it's outside of a polling place. today a u.s. district court judge issued an injunction that said you cannot be charged of taking a photo of your completed ballot at home and sharing it online. however, it is still illegal to photograph your completed ballot at a polling place, colorado's law making it illegal to show your completed ballot dates back intimidation and vote selling. no one has ever been charged as a result of this. a lawsuit to overturn the law is working its way through the courts of. anastasiya bolton does not cover politics for 9news, but she is passionate about voting. she was born in russia. despite all the represent rick she says she treasure -- rhetoric she says she treasures
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country voting is a right. to me it's brave. i was born in moscow -- a privilege. i was born in moscow. i immigrated in the mid-'90s. my first presidential election was in 2008. i had just become a citizen. i registered immediately. i was proud to vote. i didn't do the mail-in ballot. i went to my polling place because i wanted to know how it felt to actually matter. to be heard and for my voice to count. i touched that machine ever so gently to make sure i was doing the right thing and i apologize. this is emotional for me even still. so when i watched the inauguration of my first president, i cried. it was slightly embarrassing
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the gym. apparently i'm a public cryer. so i looked at him and said out loud this is my president. russia is a place where strong vocal members of opposition are mysteriously or not so mysteriously killed in the streets in the heart of the city. the place where being a journalist is dangerous is where i'm from and while it's not all bad, i choose, i am lucky enough to be able to choose to i'm an american. i raise my family here. i vote here. it makes me mad when people are cavalier with their privilege when they say it's not important or they won't participate because they're mad and nothing will change. i am passionate about our democracy. i am excited to cast my ballot
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heard. i know it matters and i am certain i will count. >> there's been an astonishing response to anastasia's comment throughout the evening. george said i volunteered to register voters this election and was surprised at the number of people who told me they weren't voting. on facebook sheryl wrote thank you. people born here take so much for granted and any it will always be here. thank you -- and think it will always be here. thank if you would like to share her story with the people you're connected with, add your own comments, you can find the piece and a shareable link on the next with kyle clark facebook page. a man accused of killing a woman in a hit and run was going 100 miles an hour over the speed limit at the time of the crash. prosecutors charged tyler with a murder after the recorder on his challenger showed his speed
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slammed into the other car on october 10th. the speed limit is 35 miles an hour. white ran from the crash and was later found naked in a lake at city park. the two men accused of starting the cold springs fire near nederland this summer admit doing it. they both pleaded guilty to arson today. the fire started after the men failed to properly put out their campfire. that fire destroyed eight homes. nearly 2,000 people had evacuate. they'll be sentenced later this month. someone's answer to the question how was your week is well, i tipped over a crane on friday. listen, stuff happens and it did in the sunnyside neighborhood in danger where a large crane tipped over onto a home. luckily no one was hurt, clearly a lot of repair work to
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here in denver forecasting the future is all they do. it's a center sought after by organizations and governments around the world to help them make decisions of effects 20, 30, 50 years down the line. one of those is power of forecasts from the u.s. and china. we get the glimpse of a future from inside a place relatively unknown until now. [ speaking chinese ] >> reporter: at language school a second language is second nature for these 5th graders. and that language is mandarin chinese. from kindergarten through 8th grade students here are fully immersed in either spanish or mandarin chinese. every single subject save for english class is adult in that second language. >> what we do is teach all the
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any other school in colorado, but we do all of our content in another language. >> reporter: sidney beaufort enrolled in the school at an early age and is now in 8th grade. >> it really definitely helps when you start at a younger age because from there on you kind of just catch on with everything. >> reporter: and she understands it's a valuable skill. >> can do a lot for my future. >> reporter: a future where china becomes even more powerful than it is no >> we would describe what we do as forecasting. >> reporter: the center director jonathan moyer. >> we tend to work with governments and big international organizations. >> reporter: but one thing they're all interested in is the future.
