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tv   9 News at 5PM  NBC  November 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MDT

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. finally snow has started falling early this morning in southwest colorado and work its way up the i-70 mountain corridor. by noon visibility was cut down considerably at the eisenhower tunnel. it's still falling in the san juan mountains. much of the front range has
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mild start. nice out there, becky. >> totally different weather here than up in the mountains today. we were well above average. temperatures in the mid- to upper-60s. we had a mix of clouds and sunshine. up in the mountains a totally different story. winter weather advisories are in place until midnight. this is for the san juans. about 10,000 feet we are expecting 1 to 4 inches of snow. above 11,000 feet isolated s that is nice moisture heading to parts of the state. it's spotty on the radar screen across the western slopes up to the continental divide. we are not seeing a lot, at least not a thick band of snow pushing through the mountains but it is something and it will continue until about midnight. in the denver metro area, we had a couple of showers trying to graze the city. most are out of the downtown
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sky, a couple of high clouds on the horizon. temperatures are expected to stay mild through the remainder of the weekend and into next week. with that, it will stay dry. those moderate drought conditions continue on i-25 down to southern colorado and into southeast parts of our state. with not a lot of rain or snow in the forecast, this area might become a little more extensive. we will be watching it right now it's 65 degrees in denver. 66 fort collins. 67 greeley. 40s and 50s through the foothills. we fall into the 50s in denver by about 7:00 tonight. we will keep you clear, 55 at 8:00. 53 at 9:00 and more of the same, perhaps drier across the state tomorrow. we will talk about that coming up. >> we see the snow up in the mountains, it looks nice. we are waiting to get some in the metro. >> i know. we have video to show you.
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we will take a look at that. >> we will keep watching for that. thank you, becky. donald trump is back in colorado tonight. he will rally at the national western complex in denver at 9:30. doors open at 6:30. we will have a crew at the rally. last weekend trump held two events in golden and greeley. back to business at trump's campaign headquarters after vandals hit the office twice in one day. volunteers re to host mayor giuliani. last night a rockaways thrown through the window while people were inside. police arrested the man. sometime overnight graffiti was sprayed on the side of the building. it's not clear if the incidents are related. a college student in eagle county said the punishment went too far after he was caught cutting two trump signs in half. the eagle county g.o.p. could have contacted police but they came up with an
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some people divided. matt renoux joins us live to explain. hi, matt. >> reporter: some people say the punishment was over the line. other people say that it was fitting for the crime of vandalism. luis said he knows what was wrong slicing two donald trump signs in half. he wrote a letter of apology in the paper, paid to have the signs replaced but having to stand in public holding the signs was one in the heated political climate, 18-year-old luis jar rest admits that he let his emotions get the best of him. >> you see me. you know my last name. people can discern why i would find the name offensive. >> reporter: seeing trump for president signs in his college hallway, he picked up scissors and cut two of the signs in half. >> it felt good to do it. but not everything that feels
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>> reporter: something eagle county republicans like caper rei didn't like. we were a few feet away from this happening. it felt personal. >> reporter: they could have called the cops but tried something different. >> we could have done that. but we became involved with this thing called restorative justice. >> reporter: both agreed he would repay republicans to replace the sign, right an apology to the community in the local paper. >> discouraging others from doing it which i found reasonable. >> reporter: then -- go out and wave signs for mr. trump. >> reporter: stand on a busy street in eagle holding a trump for president sign. >> i got flipped off a few times. a few thumb's up. >> reporter: which is the one part of punishment luis says went beyond the crime. >> i don't think that was much of a choice. >> reporter: when others heard what he was doing -- >> i don't know the guy. but it's not okay what they are doing. >> reporter: they decided to
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>> do other stuff with the campaign but not humiliate him holding signs for somebody that he doesn't support. >> reporter: eagle county g.o.p. leaders say it's a punishment fitting for the crime of vandalism. >> two signs he destroyed. >> reporter: since this is about signs and the significance behind them, luis and kay say they have their own messages they hope others will read from the story. >> this is what a donald trump prcy they don't support. >> these signs are private property. you can't just do whatever you want to them. >> reporter: so, luis and the republicans here in eagle county agree on one thing. they want people to know you can't go around vandalizing property because you don't agree with the candidate. the republicans here in eagle county say they had a number of trump signs vandalized and about 100 or more of the signs
