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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  November 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MST

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police in the early stages of the investigation. there are a lot of people walking around trying to figure out what exactly has happened. of course this is a easy street. sixteenth street mall is always busy at this time of the evening. we will stay out here. when we find your information of course we will provide that on the networks of 9news shipment we are watching the view from sky9 above you. stay away from that area. as you point out -- when people are leaving downtown or going downtown, that is an area you will want to avoid. anywhere near champa, 16th and 17th. >> ]-right-square-bracket is close at 17th. you cannot drive through at 17. a lot of denver police vehicles and crime scene tape blocking champa right now at 17th.
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it happened. the entire world has its eyes on the u.s. less than 24 hours after electing one of the most polarizing candidates. president-elect trump spent the day in trump tower meeting with family, friends and staff that have worked so hard on his campaign. the east side of manhattan near trump tower -- the area is closed to the public. the united nations, the secretary-general as well congratulated trump, calling for unity in the u.s. and an islamic group urging the u.s. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is talking about how congress and trump will work together. >> he has a job to do. i have a job to do. i respect him. i think he is very smart. i think we will be fine. we both have our roles to play. i don't expect him to enthusiastically embrace my
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on the other hand, to do things in the senate, you have to have bipartisan support. >> there are big questions today about the trump presidency. he has vowed to repeal the affordable care act and nominate a new supreme court justice. i'm sure that is probably toward the top of the list. in reference to obamacare, mcconnell said that the sooner we can go in a different direction, the better today was not without protest over the outcome of the election. this is what it looked like at city hall in colorado springs. several schools hold walkouts across the state. students at boulder high school say they do not stand against our political system but against the hate being broadcast by the newly elected leader. the office of diversity, equity and community engagement says it has scheduled events to peacefully discuss the election. in certain communities, there are deeper concerns about the upcoming change in the white house and the change on immigration. nelson garcia shows us that counselors and teachers are
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splitting up from deportation. >> many people have expressed that we are shocked and feel hopeless. >> at some schools, some students -- >> if we can show people why things are wrong -- >> dealing with the fears about what donald trump will do about immigration and students from undocumented parents. >> affected by this. it can split up their families. >> diversity is what makes us -- it is who we are. >> the fact that we went from complete politics to this. >> at metro state, counselors were available to talk about concerns. trump has already promised to eliminate a presidential order giving certain young people protection from prosecution.
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this. >> we have to represent ourselves since we have to -- we don't have anybody to do that for us. >> he expects trump to be aggressive. >> if that is the case, i think immigrant communities are correct in being fearful. >> i'm not worried about my family being split up. i know many people close to me struggle with that. >> that is why in schools like this -- >> they are turning fears into a movement. >> the minority is the majority. >> in denver, nelson garcia, 9news. metro state is proud to call itself hispanic serving institution with many
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conference to voice their displeasure about trump being elected. democrats are welcoming donald trump eye call for unity. hillary clinton and president obama spoke about their opponent's win today. the president has invited president-elect trump to the white house tomorrow to talk about a smooth transition. in her concession speech, clinton said american democracy depends on a peaceful transition of power. and she had this message for women and girls who have supported her. >> and to all the little girls doubt that you are valuable, powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world, to pursue and achieve your own dreams. >> everybody is sad when their side loses an election election. but the day after, we have to remember that we are actually on one team.
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. we are not democrats first. we are not republicans first. we are americans first. we are patriots first. >> president obama says he is instructing his team to make sure there is a peaceful transfer of power. almost immediately after donald trump started showing a strong lead, the stock market took a dive. overnight, markets flatlined. and eventually started climbing again. investors hope the presen infrastructure will boost the economy. the dow closed 256 points after tumbling overnight. the s&p 500 was up 23. the nasdaq closed at 57 points. the fluctuation had some people worried about the future of the markets. financiaexperts say to take a breath. these things happen all the time. they are common around elections. no matter who the candidates are.
