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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  November 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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. you've been so patient. finally snow is coming to the high country. it's been so unusually warm. it's not just the mountains. wet weather is headed our way today too. >> yep a mix of rain a later today. becky ditchfield is tracking that storm. >> first we want to go to 9 news reporter andrew sorenson near the eisenhower tunnel. several ski resorts have pushed back opening dates and pushed them back and back. next to loveland, they were able to open last week. they were trying to open up
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here on eisenhower tunnel who opened a month ago now. lucky ducks over there. we're hoping we're going to get to see snow after we talk to you guys. we're going through the eisenhower tunnel and go to silver thorn. we're anticipating you'll hear more from becky on this. little more snow coming in -- well a lot more coming in on the other side of the continental divide. right here on i-70, roads are bone dry. get into the middle of all that today, might be in luck with early commute. might here have more on that. >> absolutely loveland, breckenridge, vail. all those places expected to see snow today. starting to increase in
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it's coming. mostly cloudy skies out there now. here in denver, we too are expecting the snow today. not until after lunchtime. winter weather advisories cover the continental divide. winter storm warnings. bulk of this system is going to track north of us. snow expected in denver. rain snow mix to start you off at lunchtime. after that, a second wave pushes in. unfortunately that move pushes in for drive home tonight. starting around 5:30 to 8:30, looking at wet snow pushing through the denver metro area. making for slick roads. that snow is not expected to stick. it's been so warm, 80 degrees yesterday. that will melt as it hits the
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areas. it's expected to clear out tonight. the cold air sticks around through tomorrow. we'll have more on that forecast coming up for you in a few minutes. first, let's see how roads are doing. good morning. >> good morning becky. let's check in with die 9 over 225 and mississippi corridor. looking clear. the dtc as well as your trek out towards i-70 and airport. dry roads but that could change later today. let's talk about your thursday we've got tips for you. going to be slick. as far as traffic alerts, download the 9 news app. find out what to expect for your commute home. as you head out across town now, roads green. no major accidents or stalls.
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no problems or concerns. we'll track with andrew and becky throughout the morning. county deputies would like to find him fast. there's no reason to think he's a threat to the public warrant. he managed to escape the deputy's car while the deputy was arrested someone else in loveland. hair is fuller and longer than in this picture. facial features are the same. if you know him or have information, call the police. a top donald trump adviser says it could be mid december before the president-elect announces his cabinet choices. new names are emerging.
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of trump's biggest rivals senator ted cruz could be the next attorney general. south carolina governor nikki haley is reportedly considered for secretary of state even though she publicly opposed trump. she's meeting with him today. japanese prime minister shinzo abe will be in new yorklo will remain committed to the alliance. during the campaign, trump said japan and south korea will have to help more with costs of troops in their countries. michael hancock is here in denver. donald trump threatened to cut
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laws. mayor hancock says he's not going to start kicking people out of the city either. >> we always encourage people to follow the law. that's not what we're saying. we're not going to needlessly detain people when there's not a lawful warrant to detain individuals. not going to break up families when not necessary. that becomes a greater burden on all of us. >> as for trump's threat to cut funding to cities, we asked the metro state university political science professor about that. new president to pull federal funds from sanctuary cities if he has the support of congress rather than make cuts on his
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short leaves at city park. skate borders hit the local skate parks. plenty enjoy warmer temperatures on breweries and patios too. i'm guessing not too many patios today will be packed. >> probably not especially with rain and snow moving in around lunchtime today. again for the drive home. how much snow will you see in your neighborhood. in and around denver, could be between a trace and two inches. two inches being surfaces only. we hit 80 yesterday. the pavement is warm. a lot of this melts as it hits the pavement. further up to foothills, especially estes park ranging down to georgetown and 2-6 inches of snow possible along the continental divide itself. we could see up to a foot accumulating. this is a nice winter storm system that is pushing across colorado today. we have one more day of cold temperatures before we start to climb out over the weekend.