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i will put it right back where i found it in about 15 seconds unharmed. >> that's probably a good idea. matt renoux reporting for us. thank you. people have been sounding off about this story on our facebook page. reaction is evenly split with some saying the punish. fits the crime. others argue making him hold the sign went too far. head to our facebook page to read more comments. hillary clinton rallied supporters through in florida. the rain began before they hit the stage in people broke pines forcing her to shorten the planned remarks. supporters stayed with her despite the windy weather. >> you are a hearty bunch standing out here in the rain. here is what i want you to remember. i want to be the president for everybody. everybody who agrees with me, people that don't agree with
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that don't vote for me. >> tonight clinton is in philadelphia where she will be joined by supporter katy perry for another concert. last night she hosted a star- studded event in cleveland with beyonce and jay-z. gary johnson makes one more push for support in colorado with a rally in lakewood. he is campaigning at colorado christian university at 3:00 in the afternoon. ahead of the weekend, thousands of people in swing state nevada voted early. huge lines formed vegas area. more than 57,000 people cast ballots yesterday in clark county alone. some that waited in line had to cast provisional ballots because of registration glitches. if you still have questions about your ballot, head to 9 and check out the colorado voting guide. we break down how to vote and how to register. there is still time. we have information about local candidates and ballot issues and truth test on the ads that
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crews battling the jenkins fire in southern colorado have it 100% contained. some crews are on the ground outside of west cliff to make sure that existing fire lines are secure. the fire started october 17th when wind downed a power line. it scorched 18,000 acres. some smoke may be visible until the area gets enough rain to completely extinguish the fire. investigators are turning to the public to find who is responsible the last month. police say the first fire was set before 11:00 p.m. october 10th at the best interstate inn. then another at kipling village apartments. the third happened early in the morning at the american motel on october 28th. then around 1:00 in the morning on halloween, police say there was another fire at the best interstate inn. you will hear it all day, change your clocks because daylight savings time ends
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difficult. but not for the team changing the clock tower. jessica oh reports why be it's a part of history and an aging craft. >> reporter: in a tower high above east high hidden above the spiral staircase -- >> one of those things that not too many people get to experience. >> reporter: a rare look >> this is where we set the hands. >> reporter: he makes sure it runs like clockwork. >> fun activity. interesting to be part of history. >> reporter: this was built over a century ago. east high is lucky. there are only two clocks like this in denver. one is on campus. they adjust it twice a year but say it's about more than timing. >> here you go.
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from all angles and always wondered who fixes it. now i know. >> reporter: intricate work. every part has its place. a small mistake could change everything. >> reporter: there are four faces on the clock. >> put pressure on here and move it back. >> reporter: over the years, mechanical clocks are expensive to maintain. average cost for repairs in the thousands. it's not generating a lot of future interest. >> it is kind of lost. in the clock repair class, there is not many younger people. >> reporter: experts like mike say that is unfortunate. there is a beauty to the craft of clockwork and they worry people won't experience that any more. >> i understand why it's happening. >> in case the motor dies, they would have to come up and hand wind it.
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across students like erin they give her all the tools they can hoping for each hour they save there is a chance to show people clockwork is time less. in denver, jessica oh. >> it is a pretty clock. the clock's four faces show different times this morning ranging from a few minutes to 15 minutes. experts say magnetic fields can change the timing or bugs can get in the gears. they can't explain today's mechanical issues. an entire museum will ly location tomorrow. >> moving day means a lot of road closures on several blocks in denver. >> a different battle on the ice, not between the teams but
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festival is underway being screened at four different locations. big names showed up including emma stone that walked the red carpet wednesday night. for mill many makers, directors and actors showed up friday night including joshua michael stern. it wasn't his first time in colorado but he hopes to film in denv >> filmmaker in tv or film, having a place to come and spend time and discover and explore is amazing. also being with people doing what you are doing. it gives you yesterday where to shoot next, bring your business. it's fun. >> brooklyn way interviewing him. >> the film festival wraps up next weekend on the 13th. we have ticket information posted at check out some of denver's
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tonight a dozen museums will stay open late and offer free admission. night at the museums goes on until 10:00. it includes the history colorado center, denver museum of nature and science and children's museum. you can take a free shuttle to get to the museums. the kirkland museum in capitol hill is moving several blocks this weekend. yesterday it was placed on steel beams in preparation for the move. today it was moved into pearl street and tomorrow morning it 13th and pearl to 12th and ban nick -- bannick. the move is expected to take about six hours. be aware of closures between pearl and broadway and down broad wanted and bannick and 11th avenue. organizers say they are moving it to keep the studio intact and have it closer to the denver art district.
