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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  November 18, 2016 4:00pm-4:56pm MST

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likely will refreeze. so black ice might be an issue tomorrow morning again. i want to take a live look outside, show you the clear sunny skies, a live look over the csu campus in fort collins, definitely still some snow left on the ground there. steadily melting away and e sunshine helped that today. 32 degrees now in fort collins, 39 around greeley, broomfield 32, dia just 30. 20s and 30s stretching through the nothing is going on around the state. the storm system has moved into the upper midwest. tonight temperatures plummet into the teens, clear skies. tomorrow sunshine and we've got a little warm-up headed our way. we'll talk about how much warmer we get coming up in a few minutes. low 30s at 6 p.m. and at 7:00 just about 30
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the snowstorm but severe weather, too. >> other areas are feeling it. we'll talk to you, becky. if you were happy to see the snow, you'll want to head into the mountains before it all melts. about 6 inches fell, but temperatures have warmed back up melting much already. water was sent onto roads and highways with the runoff, good reminder to stock up on that windshield wiper fluid. president-elect donald trp o settlement y ?resolving three lawsuits ov ??trump unive studentsiled to deliver e quit ucatn in real esininthey were p the $25 million includes restitution for students and $1
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state. trump university which no longer exists was a for profit school accused of making deceptive claims and cheating students out of tuition money. although he'll need to pay to settle, the deal does not require trump to admit to wrongdoing. meantime the president- elect has been busy picking people to be in his new administration. trump picked general michael flynn as national security advisor, senator jeff sessions as his attorney general and kansas congressman as cia director. the former general tagged by critics as anti-muslims and senator sessions made racially charged remarks decades ago that cohim a federal judgeship. >> i'm particularly pleased to offer words of congratulations to my colleague and good friend jeff sessions who is going to make an extraordinary attorney general of the united states. >> that is senator ted cruz and governor nikki haley of south
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both mentioned as possible cabinet picks. another mention, mitt romney is scheduled to meet with mr. trump this weekend. we are convinced coloradans can discuss their political disagreements civilly. we are putting together an hour long town hall on next tonight. hundreds of you asked to participate. we are gathering a group tonight. voters from across colorado and across the political spectrum talking about what a trump presidency means to th we'll be on tv 6:00 to 6:30. the rest will be on we'll get a preview in the next half hour. the american diabetes association wants congress to investigate what is driving up the price of insulin. the announcement comes after a series of reports including a 9wants to know investigation documenting the doubling cost of insulin since 2012. the president of medicine and science at the american diabetes association says no
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insulin should ever go without it due to prohibitive cost. in a resolution the ada calls on all entities in the insulin supply chain to substantially increase transparency in their pricing associated with the delivery of insulin. the resolution also asks congress to hold hearings to identify the reasons behind the dramatic price increases for insulin. the men who started the cold springs fire this past summer were both sentenced to two years probation. both men in their late 20s pled guilty to felony arson. a judge sentenced them today. the men will have to pay restitution. the amount won't be decided r northerly 91 days prosecutors expect the -- another 91 days. prosecutors expect the fine could be upward million. there were 28 acres burned in boulder county in july. eight homes were destroyed. the fire is believed to have been started by a campfire that
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in a fire that destroyed a one of a kind art collection inside a home near idaho springs. the clear creek county sheriff's department arrested robert liebold for arson. he lived at this home near idaho springs when deputies say he lit it on fire st lice to tem he did it. the house which belonged to artist dave shelton was a total loss including much9i of his ar he made over several years. >> from my de owner was aner. he had all types of carvings and different sculptures and stuff that had in the #? residence and he'd done that foyears. so he had quite a bit in there. >> liebold is held on a $15 bond. he's been charged with first degree arson and reckless enendangerment. the number of homeless people in the country has declined. according to the u.s. department of housing and urban development, the number of people experiencing homelessness in colorado on a
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is down by almost 32%. the drop is even larger among homeless families which hud said is down 48.2% since 2010. the number of homeless settle dropped 10%. 10.3% -- homeless vets dropped 10.3%. there are also a number of rent burdened families. a 2-year-old birthday party turned dead investigators think they've investigated the person who killed a woman and shot seven others including a 6-year-old last night in dyersburg northeast of memphis. the mother was killed. the suspect is held on $2.5 million bond. the head of the company building the dakota access oil pipeline says the company will not consider rerouting it to
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concerns. a $3.8 billion pipeline to carry north dakota oil to illinois is largely complete except for that stretch under missouri river reservoir in north dakota. the standing rock sioux fear a leak could contaminate drinking water on its nearby reservation. the ceo told the associate press today the company will not change the route. the army corps of engineers delayed approving the river crossing calling for more tribal input. etp asked a federal judge to to drill under the river. ellen degeneres will be getting the presidential medal of freedom, one of several people receiving the nation's highest civil honor. the list includes icons who have made a difference in the u.s. degeneres will get her award next week at the white house. michael jordan, diana ross and the creator of saturday night live also received the award. a lot of people called
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mystery plane they saw flying over denver and we have at least some kind of air force base. the plane was -- kind of answer. the plane was an esb mercury traveling to tinker air force base in oklahoma. a spokesperson for the navy told us the plane spent some time over denver but she wouldn't say why. hubbell says it's normal for the planes to fly like this and sent us to the faa for more answers. this will shock you. the faa told us they don't comment on thanksgiving break teachers sometimes have a challenge keeping kids focused on a day like today. not so much at wheat ridge high school because students got the chance to do something real rare. they got a real life lesson
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we just got a little glitch here, but let's try again because it's really super cool. >> reporter: here with the students from wheat ridge high school. how do you hear me? >> reporter: like any teenager, kevin mccoy has hospitals of questions. >> kind of the -- lots of questions. >> kind of the question s what it takes to be an astronaut. >> reporter: to theso to have the opportunity to talk to an astronaut in space appreciated. >> being able to talk to anoas -- an astronaut at the international space station is something many people don't get to do. >> reporter: asking questions from the accusing to the technical. it let's principal griff worth teach his students something ream. >> it gives them excitement about classroom projects and career exploration. >> reporter: kevin wanted to know what it takes.