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>> it's time. >> he doesn't remember the crash itself but does remember waking up on the floor of the train. >> could a train engineer's sleep disorder have caused the huge crash in new jersey? >> people can't believe it one man could put those rocks in place. >> it's colorado's very own castle. it started with a lawn mower and
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. mostly cloudy for now. rain and snow is on the way for front rake. good morning everybody. -- front range. good morning everybody. much colder temperatures settling in today. 34 in denver. 39 greeley, 40 fort collins. we'll continue to be the warm spot across the state. springfield. quite a bit warmer there today than basically everywhere else. the storm system that's moving in is now crossing out of utah and into colorado. before that, we were seeing spotty snow showers ahead of this main band. this is going to continue to track east across our mountain areas covering southern colorado, pushing in through the northern and central mown taps and eventually -- mountains and
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area. that will be the first break after 2:00. 5:30 or so, more snow hitting denver metro area. stretching across fort collins and greeley. unfortunately that's right pack in the middle of the drive -- right smack in the middle of the drive home. won't be done until 8:30 to 10:30 tonight. chilly and win i -- windy tomorrow. dry but in afternoon. 5 to 10 inches of snow west vail pass where winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories possible. continental divide, four inches of snow expected. winter weather advisories in place. southwest mountains see less than that. highs around lunchtime low 40s today. upper 60s, low 70s southeast colorado. upper 30s for mountains. winds today out of the north
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we'll drop to 18. cold and windy tomorrow back to 50s and 60s for the weekend. >> thank you becky. 6:13. our helicopter view sky 9 has been looking good so far. 225, 25 and now c470 taking a look at park meadows area. greenwood village, highlands ranch, centennial 225 around 10 minutes on both stretches. we have a roll over crash reported near 6th avenue up near the 392 interchange. not going to affect the metro area. you could see a potential closure there. up to west, high country roads,
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to sneak in from utah. one tiny stretch of i-70 starting to get a little wet. >> bring it on. >> that's what i say. >> thanks amelia. it's 6:14 now. it's safe to say bishop castle is a one of a kind treasure about an >> everybody that sees it says i'm amazed. people can't believe it when they come here that one man could put all those rocks in place. >> it's a kingdom of one man's doing. >> i'm jim bishop, castle builder. >> i like it. >> i'm glad you like it. >> started in 1969, 48 years ago. >> a castle that started with a teen's vision and money he made mowing lawns.
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savings and made a down payment. that's how it started. >> jim was 15 when he bought the land and spent a decade clearing it and lifetime building on it stone by stone by stone. >> my dad wanted a place big enough for one of his pipe organs. now two are going in here. >> every spindle, stair, each spectacular detail, jim crafted. every cocky corneron his ag nation -- his imagination. that's his wife there. she manages the money. >> the very top of that square tow her the highest point about 160-foot give or take a few inches. i don't measure, i just build. >> it's majestic as any castle should be. you'll never find another like it. >> we're here from utah.
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australia, new zealand, nepal, russian submarine port, chew narcs all over canada -- china, all over canada. >> even firefighters pro texting the forest heard of it. it draws people. >> i'm so proud it's probably a sin. if you can do it, it ain't bragging. >> it's just fact. jim bishop is 72, cancer survivor and still as much as dreamer and builder as ever. >> i want to see how long i can live and build during the course of my lifetime. >> i think he's earned the right to brag as much as he wants. >> if you can do it, you're not a bragger. >> so proud. >> he says it is free and always will be. he wants it to be enjoyed by all. thanks to mallory davis for fantastic photography. she has an incredibly slide show
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website. >> he is the epitome of a dreamer and doer. >> big time. >> dream it and do it. 6:17 now. a woman finds a surprise in a picture frame she bought in thornton. she's trying to reunite a family with a picture.