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moving down the street. >> creeping so slowly. >> i can't wait to see that. it may be hard to remember but this time last year snow fell in the metro area.
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this is fun. an early look at the floats appearing in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. crews inflated them this morning for outdoor test flights. it includes charlie brown, diary of a wimpy kid and felix the cat. a new trixie dog is going to bounce up and down the route. that will be interesting to see. this kicks off the holiday season. >> it we have no snow but the macy's day parade kicks off the season, looking forward to it. it has been so warm i'm not complaining but i know there are folks going, gosh, where is the snow. >> we wrapped up october with mild temperatures. that put us the fourth warmest
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we are continuing the mild weather into next week. this time last year we were seeing the snow. cloudy skies, rain, wet snow made for slick roads around the denver metro area. it didn't cause too many problems. it wasn't a lot but november 5 was the first day we saw snow last season. let's take a look at where we an seen the first snow is november 21st. the last time that happened was 1934, the dust bowl. chances are slim we will go that long before seeing the first snow this year. last year the first snow november 5th. the year before november 11th. on average the first snow is november 9th and we are past that date. we wound up with a high of 66
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average high of 57. nowhere close to record setting. the record is 77 set in 2009. we had a mix sure of sun and clouds out there. now seeing high clouds over the csu campus in fort collins and more sunshine in the denver metro area. it's clear at spear and logan. 69 at dia. 64 greeley. eastern plains, middle to upper 60s. mo across the western slope a temperature of 54. outside the 9 news backyard, a lot of sunshine. i am not complaining. mild out here. 64 degrees. we are not looking at rain into the denver metro area. that is staying out to the west. you can see it's spotty right now. fairly light. it does include snow coming up to the southwest san juans. more moisture across north
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snow that is falling just around telluride. that area is under a winter weather advisory or those locations above 10,000 feet. this will go until midnight tonight. above 10,000, 1 to 4 inches. above 11,000 feet we could get up to a foot. those will be isolated areas. it's moisture. we will take it at this point. it's coming by way of an upper level low that will make 24 hours. behind it is another ridge of high pressure which is going to stabilize things for us the next several days and once again we are expecting to dry out. the scattered showers we are seeing over the mountains fizzle out tonight. it will leave a little moisture on the eastern plains. southeast colorado overnight through lamar, la junta to burlington a chance of rain. clouds tomorrow. in denver, fort collins and
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and sun throughout the day. partly sunny day tomorrow afternoon but another very dry one for the city. tonight's lows in the low 40s across the front range. upper 40s and 50s for the eastern plains. mountain 20s and 30s. upper 60s and low 70s tomorrow. along 25, 50s. dry tonight. light winds with 42- into tomorrow, a high of 68. morning sunshine. clouds in the afternoon. cooler on monday. 62 the high. if you are actually heading out to the polls for election day, we have mild temperatures tuesday with a high of 67. from there on out, upper 60s and low 70s continue. so, we are still going to remain 10 to 15 degrees above average.
