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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  November 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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more pieces of donald trump's team are coming together. with possibly one of the most controversial picks already announced-- the next appointments will give america a better idea of what the next four years could be like. evidence that could solve the mystery of a missing woman. moving foward - again. after being wrongfully imprisoned for 28 years what clarence moses - el's lawyers say they're focusing on next-- good morning-- i'm cheryl with corey-- gary and marty. more on those stories in a bit but first-- those high temperatures are sticking around
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details. president obama is
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successor as the presdient elect --donald trump transition takes shape-- and trump is now taking some heat for a controversial choice for one of his top advisors. n-b-c's tracie potts has reaction from insiders with the camp. criticism is pouring in on president- elect donald trump's choice of steve bannon as chief strategist. minnesota :08-:13 "the fact the republicans have been silence on bannon's appointment is a disturbing side." bannon's "reitbart news" website is a favorite of extremists and white nationalists. team trump defends him. new york city :20- :23 "this is a very balanced, very sensible, very smart man." utah :24-:27 "i look forward to having a discussion with the, whoever they appoint in the administration." president obama declined to weigh in on bannon. but he is giving the president elect some advice on how to heal a divided nation. "how he signals his interest in their issues or concerns, i think those are the kinds of things that can set a tone." including reports that steve mnuchin - mr. trump's campaign finance chair - is being considered as treasury secretary "there is a lot of hard work going on up there." conservative radio host laura ingraham as press secretary and rudy guiliani and former u-n ambassador john bolton as secretary of state. new york city 1:02- 1:09 "i won't be attorney general." "so good i won't have to decide that one, thank god" "i can escape that
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news, washington. the warnings have gone out and today is deadline day: people living in downtown denver's homeless camps will be cleared out if they don't leave on their own. the signs point to places police will
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the city says it's not trying to be cruel - rather, this is about public safety. mayor michael hancock says the city invests 15- million dollars a year now on homeless issues-- but in spite of the open beds and available services at shelters. lawrence street is still littered with trash and reeks of urine. the homeless say they'll be back, some do not want to go to a shelter there is a lawsuit pending against the city saying clearing people and their belongings violates their rights. yo as a health and safety issue, for the homeless and the community around it.. the city says any items they recover will be held for the homeless to come pick up. police in littleton are going to be
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landfill today in hopes of finding any clues about a woman missing for 4 months. 36-year old charlene voight - was last seen june 29th. they're going to be looking through in an isolated area of the tower landfill based on a specific date and time. they have not said what led them to the landfill. four days after police found her abondoned car in littleton-- they arrested her boyfriend jeffrey beier for sexual assault involving a different woman. prosecutors later dropped the charges saying the have forced them to turn over evidence related to the missing person investigation - to defense attorneys. officers and volunteers have to sift through pounds of garbage -- looking for voight's belongings or possibly her remains.
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disappearance. they aren't saying if they have a suspect or person of interest. a man convicted of robbing and killing another man is awaiting sentencing today. 61 year old samuel grady was killed by three men in his denver home in may 20-15. 29 year old derek webb is the last of that trio to be convicted of the murder. he was also convicted of burglary and aggravated robbery. police say he and two other men went to grady's home and shot him before taking off with his wallet and truck. webb is scheduled next month. clarence moses-el - is waking up a free man today-- after he was found not guilty - of a crime - he served 28 years in prison for. the denver d-a had decided to retry the rape case against moses-el, who was freed in december. a judge overturned the initial sentence after another inmate who was convicted of two other sexual assaults testified he had consensual sex with the victim in 1987. a jury found moses-el not guilty yesterday afternoon in the
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colorado's legislature passed a bill a few years ago that allows wrongfully convicted people to get damages of $70,000 a year they were held in prison. in this case, that would be nearly
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denver voters have passed a new law allowing public marijuana smoking in some venues. how it will work still to come. and-- november 20-16 could be hea books when it comes to snow fall. when we last saw such a warm one -- just ahead.
