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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  November 7, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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>> what is the best way to learn to drive? stick shift or automatic? we break down the debate. >> i've had that moment in my life. >> we've all been there right. a dry day ahead for us. >> it is another dry day. will not be quite as warm as yesterday. we have a weak front moving through. gusty wind, no rain coming with this front today. cleand we slowly move to low 60 this is afternoon. we stay on the lower end of the 60s. 6 to 7 degrees cooler than yesterday. storm system that brought some moisture to southern colorado over the last cup million days has moved down to texas and kansas. they have really heavy rain going there just missing our state moderate to heavy rain in excess of three inches in
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it would be nice if they could share. unfortunately we're on the west side of that which means we stay warm and dry around here with the warmest day this week looking like wednesday. >> 5:31 now. your monday morning drive is going to feel a little different than last week did. with the time change we went through saturday night and sunday morning, this morning sun glare factors in 6:36. going to be a bright one. of course you can get the full alert throughout the day 9 news app. head over and download for free. our view across 25 north end of 36 near 58th avenue. southbound speeds in the 60s. i mentioned in the last update, there's a problem on south side of downtown denver. new crash coming in at a pretty busy intersection along santa fe and 6th avenue. west side of superior, east of 25. keep this in mind. we'll let you know if this turns into a big delay.
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5:31 now. no charges for hillary clinton. that's the fbi's decision after a newly discovered batch of e-mails. clinton supporters say that's what they expected, and they are glad it's formally resolved. trump is still swinging. jessica o is sorting through the latest development this is morning. significant new information one day before election day. >> if you think about it, they had all this going on this re turns out there was nothing. hillary clinton was of course investigated by the fbi twice running for presidency. that's rare. both times she has been cleared the fbi is working around the clock to investigate her e nails. officials told nbc news, most were personal or duplicates of ones already seen by the fbi. the fbi announced it would look
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ab -- abedin's servers. >> i think what mr. comey did was a mistake. i think it was criticized by democrats and republicans. >> right now she's being protected by a rigged system. you can't review 650,000 e-mails in eight days. you cat. >> so clinton's team says she's glad about the developments since notifying congressional districts and investigators, comey has been facing criticism for taking this kind of action so close to the election. >> some criticism maybe trying to influencer it. thank you so much jess comcast clinton is getting campaign support from former vice president al gore today.
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woulder and jefferson county. the former better woulder and jefferson downty. he'll talk about climate change and how clinton will address it. bill clinton held a rally -- donald trump held a rally saturday night. today he'll campaign in florida, north carolina, pennsylvania, new hampshire. he'll make a stop in michigan also. all in one day. hillary clinton will be in carolina. with nine states voting on marijuana law this is election, many are looking to colorado for guidance. governor hicken looper will talk about how there hasn't been a big difference in consumption since the law here was passed. >> a company is looking to come to colorado.
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players. no different than alcohol. someone comes to work drinking, you fire them. same with marijuana. someone is coming to work high, you fire them. >> four states will vote orn medical marijuana tomorrow. the first woman janet reno has passed away. she was 78. her complications of park son's disease. she served as attorney general when bill clinton was president. she was one of the administration's most recognizable and polarizing figures. it's 5:35 now the swedish medical center technician that mutt patients at risk for -- that put patients at risk for hepatitis and hiv is on
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painkillers to get high himself. >> those are the charges he pleaded guilty to himself. he will face a judge and receive sentencing, up to 14 years in prison. federal prosecutors are seeking 7 to 11 years in prison. this is a story a lot of people were very upset by. thousands of people had to get tested after seeking treatment at swedish hospitals. rocky allen was a surgical tech there he admitted to powerful narcotic. he has been fired for stealing or suspected of stealing them it's since been announced by federal authorities he's hiv positive. that's what led to that health scare. it prompted testing for 2,000 patients. none of them have been diagnosed with hiv. that's an important thing tonlet. prosecutors say that rocky allen still deserves a severe
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risk. today he will be back before the federal judge. that judge will decide his sentencing. he has been free since pleading guilty in july. he will be back in court today. we'll let you know what a judge decides in terms of length of time he will spend in prison. this morning, he's due for that sentencing. corey, we'll let you know how many years he gets. >> so many concerned about that. thank you. let's get a check of the forecast with >> fairly warm around here especially coming up wednesday. we have limited visibility east of the border this morning. very humid conditions over eastern colorado. then adjacent portions of kansas and nebraska. around here seeing things just fine. it's raining in the midwest. this is a slow moving storm system. i mentioned the top of the newscast. anywhere from 1-3 inches have fallen through the midwest,
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for us, just back to warm and dry along and east of i-25, we anticipate fairly gusty wind through the middle of this afternoon. around here, if you live west of i-25, going to be sunny and breezy. >> nice day ahead. many felt their homes shake when a quake hit sunday morning. it happened in the same area as one in 2014. it wasn't strong enough to it all the way to boulder. >> at this time would be a shock especially if you live in a region like greeley. suddenly feeling a shift in the ground is unexpected. >> signists the linked the 2014 -- scientists linked the 2014 to fracking but it could take months to determine the cause of sunday's earthquake.
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dallas. there was damage to buildings, but minor injuries only reported. 5:00s -- 5:29. automatic or stick shift? >> stick. >> my dad taught me to drive stick too. first, which way to teach a teen to drive . first -- >> you spend that m out on the other end. it's tough. that's the league. onto the next one. >> maybe we should call yesterday's game a learning experience for the broncos.