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>> i like it. i know with a ton of snow in the mountains soon. winter is coming. we have to enjoy what we have now. >> enjoy today. >> you wonder when we will get moisture. it would be nice to get out of that moderate drought condition on i-25 but we will be patient, it's coming. >> absolutely. >> becky, thank you. we will talk to you in a bit. we are not the only ones feeling the weather. lawns and plants are, please, give us moisture. care tips from an expert coming
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so, it's that time of year when the gardens are going door
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dormont. we have chris walton. chris, thanks for joining us. so, we look at our lawns and i'm checking this out here. it looks like the grass is semi alive. >> yes. >> when we get a closer look, you can see the blades thinning out and what not. >> absolutely. it makes it difficult for us to go ahead and be able to aerate the lawn, be able to get where it's needed and it's difficult for the lawn to rebound in the spring if you don't have a lot of water this time of year. people have turned off the irrigation systems. you want to make sure you are pulling a hose and trying to get water to the lawn. >> the whole idea is to water it with a water hose or a sprinkler system, how much? it gets cooler. days are shorter. >> you are talking 15 to 20 minutes in each area of the lawn that you can and you want
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water that we have. >> one of the things that i struggle with with having lawns in the past, how do you know when you have enough water. i know that i used to stick the dirt a bit. is there a touch test or how far do you go? >> you can do that. unfortunately, what happens in colorado, especially with watering lawns and trees, it's so dry, the soil is so compacted, you get a third of the water that runs off, a third that evaporates and a third itself. >> it's so important to keep it water enduring the winter months because of the stress with lack of moisture. >> absolutely. >> that's true for the trees. i look at a tree and i wonder, here is a big tree, how do you keep them watered. >> deep root watering. try to get water down into the soil as far as possible and having a recharge surface or any company come out and do that watering over the winter
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i'm not familiar. a pipe in the ground. >> there is a probe in the ground. about four gallons per minute into the probe. >> down to the roots so they can sip up the water and stay healthy, something that we don't think about because it's wintertime but so important to keep the lawns and trees watered, christine, during the wintertime. chris walton, thank you so much for joining us. christine, our lawns and trees should look great, now. >> absolutely. thank you. well, with marijuana on the ballot in several states, many are looking to colorado.
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colorado's attorney general is responding to a judge's decision that clears the way for some ballot selfie. the judge issued an injunction that says you cannot be charged
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completed ballot as long as it's outside a polling place. the law is still working its way through the court. the law makes it illegal to show a completed ballot as a way to discourage voter coercion. cynthia coffman issued a statement saying in part: after the arrest of a man accused of holding a woman make sure they don't have a serial killer on their hands. police arrested the suspect, after finding the victim locked in a metal storage container in rural south carolina. she told police the suspect shot her boyfriend and there may be four bodies buried on the property. the couple had gone to the property for a cleaning job. police found one body yesterday whose remains were notified.
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with a kidnapping convicted in 1986. nato promise an investigation into air strikes that killed two u.s. forces. they were killed helping afghan special forces during a raid. the strike was called in when the group encountered heavy fighter from taliban militants. more than 30 militants were killed. four other u.s. troops were injured. all communities have lost their sons and daughters to war. in collin county, texas, nearly 400 soldiers died in the line of duty. ahead of veteran's day, hannah davis shows us an artist on a mission to show us that their sacrifice is never forgotten. >> 74 years after he died. >> reporter: if a picture is worth 1,000 words. >> we are talking about him. >> reporter: this hall has 42,000 and counting. >> below it.
5:37 pm
to see her uncle for the first time on a canvas at the collin county courthouse. >> i can't believe this. i'm surprised that i am having this reaction. i can't talk. >> reporter: even though he died during world war ii, he will exist on these walls forever thanks to this man. >> never met any one of them. they stepped forward and said i am here to serve. they lost their lives. it's my goal to honor as many as i can. >> reporter: local artist and military historian 42 of these portraits each representing a soldier that died serving his or her country. >> my uncle, a hero. >> reporter: colin's work is full of detail, the kind you can see and the kind you can't. >> your research has just opened up a pandora's box about him. >> reporter: colin can tell you the story behind each painting, the moments and memories behind each man.
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done. 42 paintings down. 335 to go. >> my mission is far from come fleet. >> that was hannah davis reporting. on monday, seven more families get to see their loved ones portraits during a veteran day ceremony. doctors in the u.s. are reporting the first cases of a rare drug resistant fungal infection. it may have sickened 13 people. it resists antifungal treatment and was detected years ago. cases were reported in illinois, maryland, new jersey and new york. four patients died and all had underlying health problems. doctors aren't certain if it played a role in their deaths. six other cases are under investigation. the death of a child in 2011 has been linked to a major recall of 29 million dressers and chests sold at ikea.
