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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  November 9, 2016 11:37pm-12:38am MST

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[ cheers and applause ] ? >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." wendy williams, host of msnbc's "all in," chris hayes, music from lukas graham, featuring the 8g band with keith carlock. ? [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening, everybody. how are we doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] well that was a real grab in the
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and i'm sorry to use foul language like that but last i checked the electoral college seems to be fine with it. [ laughter ] you know, we have been talking about donald trump on this show for 18 months and one of the things i've tried to make clear over those 18 months is how i have been wrong about him at every turn. when he first came down the escalator at trump tower and announced i boldly said on this show he was a stunt and he would never really run. i then said he would never win the gop nomination and i certainly didn't think he would be our next president but the good news is based on this pattern of me being wrong on every one of my donald trump predictions he's probably going to be a great [ bleep ] president. [ laughter and applause ] let's just hope the trajectory holds. anyways i think i was not alone in watching the election last night.
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election returns at a friend's house and before we left we put our 8-month-old son to bed and i was holding him and i said to him when you wake up tomorrow morning we might have our first female president and then when we came home around midnight i went into his room and shook his crib until he woke up and screamed, we have to get out of here! [ laughter ] and then my wife pointed out that wasn't productive and she was right. i'm willing to admit that she was right. that for the first time in our history our president would be a steak salesman. [ laughter ] and that seemed to calm him down. then we got into bed my wife and i and our dog frisbee, who's a seven-pound italian greyhound, she jumped into bed with us and usually she provides great comfort to us but last night frisbee was skittish because being italian she doesn't know if she gets to stay. [ laughter ]
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but i will say this morning i realized how lucky we were because an 8-month-old was the perfect age child to have because while my wife and i were sitting at the kitchen table solemnly talking about what all of this meant -- all this meant, he was just happily going to town on a pear. [ light laughter ] we cut up a piece of pear, we're discussing the future of the supreme court and he was just smiling and eating that pear. thinking "i don't know what you two are talking about, but i'm with pear." [ light laughter ] but with that said i do really feel for the parents who had to explain this to their kids this morning. especially parents with daughters because a lot of them like me probably thought hillary would be our first woman president. but she won't be. but that does mean -- that does mean that someone's daughter is out there right now who will one day have that title.
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and maybe -- maybe you're a woman who is currently a senator. maybe you're still in college. hopefully, you're not a toddler but who knows with the way things went last night, who knows? the fact is we don't know who you are but i imagine this moment today will be a defining one for you. one that will make you work harder and strive farther and whoever you are i hope i live to see your inauguration and i hope my mom does too. she was really excited yesterday and i was really sad for her. my mom's name happens to be hillary. it hasn't always been that. she just changed it to whatever -- [ light laughter ] whatever democrat is running for president. it's really weird. had to call her barrack for eight years. but good news to our first woman president whoever you are, where ever you are, you may have been
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president and first is so much better than second. that is the difference between george washington and john adams. you either end up on money or paul giamatti plays you in a movie. [ laughter and applause ] so whoever you are, where ever you are, go get it. i felt a lot of emotions last night and into today. some sadness. some anger. some fear. but i'm also aware that those are the same that led them to make their choice and it would be wrong for me to think my emotions are somehow more authentic than their emotions. we're always better as a society when we have empathy for one another so i would just say -- i would like to say to those trump voters congratulations. i sincerely hope he addresses your concerns. i sincerely hope that if you felt forgotten he won't forget you now. as a white man i also know that any emotions i'm feeling are
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african-americans, hispanic-americans, muslim-americans, any number of the immigrant communities so vital to our country so hopefully the trump administration and trump supporters will be compassionate to them. because they need your compassion and in general i am hopeful for president trump because hope is always the best possible path to take and one thing that makes me hopeful is we know from interviews he has given over the years that he has, at any given point, held every position on every issue. [ light laughter ] he has been pro-choice, pro-life, for the iraq war, against the iraq war. pretty much his only consistent position has been anti-rosie o'donnell. [ laughter ] so i'm hopeful that he is not actually a racist and that he just used racist rhetoric to court voters because when you're courting someone you're always willing to pretend you're something you're not. for example, when you first start dating someone you'll agree to go apple picking. you'll take cute pictures and
