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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 16, 2016 2:15am-2:45am MST

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trump tower. the trump website says there are 263 apartments in the building, each worth millions. below that, 26 floors of offices. on the first few floors, a variety of stores and restaurants, including starbucks, an ice cream shop and nike and gucci. still open to the public, but today, more police than shoppers. move outside and the problems multiply. from street level, discussions are under way about whether fifth avenue will be shut down when mr. trump is in residence. to trump tower is already closed. and questions about vulnerability from above as skyscrapers surround it. >> it's not just the president, but it's also the presidency that we're moving. we see it all the time with president obama, whenever he comes up here. it's seven to ten helicopters. it's closing down airspace. >> reporter: a senior new york police department official says that a long-term plan is still being developed, and the secret service confirms they're working with the nypd.
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trump and his family, can't be done yet, but an nypd source said it will be a very significant expenditure of taxpayer dollars. a tense manhunt is under way tonight after a deadly shooting outside oklahoma's busiest airport. the victim, an employee of southwest airlines and father to an nfl star. for panicked flyers, the entire situation has turned into a travel nightmare. we get details from nbc's gabe >> reporter: tonight the oklahoma city airport is at a standstill, and an urnlent manhunt is under way. >> making sure the suspect is identified, found, and making sure he's not a danger to anybody else here at will rogers world airport is a top priority. >> a victim has been shot on the sidewalk accounted the southern gate counter. >> reporter: the gunfire erupted this afternoon in a parking lot outside of airport.
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>> we have potential leads to a suspect, we have not positively identified the suspect. >> reporter: late today, police identified the victim of 52-year-old michael winchester, a southwest airlines employee and father of kansas city chiefs player james winchester. southwest releasing a statement, we extend our heart-felt sympathy and support to his family. meanwhile, frustrated flyers stuck on the tarmac, one tweeting, i don't understand closing the whole airport. another, this is nuts. get us o tonight an fbi s.w.a.t. team has been called to the scene as the suspect remains on the loose. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. a horrifying scene today inside a utah high school where five students were injured in a stabbing rampage. police say the suspect is a 16-year-old straight-a student, went on the attack in the boys' locker room before turning the knife on himself. he sustained non-life-threatening injuries and is now in custody.
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investigation. now to the news hitting home tonight for a lot of families. mortgage rates are spiking in the aftermath of last tuesday's election. pushing some who may be looking for a new home to act faster before they climb any higher. nbc's jo ling kent explains why. >> it's fabulous. >> reporter: jenna had no plans on rushing her house hunt. >> i've been looking for a home for about a year and a half. >> reporter: but the victory of presidel dream home now. >> beautiful. >> reporter: we decided to lock in immediately. >> reporter: she was right. the 30-year fixed mortgage has spiked .4 of a percent since election day. that means the payment for a $200,000 mortgage has gone up by about $56 a month. >> we've seen a sharp rise in mortgage rates over the last week because of the speculation that a trump administration is going to mean more government borrowing,
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inflation. >> reporter: the pressure also mounting for those who want to refinance. >> i'd refinance now. we don't know where the interest rates are going in the future. >> reporter: despite an increase in rates, realtors say it's still a sellers market. although mortgage rates are ticking up, they remain at hiftor ic lows. >> you don't rush to buy a house any more than you rush to get married because of a sale at the bridal shop. >> the difference between locking in la dollars a month. and that difference would have made it impossible for me to move into this home. >> reporter: putting down new roots just in time. jo ling kent, nbc news, new york. still ahead, the big change coming to social media. what some internet giants are doing about all those bogus headlines crowding your feed. also fox news star
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tonight there's news from several of the nation's biggest social media sites, taking action to address some growing problems and issues. twitter announced its users will be given better tools to limit hate and bullying online. while sites like facebook and google are working to curb the exploding number of fake news stories that may be influencing users. nbc's miguel almaguer has more. >> reporter: for
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than just a powerful social media platform. according to one study, it's where nearly half of all adults in this country turn for a source of fuse. >> i get a lot of my news from social media, like facebook, twitter, snapchat stories. >> reporter: but tonight, facebook and google are combatting a problem that's trending. fake headlines. trump winning popular vote. the clinton foundation buying arms. and pope francis endorses a story shared nearly a hundred thousand times before the election. >> misinformation from many sources impacted this election. you can look at that on all kinds of levels. >> reporter: facebook ceo mark zuckerberg rejected the notion fake headlines altered the election. to pull the plug on false news, facebook and google now they they'll bar fake news websites from using
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facilitating the sharing of news globally amongst a massive, massive population. you need to raise the bar. >> reporter: tonight the internet is still the wild west. the best advice may be the oldest. don't believe everything you read. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. we are back in a moment with a place in america where bars will soon be byop, as
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fox news anchor megyn kelly made headlines this year during her highly publicized feud with donald trump. then with reports she took a stump with the ousting of fox news chief roger ailes, who was accused by multiple women of sexual harassment.