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leading up to the election. after the election, about a month afterwards, things start to calm down. we have more information on what the new president will be doing. and try not to do any knee-jerk reactions. that is a lot of times when we get into trouble with our portfolios. >> financial experts went on to say it is too early to tell what will happen in the markets. and we usually don't see the impacts of new president's
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the measure on involuntary servitude looks to amend the constitution to remove a reference to slavery as punishment for a criminal conviction. supporters of the term is outdated and goes against the amendment arguing it could cause uncertainty. >> republican heidi -- the board is a nine-member panel that set policy on the budget -- and chose alice madden 53 they said first order of business, get to a rose bowl. >> boulder is among five cities to say yes to a soda tax. the proposition tasks past to put a tax on the streeters. it is excited to raise three deck $8 million a year to promote healthy lifestyles. san francisco, albany and oakland, california passed similar taxes yesterday. virtually, california already had the tax in effect.
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keystone says it plans to open next friday, november 18th. >> yesterday keystone and breckenridge said they were not sure when they would be able to open because of the lack of snow. the warm weather has made snowmaking operations nearly impossible. copper mountain plans to open next friday. loveland, tomorrow. >> today is likely the warmest day of the week. low 70s across parts of colorado. beautiful day outside. meteorologist danielle grant is in the backyard. some cool air moving in. slightly cooler. relatively speaking these days. we will watch the temperatures drop off as a cold front moves through tomorrow. it will feel nice around here. capitalizing on the cooler temperatures in the high country. there doing all they can to keep the snow on the ground. looking pretty decent with the snowfall here. i was watching earlier -- people were out there in shorts and t-shirts.
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this is the top. you can see they desperately need the snowfall, courtesy of mother nature to come in. bright blue skies over downtown denver today. not a lot going on around here. temperatures between now and the last 24 hours, warming up a bit. about 5-7 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. still 70 degrees at the airport as well as fort collins. in the 50s and 60s in southeasternor as we are in the middle of november. on the doppler, not a lot to show you. no rain and no snow inside. i will zoom out you can see -- there is a little light rain in parts of texas. a storm system pushing offshore in new york and washington dc ringing them a little bit of light rain. around here, what you see is what you get. mostly clear skies. around dinnertime, cooling off into the mid to upper 50s.
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a good 15-20 degrees in some spots. i am watching the cool off coming. it will not only bring slightly cooler temperatures, but it will kick up the wind. we will chat about that and -- where in the world is the snow? you guys, i finally spotted a glimmer in the far-off distance . >> way out yonder. >> you have to look far. >> we know you are looking for it. >> the aurora police chief says it is a miracle his officer did not die yesterday after being shot in the face. the apd released a picture of the injury. investigators talked about what happened leading up to the officer shooting, an incident that left two other men dead. >> i feel that it was a miracle
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still with us. >> the picture of what can happen on the job being a police officer. >> right now it is important for the public to know the kinds of dangers the officers are facing. particularly for this adulation. >> this is the face of a 13 year veteran of the aurora police department. we do not know his name. we do know that he is a highly decorated officer that was trying to arrest a murder suspect tuesday in denver. >> right up by his nose -- i have taken a different trajectory -- i'm not sure what kind of message we would be giving you today. >> it started with a murder in aurora around 11:00 tuesday. police say a man killed 35-year- old antonio norwood and ran. police got the man's license plate. -- officers tracked him down to this house. >> the subject emerged from the residence. he was carrying an infant -- we believe was his child, in a
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vehicle. there was concern to the officers at that point, if the vehicle became mobile -- knowing he had just committed a homicide. and the likelihood of him being armed. rather than attempting to flee, he retrieved a handgun and began firing upon the officers. >> officers ended up killing him in a shootout with the baby nearby. >> they did everything they could to contain him. he was definitely a threat to the community. >> the baby is fin the officer will be too eventually. 9news. >> police have not released a motive in the original aurora murder that started this whole thing. we did a background check on the victim and found out he is a convicted felon. the identity of the shooter has not been released. we do know he has a short criminal history as well. a 14-year-old is okay after an attempted kidnapping. sheriff studies are searching for a suspect. deputies say the girl was
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place when a suspect came up from behind her and grabbed her by the arm. this happened november 4th. the victim was able to get away unharmed. if you have any information or think you recognize this sketch, you are asked to contact the larimer county sheriff's office. the a line should be operating on a normal schedule this afternoon after delays earlier today. the crossing gates were not working properly. there were 15-20 minute delays. you have heard this story before. and rtd were experiencing problems. the trains were stopping more than usual. the a line between union station and then for international airport has been plagued with delays since it opened in april. so much attention during a presidential year. focusing on the presidential race. what about us. the people of colorado. the change is coming to colorado. >> a lot to talk about. our political experts had a long night as did we. we will keep going on this whole
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about contests here in our state . and the broncos are getting ready to go up against the number one offense in the country. we will have a preview. that is next -- or later.
