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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  November 17, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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from this last year... . oh what a difference a year makes. this was last year at this time. then we have this year at this time, right? what a difference a day makes even. it's colorado after all. we're getting ready for big temperature drop and >> we sent 9 news reporter andrew sorenson to check out the snow falling. they've been waiting so long for it. amelia is waiting to see. >> you can feel this 30 to 40 degrees temperature drop in the backyard. meteorologist becky ditchfield joining us. this afternoon might be the
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lot of people. >> yes. first snow for the season. >> except on your cup there. >> you got a little something. >> a snowflake. >> bring your coffee out. a cold morning. that's the way to do it. >> right. that will happen at lunchtime today. 12:00 to 12:30 we see a rain snow mix around town. mostly cloudy. you can feel the temperature drop. winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings for mountains. up to a around the continental divide. you can bet the ski resorts are loving this forecast. the storm system just getting going. it will pick up in intensity throughout the morning. again by lunchtime, moves here through the denver metro area. that's wave number one. wave two hits in time for the drive home from work. that starts at 5:30 and continues to 8:30 tonight. we're not expecting a lot of accumulation because we hit 80 degrees yesterday.
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hits the ground. if snow gets heavy enough and could, we could see an inch or two of wet snow accumulate on the grass around here. that picture is very different up in the mountains where we find our own andrew. he's watching for snowflakes this morning. >> reporter: yeah. we haven't seen snowflakes so far. we're coming up on eisenhower tunnel in a bit hoping to see some on the other side. you can see here are bone dry. right now coming up to bakerville. just for reference, this is well past idaho springs. half way between there probably and the eisenhower tunnel. as we get up, not seeing snow yet. i imagine it is cold outside. we're nice and warm inside the car. we're expecting that we're going to start seeing the snow here
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towards 7:00 or 8:00 a.m. in this area. it's going to be a lot of snow. our meteorologist have been telling you all week we're probably going to get potentially in places up around a foot of snow. i imagine it's going to be a lot of traffic along here coming up skiing tomorrow as we get deeper into this storm here. for now, we'll send back to you cheryl. >> all right. i guess that's good not to have to drive in snow. i know y are you ready for it? we want to know how you're feeling. are you ready for slopes or wishing golf would never stop? nice shot there. share pictures enjoying the nice weather. tell us what you plan to do in the snow. tweet using beyond 9. it's the compare and contrast lesson for our day. we love to see your pictures. be on 9 is the hashtag.
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i just tweeted out, denver put on penguin pants and go to work. becky says snow to 8:00. maybe your afternoon ride home and lunch is difficult to navigate n. the meantime, an awesome trek around town. nice start around the light rail and rtd trains. moving with no delays whatsoever. out across the maps, not much to worry about here. checking out 225 speeds upper 60s and lower 70s coming across the cherry creek reservoir. becky's overlaid radar over the traffic maps is great way to determine which roads start to see snow. we'll watch throughout the morning as it changes. for now, everything is nice and dry. >> we're out of practice. >> we are. getting use to words again too. >> i'm glad you're pro snow. 2:34. rudy giuliani could have
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secretary of state another name in the mix. south carolina governor nikki haley. she backed donald trump after she said her constituents were quote, embarrassed by her. >> house democrats are asking him to resend the appointment. they sent a letter signed from democrats in the house saying conservative ban unite the country the letter points out stories from the breitbart website he heads saying they're derogatory toward ethnic groups. >> in light of reports saying there's turmoil in his transition plans, the president-elect says there's nothing to worry about. his advisor kelly an conway. >> we feel good about it. >> george h.w. bush and george
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nominations within a few days of the election. trump seems to be on pace with two other presidents. it took president obama two weeks to name first cabinet members. bill clinton seen there took more than a month. took corey rose no time at all. >> no. incoming vp mike pence is heading to capitol hill going to the house gop conference. he'll meet with mitch mcconnel along with chuck nancy pelosi. it's 5:36. the planned parenthood shooter is going back to court for competency hearing. the judge ruled he's not mentally stable enough to stand trial. he admitted to the shooting and killing three people at the planted parenthood last november. 5:36 and the man thought to be responsible for three carjackings is due in court. 32-year-old spear attacked three
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july. he had just gotten out of prison 31 days before that before aggravated robbery. a search started for this missing 13-month-old boy. deputies stopped searching a colorado landfill earlier this week. now accidents are searching a pond. he's been missing since october 22nd. deputies have arrested the -- boy's mother and her boyfriend. the home is in the beginning stages of cleaning up. ownerrings haven't been able to go back since -- owners haven't been able to go back. this process could cost the homeowners up to $10,000. two teens were arrested on separate charges. when police went to the home to
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saw the chemicals in the back room and that sparked the investigation. today we're watching for snow to make its way into the mown taps and here across the front -- mountains and here across the front range. first snow of the season fors. take it easy driving. most of this passing north of colorado. that's the track a lot of storms will take this winter ts winter storm warnings are west of el pass in most the mountain areas. they could see up to a foot of new snow. southeast parts of colorado have a different story going on. highway warning in effect until 6:00 p.m. pueblo down to far southeast corner on top of high wind warning, we have a red flag warning. fire danger high in that part of our state. >> becky, thank you.
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mile high holiday. they'll have light displays, special events from now to january. crews have started putting up lights around the city. official ceremony is this morning at 10:00 at the cherry creek shopping center. under 4'10" and 80 pounds. those are the rules to being in a be booster seat. first -- >> we have to be better. we have to grind our teeth and find ways to win.
