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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  November 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm MST

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all those who served to make us free to live in the country we love. it's veterans day. politics can wait for a minute. literally, a minute! you have a minute, right? we do. [ bagpipes playing "taps" ] >> veterans are just men and women with one crucial same interest. when the nation needs them, they put aside their own dreams and answer the call to serve their country. >> a lot of people hold this day near to their heart. i'm a sophomore at arapahoe high school. i'd rather be here than just
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with real lives, real families, real hopes and dreams. and we face real tribulation. >> it's important for us to recognize that they love you and they've made sacrifices for you. it's your duty to at least be appreciative of what you have and what they thought for. >> if you're a veteran, sti house, ask them to tune in because there's some people in our community that would like to offer a very personal thank you to vets later on "next." colorado's fired a judge! ain't that some stuff? very rarely happens. even the judges who fail their official reviews usually keep their jobs. one of the most requested "next" stories this year was on why we tend to retain questionable judges.
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here's politic's noel brennan. >> reporter: 57% of the vote, he kept his job. but voters in the metro area fired judge ellen strauss thanks to 52% of voters. she'll be off the bench when her term ends in january. if you've practiced law for at least five years and you live in the 17th judicial district, adams and broomfield counties, time to polish up that resume! conversation last night to voters on both sides of the side. those invigorated and those infuriated from donald trump elected. we're hearing not just how you voted but why you voted the way you did. common theme is trump voters were thinking less of politics and penalty and making more of
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kyle larson explains. >> you come along with me and come to be a part of this movement, i can make things better. whether or not trump can do that and whether a republican unified government -- which is the result of this, right? a republican president, republican senate, and republican house -- whether or not the policies they're able to enact actually help those people remains to be seen. but for right now, it worked >> reporter: so as we look beyond winning elections to how we'll function together as a country, we'll want to hear from you and we'll want to spark the conversations that seem so rare. civil discussions between trump and clinton supporters. i've offered to set up these meetings, even come along personally to keep these going. tonight, our first installment of what we're calling, let's just talk.
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sherry rail from nevada. thanks for coming in for a conversation! >> thanks for having us. >> reporter: you voted clinton. mike, you voted trump. i have a feeling we'll a very very different -- we'll have a very different conversation than the ones on social media. >> oh, i hope so. [ laughter ] >> please! >> reporter: mike, your candidate won. how do you feel? >> surprised and happy. biggest thing is when you talk to people in denver, denver is the entire state of colorado. there's in the middle of our state, at the edges of our state. and not everything that happens here is what's happening in those other areas. >> reporter: what should we know about what's happening there? >> the fact that the greater part of my valley has one of the lowest education rates in the state. we need a little extra help. >> reporter: it's tough. >> it's tough. it's tough to be down there.
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are all down. the price of fuel is luckily down or else we'd all be screaming. and not being able to make it. >> i believe he has his reasons and trump supporters have their reasons. i understand that. i get that. and i have my reasons and you do what -- you're doing what's best for your family and you and your area. and i'm doing what's best for my family and me and my area. i am a single mom. and i have an old son. and for me, just knowing that all these americans, all these people have voted for this man who is, to me, uses such vulgar language, treats minorities and talks about minorities and women in such a way that i never thought there were people like that out there. i don't think that every trump supporter is a racist or
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we voted him in or he was voted in. and now we need to go forward and not make it any uglier than it already has gotten. >> we have to be able to talk to each other civilly, to bring ourselves back together. a lot of this stuff she has said today, i agree with 100%. >> reporter: thank you so much for taking the time to talk with each other, with me, with everybody else who's watching. we hope it sparks a lot more conversations like this. >> thank you. >> thank you. chance to talk with someone on the other side of this election? all we ask is that you talk civilly, listen carefully, and you let me go along as a third wheel. it's not about convincing but better understanding, i building bridges between the red and blue parts of colorado. so let's just talk. i'll sneak in and listen as well. if you want in, just e-mail us or use the #heynext. and already hundreds of you
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i'd like to make a recommendation to something not ours but worth your time today. we'd like to point you toward the u.s. gallery that highlights paris one year ago. in 2015, they took photos then from now. the photos are compelling. some are graphic but all powerful. the article that goes along with the photos reads, what they found is that while things will never be quite the same, next, jeremy hohollum is working out issues. >> i'm a 37-year-old man with a receding hairline, gray in my hair. >> he's finding comfort with pushing similar buttons. >> i gave my simple out and made the final call, final out call of game 7 of the world
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the world got a little more retro today! we're not big on product pitches but this is about the game. it's about the game's effect on -- affect on people. >> reporter: look at me!
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i have gray in my beard, and i'm wearing a v-neck sweater. but you know what? i'm not ashamed. yes i waited in line at 5:30 this morning to get the new nes classic with fellow in other words. why? because we have a right in this country for nostalgia! it's important for the older gamers like myself to recognize our roots because we have forgotten. yes, the new games, the vr head south tejons, something -- the vr headsets, the massive multiplayer battles are something else. but it's time to pause to remember the princess locked in another castle. do you know what that did to us? do you know? it's time to make gaming great again [ dramatic music ] ? [ music ] ?
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thing. the world series. the best seat didn't belong to bill murray or any other big celebrity. it's more of a view than a seat because denver's chris machoni had to think fast whether he's behind the plate or home base. he's home now and is sharing his unique perspective on the world series. >> pretty cool. this is david ortiz's last regular season game in boston. i worked homete and this one here is alex rodriguez's 166th home run. actually came in and pitched hit for jones here. i called the final out in game 7 of the world series. >> reporter: well, this definitely takes me back to the little park in colorado. not even playing bumpiering -- i remember the first time i worked the plate. i was so nervous i didn't know what to do.