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bake a pie together but once you're officially a couple, you're not going apple picking anymore. and when they ask you why, you say because, "i hate apple picking. i was just pretending i liked it to trick you." and let me make it clear i am in no way trying to say that racism is as bad as apple picking. [ light laughter ] [ applause ] but again i can't stress how wrong i've been ab campaign just to give you a sense of how wrong, this past june when trump was behind in the polls we made him an offer that if he dropped out nbc would give him a 13-episode show where he could play a fictional president. now, because the show is on nbc, it would have to be called "chicago president." [ light laughter ] and we thought he would jump at the opportunity because we thought he might not actually want to be president. well after last night's results, i just want to say to donald trump, our offer still stands. [ laughter ]
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you didn't think -- you didn't think you were going to win this thing either and i'm guessing that right now you are spinning out. you're probably looking at a map of the united states and thinking, "wait, how long does this wall have to be?" and i can't imagine the people you had to call this morning to say, "hey, i guess trump tv is on hold for now." "why? because i have to be the president." not to mention the fact that you're going to have to give rudy guilliani a job and then hang out witm have to tell you this, he is bat-[ bleep ] crazy. [ laughter and applause ] you'll come up with something. just tell people you have health issues and can't do the job because for the last year we have only seen you eating out of bowls and buckets. we will believe that. so we are upping our offer to a 22 episode order and we're giving you the coveted 10:00 p.m. monday slot which means you'll be on right after "the voice." and this offer stands until inauguration day. think about it.
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now, if your a hillary supporter last night was rough but there are a few good pieces of news. tammy duckworth, an asian-american war hero was elected to the senate in illinois. [ cheers and applause ] in minnesota, former refugee, ilhan omar became the first somali-american lawmaker in history. and in california -- [ scattered applause ] yeah. and in california, they legalized recreational weed and not a minute too soon. [ cheers and applause ] weed in california immediately cured everyone in the state of their glaucoma. [ laughter ] demackracy -- excuse me, democracy is a fantastic thing even when it doesn't go your way. it gives everyone in america a voice and last night those voices spoke so i want to say to president-elect trump. congratulations to melania and the new first family. congratulations. and to vladimir putin and everyone in russia -- [ speaking russian ]
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in closing, donald trump made a lot of promises as to what he's going to do in the next four years and now we get to see if he will. if he can fulfill them and so i would just like to make one promise to him, we here at late night will be watching you. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ? e world is full of surprising moments. they're everywhere. and as a marriot rewards member, i can embrace them all. the new marriott portfolio of hotels now has 30 brands in over 110 countries. so no matter where you go, you are here. join or link accounts at
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[ cheers and applause ] ? >> seth: welcome back to "late night." how we doing guys? [ cheers and applause ] all right. that's good to hear. in that case let's get to the news. well, it looks like america has finally answered jeff foxworthy's question. [ laughter ] donald trump won the presidential election last night, and then out of habit, kellco didn't. no he didn't, anderson." after her stunning loss to donald trump, hillary clinton this morning delivered her concession speech. no, not that kind of concessions. get out of here! [ laughter ] president obama congratulated donald trump in a speech today, and reminded the country that we are all on the same team. it's just that now, half of us are on defense.
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[ applause ] president obama has invited donald trump to the white house on thursday, to discuss transition plans and trump is pretty nervous. he's never been to a black man's house before. [ laughter ] [ audience oohs ] "yo' house is very nice. that's how you say it, right? yo' house?" [ laughter ] donald trump will reportedly name his chief of staff in the he is looking for someone who can really "putin" the hours. [ laughter and applause ] apple began selling refurbished iphones in it's online store yesterday. which is good news, for the 40 million people who smashed their screens last night. [ laughter ] voters -- [ applause ] voters in arizona, colorado, maine and washington, approved increases to minimum wage rates to at least $12 an hour by 2020.