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or preparation to become an astronaut? >> i think the biggest challenge for me is the time away from home. >> reporter: a surprise? >> i thought it would be more of the physicaland not the psychological. >> reporter: a lesson. but really it's more of an inspiring education than a classroom education, answers. >> in general working out every day about 2 to 2 1/2 hours a day. >> reporter: to real questions. >> a kid can believe that he can one day reach that goal. >> reporter: in nelson garcia. >> thank you! >> reporter: 9news. >> isn't it amazing that we can do that? we can call space. congressman ed perlmutter kicked off that call to space. former astronaut steven lindsay and tuskegee airman james harvey were also on land for the occasion. the capitol crist -- hand for the occasion.
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to the white house. the tree was cut down this month near mccall, idaho, two hours north of boise. the state's famous big idaho potato you see right there is making the trip, too, traveling 4,000 miles on the road wherever the tree goes. >> potato, makes sense. >> why not? it's idaho. lots of talk recently about the cu buffs and coach mcintyre. a little more than 30 years ago under another coach mac, coach bill mccartney, and many of his form early players give him credit for making them the men they are today. >> making us men of character and integrity and know that we could count on each other and knowing that that was much more than on the field.
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years ago. they're never going to be good again, how can they? but that's not true and we're seeing it and it's only going to get better. he alongwith manayers get beforh coh ?pmccartnea loand talk about old days, but they are seeing all the parallelin the ogram now that they saw 30 years at 9:00 and 10:00 we'll talk to them and they'll tell you it wasn't all about football. it was more about life. >> the fans are happabout football. yes. , they are. >> it's lma big weekend for cu and csu. we're lking to a super fan that's been going to the games at hughes stadium 50 years. >> you've probably seen the fake news on facebook? now even the president is
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look at that picture, not a cloud in the sky from our camera on top of the building, a little shine, still chilly. >> says 30s 2 -- sunshine, still chilly. >> says 32 degrees there on our screen. >> you noticed snow and ice on your windshield last night, those of us that had to drive home. >> hence the debate. >> it is the debate. the first snow of the season mean the first morning of getting out the scraper. >> >> and if your wipers are a mess, if you left them up overnight, apparently this is a thing. >> some swear by it. i am a practicing flip up the windshields guy. i don't want it to get damaged by the chunks of ice or have stuff hanging off it, but others think it's pointless and makes life more dim. tell us what you any is better,
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there, type that into any device, tell us your technique. we'll see which one is winning a little later in the show. early favorite is wipers down. that surprised me. >> all i know is i'm always out of the washer fluid on that first storm when it starts melting. >> it's a pain to dig them out. >> it's changing. look at those numbers evolving and is changing as we there. >> i can't believe it. i see so many wipers up. keep voting. this snow storm has quite a few people heading out to the shop because the tire pressure, those lights were lighting up. mechanics tell us this is common when the weather changes and the temperature is more often than not to blame for your tire troubles. we'll explain on how the temperature affecteds your
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tire care. president obama weighing in on fake news that popped up during the presidential election and may have influenced some voters, but the president speaking out has one man from the washington post saying he's duped americans for years. his hoax stories he claimed had a lot of impact on the election. social media is where a lot of people get news, but the problem is fake news is shared there more than ever. fake election news real news outlets combined. the president even weighed in, as we said. >> so much active misinformation and it's packaged very well and it looks the same when you see it on a facebook page or you turn on your television. >> one of the most prolific fake news writers says he makes about $10,000 a month making up news. not a lot of journalists making that kind of money. the lucrative career may be