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died after the unanchored chest trapped him. owners should take them back to any ikea for a full refund or store credit. they will send you a free anchoring kit. walmart is apologizing to a woman in new mexico who says a woman accused her of faking her pregnancy to shop lift. she was leaving when an employee stopped her and asked if she was pregnant. then asked her to lift up her shirt to prove she wasn't hiding anything. >> happening before. how humiliated and embarrassed i was, that they didn't have the decency and professionalism to take me into a room. >> the woman filed a police report and spoke to a manager who apologized after watching the surveillance video. walmart issued a statement apologizing and promising to look further into this incident. staying healthy certainly is important and a great way to do that is to attend a 9 health
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screenings. dietitians and other health experts were on hand to give advice and answer questions to help you make healthy choices. >> you would be surprised that this has more added sugar than regular peanut butter. stick with the full fat. you get the healthy fats as well as less sugar. >> more health fairs are coming up. you can find resources at nine states vote whether to legalize marijuana for we had a two-year head start in colorado. entrepreneurs are developing pot related businesses including, get this, weed weddings. here is cnbc jane wells. >> reporter: a wedding can be stressful. >> the motto is from your bouquet to your bowl. take it out and smoke it. >> reporter: she owns buds and blossoms for people that want to celebrate with more than
5:41 pm
of 120 joints at one wedding. >> reporter: last year six weddings. this year she doubled that. most include a bud bar which can cost up to $85 an hour. >> best story was a grandma came up and wanted to try some cannabis soda. she took a sip and she was lake any grandson tells me i will feel great. we gave her a nice small dose. within about an hour, she was out dancing harder than i have ever seen a >> i love the leaves. >> reporter: she deals with wedding guests that are not comfortable around pot. >> that's when you set up the bud bar in a separate area. >> reporter: then the plant itself. >> these guys are stellar. >> reporter: this weed wiltz quickly without water. >> it's incredible fragile plant. >> reporter: but the bugged idea is blossoming into something bigger. she and two partners started a cab any bus wedding expo after
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are nice. i can't wait to retire before i'm 50. that's my goal. >> jane wells, cnbc news. >> 75 vendors registered at the first expo. she plans to host nine more by 2018. >> big business. >> for sure. stargazers we have another super moon approaching. this will be super sized. love it. on monday, november 14th, a record breaking moon will brighten the night sky. closest moon in 2016 but nasa says the closest since 1948. we won't see another like it until november 2034. we had a string of super moons appear. experts with the university of denver say it won't last much longer. >> we will be evolving away from that the next couple of years and another 18 years before we see another series of super moons.
5:43 pm
with the telescope at d.u.'s chamberlain observatory. there will be an open house from 6:00 until 10:30. telescope viewing is $2 a person or $5 a family. the observatory is something else. i got to see it yesterday. >> did you see it yesterday? >> beautiful. it was built in 1890 or something. beautiful at that park. >> everyone will be trying to take a picture of the moon. i can never get a good
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a baseball that helped make
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auction. the last out ball from the chicago cubs win against the detroit tigers. it is inscribed with world series tigers and cubs october 14, 1908. bidding ends november 19th. a retired lieutenant with the larimer county sheriff's office received a special honor at the avs game at the pepsi center. kendall elliott did the puck drop. university of colorado hospital had one elliott. 9 news photojournalist captured the treasured moment. >> reporter: hockey in the afternoon. a good time for everyone here. but for kim speaker and kendell elliott, a time to treasure. >> i try to get out and enjoy life. >> reporter: they are in a suite courtesy of their hospital.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: kindle has stage 4 lung cancer. >> were you a smoker? >> never a smoker. >> reporter: here he is in his ninth year of the fight. the purple glow stick symbolizes those touched by cancer. >> that is brought to life when you see those glow sticks. it's amazing. >> reporter: on a day when hockey fights cancer, ken's fight is celebrated. >> make your way to center ice for the ceremonial face off. >> i have a to >> reporter: dropping the puck was not the only treat for ken. >> i was little do you know. >> reporter: moments after texting his daughter. >> i told him i was at a work meeting. i couldn't talk. >> i was in disbelief. there she was. >> reporter: ashlynne flew in to michigan to be there for this moment. >> when i know he is dealing with stuff that i can't help, it's especially hard.