11:53 pm
working at burger king. [ laughter ] [ scattered applause ] a chef in california recently started a catering business that serves dishes infused with marijuana. the chef said the company started as a joke, then got really scary, but then turned back to a joke again. [ laughter and applause ] and finally a "game of thrones" author george r.r. martin posted a letter responding to last night's election, and ended it by writing "winter is coming, i told you so." [ laughter ] said his fans, "oh, so you have time to write a letter." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight. i am so very happy. i feel like we have the perfect two guests for the kind of show we need to have this evening. first from the "wendy williams show", wendy williams is here. [ cheers and applause ] and that's going to be straight up no election talk.
11:54 pm
wendy williams. she's going to catch me up on pop culture. it's going to be great. cause' i have not been paying attention to that. [ light laughter ] then we've got emmy winning host of msnbc's "all in with chris hayes." he's back on the show. we're so excited for that. [ cheers and applause ] and all we're going to do is talk about the election, so were getting right back into it. and then we'll have music from an incredible danish band, lukas graham is here. [ cheers and applause ] we're very happy, about that. so let's get started. our first guest tonight is a "new york times" best selling author and host of the popular daytime talk show "the wendy williams show" which airs weekdays in syndication. please welcome back to the show our friend, wendy williams, everybody. ?
11:55 pm
>> seth: wendy. >> oh, seth! >> seth: oh, i'm so happy to have your light, here in our studio tonight. >> oh, thank you. >> seth: it's great to have you. and you're such a busy person, and yet you made time for us. >> well, seth, thank you for the invite. when you call i come running. >> seth: thank you so much. >> through the traffic. >> seth: through the traffic. [ light laughter ] we've had, we've received complaints from "new york city traffic controls." >> the traffic is crazy. >> seth: so, uh -- >> and i'm black, but i showed up on time. [ laughter ] >> seth: oh, thank you so much. and thank you so much for that. >> go us! >> seth: so, i want to ask you about this. 'cause, well, obviously we know you're a talk show host. we know you're an author. you have a new fashion line. that's very exciting. >> yeah on hsn. >> seth: okay. >> a little something it's called the wendy -- >> seth: you seem like you're underplaying it. >> well, i mean, you know, it's doing very well. >> seth: that's great. what kind of stuff is it? >> um, outerwear. dresses and shoes. and it's doing very wonderful. and i have been there for almost two years now, and next time i
11:56 pm
yes. >> seth: yeah, of course. any time any of my friends have a fashion line, i acknowledge it. [ laughter ] >> well, let me tell you something, between doing that talk show, taking care of my family, and sitting at that sewing machine -- >> seth: oh, yeah, 'cause that's -- >> making stuff. >> seth: 'cause you make every piece by yourself, right? >> honey, let me tell you something. [ laughter ] what a mess. >> seth: whatever you're sewing, you cobble the shoes. is that correct? >> yes. yes, seth. >> seth: yeah, people don't know that. but you are, you are a long time cobbler. [ light laughter ] >> yes, i am, seth. >> seth: your show -- i have done your show. >> thank you, seth. >> seth: you refer to the audience as your co-hosts -- >> yes. >> seth: and i will say, it is a party. that atmosphere is a party. >> the building is walking. >> seth: and what do you call your fans? >> my "wendy watchers." >> seth: "wendy watchers." >> yeah. i don't have like monsters, beehive, or whatever. "wendy watchers." >> seth: "wendy watchers." and you also have some wendy-isms. and -- right? is that an accurate way to -- [ laughter ] why are you looking at them? why are you looking away from -- >> because i'm so used to looking at co-hosts. i'm sorry. >> seth: oh, that's okay. no, look, if you gotta play to
11:57 pm
>> it's dark in there though. i can't even see you all. >> seth: they're here. [ cheers and applause ] >> put some light on these people. like i'm sorry, i know, you know, every host has a different kind of relationship with their audience. but it's dark in there. i don't know what those, what are you all doing? [ laughter ] >> seth: they're -- i promise they're behaving. you have to have it dark because this show is on at night. it would be weird. >> they could be fornicating and you won't know. [ laughter ] >> seth: i hope they're fornicating. >> but it -- at my show no, i love the proper d.j. i love a lot of base in my music. >> base -- 'cause when you're in the dressing room, you feel like a neighbor who wants you to be quiet. >> the building is shaking. >> seth: yeah. >> yes, yes. >> seth: okay, but i want to ask you about these wendy-isms. because i don't know a lot of these words. what they mean. >> okay, really? >> seth: here we go. "wigation." >> it's the ation of wearing a wig. [ laughter ] i'll use it in a sentence. >> seth: oh, please do. >> oh my gosh, i love your hair. the wigation of it all. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> seth: fantastic.