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. losing hurts. losing to raiders seems a little more, doesn't it? broncos lost first loss in five years. denver committed two turnovers. broncos had a lot of trouble dealing with the running game without their star corner back talib they agree you can't place the game on that >> we lost on all three phases. offense, defense, special teams. we didn't play good enough.
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you take it. >> third in afc west, broncos next game sunday against the new orleans saints. kick off at 11:00 a.m. it will be a new game to regroup. >> onto the next one. >> it appears brandon marshal has had a three day. you can see he chose to stand by teammates instead. >> all right. kenya's mary kit won her third straight new york marathon become the first to do that in more than 20 years. she was flying. >> amazing. for the men, 20-year-old 20-year-old became the youngest man to win the
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hours and eight minutes. runners from 120 different countries ran the marathon. marty's jaw just dropped. . driving with your child can be >> yes the sky is light here prior to 6:00 a.m. we of course moved clocks back so sun rise is an hour earlier coming up around 6:25 this morning. a bit of wind in the foothills. also on the eastern plains, temperatures are in the 30s and 40s now. we will have gusty winds over
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60s today. i anticipate dry conditions across the state. wind will be strongest not only along the continental divide but along east of i-25 today. the cooler air pours in. some 20 to 30 miles per hour winds. it's been so dry in the plains, i anticipate gusty blowing dust over the eastern plains during the day. we're going to slow things down and calm things down through the night. visibility is okay. there may be blowing dust here by mid-morning. thank you marty. 5:45. active start andment active -- active start this morning. 144 path see the southbounders traveling through 45 to 55 miles per hour. northbound traffic to fort collins right on track.
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eastern side of i-25. backups still fairly light. drive time across i-70 less than 10 minutes. we like that start heading out east as well as the west. >> green is good. >> 5:46 now. we invite you to be part of a special and important nine news tradition to help out neighbors. nine cares colorado shares gets underway 7:00 to 4:00. we'd love to see you there. new coats, other clothing, also available that you can buy at king supers. we're going to be out there live at five metro area locations was
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. take your foot off the brake, let that's way too fast. stop. >> stalled out. try to remember the first time you got behind the wheel. might not have been pretty. how did you learn to drive, stick shift or automatic? we're starting to help you and your family with decisions you're faced with everyday. when it comes to driving, which is best? some parents prefer stick shift because it's the way they learned. it forces you to be in full control of the car. you're constantly focused on
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driving automatic takes out the extra step of changing gear allowing you to focus on road and things around you not in your control. driving expert mark stallburg. he says driving stick shift is fun but not the easiest and not necessarily the safest. >> with a brand new driver, leave them in drive, teach them to deal with traffic. our objective is teach them to drive in traffic and not be in a crash. it's not the objective to teach them the most complex way to do that. >> in this debate, there's no winner. it's all preference. throughout the morning, we test both options for you. join our social media chat. what was easier for you? any advice for parents
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>> i learned on automatic, hour i learned by myself in a stick shift driving a donald dump -- a dump truck. that's a tricky way i assure you. into texas, going to continue to pour next day and a half. for us today, windy. good breeze out of the north. that's going to settle it was 67 yesterday. we'll be 5-6 degrees cooler than that. 50s in the foothills. statewide, we have fog in south eastern colorado along the arkansas river right now. that's going to be burning off as the morning goes on. we'll have a few clouds drifting into the mountains. fair weather stuff, nothing imimportant going on there. very calm along and west of vail pass. we start to see gusty winds throughout north eastern and
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morning and afternoon today. late this afternoon, especially around sunset, we'll begin to see things calm down. low 60s here. little warmer down south and out west with 40s and 50s in the northern mountains. bit of a breeze out of the northeast. sunny, dry, 62 today. dropping into the 30s overnight tonight. tomorrow is about the same. not quite as windy wednesday is the warm day. then we settle into the mid and up herb 60s through saturday. hoping everyone can get out and visit us saturday. >> we hope so. thank you marty. >> full closure of a major highway in sterling. westbound 176 is closed down because of a crash. we don't have images from that area yet, but we'll let you know when the area does reopen. 76 closed down in sterling because of a serious wreck. back here in the metro, 6:36,
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cdot camera. southbound speeds on the high side. upwards of 65 miles per hour towards i-25. still looking great across 270. it's a six or seven minutes drive on both sides of the commute. one crash left over south of downtown. it's blocking far of the intersection santa fe and fifth avenue. >> who's your favorite swimmer? >> mommy. >> who? >> mommy. >> that's a gre but confidence comes out full force in the pool this 4-year-old swimmer is competing
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. i've been told he's the youngest in the state to be competing. >> i haven't seen a child with this kind of compassion for
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swimming competitively against kids twice his age. his mom got him into swimming. she competed in high school. this is the breaststroke. he also does free style, basically everything except butterfly. >> what's your favorite? >> backstroke. >> do you know why? >> yeah. >> i'm not going to tell you. he's so quiet and cute. blake's mom has his sight set on olympics. maybe 2028. >> i'm guessing that could happen. >> absolutely. he's coming after michael phelps record. >> watch out. that's awesome. it may play off the campaign slogan, a california movement. that's it for 5:00 a.m.
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. good morning. everyone. here's a look at your world in 90 seconds. the fbi closed the door on recently renewed look into hillary clinton's use of private e-mail server. said the review did not change the decision not to charge her. >> that decision has not changed donald trump's mind. he told people at a detroit rally sunday, hillary clinton is guilty, end quote, and knows it. the fbi is guilty too, he said. al gore will campaign in woulder and counties for better bolder


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