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this week they'll begin to prohibit ad sales from those that push out fake news and please with what's going on think critically before you share something and accept it as fact. don't believe everything you read. there's a lot going on this week in politics. here's what you can expect on sunday's meet the press. >> reporter: donald trump transition is picking up speed. he's named his first major appointment, jeff sessions for attorney general. more are on the way. we'll discuss the transition process and donald trump's attempts to disentangle his own business from the business of government with his incoming chief of staff reince priebus, plus what will the loyal opposition do? the leader of the loyal opposition chuck schumer sits down for his first interview on the meet the press since taking over as leader of the democrats and finally is he the leader of the democrats or is bernie sanders now the leader of the democratic party? we'll get his take on what
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working class america and what happened in michigan in particular where working people decided to go with trump instead of clinton, all of that on a packed meet the press. we'll see you sunday. >> chuck todd, my november inspiration on the road. meet the press airs sundays on channel 20 during the broncos season at 9 a.m. more than 8 million americans a year are injured during recreational sports or exercise. supposedly this is fun and then you get through 2014 shows these injuries are more common among children, males and whites. about 1/3 of these incidents happened at a playground or athletic field and about 1/4 were caused by a fall. the majority of patients suffered sprains or fractures while about 5% were diagnosed with a truck brain injury. many americans show up to work even when they're a little under the weather which experts say proves a lot of us have a lot to learn when it comes to sick etiquette.
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>> germs are easily spread and it's important to practice proper etiquette when you feel sick. surveys show up to 65% of americans like to tough it out. this can put other employees at risk for infection. they suggest staying home if you have a fever certainly or are contagious. if you feel sick at work, take appropriate precautions and be careful >> when you cough or sneeze, cough into the crook of the left arm. when you blow your nose, use your left hand, blow your nose, throw away the tissue immediately and sanitize. >> those who can should consider working from home when illness strikes the experts say. we think some of ?8that was lik for the camera. >> they had an impressive
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impressive. i don't know. thanksgiving, it's almost here. >> less than a week away. some good news if you're getting your holiday groceries this weekend. you might notice it's not as
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your thanksgiving meal could cost a little less this year. the cost of thanksgiving dinner is going down to less than $5 a person according to the american farm bureau's annual survey. the average cost of 49.87, 24 cents less than last year. don't spend that all in one place. >> no. >> a 16-pound turkey is 30 cents less. pumpkin pie mix and milk cost a little less this year. rolls, fresh cranberries, sweet potatoes, more expensive, so sort of evens out. depends what you need. >> sounds like the good stuff is cheaper, so that's nice. >> some people think those sweet potatoes and the rolls
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starch is good. >> well, a couple things i'm not big on. >> and gravy, that's it. >> gravy, stuffing, okay. we're going to warm up on the inside, too, when we fill ourselves up, but it's going to be plenty cold overnight. you better be prepared. >> becky will tell us how cold and give us a look ahead to the
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tell you what. it just ain't fair. we've got such pretty pictures to show >> you know what? in the early morning when you have snow on the trees and the sun is !i?zcoming up, it is so pretty outside when you get the snow and now the sun is going down. i guess i'm happy i saw the sunrise, too. sometimes i don't like being up that early. >> oh.