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. welcome back. dozens showed up for a celebration in minnesota cheering the decision to charge the police officer who shot and killed castille in july. officer nunez shot him sitting in it sparked nationwide protest. >> we see this as a stake in the ground. we are intending for this case to send a loud message that things must change in this country. >> if convicted, officer nunez could spend 10 years in prison. he'll be in court for the first time tomorrow. a grand jury will start looking into the chicago police department to see if officers
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deadly shooting of a teenager. individuals owe released last year showed van dike shooting mcdonnell 16 times. now there's an investigation into whether the fellow officers lied about the shooting to cover up what really happened. the decision on whether the accused church shooter is competent enough to stand trial will happen behind closed black people in a charleston church in 2015. it's 6:21. a sleep disorder may have caused the crash at the train terminal. the engineer was diagnosed with sleep apnea after the crash. it's a condition that makes it difficult to get a restful night sleep because the air ways close and breathing stops causing
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it makes them tired during the day. they are wake all night and never feel rested. gallagher has no memory of the crash that killed one and injured dos evers of other -- dozens of others. he remembers waking up on the floor of the train. a simple mistake is bringing two complete strangers together for the holidays. why a grandmother's text message to who she thought was her grandson will mean an at the table this thanksgiving. >> that's awesome. can't wait to see that story. out there today, look at snow building into the denver metro area. we have been talking about this for a while. we're dry now. mostly cloudy skies, snow, rain first arriving after lunchtime. when done this evening, we'll see another wave push through. a trace of two inches of snow
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more on what's happening in the mountains coming up. if you want nice conditions, get out now. the drive between denver and fort collins is pretty much clear. minor crashes on the north end. across i-76 drive or first southbound 25 near 84th. we have a crash reported to the shoulder. southbound speeds 64 miles per ur down from e470. close promisety, we have a slow
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. take a look at this picture. is this y if so, jacquelyn would like to return it to you. she found it in a picture frame she bought at the thrift store. it has handwritten details on the back including the baby's name. this is madison page. the picture was taken 16 years ago. maybe you are watching now and happen to be madison, 16 now.
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of her way to connect the two. >> madison, if you're watching, you were a cute baby. >> like the curly mohawk. >> cute. if you're heading out of town, might hand your boarding pass to one of the denver nuggets. >> yeah. several at the airport today for nuggets day. they're going to help southwest airlines employees taking boarding planes planes in and welcoming passengers to denver if a tall guy is welcoming you in, say i love the nuggets. >> that's cool. >> need a selfie stick to get up there grandmas like to feed people, that's what they do.
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text message going viral that will make you want to call your
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. good morning everyone. it is coming. this is a map of the snow and high country moving in from the west to east as you can see.
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eventually with a little rain and snow. we'll talk about that coming up. let's go to silver thorn. this will put you in the mood. got the lights going. looks beautiful this morning. some places in the high country could get up to a foot of snow today. >> so are you ready for change in the weather? head to 9 /vote now to tell us. we'll share your answers in a minute or so. we're asking are you ready? not ready? a lot of people said t ready. when they stepped outside this morning, they're like i'm not ready. >> i'm going to vote yes even though it's chilly this morning. >> it feels good out here. >> you had boots on. >> honest to goodness, they'd come up to my waist. >> i'm laugh sing hard about that. >> these are my short boots gary. >> oh gosh. >> it just happens, you know? >> gary is tracking the boots. becky is tracking the weather.
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40 degrees temperature difference between yesterday and today. it's a shock to the system when you step outside. mostly cloudy skies over the denver metro area. temperatures now in the 30s. we're not going to warm up too much from there as we get to the remainder of the afternoon. here across the rest of the metro, clouds again extending over the city. out to the west, we're finding finding the winter weather advisories and warnings. these go to western colorado. not the center of this storm system. that's tracking north. the extensive advisories and warnings go through wyoming, nebraska, south dakota today. that's where the main part of the system is going to push. we're just close enough that we get a taste across the front range. there's the winter weather advisory that covers the continental divide. winter storm warnings west of vail pass. visibility will be a little lower in that part of the state
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when i would expects to see the rain snow mix begin. that's wave number one. wave number two comes in time for the drive home from work at about 5:30. it's going to be wet snow that melts and hitting the pavement. we hit 80 degrees yesterday. if we get accumulation, might happen on grassy surfaces and two inches possible here in the mountains could be up to a foot. let's check in sorenson. he has conditions out there now. how's it looking andrew? >> so far it's pretty dry. no snow so far except for the old stuff sitting on mountain peaks. looks like a couple minutes out from a gorgeous sunrise up here. with ski resorts down the road, ski stone, loveland.
