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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  November 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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temperatures today-- less than 48 hours after we hit a record 80 degrees in denver. this is a live look at denver now. frigid overnight temperatures helped whatever snow fell thursday-- turn to ice. that's making for slippery roads and sidewalks for your morning commute. good morning. im gary, cheryl and corey with you.. you're definitely going to want to get a head start today. traffic could be slow because of road conditions. belen is here for marty today - belen we just have to get through today and then we'll warm up.
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one person was seriously hurt in that wreck at i-70 and vasquez. it happened just after midnight. but traffic was stop and go there when we were there. early in the afternoon evergreen was the scene of a 15 car pile up. a car carrier was among the vehicles caught up in the wreck. it's still unclear whether the 15 car count from state troopers included the vehicles being hauled by the semi. two people went to the hospital - and i 70 was closed for several hours. 6th avenue westbound between kalamath and i-25 is back open this morning after a closure. denver police tweeted out they shut the road down overnight because of ice.
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a denver man who founded two now defunct travel start-ups is expected in court today. timothy wozniak started fresh trips which offered inexpensive luxury travel packages. he's facing identity theft and forgery charges in relation to his other company-- fresh jets, which sold seats on private jets to exclusive destinations. investigators say wozniak stole the identity of one of his customers and racked up 55 thousand dollars in debt renting private jets for the business. an 18 year old who police say killed two women has been charged in the crime and will be arraigned today. arapahoe county deputies say taden lee jones was driving drunk in april when he swirved into oncoming traffic and t-bonded the car the women were in. one was in her 70s, the other in her 80s. they were out delivering avon products.
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two counts of vehicular homicide the list of names under consideration for president elect donald trump's cabinet continues to evolve. and there's one name that might surprise you-- heading to trump tower this weekend. nbc's tracie potts has that plus-- the trump team's pitch to democrats. "the president- elect is in full control - believe me." a senior transition official tells nbc lieutenant general mike flynn has been offered the job of national security advisor. flynn - controversial for his foreign policy - would not require senate approval. even more r. presidential at9- d p :22-:23 "mitt is a very sad a transition source says president elect-trump will meet with former nominee mitt romney sunday to discuss romney as a possible secretary of state. alabama :33-:40 "mr. romney would be quiet capable of doing a number of things, but he'll be one of those i'm sure that's reviewed." with his transition taking shape, mr. trump turned to foreign policy, meeting japan's prime minister: "i renewed my conviction that together with trump i will be able to establish relationship of trust." the vice president- elect is on capitol hill, selling his boss's agenda to democrats vice president- elect 1:02-1:07 "we're beginning to discuss areas that we might move forward on together." california 1:08-1:12 "we will try to find our common ground where we can. and of course, stand our ground when we can't." pence, back in familiar territory... setting up the first 100 days. tracie potts, nbc news, washington.
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call a thank you tour of blue states turned red... sometime after thanksgiving. new york mayor bill de blasio and the new york police department's commissioner will reveal plans to protect trump tower today. since president elect trump won the election there have been extra security measures around the
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penthouse. new yorkers likely hope the plan will limit street closures in the busy manhattan neighborhood. president obama is in berlin today for a second day of meetings with top european leaders. thursday he met with german chancellor angela merkel, followed by a joint news conference. mister obama called on president-elect trump to "stand up" to moscow. but he said he doesn't expect the next president to share his strategy for dealing with russian agression. australia this morning-- over whether donald trump's election will affect a u-s agreement to resettle some refugees now being hosted by australia. the refugees from war torn middle east countries are on new guinea's manus island for up to four years. but australia struck a deal to move about 13 hundred of them to the u-s. that deal remains unclear now after donald trump's comments on muslim immigration. most of australia's asylum seekers are
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a police officer in minnesota, charged with shooting and killing a man during a traffic stop will be arraigned this afternoon. philando castile was shot during the traffic stop last year. he later died at a hospital. the aftermath of the shooting was live streamed by his girlfriend who was in the car with her 4-year-old daughter. castile had told officer jeronimo yanez that he was carrying a handgun and had a permit to do so. there is no evidence castile ever tried to take the gun out of his pocket. a property
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over chemicals that may have been released near sports authority field. what court documents show that substance might have been-- plus how much developers should have to pay. then the the men's ski world cup races at beaver creek is canceled-- t welcome the public to ski soon enough...we'll tell you when. just ahead.
