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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  November 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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. good afternoon. thank you so much for joining
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today. took its time to reach us. snow is finally here. check out big flakes falling. matt shot this for us a couple hours ago from i-70 and copper. high country getting hit hard finally with much needed moisture and snow. let's look at our cameras across it will area. gray skies over the metro. gloomy but you know what, let's take it. we need this moisture. should see snow everywhere today. we are seeing some outside o you look at the horse tooth camera at the top there, not so much visibility at all. same with vail pass. cdot tweeted out vail pass closed because of a crash. could see and a half happening throughout the evening commute. that's when it's going to hit us hard. i'm with becky in the 9 news weather center. thank you for keeping track of this. i'm talking about a lot. a winter weather advisory in the
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southeast. >> two totally different stories. highs in the east, upper 60s and 70s. totally denver from denver. we hit 80 yesterday and may not make it to 40 this afternoon. it's quite a bit colder this storm system is moving in. here its is on the radar screen. that snow has pushed into the denver metro area. it's part of a bigger system impacting states to our north. let's take this so on a full television screen. i zoom in to where that heavy snow is falling. seeing it across the foothills edging to downtown denver. heavy band out to our west just east of grand junction. snow over the denver metro area has been steadily moving in. light snow, heavier may be falling over you in lakewood. highlands ranch. the tech sent her -- center and down to castle rock.
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slick. first we've seen this season. something we haven't seen for a while. we've got to get use to it. that means some folks will have problems with it today. this is the first of a few waves expected to push through. a bit of a break between 2:30-3:00 this afternoon. then 5:30 hits and another band hits the denver metro area just in time for tonight's drive home. that's going to make things messy. across the region, various winter weather warnings in place. went herb storm warning, -- winter storm warning, winter weather advisory and high wind warning for southeast colorado. those folks are going to be dry. windy and fire dangers expected to be high. as for the mountains, winter weather advisory is in place there. we waited all morning for that snow to push in. it is now finally arrived. now we were talking about that.
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out? matt. i'm sure you know snow is falling up there are you wearing your hat today? no becky, i wish there was. there's moisture slapping me upside my head. this side of my head. winds are pigging up at the eisenhower on -- are picking up at the eisenhower johnson towers. we've been asking for it. now it's here. it's like this storm decided i that started a few hours ago. you can see traffic westbound on i-70 going into the eisenhower johnson tunnels backed up now. don't exactly know what's caused this closure. it's got to do with accidents, cars spun out on the other side. been this way 15 to 20 minutes. just now some cars starting to turn around, giving up. they don't want to wait longer with conditions as bad as they
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already closed due to spinouts and multiple accidents. situations deteriorated in the past hour or so this storm hitting after a long dry spell. many learning how to drive in this. good news, this storm hitting just before two big ski areas opening up. copper and ski stone have opening days after delays tomorrow. this is great to see. more on this winter sto the afternoon and networks of 9 news. doesn't feel so good right here. probably put a hat on today. it's great to see. >> great to see, looks nasty there behind you. we're sure happy no hat matt is keeping everybody on the road behind you. just company while they wait in traffic. >> go say hi. all right. thanks so much for this perspective. we know weather can be devastating. september 2013, let's go back to
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colorado. thousands were impacted by raging rainfallings, flood waters -- rainfalls, flood waters. 70 families were displaced after those floods. today one family will finally get to go home. like many impacted by the flood, dave and cat have them and their two sons living in a trailer the past three years. their original home was torn apart in the flood, submerged in three feet of water. part of the foundation construction company raised $300,000 of donated equipment and material to make this reconstruction happen. they build a new foundation, elevated the house, constructed new walls, all flooring, deck, everything new. everyone donated their time to make this possible. truly heartwarming story as we approach the holidays.
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man is not competent enough to continue in the court case. we're not mentioning the shooter's name. the defendant has been undergoing treatment at the psychiatric hospital since the judge deemed him incompetent in may. it's charged with 179 counts including murder and attempted murder. nearly 21 million americans struggle with substance addiction. that's according to a new federal report released today theor americans will face drug or alcohol addiction during their lifetime. only 10% of them will receive treatment. the surgeon general says our culture needs to change. he says we need to treat addiction as a disease not a moral flaw. the report suggests putting more money towards prevention and treatment programs. president-elect donald trump is meeting with japanese prime minister shinzo abe today.
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he might try to sway trump on the transpacific partnership, tpp, a 12 country parter in agreement trump has opposed. president obama will also attend that meeting today. senator cruz being coy in the role he may have been asked to play. the two had a meeting at trump tower. when asked if any position had been discussed, cruz replied that quote, talked about were solutions facing the country. during the campaign, you remember trump repeatedly referred to ted cruz as lying ted. it's getting more affordable to live in denver. at least more affordable if you rent an apartment. apartment rents fell again last month. that's the third in a row of declining prices according to apartment housing research
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the average rent now in denver $1,381. that's still significantly higher than this time last year. . well still ahead on 9 news, big news about child booster seats. it may come as a surprise as safety experts and car seat makers. heavy snow in the mountains. snow starting here in denver.
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. yes friends it was 80 degrees out here yesterday.
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this is going to continue off and on through the day let's go ahead and take a live look outside at the snow falling here at spirit logan. see it covering some of the camera lenses. we have wet roads. it was 80 yesterday. melting as soon as it hits the pavement. grassy areas may in fact be the only places that see accumulation. this system moving in from the west pushing out of western colorado onto the front range snow that nearly extends from colorado springs up to fort collins. the denver metro area is in the middle of it. aurora, arctic centennial, wheat ridge, all seeing heavier snow in your area. this is first of a couple of waves expected to push through. it's also a lot colder out here.