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model standing for international futures. it relies on computers and uses hundreds of millions of data points to create a forecast of a possible future. 1 model here took a look at the u.s. and china and their sheriff power in the world and what that model projects? china will become just as powerful as the u.s. by year 2030, just 14 years from now, and beyond that -- at some point does your model show world super power? >> our model would suggest that there's a very high probability that china will have more institutional and material capabilities than the united states over the next 20 years. >> reporter: in other words, more economic output, military strength and technological development. the question is what does all that mean for future generations of americans? >> whether the united states can simply spend more on its
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research and development of technology or whether the united states can simply outgrow the rise of china, i think the most likely scenario is that china rises and the u.s. and china have a competitive relationship moving forward and increasingly parts out these separate spheres of -- parse out these separate spheres of influence. >> reporter: which the nv their paths forward and perhaps the nations, too. >> i've always had an idea of being a translator of some sort. >> reporter: a skill that could be increasingly more valuable in the years ahead. maya rodriguez, 9news. >> the party center was founded on the idea of transparency. so all their information is open sourced and you can see their models for yourself. we have a link to them online at first samsung had an issue
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phones catching fire, tonight a major issue with its washing machines. >> we have to turn the clocks back in an hour, not everyone happy about it. >> reporter: later in sports an eye popping blowout in the nhl and its connection to
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another recall involving samsung products. on the plus side it won't catch fire in your pocket. on the con side it is a washing machine that's been exploding. nearly 3 million top loading
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mostly bruises. samsung says customers can choose to get a repair kit to reinforce the lid or a rebate for a new washer. this weekend is daylight saving time is coming to an end. we have to remember to change our clocks or watches, but we do get an extra hour of sleep. a lot of people say the trouble just isn't worth it. tell us what you think. go to should we get rid of daylight saving time and enjoy the morning sunlight or stay in changing our clocks so it evens out and. us in a constant state of confusion this time of -- and keep us in a constant state of confusion this time of year. we went out to the 16th street mall to see what people said. >> i luke the extra hour of sleep, -- like the extra hour of sleep, but i don't really know if it's worthwhile. >> i'd be curious to know why it happens. then maybe i'd have a different stance. >> i think the sunlight is
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dark a lot faster now. >> like it or not, the change will officially happen at 2 a.m. sunday morning. dr. bob stencil at university of denver says regardless of your opinion there are reasons most of the u.s. still shifts times with the seasons. >> it's really much more moved over to a contractors schedule where they would like to get started as early as possible and so an adjustment of time still makes sense, by and large. >> we've got more about the time changes on our facebook page. remember when you change the clocks this weekend, also change the batteries in your smoke detector, just a reminder. sunshine and 70s on tap this afternoon across the metro area, a far cry from this time last year. last year we were getting ready for that first snowfall of the season on november 5th, just an inch which kind of got me thinking where in the world is the snowfall around here? get this.
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on record, right now november 21st set back in 1934. that was the latest first snow we'd ever seen. any question, will we see snow in denver in 17 days? the long range models, not so keen on that one. so far no snow, but that average usually around 57 inches. today nothing but sunshine. peter capturing this great shot. it almost looks like those clouds are part of a painting, centennial airport, 72 in downtown denver and dia the same. warm across the eastern plains, 50s and 60s. out to the west the storm system is starting to move in. tonight at the airport partly cloudy skies, mid-50s, the winds picking up out of the southwest around 15 miles per hour and we have a light breeze in the 9news backyard where we are in the mid-50s, nice conditions for a friday night
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not a lot except this storm system moving in from mexico really taking hold of parts of new mexico, albuquerque getting in on some of that rainfall, much needed, arizona as well. it's just starting to wrap around into portions of the san juans, nothing for eastern colorado. a little light snowfall. i think things really start to pick up late tonight, early tomorrow. it's taking aim at southwestern colorado and this center of low pressure will make its wa bring our central mountains, of course, the higher elevations a little light snowfall. winter weather advisories in place around midnight tonight, last till lunchtime tomorrow above 11,000 feet down toward the san juans 4 to 8 inches. we won't see measurable snowfall unless you get on the mountain passes. the rest of the night is quiet in the metro area. you'll notice showers pushing into south western colorado by tomorrow morning, sunshine for the north eastern plains.