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>> reporter: megyn kelly said she never wanted to become the news herself, but as he writes in her new book, that is exactly what happened. describing what it felt lake to savannah in an sbu airing wednesday on "today." >> i had a lot of tearful nights this past year. >> it started at the first republican debate. >> you've called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals. >> reporter: donald trump attacked on twitter calling kelly overrated, unwatchable, and crazy. threats. >> i had people yelling in my face on the street, violent things in front of my kids. i didn't go many places without an armed guard. >> reporter: after allegations of sexual harassment against former head of fox news roger ailes. the 45-year-old writes the accusations prompted her to talk to her bosses about her own experiences with ailes early in her career. >> he tried to kiss me, and then i pushed him away. he tried to kiss me
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he asked me when my contract was up, then he tried to kiss me for the third time. i pushed him away. i walked out the door and a called a lawyer. >> reporter: ailes firmly denies the allegation, writing in part, i worked tirelessly to advance and promote her career. with her contract up, many wonder if kelly will stay at fox news, after a year that raised her onto an even bigger stage. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. >> much more of that interview tomorrow morning on "today." pro-marijuana votes in last week's election, denver has improved a law allowing people to use pot in bars and restaurants. there are a few catches. customers have to bring their own weed and it can't be smoked inside. though businesses might be able to have outdoor pot-smoking areas. when we come back,
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"making a difference" is brought to you by -- fimly tonight, americans will gather at dinner tables across the country to give thanks.
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you're about to meet always has an extra seat at the table for a child in need. the more the merrier as rehema ellis tells us in tonight's making a dins report. >> reporter: this may look like a typical dinner prep. but for the young people here, it's preparation for life. >> oh, i have veggie burgers. >> reporter: kathie and david started welcoming kids into their washington home years ago. when kathie's son santiago was in middle school. home who needed a meal. >> reporter: one friend turned to many and a new tradition was born. every thursday night, dinner for kids in need, as many as 25 gathered around the table. four of the kids moved in. >> i wouldn't send one of these children to a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen. i feel leek a child deserves to have a home. >> reporter: 18-year-old ed yearby is one of them. grateful for their guidance, getting him into college this
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helped me learn to love. everything. >> reporter: other people invited, mentors like dr. michael peter, encouraging kids to dream big. >> some people used to have, some of us haven't had it either ever or in a very long time. >> reporter: to keep this going, david quit his job and started a non-profit, working with kids full time. >> a lot of these kids have parents that love them very much, but we're extra parents. >> >> reporter: the table is full of thanks. >> you've been there for me, so i appreciate that a lot. >> y'all speak up for me and tell me to be proud of what i do. >> reporter: but dinner feeding bodies and minds and most of all, nourishing spirits. rehema ellis, nbc news, washington. >> some big hearts. that's going to do it for us on this tuesday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and fwnt.
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>> i almost got eat know alive. >> announcer: living in fear from a vicious dog attack. and one of the most intense inntions, ever! >> we will get you to touch >> look at me. >> announcer: diy beauty hacks are great, but -- >> should you or shouldn't you? >> announcer: that's today! [ applause ] ? ? >> dr. travis: dog is man's best friend. what happens if they snap? for pinnleope, a pet turned into a deadly killer, nearly leaving her barely alive. >> i used to be a dog lover, everything changed december
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i was home alone with my fiance was talking to my fiancee, and he asked me to go out ask take a picture of the animal. the dogs had killed one that night. i paused a bit. i had this unusual fear. i had been around the animals but always in his presence. i stepped outside and i could hear the dogs coming, they ran up, i arms down so they was. and as soon as i let my arms down the first dog bit me in the croshe charged the phone, throughout , and i remember them both attacking me >> dr. travis: could hear my bones crunching. >> is i can hear my bones crunching and i see, hear, or feel the blood running. they ripped both arms apart.
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my breasts, even my foot. it was like being eaten alive. like i was a piece of food. and i just remember in my mind, going ... huh. huh. am i gonna die? my boyfriend got back to the house. he came out with a revolver. the last thing i remember is, he shot both of the dogs. [gunshots] >> almost two months later i woke up in the hospital. her >> her flesh was torn head to toe. it was painful for them to change the bandages. the nurses were crying. you know? >> my whole life changed. i had to learn how to do everything, how to feed myself. how to walk. how to use my left arm instead of my right arm. i don't work anymore. i am completely disabled now. when i look at myself every day, i feel like i am damaged-looking.