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the 30s. of course graphics have frozen. i can't advance through this for you. while i talk about this, i'm going to step inside so i could make sure this works out okay. looking at the snow as i said lasting off and on throughout the day. we're going to see a couple heavy bands push through. one that pushes through right now and then the other one is going to be moving through between 4:00 and 5:00 this evening. right in time for the drive home. now, we're expecting band really mess things up especially for our drivers. this is the first snow of the season. so, it may in fact bring us some messes on the roads as we head into tonight. it doesn't look like my graphics are working properly. going to wrap this up, talk about this as soon as i get my computer restarted. i love computers. don't you? they're so fantastic. we'll bring you the rest of your forecast, how much snow to
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the high country, temperature forecast heading into the
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. the insurance institute for highway safety has news for you. we first began ratings in 2008 only a quarter got top rating of best bet. 48 of 53 got top rating.
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list of products to avoid. both were made by durrell. the problem they put the lap belt on two high on the child's belly. still findings as a whole are fantastic. >> parents can feel confident, when shopping for a booster, they can find good belt fit. >> boosters meant for children can be we have a list of boosters and ratings on our website. disney world lighting up the skies with hundreds of drones. this is part of the new light show called star bright holidays the show features 300 shooting star drones. each is equipped with 4 l.e.d. lights. it will take place at the disney spring shopping center near orlando. it is free to all guests, quite a show in the sky over there.
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now. if you're with her earlier, graphics were freezing. look at snow. it's cold out there, even the graphics. we have severe drought conditions that have taken over fort collins with moderate drought conditions f of our state. the rest of the state with far northwest colorado under abnormally dry conditions out there.
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expecting a heavy band through 5:00 today. that's through the drive home. it's going to mess folks up making it slick. trace of two inches of snow coming down accumulating on grassy surfaces only and over with by 10:30 tonight. along with that, high wind warnings. we also have a red flag warning in effect for southeast colorado colorado. that's in place through the evening. danger for a part of our state that needs moisture. they're not going to get it from this storm system today. as the system wraps up, yes, we're going to have a lot of moisture on the road. that concerns me for tomorrow morning. we may in fact see black ice. let's look at cdot cameras. roads in the mountains are slick. we also have wet conditions on the roads in and around denver. if those wet spots do not dry up, then we may see black ice
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early tomorrow morning. overnight lows drop to 18 degrees. tomorrow will be sunny and dry. we're expecting to see afternoon temperatures in the upper 30s. it's also going to be windy. so tonight's drive i would expect to be a long one. tomorrow morning's drive could be a long one as well. pass that saturday and sunday. back in 50s and 60s for highs. we're going to bounce out of this. we've got a long ways to go before this storm is over. we'll keep you upded media and keep you updated throughout the newscast today
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welcome back. highway fatalities have increased this year. experts say the use of phone apps while driving could be the problem. 18,000 people have been killed on highways. those numbers are from the first six months of this year. up 10% from last year.
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administration. there's a wide range of apps drivers are using at current speeds. map quest was designed to make driving easier. a lot of cars let you integrate your cell phone with your vehicle. >> not hands off the wheel so much. it's your mind off the task of driving safely. >> drivers faced with distractions everyday. focus, focus, focus on driving the car and stop multitasking. more service dogs for more people. freedom service dogs has a new home in englewood. this one is named brave. he'll open the location 3:30 to 5:00. training facility doubled the amount of space than the former facility. they hope this will allow them to take in shelter dogs and
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dogs. freedom service dogs help them with disabilities. great work they do there. snow is here. volunteers are making sure everyone stays warm today. giving out 8,000 free pair of pants to homeless is part of the leg up campaign. they say whether you have a safe place to call home or not, we put on our pants one leg at a time. they're going to hand this out until 3:00 p.m. today. or until all pants are gone. they have all sorts men sizes, women, for adults. spread the word on that. take a look. snow is here. we knew it would come. becky tells us how long it will
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. that doesn't look great. low visibility, cars going very
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>> there are backups already. this is your heads up. these are conditions you're going to be facing. feels like it came out of nowhere. the first one is always tough. >> always a surprise. >> people are like what am i supposed to do with this? take it easy. take it slow. take a look at your forecast the next several hours. we step through time and see the snow sticking around denver metro through tonight. doesn't clear out after that, temperatures drop significantly this trace to two inches we see on denver metro area melts on roads, maybe sticks around on grassy surfaces. might lead to ice tomorrow. vail pass, five inches of snowfall. winter storm warning in effect
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know ski resorts love this here in town, snow lasts late then clearing out after 18 tonight. i fear for black ice tomorrow morning. high of chilly, high of 39 tomorrow. 50s and 650s for the weekend. >> we're -- 60s for the weekend. >> we're here for you.
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silence. >> his tongue was down by throat. >> her explosive first tv interview about battling sexual harassment. >> now on "extra." ? ? she brought down powerful gretchen carlson speaking out for the first time since she walked away with $20 million. >> do you feel like you won? then, what carlson's former colleague megyn kelly thinks about her emotional new confession. >> do you think she is brave for coming out. >> a.j. sitting down with megyn today taking on her critics, take on ailes. >> if you bumped into him on the street what would you say? >> and what she has planned for president-elect trump.


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