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into the metro area i'd say right around lunchtime with the showers, rain and snowfall continuing just to the west. you can see some right along i- 70 moving up towards steamboat springs, again not a lot but hey, we'll take anything at this point we can get. temperatures cooling off tonight to the low 40s, partly cloudy skies, sunrise tomorrow 7:32, 30s and 40s across eastern colorado, cooler in the high country but running extremely mild for this time of ar a couple degrees cooler than today, but it will be nice despite the clouds in the afternoon. we hold in the 70s in north eastern colorado and low 50s for the san juans. that's where we hold in the foothills, nederland, blackhawk, early morning in northern colorado with the clouds pushing in in the late afternoon. if you live in the foothills, you guys might see a couple showers. everything clears out sunday. we stay in the 60s most of next week. don't go anywhere. 9news at 10:00 returns after
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from colorado's sports leader here's 9news sports reporter sport -- from colorado's sports leader here's aaron matas. >> good evening. the broncos quarterback will be filling in for aqib talib this weekend. his back injury will keep him out a second straight week.
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going up against the raiders passing attack that put up more than 500 yards in the air last week. crabtree and cooper are big time receives but nothing to really worried -- receivers but nothing to really worry about says tj ward. >> i don't feel they have two elite receivers. we have two elite corners. i think we'll be all right. >> bulletin board material. two wins is what the colorado stra bowl game a fourth straight season. one of the wins had better come this weekend. the 4-4 rams host 1-8 fresno state saturday. the bulldogs are saturday. so csu should win. they'll need to win two of their final four to get to that bowl game. >> they know we got to win six games to go to the bowl, but it's something i don't talk about as a head coach. it's something we don't talk about as assistants, you know. we talk about bringing a
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that's how you build a consistent program. the bruins didn't have a lot of bite in boulder thursday. that's good because the buffs played pretty poorly. this game was brutal, fumbled exchanges, multiple stupid penalties, many of which were 15-yarders and four turnovers by the buffs and still they managed to win 20-10. >> it's sloppy. if you want to be a pac-12 doing that stuff. i had a couple times, too, i kind of got heated because people were doing things underneath the pile and that's unacceptable as well and i'll be first to admit it. as a team we can't let other people get underneath our skin. >> the buffs defense was terrific in the game, special teams made some massive plays as well. isaiah oliver had two long punt returns, but his 4th quarter 68-
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really won the game for colorado. >> pretty much relief because we knew as a team ucla is offense the rest of the game. we knew if we could get a few more points or one more touchdown, we could pretty much solidify the game. we didn't expect it to happen on the punt return. however you can get in the end zone, you're just happy with that. the final regular season games for our prep football teams tonight. 9news prep reporter taylor temby has a look at some of top teams. >> a win could mean a spot in the playoffs for some and others guaranteeing they had that highest seed. denver undefeated against thornton, once again the ground attack working for the rebels. marcus lindsay bounced to the outside for the touchdown, 14- 0. denver south 44-0. valor christian honoring its seniors and went straight to work on the field. check out these feet.
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set up a touchdown. valor wins 45-0. finally no. 1 ranked pomona taking on cherokee trail. 2nd quarter panthers up by a touchdown but not for long. quarterback brian marcus avoids the pressure, then beats one more tackle before printing to the end zone. pomona wins it 35-8. we'll have much more from all these games and our other fall sports tomorrow morning on the prep rally. the avalanche will face r avs lost four of their last fife. montreal made it 10 games -- five. montreal made it 10 games into the season without losing and then the canadiens gave up 10 goals in 1 game. columbus beat them tonight matching their worst margin of defeat in their long history. it was in december of 1995 that
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game then canadiens goalie patrick roy demanded a trade and went to a new franchise the colorado avalanche and the rest as they say -- >> it's history. >> they were robbed blind. >> he was a canadiens backup goalie and played pretty horribly. >> we'll leave him and take
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that's friday just like
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jimmy has dana carvey and alicia keys. we'll update tomorrow morning starting at 6:00 on channel 20. have a great weekend! >> we're going to spin our
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