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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  November 8, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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the long, divisive presidential race has come down to today -- decision 20-16. tonight we should know who is the next leader of our country. right now -- final polls show an average of four points separates the two candidates. hillary clinton leading over donald trump nationally. but no matter what the polls say -- both candidates believe they can win and have been making their final push. trump finished his
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michigan -- a traditionally blue state he hopes to turn red. he had a marathon last three days -- 14 stops in ten days wrapping up around one this morning. if elected he would be the first president ever -- without any government or military experience. clinton closed her campaign with a star studded rally in north carolina. she was joined with performers jon bon jovi and lady gaga. she was in north carolina trying to swing the voters of the key battleground state. this followed president obama and the first lady campaigned with her. all of them urging voters to get to the polls. about a half hour ago, clinton arrived at an
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in her home in chappaqua new york to vote. trump will cast his vote in new york city. it is only the 3rd time in history that both candidates for president are from the same state. voting kicks off in about two hours here -- but in the eastern timezones people are already casting their ballots. we're looking live at a polling place in new york where hillary clinton is expected to vote this morning... it's november eighth -- election day. gary, corey and cheryl with you. and marty coniglio joins us. marty, election day is one day when the weather nationionwide becomes a big story. the presidents
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this year -- the control of the senate is up for grabs tonight. you've seen the ads from both cadidates in colorado the incumbant, democratic u-s senator michael bennet is fending off a challenge from el paso county commissioner, republican darryl glenn. this is glenn's first statewide run. bennet has been leading this race, a double digit lead in many polls. who controls colorado's house delegation will also be decided tonight. republicans the presidents aren't the only thing on the ballot
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control of the senate is up for grabs tonight. you've seen the ads from both cadidates in colorado the incumbant, democratic u-s senator michael bennet is fending off a challenge from el paso county commissioner, republican darryl glenn. this is glenn's first statewide run. bennet has been leading this race, a double digit lead in many polls. who controls colorado's house delegation will also be decided tonight. republicans currently hold four of colorado's seven seats. but two of them
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democratic challengers today. who controls the colorado legislature is at stakes as well. some close state senate races could determine if the legislature will be blue -- or if republicans maintain a single- seat edge. there are also a number of ballot measures that could make big changes in several states. most notable, 9 states are voting to legalize either medical or recreational marijuana. several states, including colorado, are considering raising minimum wage. voters here will make a choice on 9 ballot measures in all today -- including changing the caucus system to a primary system, an increase in the cigarette tax, and making assisted death legal under some circumstances. people have been dropping off ballots for early voting since mid- october. but today -- polling centers open up in just about two hours. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is live at a polling place in denver. tarhonda, right now more republicans have voted than democrats in
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one tiny new
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those votes. and the voters in dixville notch, new hampshire have chosen hillary clinton -- with four votes. donald trump got two votes and gary johnson got one. someone wrote in mitt romney -- he got one vote. dixville notch only cast 8 votes, and the election was completed in less than a minute. by the way in case you're wondering - the tiny town does not have a very good track record of predicting who the eventual winner will be.
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fighting crime one superhero is fighting for people to get out and vote. this captain america is hoping his star power will do a lot more than make people smile this election. steve rogers -- a- k-a 28-year-old matthew gnojek of thornton -- plans to visit as gnojek hopes he can convice people voting is a responsibility and privilege. he'll visit different denver metro polling locations today. maybe you'll see him. every four years,
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presidential races soar to new highs. until now... how much less money the candidates spent this year compared to years past, still ahead. plus- it's beginning to look a lot like winter in downtown denver. sorry winter lovers -- no snowflakes... just ice.
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parent wants to hear -- that someone involved in a youth program committed a child sex assault. well one fort collins youth hockey volunteer who police say did just that -- has been caught. officers say andrew vanderwal sexually assault a child younger than 15 at his home back on october 27th. they say the crime did not happen at the ice rink. police say the 26- year-old confessed last week. one family is now getting two-point- six millions dollars -- but for a reason they likely wish never happened. the city of aurora settled with naeschylus vinzant's family -- after an officer shot him while he was unarmed back in march 20-15. the settlement came before any lawsuit. the officer who shot him was paul
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it concluded he acted reasonably when he shot vinzant -- but then officers found out he was unarmed. vinzant was out on parole when he was shot. remember that discredited rolling stone article about a rape at a fraternity house at the university of virginia. a federal jury has now awarded three-million dollars to a university administrator who says the article ruined her reputation. nicole eramo claimed the article portrayed her as a villain. the jury concluded rolling stone and the journalist were r for libel with malice. one nieghborhood in greeley is worried about an incoming project being built in their backyard -- 22 oil and gas wells. the company -- extraction oil and gas-- got approval to build the wells and start drilling. it's the first project in the state that must follow a new set of rules -- ensuring the local government and residents have a say in the technology. but many neighbors don't feel the rules are being followed. they're worried about potential vapors, spills, and
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crews are building the triple creek project about one-thousand feet from some homes. there may be no snow but crews are already working on the southwest rink at brought in the 'flying' zamboni monday. it's the seventh year the downtown denver partnership has created the ice rink. the city says the rink will be ready to open on november 22nd despite the unusually warm weather we've been having. reward yourself for voting... a number of places are offering some freebies once you've turned in your ballot. we'll tell you what
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new president, coming up. but first let's check in with marty.
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money spent in this year's election has actually gone down from the last presidential election in 20-12. the non-partisan center for responsive politics predicts the final price tag for this campaign will be about two-point-65 billion. a dip from the two-point-76 billion in 20-12 -- when adjusted for inflaction.
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spending less on broadcast t-v -- instead focusing on free media converage like social media. between june eighth and october 30th for instance -- trump aired about 68-thousand ads. compare that to mitt romney's 182- thousand ads in 20- 12. hillary clinton has also aired less ads than president obama did in the last presidential race. several brands and restaurants are offering free stuff and election day specials today. by showing your i voted sticker at krispy kreme -- you get a free doug and you can get a free coffee at seven-eleven. great american cookies is also offering a deal -- a free cookie with that sticker. and anyone with kids that still needs to get out and vote can drop them off at participating y-m-c- a's for 'zoe's kids day out' free child care program. go ahead and call your local y-m-c-a to see if they're participating.
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person hitting a three can be tricky -- but for m-v-p steph curry -- it's just your usual monday. the three-point record he's now crushed, still ahead. and...
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high fail. the latest bad
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twelve three- pointers last season -- but now the m-v-p has set a new bar for sharp shooters. he made 13 of 17 three pointers last night agaisnt the pelicans.
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three's. with his help -- the warriors beat the pelicans 116-to-106. not great news for broncos running back c-j anderson though. he tore his meniscus late last month -- and is now dealing with more rejection. c-j's mile high crunch -- his cereal that debuted in september -- is already on clearance at king soopers. just 79 cents a box. so if you want some breakfast -- now's the time. presidential candidates to do except cast their own votes and wait... the decision is now in voters' hands. more election day coverage, when we come back. 510 days of
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when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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our work together will be just beginning. >> we're hours from the change you've been waiting for your entire life. >> 510 days of campaigning, and election day is finally here. colorado voters heading to polls in 90 minutes as candidates wrapped up overnight. >> we're leading in michigan. we're leading in new hampshire. we're leading in ohio. we're leading leading in leading in iowa. we're leading in north carolina. >> watching battleground states open up by time zone this morning. in north carolina, pennsylvania leading off the east coast. move towards ohio and the coast, followed by nevada and colorado.


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