11:58 pm
going to have much need to use it. wooation. >> wooation. oh my gosh. you are so cute. i would love to talk to you. the wooation of it all. [ light laughter ] i want to woo you, you woo me. >> seth: i see. okay. >> okay. >> seth: i think i'm, well now, i was about to say, i was about -- i said i thought i understood it now, but the very next one i don't. plotation. >> okay. okay, you want a divorce? then let me, come in here, and t' you need a plotation. on how to get out of this mess. >> seth: this is a terrible example sentence. i don't understand it at all. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> oh, yes you do. oh, yes you do. >> seth: although, you are -- you're not using it in a sentence. you're using it in a one act play. [ light laughter ] you come in here. what me? yes, you. i want a divorce. a divorce, well, i'll tell you something. i'll get a plotation before. >> now you've got it! >> seth: okay, good.
11:59 pm
[ talking over each other ] no, go ahead. you got another? >> seth: hackalation. hackalation. >> okay. >> seth: okay. >> uh, excuse me. you said i sent that e-mail. i didn't send that e-mail. what the hackalation is going on. [ laughter ] >> seth: so it's the ation of being hacked? >> here's the thing. >> seth: here's the thing. >> if you put ation on anything -- >> seth: i'm starting to figure this out. >> it ramps it up. >> seth: it ramps it up. >> to the tenth power. >> seth: i see, i see. >> just take anything. >> seth: okay. >> like i'm gog meyer-zization -- >> seth: oh. >> of late night. >> seth: oh, gotcha. yeah that roles off the tongue. >> uh-huh. [ light laughter ] >> seth: that's a, that's a much better than whatever people did before. >> seth, webster does not always have it correct. >> seth: it's true. >> we need more words. >> seth: wait, well you started your own dictionary. >> well -- >> seth: but i have something that i want to ask you. you used e-mail in a sentence, but you in real life, true story, you do not use e-mail. >> all right. are you judging? >> seth: no, i'm asking. [ laughter ]
12:00 am
>> 'cause we can fight this out. >> seth: there was no judgeation. >> oh. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: if you got judgeation on me, i owe you an apologation. >> no, you know what, seth. >> seth: what? >> i have never sent or received an e-mail in my life. >> seth: what? how? by the way, in this day and age, that's the smartest [ bleep ] thing you could do. >> thank you. >> seth: yeah. >> thank you. >> seth: where, where everyone is so smart, as to not have e-mails. >> what the falation? so why -- how do people get in touch with you? >> i mean, they call people me tell me who called. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> and if you're really important to me then you know my cell number and you just call me directly. >> seth: who's really important? who is somebody that has the cell number? >> my mom and dad. [ light laughter ] >> seth: okay, that's nice. >> our son. >> seth: okay, that's a good one. >> i only have 63 people. >> seth: in your phone? >> in my phone. >> seth: that's really, that's a great number. >> thank you. >> seth: does anyone ever drop out? or like, do you ever -- >> yeah, oh no, i edit constantly. >> seth: really? >> are you serious?
12:01 am
what would you love to have? >> five. >> seth: five, yeah. [ laughter ] >> yeah. yeah, you know what, i just -- find that, you know, a lot of people, because of the hackalation -- >> seth: yeah. >> a lot of people do get in trouble for sending things they didn't really send. >> seth: yeah. >> and misconstruing words, and also i'm emotional. when i talk to you, i want to talk at you. i'm not going to text you and i'm not going to e-mail you, because you can't hear my emotions. if i'm going to call you and curse you out -- i don't mean to be all, you know, muscle face about it. >> seth: that's okay. [ laughter ] i thought, this was a, this was a muscle faced story you were trying to get across. >> i'm sorry. >> seth: do whatever you want with the muscles in your face. this is -- >> i'm sorry. >> seth: this is as much your show as mine. >> thank you, seth. >> seth: you're in the eighth season of your show. do you ever watch it? >> every day. >> seth: you do? i never watch mine. >> wha -- you're lying. >> seth: i'm not. it's on too late. i go to bed. [ laughter ] >> so, yes, but you, you know, because we come on, we're live out of new york at 10:00 a.m.