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some big decisions yesterday. end-of-life choices, minimum wage, the healthcare system. >> there were some really crucial topics on the ballot this year. we are with are fast -- our political experts. you have been talking about this for months. here we are. most of the decided and a lot to talk about. >> a lot to talk about. even though colorado went blue yesterday in an election that donald trump won nationwide, you look at the results. it was a very colorado night in colorado. despite the fact that we went blue -- you make the argument we are still purple. >> i think we are cementing our status as a swing state for quite some time. democrats won the top of the
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progressive priorities like the minimum wage past. i think more progressive support. you saw a lot of progressive things last night. >>but in the state senate, we still maintain our check on the system. it is still in 1817 senate. >> the house is controlled by immigrants. the senate cont the house is controlled by democrats. the senate controlled by republicans and. >> would appear that john hickenlooper would finish his second term as governor? >> yes. he will finish his term with split legislature with the house and the senate. interestingly enough, we saw a mixed bag last night.
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statewide, there were three statewide's. there was the senates. there was the -- in the three statewide races, three democrats and one republican. it was really fun. >> on minimum wage, when we looked at the data -- you looked at some conservative leaning counties. not getting the pants beat off of it. it did okay in some pretty conservative parts of the state. what does that tell yo that issue? were there conservatives that felt like -- we just need the minimum wage to go up? >> i think it might have been different if they had done $15, instead of $12. i think some people thought $12 was a reasonable number. in addition to that, -- i think the yes campaign -- quite frankly, my friend here
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marketing. they talked about it. catching the entire issue in the context of fairness. and regardless of whether you are a republican or democrat, when somebody says, we are just trying to make the system fair, rather than talking about some of the liabilities of minimum wage -- including the fact that it was funded largely by unions and it was a prevailing -- prevailing wage issue, the way they marketed it, it was very appealing. >> increasing the minimum wage means. at the end of the day, i think it was part of a populist vein running through the election cycle. other minimum-wage initiatives past as well. that no one that works hard should live in poverty. i think that is something we saw leaps through. >> one thing we saw that struck me -- almost the same
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parts of the state, you expect it to pass with a lot more support -- it was soft in those areas. >> you pointed this out. >> this was the most expensive ad by the entire cycle does the entire state. it turns out advertising wins the elections sometimes. >> about that -- i think it was marketed very well. they did not talk about the statistics. >> you might not have even known it was about cigarettes. >> they talked about that it was a blank check for the government. and steer -- steering with this libertarian streak -- where people are weary of government without oversight. >> something we learned when they tried to raise income taxes for education in the past. to see exactly where that money is going. they kind of did.
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-- where you don't know who will get the grants. >> you don't know who will get the ground or how it will be allocated. some of it is for the general fund. they approached it exactly correctly. >> not wasting any time at the state legislature. they will pick the new speaker of the state house and the new senate president tomorrow morning. >> so it is not over yet. >> the election after the election. >> okay. get a litte if you feel like the cost of prescription drugs is too high, it may not have anything to do with the drugs or the drugmaker. >> insurance companies may be playing a bigger role in the
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decision process. more on that. . prescription drugs are soaring. the journal of the american medical association says prescriptig one pharmacist is speaking out about the skyhigh prices. our sister station investigates whether some people are being overcharged when using their own insurance plans. >> in my opinion, it needs to stop. >> the pharmacist is too afraid to let his face be shown for fear of retaliation by insurance plans that he says are overcharging you. >> consumers are paying more
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some cases. >> it is probably 25% of the claims. >> a lot. >> if people really knew what was going on -- >> he saw the overcharges firsthand when he worked as a pharmacist. now he is with a company that advocates for independent pharmacist. >> patients were paying more then they could have otherwise that -- paying more than if they paid cash. >> doug hoy is a ceo for the national community pharmacists association. he blam price gouging. they serve as a middleman between insurance providers and pharmacies. they often set the price you pay. >> they dictate the price. >> here is how it works. when you use an insurance card, the pharmacist punches the information into the computer. and in the amount comes out that you owe. the insurance co-pay. >> they dictate with a pharmacy can sell it for.