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everything. i want my mom back. >> i just feel like i can't ... get by. that's not living to me n. [ sobbing ] >> dr. travis: pennleope, and her daughter, jeanette, join us. thank you both for being here. >> pennleope i think watching that video, not a person at hope or couldn't put themselves no, sir your shoes. and that lasted 15 minutes. ? themselves in your shoes. >> and that lasted 15 minutes. and the aftermath of it. how are you doing? >> it's been almost two years and i just have a hard time. [ sobbing ] >> just going outside, it's hard for me. or [ sobbing ]
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um, being totally afraid of everything, and everybody. >> dr. travis: how does it feel being here today? having your arms exposed and everyone .... able to see your injuries? >> this is my first time showing my scars to someone outside of my family or at a doctor's office. um, i don't want to be in fear anymore. >> dr. travis: what are you the most scared of? >> dr. travis: i was reading your story and i talked about -- you talked about shutting out all of the people that you cared about. and jeanette? >> yeah. >> you felt like you lost your mom . >> absolutely. my mom was invincible! you couldn't stop her from doing anything. [ sobbing ]
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and just, would laugh from her gut every day, all day! [ sobbing ] >> my daughter's, they would say, mom, don't laugh. because you bring -- i remember myself as having this full bellied-laugh all the time to the point i would embarrass them. >> yes, it was embarrassing. [ laughter ] >> so ... >> dr. travis: so you were filled with joy. and and as her daughter, was that hard to see? >> it's been a roller coaster of emotions and mental - huh. a lot. it's just been a lot. >> dr. travis: has there been healing between of two of you? has there been a breakthrough of sorts? >> i think so. we -- we kinda, the things
2:42 am
like a big elephant in the room, we had opportunities to talk about those things. i don't know if we completely put it to bed yet, but at least it opened a door to where we could start and have a foundation to start communicating again. and i can allow myself to trust her. because i got to where i couldn't trust anybody. i have a big problem with that. how to you fix it? >> dr. travis: you couldn't see -- looking at me. what you couldn't see was the smile on your daughter's face what you said you were starting to move forward. did you see that joy on her face? do you see that? do you believe you could feel that joy together >> yes, we kinda made a commitment that we are gonna, um, once a year do a mother/daughter trip just so we can, you know, clear to, i guess, clear the air.
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such a strain on everybody. i couldn't trust anybody. i don't know why in my mind, it twisted up like that. but that's -- that's what happened. >> dr. travis: it happens to a lot of people. and one of the reasons why i know you bravely came here is because you want to heal physically and emotionally. >> definitely. >> that's part of why you are here. >> i got to where i don't like myself, i didn't recognize myself in the mirror. it's like, everything about me. i bear living like that. i felt like, i have been like this for 2 years and it was ... huh, like being wrapped up in a tight ball and never being able to really take a deep breath and just see the beauty that god, i mean, i am alive! and there's so much to be happy about! [ applause ] >> dr. travis: you have been through so much. through no fault of your own.
2:44 am
of your healing. >> okay. i want that, because i can't, i cannot go another week like i was. i cannot. >> dr. travis: you don't have to. >> okay. [ applause ] >> dr. travis: you don't have to! [ applause ] >> dr. travis: and one of the things that pennleope did when she wrote into the show, was, she expressed fears and we knew we needed to help her. expert gary coxe. >> so for you to move on, we have got to get you to think about the past without the pain. one of the things will start on, is, we will get you to touch dogs. >> i can't touch a dog right now. >> pennleope, pennleope, look at me. look at me. >> i can't, i can't. ahhhh! i am scared of dogs. >> you couldn't hair dog at all. >> ahhhh, ahhhh!
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>> make it stop! ahhhh >> pennleope, look at me. >> huh huh-- ahhhh! >> pennleope, look at me >> >> okay, okay. so when i said, "the word dog". what's the fastest thought that comes into your mind? [ snaps ] >> that i would be attacked >> >> we will changelet picture and you will -- we will change the picture and we will change the and the new pennleope. >> super penny. >> i like it. >> so we will change the wiring now. the nervous system cannot tell the difference between imagination and reality. so that means the brain will paint a picture. and make it real, and we will respond. i am going to get you to force yourself to change some of your behaviors. so i will ask you some questions. and the answer you will give me is "no problem". >> okay. >> all right. >> i will bring a stuffed


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