12:02 am
>> seth: do you ever watch the same episode twice. >> yes. >> seth: oh my god. [ laughter ] >> only because i'm looking for different things. >> seth: that's good. >> i host, but you know this, seth, can we talk? >> seth: please. >> without -- without the laughter. look, look i host but i'm also an executive producer. >> seth: right. >> and this is very important to me. i want to make sure that all, you know, things are in line. how was the lighting today? >> seth: i see. >> then i'll talk to the lighting person. how was my hair? then i'll talk to the hair person. was the makeup off? was my dress wrong? was the guest not on point? >> seth: i see. >> were the camera shots off? oh, i am like this. i work way too hard. i'm 52. >> seth: yeah, you look great. >> i worked -- thank you. i worked all my life though for this. [ scattered applause ] and i will not let anything slip under the carpet. >> seth: that is fantastic. i love your attention to detail.
12:03 am
because you're such a practiced host, i would like to do, ask you a favor. >> am i coming off mad? >> seth: no. >> okay. >> seth: you're not coming off -- trust me. today this is not mad, what you're doing. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] no ones, no ones gonna say, "you know who lost their mind?" >> don't you just label me though as an a.b.w. >> seth: a.b.w? >> angry -- >> seth: yeah, gotcha. >> you know. >> seth: yeah, hey can we do something? can we switc you sit over here? 'cause i want to ask, have you tell me -- >> what? >> seth: well i want you to host for a second. >> of course! >> seth: because -- [ cheers and applause ] well, i have uh, i have not been paying attention to pop culture at all. >> testing, 1, 2, 3. >> seth: okay, great. can i ask you about some pop culture stories and have you tell me about 'em? what are you doing? >> this doesn't work. >> seth: no it's -- you have a microphone. why do you want that one? >> because this one's a good one. >> seth: that's just in case the
12:04 am
>> well, that's why you wear two mics, not one. you don't wear two mics? >> seth: no, i just wear one. >> i wear two mics. when i do our show, i look like the hunchback of notre dame. [ laughter ] i got so much stuff. all right, come on. let's go. >> seth: all right. uh, is something going on, tell me what's going -- >> go. >> seth: uh, prince harry. is there something going on with prince harry? >> prince harry's got a lovely new black girlfriend. she's from crenshaw. >> seth: okay. >> and her mom is a yoga teacher. >> seth: okay. >> and her dad is -- filed for >> seth: oh my goodness. >> and she lives in toronto, where she's filming a hit show. >> seth: what hit show? >> i'm not sure. i've never seen it. never heard of the girl. >> seth: not sure if it's a hit. >> but i can tell you this. she's beautiful -- >> seth: she's beautiful. >> and they're in like their second season. he fell in love with her. she was dating a short order cook. not a cook like, you know, like, you know, mario batali. >> seth: batali. >> no, i'm talking about the one that fries an egg and toasts your english muffin in the
12:05 am
between the two of them? >> well, she broke up with the cook. girlfriend, i am rooting for you. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] go. yes we can! [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: lil' wayne, lil' wayne in the news? >> well, lil' wayne has gone off the rails a bit. >> seth: okay. >> i do honestly without laughter from the co-hosts, or what you call your beehive. >> seth: yeah. >> okay. [ light laughter ] um, i think that lil' wayne honestly is going through a britney spears umbrella at the volkswagen moment. >> seth: oh, okay. >> a justin bieber walking offset. i think that, you know, it's all getting to him. and he needs a rest. >> seth: okay. so we should all send our best thoughts to lil' wayne. >> yes, yes. >> seth: okay good. that's good to know. >> yes. >> seth: mariah carey. >> all right, lil' wayne done, mariah carey. not getting married. >> seth: okay, are we happy about that?