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here i am. >> bottom of the 10th inning and the cubs are up one run. regas is going to steal. i'm standing here looking at the reactions of both teams, anthony rizzo and alimar and this anxiousness and nervousness about him. two different ways. one needs a run. one needs an out. it wasn't an easy play! i know what's going to happen. and i take my position in the end field to get my position at 1st base. and he slips before he throws. he releases the ball. the minute it came out of his hands, i knew it would be a good throw. made sure rizzo caught it and touched the bag. game was over. i paused and watched rizzo run towards the celebration and gave my simple out and made the final call, final out call of
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>> i could be working with a better group of guys here -- couldn't be working with a better group of guys here. all of them i respect so much. what an honor to step on the field for all of them. i'm so super grateful to work it and be a part of it. >> what an hon. spending some time with his family during the off season. he'll return to the ump job first spring training. he hopes that his career will one day land him in the umpire hall of fame. the people going hungry because of the weather, seems like something from a century ago. but it's happening now in the high country. >> next is hot on the case with
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while we sit here loving this unusually warm fall weather, you know there's people in summit county that don't just need the snow for skiing but so they can work, put food on the table. we can't help it snow but we can swing by the 9 cares, colorado shares food bank this
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here's our man in the mountains, matt reneaux. >> the father dyer church is 136 years old. >> reporter: she's been helping feed her community for years. >> seven years. >> reporter: organizing a food bank and helping with community dinners every sunday night. >> a hearty soup from 6:00 to 7:00. >> reporter: as more people move to town for ski resort jobs, november gets busy with around 100 people each sunday getting a meal. >> november's my busiest month. >> reporter: but this year, seasonal workers are waiting longer for those checks and those sunday dinners are getting bigger. >> it's going to double if not more. >> reporter: the problem this season? a lot of people have been showing up in resort towns looking to start work for the season. the only problem, winter hasn't shown up leaving ski areas and many of their jobs closed. >> they don't have the work yet
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open. they don't have a paycheck. >> reporter: at the food bank in silver thorn -- >> the first week in november is always a time of struggle. >> reporter: their food stock is low and they're having a harder time than usual -- >> as you can see, the shelves are very empty -- >> reporter: -- keeping their shelves stocked. >> we don't know when those resorts will open and when that first paycheck will come in. that's the concern right >> the drive painkiller makes a difference. >> reporter: -- >> the drive makes a difference. >> reporter: 9 cares, colorado shares truly helps so they can make many smiles -- >> yes, and hugs. >> hope i see you at 9 cares, colorado shares tomorrow. i'll be out there. donate nonperishable food and clothing now that you know exactly where it goes. no one leaves without a smile. trust me.
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7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. see you there. ? [ music ] ? it has been extremely dry across the state not only up in the mountains but down here on the plains, too. the ranchers, farmer, just desperate to see some rain around here. we have been going strong 30 days without any precipitation here in the denver metro area. and you can see up in the mountains, while the skies are picturesque and but you can see, high pressure yet again centralized across the western portion of the country. that will keep our temperatures warm and the conditions extremconditions extremely dry for yet again the next couple of days. tonight, the temperatures cool off to about 33. we'll go to mostly clear skies. and tomorrow afternoon, it will be a warm one. in fact, 10 degrees warmer than today. mostly sunny skies from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. you can see as far as the latest snow fall that we have
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november 21st, 1934. so will denver see snow within the next ten days? will we break that record? we can see the planning forecast showing 60s and 70s in the near future. a slight little cooloff by the end of next week. but still, kyle, it looks like we may break that record. and who knows, it may be december before we see snow in the city. >> crazy! danielle, thank you! so the mystery continues who runs the city instagram account. it is beautiful. it is not at all official. and the city says it can't find the person running the account and using the official city logo. the mystery person replied to our message saying, well? what would you be interested in doing? talking to you! that's what we do to you on "next"! we talk to people! and there's people commenting saying, who are you? and never surrender! we'd love to just talk to the mystery person, find out how this all got started. the city, for its part, want it
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they're fine with that person keeping the account. #heynext if you can help us solve the mystery. when we come back, we have
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it's an important day in american history. and i'd like to thank all the veterans. >> i want to think about that! >> united states navy. >> i'll tell you, they got down with the nitty-gritty and did it! >> i go to west point. >> i'm a u.s. army veteran. >> -- and i'm just >> all my buddies in the -- buddies in the transportation unit. >> i served for one purpose, free america. >> i'd like to thank my husband who served in the marine core. i thank you for your service and now teaching your kids as a fifth grade teacher. i think it's a cool transition and being able to be a civilian. >> three, two -- >> thank you, vets!!! >> thank you for serving this country. thank you grandpa, dad. >> i'd especially like to thank
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martinez for serving in the military. thank you, dad. i love you! >> thank you, vets!!! >> a lot of feedback on our let's just talk segment. john and julie starks said, loved it but it should have been longer. another says, not enough time! and great idea, but the news
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val kilmer struggling to speak. the shocking new denying he has cancer. p> what's really going on with and then a janet jackson baby bombshell, but it's not that baby. did she have a secret love child with her ex? we have a public confession today. >> you think you have a daughter with janet jackson? >> prince harry's girlfriend flies to london, and we are at their love nest. >> meghan markle has now met william and kate.
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scenes of cameron's new cooking show as fierce grannies clash over control of the kitchen. >> one, two on. >> i'm walking away! now for november 11, 2016, this is "entertainment tooight". does pregnant janet jackson already have a secret child? that bombshell allegation is on the way. >> we start val kilmer, the star of top gun and batman forever struggled to speak as he came out for the first time after denying he has cancer. [ indiscernible ] >> my tongue swelled up. >> you could hear the 56-year-old taking labored gasps for air, often wiping his mouth with a tissue nearly a year


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