5:48 pm
should be treasured. >> god only gives tough battles for the strongest soldiers because that's my dad. >> i want to live. i don't want to just give up. >> not a dry eye in the studio. gosh. thank you for all that you do. he credits his toughness to his 27 years in law enforcement, his family and faith. >> that family by his side. >> the only moisture happening in colorado tears. >> right. >> how am i supposed to do weather after that. >> fortunately there is not a lot to talk about. of the we had a little moisture across some parts of the state. most of it is out to the west. that is where we are seeing rain and snow. specifically we have the winter weather advisory for the southwest san juans until midnight tonight. we have showers across the pacific northwest. for folks that might have had -- if you have friends or
5:49 pm
facing the raiders tomorrow. we got a dry forecast for them as well. in fact, temperatures are going to be in the 60s. cloudy skies for the game. but it should be dry and mild for tomorrow night's bronco's raiders game. let's take a look for the 100 time in this newscast and remind everybody that we have a time change coming up. sunday morning. tomorrow morning at 2:00 a.m. daylight savings time comes tonight before you go to bed set the clocks back one hour. we will get an extra hour of sleep. sunrise at 6:35 a.m. tomorrow and sunset a little earlier -- >> it feels like it's getting dark early. tomorrow it will be oh, man. 3:00 seems like 7:00 at night. >> somebody always forgets to set the clock. even though no matter how much we talk about it, they get to
5:50 pm
confused. me being one of them. your phones will do it automatically and sometimes it doesn't. >> you have to go through the house and change all the clocks. >> becky, thank you. ment. cat lovers will love this one. this might be one of the coolest custom cat houses ever built. an engineer in russia built it in the shape of a military tank. he did it to keep the cat from scratching the furniture in apartment. the tank house weighs 110 pounds. nearly three feet high and 2 feet wide. he used plywood, green carpet and metal tubes. there is a moving barrel. >> i don't have a cat and i want one. >> just to be like how cool is this. >> come on fix this and show us how to do that. >> little ones would be going that is my toy pushing the cat around. something we haven't seen
5:51 pm
>> things got nasty this
5:53 pm
good evening. we might just have a goalie controversy in colorado. some fans have been calling for calvin bicker to replace semione. bike got the start today and look at this. welcome back to colorado jason. clean hit, too. nobody is safe. gabriel landis was ready to fight the goaltender. a couple of blocks to the face that couldn't have felt good. a couple of minutes later landis on the power play, third goal of the season. that was the difference.
5:54 pm
stopped all goals. >> if i limit the mistakes, we knew we would get one. that happened. we had a great effort at the end. >> if sunday night's game against oakland comes to a kick, broncos are in good shape. rod mackey shows us that brandon mcmanus avoided a troubling trend. >> hits the up right. no good. >> reporter: it's your only job. kickers been so bad this season? at all levels? most of the kickers but not brandon mcmanus. >> it's happening a lot. i don't know if the games are becoming more and more competitive, closer games and they are coming down to these kicks and we are noticing it more but i don't know. a weird bugging on in the league. am i know these guys are missing and most of them missing are kind of established guys as well.
5:55 pm
year and both of those kicks were from beyond 50. >> i put a lot of pressure to improve from last year. i got a couple of longer kicks i need to make. >> the crazy thing is you and your bionic leg, the longest was 46. >> i tried 56 and 54. both of them were close but i haven't attempted one longer than 46. so, we will see kind of how the game plays out. i will >> reporter: rod mackey. 9 news. a lot of postseason college football in our area this year. colorado, air force and wyoming are bowl eligible. colorado state is a win way after beating fresno today. csu legend sonny lubic manning it. rams up 10-0 when nick stephens
5:56 pm
izzie matthews, first of two touchdown runs put the rams up 23-0. they were cruising. first shut out since 1997 for colorado state. they won it 37-0 to get within one victory of bowl elgibility. air force is bowl eligible after beating army today. workman hooked up with owens for a third quarter touchdown to put the falcons will keep it for himself. air force won 31-12 to secure the commander in chief trophy. >> if you are a senior --
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