12:06 am
well better to break up before the marriage -- >> seth: yeah, that's true. >> than have all of that complication. >> seth: yeah, that's true. >> and no she does not deserve $50 million. i feel like mariah, you know, i understand people with eccentric behavior. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> however, it's only cute to a point. >> seth: yeah. >> when you get in the house with your wife, you know what i'm saying? >> seth: sure. >> do you really want her pinky out all night long or do you just want her to put on your jersey from college, and watch a game? >> seth: ideally i like the jersey, the game, and the pinky. [ laughter ] um, this is very important to me, because i feel like i've completely missed this. i feel like there's some news about weeknds hair. >> okay. well, the weeknd -- >> seth: the weeknd, yeah. >> the weeknd changed his hair. now, i change mine often -- >> seth: yeah.
12:07 am
always like, "wendy is that you?" i could wear a baseball cap, i could wear a purple wig cut like moe from "the three stooges," people still recognize. but i feel like weeknd is a really random looking guy when he takes his hair off, and it's too soon in his career. >> seth: oh, i see. >> you know what i'm saying, seth? >> seth: yeah. >> you have to wait for your, beehive to get to know you first. >> seth: i see. >> before you start flipping >> seth: yeah, so he flipped his look too fast. >> too fast. >> seth: gotcha. otherwise do you like the hair cut? >> oh, i do. oh, he's adorable. >> seth: good, good. >> oh, yes. >> seth: so, it's just about the timing. it's not about the style. >> right. >> seth: okay, i gotcha. >> oh, god. i'm exhausted. [ laughter ] am i -- who else is coming on our show tonight everyone? >> seth: give it up for wendy williams, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] "the wendy williams show" airs weekdays. check your local listings and times. we'll be right back with chris hayes. [ cheers and applause ]
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? ? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody.
12:12 am
also here to sit in with the fantastic 8g band he's the highly respected drummer from steely dan and has a record out now called "city of cranes" from his new group band of other brothers, keith carlock everybody. thank you so much. >> thanks, seth. thank you for having me. >> seth: our next guest is the emmy winning host of "all in with chris hayes" which airs weeknights at 8 pm on msnbc. please welcome back to the show our friend chris hayes. [ cheers and applause ] ? ? >> seth: welcome to the show. >> how are you? >> seth: you were a busy man last night. >> sure was. >> seth: and i want to talk about everything that happened but first i want to take a moment because you did not have a lot of time to enjoy it before the election. your chicago cubs won the world series. congratulations. >> i -- [ cheers and applause ] yes. there are a lot of cubs fans who
12:13 am
>> seth: sure, the trigger. that was the trigger to this all. >> well, you know, god gives with one hand, takes the other. >> seth: yeah -- [ laughter ] >> i think is the biblical verse. >> seth: so, you know -- you know, here we are. do you -- this is not -- >> we're not talking about the cubs anymore? >> seth: no we've moved on. >> oh, okay, okay. >> seth: so this -- do you have a theory as to what happened? because obviously this is not what people predicted going into the night. i mean, they predicted -- >> yeah. >> seth: something close but maybe not obviously this result. so what is your theory as to what happened? over determined in certain ways. >> seth: sure. >> there's a million things happen to bring about this moment. the most succinct explanation is that several million voters mostly white working class voters from pennsylvania up through ohio, michigan and wisconsin who had voted for barack obama, voted for donald trump. i mean, that's what happened. >> seth: yeah. >> in a narrow political analysis sense.
12:14 am
in the country. we have seen elites fail. we have seen people that were supposed to know what they were talking about not know what they were talking about time and time and time again and it has created this chasm of distrust into which has entered donald trump. >> seth: and you actually wrote a book called "twilight of the elites" which talked about a lot of this. that strangely predicted a lot of this and you just mentioned distrust and there is a core distrust of the media, of our leaders. like there's in -- what -- does that trust ever come back or is it lost? >> that's in some ways the project, right? i mean, the project has to be building back up some of that very necessary trust. now a healthy distrust is good. right? >> seth: mhmm. >> and i think a lot of people learn that with the war in the iraq or the financial crisis, right? i mean there was a lot of really smart authoritative people saying we've got these models about housing derivatives and believe us this is going to work.