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insurance co-pay, is set and was much higher than the cash price example, the antidepressant -- $67 with insurance. only $25 cash. example, another for kidney stones. nearly $59 for the insurance co- pay. just over $40 paying cash. $18 cheaper. >> we show them what we found. >> another example. inud antibiotic. >> the co-pay, $46. the cash price, $27. >> my son needed the exact same drug. the same thing happened. fortunately, i knew to ask. so i got the much less expensive price. >> too often, customers don't know to ask. and believe it or not, pharmacist are not supposed to tell them. >> why can't pharmacists just
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cheaper if you pay cash? >> they have a gag clause that forbid them from talking to consumers. >> a gag clause like the one in this contract saying that pharmacists can get kicked out of an insurance network if they talk to the media or sponsors or members -- without prior consent. >> giving this information out, i'm risking losing contracts. >> which explains why pharmacists are frightened to speak out about insurance overcharges. >> what would happen if you are kicked out of the network? >> it would be over. >> if you make too much noise about this -- >> your contract could be in jeopardy. that is not right. >> that if consumers are paying more for prescriptions, who is getting the extra money? some pharmacist say it is the insurance companies. the business is called a clawback. the insurance company may chars
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charge the patient $20. but they clawback $60. so the pharmacy ends up with a net $4. the clawback tactic happens -- in association with united health. the e-mail did not explain why some co-pays cost the customers more than just paying cash. industry experts say paying cash may not always help because it generally does not count toward the deductible. this is unsettling. more kids are not being restrained properly in vehicles. a new study from the national highway traffic administration says the percentage of 4-year- old come up to seven -year-olds
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11.6 were not restrained at all. the centers for disease control and prevention say vehicle injuries are the leading cause of death of children in the united states. parents are asked to make sure safety seats are properly installed and that kids are wearing the straps the correct way. a big news for gmail users. update to the mobile app for ios users that features an undue send button. just like on a desktop, the undue send button on mobile will prevent nursing e-mail mistakes. seconds after it has been sent. you have to move quickly. this isn't something you can send back from yesterday. it also features swipe to archive or delete. the biggest overhaul in the gmail app. you know you have done it before. >> yes. and then you think of it the next day. >> i typically don't think of it within five seconds.
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weather. mixing it up. >> finally. >> maybe even more moisture we will check in with that in a
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the metro area today... meteorologist danielle grant is in the 9backyard. pretty blue skies across the metro area >> maybe we will see something different in the near future. >> may be. >> meteorologist danielle grant said she can see something way out yonder. >> looking in a crystal ball. >> a sickly. it will be like nine, ten days from now. >> o,
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ocean. >> you are saying there is a chance. we will get to that in a bit. folks in the high country are crossing fingers and toes hoping mother nature can bring emleert cool temperatures to get the snow going. that is what is happening up there at steamboat. capturing this shot indicating they have 30 snow guns going. they mean business. certainly we would like some help from mother nature. loveland, opening up shop tomorrow. should be a good one. winter park, keystone and then going toward the thanksgiving timeframe for steamboat and telluride. i wish we had a better outlook. tings are indicating below average precipitation across a good swath of colorado. that is what we have seen so far for this month alone. nothing out at dia. i want to show you the yearly precipitation. about ten and a half inches. when you compare to average, we are down about three inches.