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underway this morning following a magnitude 7 point 8 quake monday. two people were killed. rescue teams are hoping to get to about one thousand stranded tourists and hundreds of other residents in kaikoura . they've already started ferrying people out by helicopter. a navy ship from is to help out soon. in iraq-- fighting between isis militants and iraqi security forces over mosul is ongoing. in recent days-- security forces have been working to take the suburbs just east of the city. iraqi soldiers have faced up against intense sniper fire and suicide car bombs, slowing down their advance into isis' last major stronghold in iraq. a u-n spokesman says more than 54- thousand people have fled their
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isis militants. denver city council can begin laying the ground work for how ordinance 300 permits will work. the ordinance-- which voters passed last week-- allows people to legally use marijuana at some businesses. the denver elections division says even though it still has a handful of ballots to count-- it won't change the outcome. the ordinance creates a 4-year pilot program - where businesses in the city - can apply for a permit to let customers use mariju from the neighborhood. denver's city council - has 60 days to write up the rules. we're entering day 35 of no rain or snow in denver! while it might seem like this has never happened-- this is the12th longest streak of this kind since the 1940s. we're also very late in november without snow. but we could see some moisture soon-- streaks like this are usually broken
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it likely won't happen today though- no snow is predicted which moves us into a tie for the fourth latest snowfall in denver history. if wednesday is more of the same, we'll move to number three. in each of those top three years, the streak was broken - with less than 2 inches of snow. 2 colorado companies are
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national recycling day. who could benefit and-- if you've ever felt like your dog just gets you on a very deep level-- it might be because he does. how scientists are now harnessing that human canine connection to help sick and disabled people still to
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it's national recycling day-- and a new partnership in boulder is promising to bring jobs and get rid of dangerous electronics waste. electronics are the fastest growing segment of the waste stream in the world. about half of u.s. states have some kind of policy-- like take back programs. but-- the sheer volume of electronic waste generated makes it hard for communities to keep up. eco-cycle & blue teaming up to tackle the issue in boulder county. they'll provide jobs for autistic adults who will disassemble and help recycle the products. they'll work at eco-cycle's newly retrofitted electronics recycling center. dog lovers listen up-- it turns out your pooch may be able to understand more than you thought they could. now science is harnessing that understanding to help dogs speak. jay waston from out sister station w-x-i-a in atlanta
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patriots for a primetime slot at their next away game. when and where you'll be able to watch them take on the chiefs later this month still to come. and the show must go on!! work to get the southwest rink at skyline park ready in time is happening now-- even with the warm temperatures.
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next game when they take on the chiefs. the patriots and jets were set to play at that time-- but n-b-c and the n-f-l announced the change monday. kickoff will be on the 27th at 6:30 sunday night here on 9news. the broncos will play at home - after a bye week this
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the game on the 27th will be the broncos' fifth primetime game of the season. they will play a sixth on christmas night - also against the chiefs. you might freak out when i tell you... there are now only 40 days left until christmas.... but you wouldn't know it based on these warm temperatures we've been having. still the folks prepping denver's skating rink-- aren't letting anything stop them from getting into the holiday spirit. the crew-- who call themselves ice makers-- on the southwest rink at skyline park for a few days now. thanks to simple science-- the city says it will get done in time despite the warm temperartures. typically ice rinks requires 3 or 4 consecutive days of sub 36-degree days and nights--which we haven't seen. that's why crews are using tubed glycol-- the same liquid used in your refrigerator-- to
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temperature hovering just above 35 degrees during the day they'll keep it there until they spray and freeze enough water to make four inches of ice. a colorado man is spreading that little bit of positivity this morning-- using poetry. who he's calling on to help him do it just ahead. first let's get a quick check of your weather and traffic with amelia and marty.
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colorado springs is hoping to his idea to spread kind words to strangers - takes hold in other parts of the country. alex lewis moved to the springs earlier this year and came up with a concept he calls "car window poetry." he leaves the poems on windshields in random parking lots. for content-- he enlists the help of young creative writers like the 4th graders at odyssey elementary.
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gotten the poems say they are a nice surprise-- and that the little bit of positivity goes a long way.
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services -- homeless people still camping ou in downtown denver. now police are saying once again -- get out or be sweeped out. priebus for chief of staff. bannon for chief strategist. and now the speculation begins for trump's cabinet picks. so... who's next? good morning everyone. cheryl, gary, and corey with you now. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- today is going to be even hotter than


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