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near sports authority field at mile high are facing fines today over the possible release of asbestos. the overlook at mile high apartments were under renovation during the 20-14 playoffs. according to court documents, asbestos could have been released in the area - which is within in if it's found to be true, willmax capital management could be fined 500 thousand dollars - or more. the company's director, john "tom" williams could serve a year in prison and be fined: 100-thousand dollars. adams county deputies are asking for your help finding the person who set a man on fire this month. investigators say it happened november 6th near east 58th avenue and washington street. they aren't releasing any other details. the suspect was last seen wearing a hooded sweatshirt with a "cross fit
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recovering from serious injuries. anyone with information should call crime stoppers. beaver creek ski area will open next week for amateurs-- but pros are out of luck. the men's ski world cup races at beaver creek is canceled. the world cup races scheduled for beaver creek dec. 2nd through the 4 have been cancelled. recordbreaking warm days in november have delayed snow- making efforts. the organizers made the announcement was being pounded by a snowstorm. the downhill, super g and giant slalom races were scheduled for december 2nd through the 4th. but- organizers say there's not enough time to get the 86 hundred foot long course ready. the international ski federation has not said if the event will be rescheduled. beaver creek will
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loveland ski area has about 6 more inches of snow today following yesterday's storms-- no doubt they're a little excited about it. they tweeted: "well that escalated quickly. welcome back winter, we missed you! see you tomorrow." a denver based company is looking you! see you tomorrow." a denver based
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company is looking to take some stress out of your life. we'll talk about the new app they're launching coming up. and thanksgiving is almost here! we'll show you how to step up your holiday cooking with some
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company says its
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to solve some of your parking problems. paki-fi is an app develped to help drivers find parking in downtown denver. all you need to do is put the destination address into your phone. parkifi says it hopes to reduce the environmental impact of driving. it only works downtown but will expand into other areas next year. to celebrate the release-- the compnay is bagging all of the meters on larimer square and paying for the whole weekend thanksgiving is around the corner-- and if you're the one who's cooking up your family's feast-- the pressure is on. n-b-c's mark barger shows us some handy devices to help make your holiday run smoothly. this thanksgiving...
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alexa can set timers... answer questions... and even link to smart appliances. "so if you have a new ge oven you can ask alexa to control it and this is futuristic smart home and a nice peek into what our future kitchens might look like" but if cooking the turkey still stresses you out... a sous vide machine like the joule might help. "you can think of sous vide like a new version of slow cooking" set it from your smart phone... an alert will tell you it's ready. the submersion method keeps turkey juicy at a consistent temperature... "w sous vide bc contained in bag the turkey is actually basting itself." an electric spiralizer allows quick prep of fresh vegetables to roast or use in sides like casseroles. but if things don't go smoothly... there's the roost smart smoke alarm battery... "so if you do inadvertently set it off while your cooking it will alert your smart phone and you can turn it off without ever leaving the kitchen" burned beyond repair? well, there's always dessert!! as long as alexa doesn't ruin it. mark barger, nbc news. a community in colorado is getting a new water treatment plant. mark barger, nbc news.
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water treatment plant. how much money the new system will save the town coming up. then-- when it comes to career training programs-- all are not equal according to the federal government. how much more students can earn every year if they choose to go with a public college-- over a for profit school -- coming up.
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business is bad-- following revelations about associates opening up fake accounts using customer info. the san francisco-based bank says new customer account openings fell 44 percent in october from a year earlier... and account closings rose three percent. the bank also saw a 50 percent drop in credit card applications. wells fargo has been under fire since the discovery
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accounts opened without customer permission. j-p morgan has agreed to pay more than 260 million dollars in fines over charges it hired people in exchange for business contracts. the settlement ends a nearly three year investigation into whether the company violated u-s anti-bribery laws. j-p morgan executives earned lucrative business deals from firms in asia in exchange friends of government officials and client executives. those looking to come up or change careers are better off at public colleges than for-profit ones similar to i-t-t tech or carrington. according to a new report from the the federal government-- graduates of career training programs from public colleges will make more money. the average earnings were 9 thousand dollars higher. the report looked at programs covered by the department's "gainful
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training programs to show that students can earn enough money after graduation to pay off their student loans. the town of lyons will open its new waster water treatment plant today. the new plant will address issues with the old plant including noise and odor in the bohn park neighborhood. the new plant features new energy efficient equipment -- which is projected to cut greenhouse gasses by more than 40 percent. it'll also save the town 133 thousand dollars a year. humans aren't the only ones who've been waiting on snow this year. coming up the cutest reaction from one of colorado's pups. but first-- weather and traffic with amelia and belen. the fresh snow brought out the
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little loki. the australian cattle dog's reaction was caught on camera. this was the first big snow of the season for the grand junction area. by the looks of it -- it may have also been lokie first snow ever. we're continuing our team snow coverage this with reporter andrew sorensen who's out on i-25 sb just
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it came after 201 snowless days -- and a 24 hour temperature drop of more than 60 degrees. denver's first
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snowless days -- and a 24 hour temperature drop of more than 60 degrees. denver's first snowfall of the winter season. from clear skies, sun and record high temperatures -- to a winter wonderland. snowflakes replacing the leaves on sidewalks -- and morning drive. pretty to look at -- but not so pretty to drive through. a driver's nightmare this morning -- icy roads... good morning. corey, cheryl, and gary here with you. meteorologist belen de leon joins us. belen -- the snow is over in denver and just finishing up in the high country right now...


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