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we need some storms to say the least. today was warm at 73 degrees. upper 60s and low 70s across the eastern plains. 58 degrees in telluride. at the airport, cooling things off a hair still pleasant outside. 70 degrees. wind out of the east, northeast at eight miles per hour. in the backyard, 71. a pleasant evening. if you will be out and about, i would say light jacket. on the doppler, it quiet. across most of the west. a huge dome of high pressure has been anchored across the west. giving us nice dry conditions. you can see the rain showers pouring into parts of texas -- another storm system out there. new york into dc. norfolk, virginia picking up light rain showers. across colorado, no storms taking aim at the state anytime soon. right now,
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to the west. that will shift east, making way for a cold front. the cool friend comes through tomorrow. it will not be bringing any rain or snow. just slightly cooler temperatures. the wind kicking up a bit. throughout the rest of the evening, pretty quiet. by tomorrow, around lunchtime, watching the front push through from the north. that is when we will have the best shot to see dusty wind coming directly out of the north, northeast anywhere around the i25 corridor at 10- 20 miles per hour. pickg plains. around fort morgan by this time tomorrow, tings start to quiet down again as usual around here. the futurecast, will not show you much. tonight, mostly clear skies across the state. tomorrow morning, waking up to onesie of sunshine. the front pushes through. you cannot see it.
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out there. that will be about it. temperatures tonight, falling to about 40 degrees. there skies in the forecast. light wind this evening. sunrise at 6:38. falling to about 38 degrees in greeley. teens south and alamosa. tomorrow, a warm up again. watching temperatures again about ten degrees above average. slightly cooler than today. plenty of sunshine too. the wind kicking up until about noon tomorrow. returning to the 70s across the far eastern plains. we will keep it in the 50s in frisco and grand lake. running up close to 70 degrees in grand johnson -- grand junction. twenty of sunshine to kick off thursday morning. whether you are out and about -- taking a run. things are looking nice. it is the wind that may be a bit problematic tomorrow afternoon. i don't imagine them sticking with us too long. staying in the 60s tomorrow. the front pushed through.
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friday. that knocked on temperatures even more so. to more seasonable type temperatures. hovering around 57 degrees. sixtys saturday. a cold front arrives sunday. not changing the temperatures too dramatically. a warm-up for the start of next week. look at tuesday, 76 degrees. we could be breaking more and the tail end of next week, thursday night into friday, looking nice. you know how it is around here. this saturday is one of our favorite days. cool in the morning.
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we have plenty of sunshine. we warm things up in the afternoon. i will be here saturday afternoon. >> so important. we love this time of year. >> we also like that we will not have to wear a parka parka. >> just sunscreen may be. >> maybe breaking reppert's -- records. we will keep >> colorado doesn't care about that. >> we have much more coming up in just a minute. >> this is the 34th annual food drive and clothing drive. victoria sanchez has more on how your generosity makes a big difference. >> fresh veggies, fruits, canned goods and bread. everything a supermarket has. except the cash register.
4:42 pm
people who gets help from metro caring. a relief center that provides 3- 4 tons of food a day to those in need. >> we would not be able to accomplish this amazing work without the generosity of our community. it is through events like nine cares, colorado shares, that we can meet the needs of the community. >> nine cares 100 food banks, helping families get the nutrition they need. all donations are appreciated. metro caring has suggestions if you are planning to contribute. >> things like tuna, peanut butter, canned food -- canned fruit in light syrup sauce. healthy options. >> every day, they show you how to cook different kinds of food. >> lopez shops there about one time a month. he volunteers and stops by to say hello to those that helped
4:43 pm
>> the family wants to help more people. all they need is you. in denver, victoria sanchez, 9news. >> if you want to go saturday, you are probably wondering exactly what you can bring. >> we are collecting nonperishable foods, clothing, coats and toys. from 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. at five locations in metro denver. and more than 30 other sites across the state. you can also at the sites or online. there is an interactive map on our website, >> i always like to reiterate that protein is so important. that sustenance is so important. >> and children -- diaper and baby foods. it is hard with the little ones sometimes. formula, anything you can get. >> helping these folks out
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ready for the saints on sunday. a team that knows a thing or two about dominating the passing game. >> they do. the no-fly zone. looking at ways to get past the
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any given sunday. that is what they say. that is what they say happens in the nfl. this week the defense faces the top-ranked offense. tabriz -- he is on fire. the saints defense, not so good. it means we could see big runs. huddled sniper harris rob mackey. >> the raiders and saints playing like they are. denver cannot afford to stumble against the saints. the key to this game is the running game. the broncos have got to be better. >> the ground game has been a wall as of late. but one of there backs did break a big one in the black
4:48 pm
a long run off of a short pass. >> you seemed determined for you are not stopping until you got into the end zone. >> i have to score touchdowns. that is what i have always done. that is what i want to continue to do. to score touchdowns. that is what makes the difference between teams winning and losing games. i just want to score. >> a spot in the huddle and likely a chance to play more. >> he deserves a shot. he has been working his tail off. doing some good stuff. he had a big run on a third and one. makes a play. he jumps out and then covers a cake. those are the kind of players you need. he deserves more. >> much more with capri and emmanuel sanders tonight at 6:30 p.m. on channel 20 on the broncos huddle.