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. thursday night football, new orleans saints will take on carolina panthers. both teams are coming off heartbreaking losses. not that we were in denver too mad about that because the saints lost to us they lost to broncos sunday. kansas city beat the panthers. game tonight, critical for both teams. top spot for nfc south still up for grabs. >> we have to focus in and hone in on clutch situations and knowing that win. the difference in all the years i've been here has been the teams that make certain things happen. >> we've continued to improve. we've created our identity a little bit. i think we solidified things. i think about ourselves offensively and defensively. >> two teams with fire that want
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kickoff at 6:30. watch it here on 9 news. money may weather is out of the fighting game. floyd mayweather tells us he won't fight pacaio. he says he's enjoying traveling the world too much to give it up. the latest booster seat ratings show good news for you and your looks like most child seat manufacturing are providing good safety belt fits. of 53 booster seats evaluated, 48 earned highest rating. that's quite the rating. only a quarter of seats evaluated earned that rating back then. consumers should avoid two different ones. researchers are excited for ones
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parents they can feel confident when shopping for a booster, vast majority will provide good belt fit. >> keep in mind evaluation focuses on seat belt fit only, does not include crash tests. urban areas could soon get target stores. ceo of the company says they're planning to open hundreds of small it will help them. >> target has plans to open 14 more in next calendar year. >> colorado is full of transplants, many who have never seen snow. cdot is making sure they're ready with inexperienced drivers. snow gets heavy coming up.
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hour. those gusts here around town will be picking up at 3:00 this afternoon. look for them to get above 20 miles per hour at times. winds out of the north. that's going to usher in much colder air. about 40 it will get colder after lunchtime. winds continue as we head into tomorrow. tomorrow promises to be another chilly and windy day here for front range. most the storm system well off to our east at that point. winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings go to tonight. they cover the continental
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some of those places could see more snow. >> we'll get the aerial view around the north end. pretty much a problem free city. that includes light rail and buses. we're on track and we'll go out west and look at clear conditions across the i-70 stretch. you make your way further west, i-70 crossing over to utah. you see that moisture. becky's radar overlay here. which roads are wet and which are dry. snow or no? >> know for sure. >> he says yes. >> yes absolutely.
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>> no thank you. >> got to get back up and go skiing and snow boarding.
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. welcome back. one year ago, big snowstorm just starting to hit the front range. foothills and plains took the
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denver did pick up 4-5 inches of snow. a year ago today, denver public schools didn't cancel classes leading to calls from parents that weren't happy about that. we are not expecting that today, not in the city any way. maybe in the mountains though. yesterday of course we reach had the record high. it was the latest 80 degrees day in denver history. >> it was weird to see people walking around in november. bizarre yesterday. >> cdot is ready for incoming snow. there will be 142 plows in the metro area, 90s on the the corridor alone. there will be many this year near the tunnel. drivers are urged to know the chain and traction laws. if your tires do not have correct tread and you're
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good to see michaela there. starting training on the snow mown tab. just enough snow to start the training. they just mound -- just found out the first race has been cancelled because of weather. their first will be here, birds of prey course, one of the toughest in the world michaela won her first solemn race f. go michaela. >> saw a lot of different jackets. ski teams from all over the world there practicing on that one slope of snow. >> under that bright and warm sun becky. >> at least they're getting more snow today. showers increasing in mountains and going to continue throughout this evening. locations along the continental divide to our west under winter
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storm warnings. we'll look at that in a second. here mostly clear skies. fort collinses 33 denver, 37 greeley. a warmer spot today east colorado 40s and 50s this morning. radar not that impressive. this is going to continue to progress east as we get through the day today. southwest colorado earlier this morning. saw heavy snow as well. increase in intensity as the morning and afternoon go on. 12:00 today here in denver, first in the area. two inches of snow on grassy conditions here on the pavement. all going to melt. under the winter storm warnings,
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advisories. overnight lows in the teens. today's highs around lunchtime in the low 40s. 41 here for denver. tonight as the system clears out, we'll drop to 18. dry tomorrow, 39 and windy. chilly day. back to 50s and 60s for the weekend. >> thank you becky. we get out today checking cameras. trying to get our views around town showing which roads are wet and which are dry. going to enjoy dry conditions until 12:30 today be west, things get slick across your roads. keep in mind, there hasn't been moisture to wash our roads off in a long time. drive times are good. could see slowdowns today. colorado springs and denver so far so good. drive times an hour and five minutes both directions. speeds less than 10 minutes there. upper 60s and 70s in the picture. around denver, no major
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cheryl, watching an inch in from the utah state line that means i-70 getting affected. we're talking way out west so far in our local foothills. things still doing just fine. >> amelia, thank you.
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. if you're on i-70 west of denver next few day, might see this sight on the highway. big potato riding along with the capitol tree from idaho to washington d.c. idaho known for potatoes of course which is why the big potato is along for the tour. the tree is 80 feet tall. you can track the tree and potato across the country by clicking the link on our website. somebody i'm not going to call i said that would take genetically modified to a whole new level. >> and a whole lot of butter. >> i was thinking of a twice baked potato sounds good now. even complete strangers feed each other especially when they invite those to thanksgiving dinner. the hilarious text conversation going viral coming up at 6:50.
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. you've been so patient. finally snow is coming to the high country. it's been so unusually warm. it's not just the mountains. wet weather is headed our way today too. >> yep a mix of rain a later today. becky ditchfield is tracking that storm. >> first we want to go to 9 news reporter andrew sorenson near the eisenhower tunnel. several ski resorts have pushed back opening dates and pushed them back and back. next to loveland, they were able to open last week. they were trying to open up


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