12:15 am
when you spread it everywhere, you actually lose the ability to form knowledge. and i mean this in a really literal sense. like, the things that you seth meyers know are actually just things that you read or heard from a trusted source. >> seth: mhmm. >> you know, like you haven't conducted the experiments, right? >> seth: no. no field work. >> you have not done the field work. you know it because of trust and when that gets severed you end up in a situation in which the entire public discourse goes >> seth: you know, you mentioned the financial crisis and the housing crisis and that swath of this country that you just mentioned that went from obama to trump, do you think that's one of the core reasons that just not enough was done for those people? >> yeah, i think that's it. i think it's also you can't talk about the race without talking race. >> seth: mhmm. >> i mean, trump ran on an explicitly nationalist sort of
12:16 am
that had a lot to do it with too. so you can't divorce these two. there's huge fights happening now with people. >> seth: of course. >> about which of these two it was. i think both of them together particularly in that region of the country was a lot of what did it. >> seth: trump himself has been calling himself mr. brexit which is a very catchy nickname. >> yes. [ light laughter ] >> seth: how much because it seems like such a direct parallel. >> it is striking. these, you have both in brexit and in trump here a sort of popular front across these different strains of society. newspaper editorials. fortune 500 ceos, leaders of major parties saying "do not. no. absolutely not. this is nuts. this is nuts." and the voters saying "no. no, we want this." now one little thing we should say is that hillary clinton is going to end up with more votes than donald trump. >> seth: mhmm. >> and it's a little weird to analyze the race as producing
12:17 am
people will have voted for hillary clinton than will have voted for donald trump. >> seth: sure. >> but in both cases you had this kind of all of the gate keepers saying to voters, "believe me you want to do this." and voters saying "yeah." >> seth: well they effectively did that i think. >> i mean, yeah. >> seth: the other thing, i guess now, is you look at obama's legacy what of his accomplishments is now most at risk? do we see the end of obamacare? >> yeah. i mean, we're gonna see -- t obamacare there's a question about whether they'll do it through reconciliation which is a process that allows them to kind of move around the filibuster. you know, one of the things i think to think about is what happens after every election, i remember in 2004 it was republicans were going to rule forever and two years later they lost the house in a landslide. >> seth: mhmm. >> in 2008 it was democrats have all three branches of government. republicans are an extinct species and six months later the tea party, right? if they kick 20 million people off of healthcare there will be
12:18 am
divided as we are as polarized as we are every action produces an opposite reaction and so there's a lot on the chopping block. they're gonna go after financial reforms, obamacare, the iran deal, the executive orders that keep people in this country who are brought here as children, the climate accords. all of that is going to go, boom boom boom boom boom. but also all of that will be met with political resistance. >> seth: i want to shift to -- away from this just so we can end on anything else. ug >> was i that bad? >> seth: just anything else. no! [ cheers and applause ] look this is -- this is not your fault. but, you know, i do want to talk about real quick, because we mentioned races and the dividing of it. and obviously trump ran a campaign that had a lot of racist rhetoric. how do we frame all the people that voted for trump? because a lot of those people are not racist. >> yeah, i think -- i don't think talking about the people that voted for trump as racist
12:19 am
>> seth: i agree. >> i think politics is addition and not subtraction. so if you're not on the side of trump, i think stigma or sort of calling people racist is probably not productive. also though people shouldn't get it twisted. about calling what he represented and what he called for what it was. >> seth: yeah. >> he wanted to ban a million muslims from the country. if you get up and you say "i want to ban all the jews from coming into the country." that doesn't get erased. it got taken off his website today. no one has to be shy about calling that what it is. >> seth: yeah. >> people vote for candidates for all kinds of reasons. the voters are our fellow citizens. >> seth: yeah. >> and, you know, people are adults. they have to be held to account and responsible for the vote they cast and what they do as citizens but also. i think folks should focus their analysis, their frustration, their anger, their political motivation at the folks with power because there are a lot of
12:20 am
>> yes. >> seth: you went to high school with lin-manuel miranda. >> yeah! have you heard of him? >> seth: i have, yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's so weird you know about him. >> seth: i just heard about him. he's in "falsettos" right? >> yes. yeah. >> seth: you -- but you directed him in high school? >> i directed -- i directed the first ever lin-manuel miranda musical. >> seth: what was his first ever musical about? >> it was called "nightmare in d major." >> seth: okay. >> it was the protagonist who had a nightmare that involved a love he had lost and the villain was the small fetal pig that you dissect in biology class in high school. >> seth: yeah. >> and he wrote it for -- in high school we were very good friends. we did high school theater together and he wrote it for our sort of student produced theater group and it's the first musical he ever wrote and i directed it. >> seth: that sounds better than "hamilton." well that is an incredible check in your legacy. so look we have -- you have
12:21 am
>> it's the most important thing i've ever done. >> seth: you have that. that was great. >> yeah. >> seth: you have the cubs that was great. >> yes. >> seth: two out of three. >> yeah, exactly. >> seth: two out of three, chris. chris hayes, everybody. "all in" airs weeknights on msnbc. we'll be right back with lukas graham. [ cheers and applause ] ? ? remember 2007? smartphones? o m g ten years later, nothing's really changed. it's time to snap out of it. hello moto. a projector. a camera that actually zooms. it's a phone you can change again and again and again. hello moto. get excited world. moto is here. the new moto z with motomods. buy one moto z droid, get one free.