4:49 pm
back to you. >> did you get that? >> channel 20. >> thank you. >> the huddle is on channel 20 at 6:30 p.m. because of nightly news. so the day after the election and all that stuff. >> they need a win. especially against the saints. they are a good passing team. >> i love drew brees does but you cannot cheer for him. >> not this week. >> let's do it is a big day for "high school student athletes. today is signing day were some of them will officially signed letters of intent to play the sport at the collegiate level. >> some had ceremonies this morning. we are hearing from many of you. some of the tweets and facebook posts that we have received already today.
4:50 pm
of luck. >> mom, dad, coaches -- everybody so proud of them. and teammates. it is a big deal. >> when they play really little and run the wrong direction on the field. >> we went to hear about your student athletes. send us a picture. use the hashtag #signingday. for a full list, go to . >> professional teams someday. >> we know it will happen. everybody is probably a little tired today. tired from staying up late.
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lot of meanness surrounding the election. one topic many can agree on is that it there has been a lot of meanness on both sides of this campaign. it has been divisive, to say the one topic many can agree on is that it is time to move forward. >> you want to close that chapter. >> just move on. >> so a reporter in dallas decided to let people take out their frustrations. >> dear election 2016, we had high hopes for you. >> glad it is over. >> look at yourself. >> finally over.
4:54 pm
yet, good riddance. >> do you want to say goodbye to the election? say goodbye on the card. >> tired of this bs. >> why did you right -- write that? >> i'm tired of them talking about each other and bringing up stuff from the past. i'm over it. >> let's work through those feelings. let's write that down. >> behalf of all bad hombres, adios, amigo. >> we are not happy with what it has brought out in people. >> i don't think many people in this election have showed respect. >> 2016, we will not lie, you were a tremendous letdown. now we need a way to let you
4:55 pm
such stupidity and an election. >> the most annoying election ever. >> the only sensible thing to do here, for election 2016 -- take a deep rest and remember, democracy is the worst form of government in the world, except for all of the now, doesn't that feel better? . >> it is like that old thing where you take a box of plates -- ceramic plates and just chuck them against a wall. you just need to let out a little aggression. >> this was from a fantastic reporter in dallas. >> a good little piece.
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send out that message about self exams. the buddy check. for you and someone you care about. >> thank you for joining us this afternoon. 9news at 5:00 is next. next at 5:00, a range of emotions and reaction a group of cub scouts is trying to break a world record while they help the community at the same time. and a denver graduate risks his life to give a voice to the people in the war-torn city of mosul. next on 9news. two people are in custody. one person is dead after a shooting in downtown denver. it started as a fight in a parking lot near 16th and champa.
5:00 pm
being questioned about the shooting. >> reporter: two people were detained. that is what we know from denver police. they have not released their identities at this point. right now denver police have champa straight shutdown from 16th, to 17th . they have been investigating for the past several hours in the parking lot of the renaissance hotel right here on champa. we know that two suspects were taken into custody after this deadly shooting. it started with a fight at about to 15:00 p. -- 2:15 p.m. this afternoon. officers heard about the fight. about shots being fired. two men taken to the hospital. one of the men died. the other receiving treatment. police said they got information that these two suspects were on an rtd bus. we got video from someone here


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