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as a skier, i'm excited about that keystone says that could get them open this weekend. a basin has been open a while. loveland opened last week. for skiers, going to be an exciting weekend. so far, bone dry down i-70. if looking to come up and sneak in afternoon turns as the snow comes in, looks like if you leave now, you might be able to get up here while the roads are still good. back to >> dig the ice scrape fresh underneath the car seat. >> right. >> and the brush. >> are you ready for snow? we wanted to know what you all felt at home. we've had the megaphone question going for a little while. i have to lean forward. getting hold is stuff. 80% say bring it on. >> 20% say no way. we're a house divided at my house. my husband is like if i never use the snow blower, i'd be the
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it will be a good thing if it comes. let's check the traffic. >> you got it. sky 9 this morning, overall a good view from the sky until now. we do have a new problem here across the highway commute. we'll find out exact location of the center line accident. we'll have the update coming up. i believe this is 25 around 84th. let's look now at our overall view for the day. this morning, dry roads. typical over the weeks. as we head throughout the day, see things change around noon. especially 5:30 and 8:00. the second half of the evening rush home. sunrise this morning at 6:47. lots of green across the south side. south of i-70, northbound crash there center lane 848th avenue. 16 minute drive. 76 tangled up at 270 in the westbound direction.
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condition. towards 50 and utah state line. we'll watch as it creeps on closer towards us. >> as promised, there it comes. thanks amelia. 6:36 now. as the psychiatric treatment helped or is the planned parenthood shooter capable to stand trial? he's due in court for competency hearing and evaluation. a judge ruled he was not mentally fit enough to be tried. he's admitted to the shog. springs planned parenthood last november. a pile is now the search for a missing 13-month-old boy. deputies were in cheyenne searching for the remains of the boy. they searched a pond and pile on the community college campus the little boy from wyoming has been missing since october 26 police arrested his mother's boyfriend, 23-year-old logan
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the boy's mom was also arrested last week for child neglect and endangerment, a child with meth. it's 6:37 now. it's been a long and trying three years for dozens of families that lost their homes in the september 2013 flooding. many are still living in mobile homes and temporary housing. today one family is finally going to get to go home. >> timing is everything. >> it's perfect. past three years have flown by. we think that for a lot of people displaced by the floods, it's been the longest of their life. 70 families were displaced after the floods. this new home is going to mean so much for one family. dave and cat and their two sons will move into a brand new home built by their very own community. a local construction company and volunteers collected $300,000
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equipment to make this happen. they also all donated their time to the home torn apart during the flood. images bring back horrible memories. their home was submerged in three feet of water. part of the foundation was destroyed. this family has been living in a trail lour -- trailer and in their father's workshop. they had to construct new walls of they replaced roof, flooring, deck. for every success story like the one we're telling you about, it's important to remember there are dozens of other families that still have a lot of hope to some day rebuild their home. it hasn't happened yet. >> the holiday this is year are extra special for that family. a wonderful community. thank you. former new york city mayor giuliani made it clear he wants to become the next secretary of
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south carolina governor nikki haley's name is popping up. governor haley spoke out against president-elect trump in the past. she's meeting with him today. former primary rival ted cruz is considered for attorney general. mike flick is talked about possible national security adviser. trump says it could be summer before he announces the cabinet. there have been talks of turmoil all week after mike pence took over the transition team for go this morning the president-elect tweeted his team is doing a fantastic job and meeting with candidates today. allies on the team have left or been replaced. a new report might shed light on why. trump's son-in-law reportedly blocked christie from becoming president trump's vice president
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families way of settling the score. the trump's spokesman says those assumptions can't be further from the truth. denver public schools is reassuring students and families who are undocumented immigrants the day after donald trump was elected, denver public schools say studente atmospheres. now atmosphere -- with fears. >> dps is saying don't worry. school officials posted online saying a ruling from the u.s. supreme court in 1982 protects students education no matter immigration status. accident superintendent says the district wants every family to feel school is a trusting community.