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? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: with a four time platinum debut single. a gold certified album and a host of critical praise. my next guests are one of 2016's biggest break out acts. back on the show to perform "you're not there" please welcome lukas graham. [ cheers and applause ]
12:26 am
this is my tribute to my father, eugene graham. ? i only got you in my stories and you know i tell them right ? ? i remember you and i when i'm awake at night ? ? so i for fallen glory i never got to say goodbye i wish i could ask ? ? for just a bit more time with every step i take you used to lead the way ? ? and now i'm terrified to face it on my own ? ? you're not there to celebrate the man that you made ? ? you're not there to share in my success and mistakes ?
12:27 am
you'll never know the person i'll be ? ? you're not there with me though i know that you're not there i still write ? ? you all these songs it's like you got the right to know what's going on ? ? as i struggle to remember how you used to look and sound ? ? at times i still think i can spot you in the crowd ? ? with every step i take you used to lead the way ? ? and now i'm terrified to face it on my own ? ? you're not there to celebrate the man that you made ? ? you're not there to share in my success and mistakes ? ? is it fair you'll never know the person i'll be ? ? you're not there
12:28 am
? time can heal your wounds if you're strong and standing tall ? ? i've been doing all of that it didn't help at all ? ? they say you'll grow older and it'll get better still yes i will but no it won't they don't get it ? ? you're not there to celebrate the man that you made ? ? you're not there and mistakes ? ? is it fair you'll never know the person i'll be ? ? you're not there with me ? ? there there you're not there ? ? you're not there there there
12:29 am
? terrified to face it on my own ? [ cheers and applause ] >> thanks very much, ladies and gentlemen. >> seth: lukas graham, folks! the us tour starts tomorrow. for tour dates go over to we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] is this is how many people were born here. this is how many are named hiawatha kitty mcgee. this guy keeps the town dry. these guys would prefer it a little wet. this many are proud of what we make here. this is how many will go around bragging about it. this is our town. for 150 years, the home of jack daniel's. if you can't get here, just look for one of our postcards. they look like this.
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[ applause ] ? >> next week on "late night with seth meyers", aaron eckhart, billy bob thornton, kathy bates, and michael che. and be sure to check us out on facebook, for all things "late night." ?
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12:36 am
? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to wendy williams, chris hayes, lukas graham, everybody. keith carlock, 8g band. stay tuned for carson daly.
12:37 am
tonight, everybody. ? ? ? >> carson: hey, gang! i'm carson daly, and thank you so much. we are in los angeles. this is the home of amp radio. where i do a morni show, and we do the tv show here, too. tonight, save the day is gonna perform from fyf. we've also got german musician, roosevelt, who's gonna get the snapshot treatment in a little bit. we'll start things off tonight with a "last call" spotlight on the mega star in the food world. his name's alton brown, and he's bringing his culinary live show to broadway and beyond. it's called "alton brown live: eat your science." it is a subject of tonight's spotlight. let's go to exchange la to kick


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