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to us we can provide support in ways we can do best. >> dps has also had its legal team finding and posting resources for anyone who's concerned. we have a link to that list of resources and dps statement on 9 it's 6:41 now. fight for your values. never give up. that was the message from former democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton as she de since the loss. she reflected on last week's devastating loss and urged supporters to preserve flu the donald trump era. >> for the sake of our children and our families and our country, i ask you to stay engaged. stay engaged on every level. we need you. america needs you. your energy, ambition, talent.
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>> secretary clinton never referred by name to president-elect but talked about the controversial policies that fueled his rise to white house. . today we have of course been talking about the temperature drop and snow. another part of this system is the wind. taking a look at current gust, we have 38 miles per hour gusts around larmer. those winds picking afternoon. at 3:00, gusts get up to 20 miles per hour across the front range. gusty winds tomorrow when snow is over. cold air and strong winds continue into tomorrow as well. then we climb out of it for the weekend. >> climb out of it. i love that. i brought my plants inside last night. i was hoping she would say that i can enjoy them a few more days >> back on the deck by sunday. when there's sun after rain,
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a silver lining of hope after a storm. >> several mothers are coming together to make a rainbow out of their loss
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. so or no? >> not yet. >> i'm ready for ski season. >> i want snow. i want rain. i don't see it. >> i hope so. >> i'll ask my dog. >> oh yes. >> no. >> golf. >> should have been here on halloween. >> bring it. >> bring . you know, much like in news how we remain neutral parties talk about controversial issues, i'm going to remain neutral on the snow or no question as well. it's hard to believe it's coming when wed had 80 degrees.
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whattest we've ever gotten and beat a record hold -- 80 is the warmest we've ever gotten and beat a record. on grassy surfaces tonight only, denver a trace to two inches of snow possible. head up to foothills, 2-6 inches possible. >> thank you. avenue. this is bad news. we've got the center lane blocked. we're hearing when fire crews arrive, they'll have to block the express lane of i-25. both sides of the highway going to see extensive delays because of this crash. this is second closer to 81st and 84th. let's look at maps. drive time from stretch of 25, c470, 18 minutes today.
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and helped you get to the north side. enter thank you very much. today these three headed to space. astronaut on their way to the space station. a russian and european space agency astronaut going with her. they're joining the other three crew members who joined the space station is last october. these unassuming mushrooms are said to health punch with bacon flavor. >> look at those. >> those gross me out too. he have the company has all kinds of edible fungi. apparently a smokey bacon flavor profile comes out when these are cooked. they're tasty, some say, but are said to help lower cholesterol levels as well.
6:49 am
person's immune system to fight cancer. >> you can't say fungi too many times on tv. >> i'd rather talk about a fun guy. an accidental text means an arizona grandma will have an extra mouth to feed at thanksgiving this year. jamal got loop into a group text from an unknown number. he asked who was the response, your grandma. when he figured out it wasn't his grandma, he asked if he could still have a seat at the table. he and his parents are now invited to her thanksgiving dinner. >> this is going viral. >> they've met already and still going to have dinner to look forward to. a powerful photo sends a message of hope and strength for
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pregnancy lost. these women are dressed in the colors of the rainbow to represent the rainbow babies in their arms. rainbow baby is a term to healthy babies delivered to mothers after a miscarriage or stillborn baby. she shared this with a powerful message that's been liked and shared thousands of times. >> it says mommas are 6 out of millions that experience and pregnancy loss everyday. some speak out. some have lost many, some try moss or years. some meet angels. all loved and never forgotten. >> it's reached 3 million people online. it's one of those things when people talk about it and others join it, you see not just moms but families it affects. >> pretty picture and beautiful message for sure. >> absolutely. snow has started falling on
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we've got another "line 9" for you this morning.. "small business saturday" is next you in the newsroom this morning. >> small business saturday is next week. colorado has no shortage of unique stopping shops. >> teams ready to take your calls for another hour until 8:00. they've got a lot of information on how to support local businesses. this is an important effort. next saturday is the day. you can reach them with questions. (303)698-0999. i was taking a look at the fort collins camera
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see how clouds are obscuring the view of the mountains to the west. be aware of that northern colorado heading to high country. temperatures fort collins and greeley upper 30s. 34 here in denver. 30s northeast colorado. 50s southeast parts of our state. that's the warm spot today. meanwhile, talking about snow. we're moving to western colorado. really starting to push in now. this is going intensity not only down here through san juans but north of i-70. eventually down to denver. that is wave number one. we get a break from that at 2:00. 5:30, wave 2 hits in time for the drive home from work. since we hit 80 yesterday, a lot of snow melts as it hits the pavement. it may accumulate on grassy surfaces where anywhere between
6:55 am
fall here in town. clears out tonight, tomorrow. windy, cold, dry. the system is going to push well east of colorado tomorrow afternoon. out to our west, 5 to 10 inches of snow over veil pass and to the west where we have winter storm warnings in effect today. along the continental divide, 2-4 inches possible. 2-5 around san juans. highs today lunchtime, low 40s here. 30s 50s and 60s southeast colorado. the system does not impact you except wind and high fire danger. today here in denver, wind, lunchtime we've got the mix of rain and snow. snow continues through the evening. 18 below when this clears out. still cold tomorrow high of 39. for the weekend, back to 50s and 60s, mild for start of next week. >> thank you.
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city checking out the i-70 merge. it's a typical beginning here. you check out i-70s, e470 corridor and across our eastern portion of town. doing great. connecting with south side as well as i-25 looking good. we have a problem up the to the north end along southbound 25 that started out with a first crash around 48th avenue. southbound delays minutes. you'll link up with i-70 and bog down again on approach to 270. 270 clear from the earlier crash. that's a 12 minute drive. way out west, talking towards utah. seeing i-70 with wet road conditions. little moisture there as it tracks from the west. we'll continue to track it. a great way to do that is download the 9 news app to track weather and news throughout the
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graphics throughout the day. >> it's moving. top stories we're following for you this morning. another discussion about the mental stability of the planned parenthood shooter is today. he's been undergoing psychiatric treatments since the young ruled he was -- the judge ruled he was not competent to stand trial in the case. police have turned their attention to a manure pile in search of a deputies were in cheyenne searching for remains of the 13-month-old. the boy's mother's boyfriend has been arrested for his murder. his mom was also arrested for child neglect last week. a man in handcuffs in the back of a parole car managed to give the deputies the slip. william morgan was arrested wednesday for an outstanding warrant before he escaped while
6:58 am
else. his hair is longer now. he's not a danger to the public. a man accused of three carjackings is on the loose. spear used a gun to steal car from people. he had been in prison 31 days before for aggravated robbery case. senator ted as attorney general. hickey haley could be secretary of state. giuliani and bolten are also considered for that position apparently. today he's expected to restrengthen u.s. alliance with trump and try to sway the
6:59 am
today. he'll meet with senate majority leader mcconnel and plans to get together with schumer and pelosi. to recap, snow on the way. looking at it starting around here at lunchtime. another wave moves in just in time for the drive home. 41 degrees comes at lunchtime today. we drop to 18 when skies clear tonight. 39 cold, windy, dry tomorrow. back to 50s and 60s for the weekend. might see more snow in the forecast. >> going to be ahi wow. >> like a speed bump. >> you did say 18. got my attention. >> haven't heard a teen in quite a while. big weather changes. a lot of winter buffs looking forward to hitting the slopes. we'll talk to two colorado natives who made their passion their profession at 7:40 >> sounds good. we'll keep our fingers crossed we get moisture. we're need it around here. heading over to channel 20.
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if you're staying with the" today" show, have a great day good morning. choices. good morning. choices. sources tell nbc news, mike flynn is at the top of to donald trump's national security advisor. the president-elect gets set to meet with south carolina governor nikki haley today. will she be t of state? or is it rudy guiliani, as hillary clinton speaks out publicly for the first time since conceding the election. >> there have been a few times this week where all i want to do is just curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. >> this morning, what she is saying about where she goes from here. deadly blast. a gas explosion rocks an illinois town overnight. at least one person was killed.


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