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that's all right. it's all good. hey, let's throw it out to becky in the 9news backyard. what are we in for this weekend? >> i think it will be nice. when you're talking about sunrises and sunsets, at least now the days are shorter, so you know you aren't up forever when you wake up to the sunrise and see both the sunrise and sunset. it's not a terrible thing this time of year. it is pretty. this weekend we'll see warmer temperatures and more of th sunshine. look at that beautiful shot! that's from our thornton camera to our north. it is a gorgeous sunset over the denver metro area. you can see not all the snow has melted off just yet. it will take us through the weekend before that happens. current temperatures are at 32 degrees in broomfield, 30 at dia, greeley at 37, 32 fort collins. temperatures are in the 20s and 30s in the foothills and 20s in the mountains. here outside in the 9news
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not bad. i've got a sweater and coat. we're at 31 and i run cold, so i layer as much as possible. if i'm okay, i think you will be, too. our high today was 32 degrees, our average high51, so obviously well below average. we should be a good 20 degrees above 32 tomorrow. we're shifting that weather pattern out a bit. earlier this afternoon we had
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parts of northern minnesota. other locations out there saw 11 1/2 inches fall from that storm and the leading cold front that brought us those cold temperatures is now moving over the midwest where we've got a line of thunderstorms producing some really nasty wind. there we're also looking at severe thunderstorm warnings from that line, wind gusts in parts of indiana up to 53, close to 60 miles per hour at times. those rain showers extend all the way down south across eastern arkansas into they're getting ready to push into part of the country that habeen extremely dry. you can see that red flag warning is in effect for parts of kentucky and even south carolina indicating fire danger there, low relative humidity and very strong winds contributing to the development of the wildfires that they've had in that area that they have seen such a huge problem with. up to the north, of course, we have winter weather and that
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also track east. more is possible across parts of illinois into indiana. that far north western part of kentucky, there we actually have a slight risk for strong storms, so large hail definitely damaging wind, a lot of lightning and heavy rain will be possible in that part of the country. kind of hard to believe we're this late into november still talking about severe weather. then right next to it you can see the drought conditions that i was just talking about, southeast greatly needing moisture. we've got drought conditions that lead up to exceptional around parts of tennessee, alabama, georgia and also south carolina. hopefully the line of showers and thunderstorms helps, doesn't spark any more wildfires, especially with lightning. around here clear skies tonight, very cold evening and with lots of sunshine coming into most of tomorrow we are going to see a warmer day. afternoon highs climb into the
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our low tonight, 9 for greeley, 12 fort collins, teens in our eastern plains. high country will see teens as well, low 20s across the western slope and here's my concern with that 16-degree low. we've had quite a bit of melting today. if we have any standing water on any of our roads, that could refreeze overnight and cause black ice early tomorrow morning. so if you are out and about early tomorrow, please use extra caution and fry and do your best to -- best to watch out for that. 52 our high tomorrow, mostly sunny skies, winds east 5 to 10 miles per hour. we're up to 65 sunday, upper 50s monday, increasing clouds with a storm system that brings more snow to the high country. mountain areas loving that forecast. it may also bring a mixture of rain and snow to denver late monday night into early tuesday morning. we should still make our highs up to about 45 on tuesday and tuesday afternoon the storm
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56 thanksgiving, 50s throughout the weekend. i'm going to end you on this note. annuals obviously do not like the snow and cold. our own director lawrence gibbs found this out when he left his beautiful annual that he says lasted way longer than he thought it would out on his patio overnight and then the storm hit and it just didn't make it. i'm going to say right now a pu because he's probably throwing something at the television saying i'm telling you guys always to bring in those pots! >> and lawrence, what is he doing during the weatr forecast? is he taking a napolitano i mean come on. let's ask him is he -- a nap? i mean come on. let's ask him. is he getting a coffee? before you go, wiper blades up or down?
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>> yeah. >> is that like i should know that answer to that question? >> no, it's a debate. >> the question is what you to protect your wiper blades when it's cold? >> yeah, u up for sure. we do that. >> to prevent damage? >> yes. >> all right. let's see what our audience thinks. up. s bring the resultback , wow, the pers people showed up all of a sudden. started out wipers >> yeah. i me>yan that's the evpeople do the place. i feel like i'm forgetting a big step if i don't do it. >> 11 to the forecast and do the right thing -- listen to the forecast and do the right thing, lawrence, the wiper blades. >> defitely take the plants in. >> it was a good stretch, though, with that annual. a man named santa claus and they say that's his real name is an unlikely marijuana add
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firefighters in riverside county, california had to deal with this overnight, a fire at a.m. it burn a 1/2 acre of pallets, four alarm fire. multiple explosions were reported due to propane tanks in that pallet yard. th pallet fire in that area in the past few weeks. arson investigators are looking into what might have caused it.
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bor t to get you into the holding their holiday ceremonies ?'this weekend. on saturday centenni?.al will light its ch center park 4:00 to 6:00. boulder switches on holiday happens on sunday in downtown boulder and santa will count down to the lighting of the boulder county courthouse and federal street mall. -- pearl street mall and you can always get started park holiday marke weekend. local vendors will sell a variety of handcrafted items at the estes park conference center. there will be a lighting ceremony at estes park tomorr night. so let's meet santa claus, that is this man's real legal name, loves christs obviously. he's a deeply religious monk, a child vo?vkqcate, also city
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yeah, he's -- north pole, alaska, and yeah, he's also an unlikely marijuana advocate. residents in his town voted to outlaw the sale of marijuana in city limits. he's a cancer patient, too and uses pot to ease his symptoms. >> i'm using it for my medical purposes. might be considered egregious. >> since marijuana can't be sold in north pole, alaska, stores are set to open in nearby fairbanks. continue to gr s own he'll because that's still legal in city limits. that seems like a perfect time to make slacker and steve follow that. >> yes. we just don't want to go there, but we know you'll go there. well, that's not mistletoe. >> okay. there you go.
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prompting. i'm pleased with that. >> so you guys have been putting in a lot of cool polls today. captain kirk, they're in a fight, a twitter war. star wars did this terrible holiday special and he made fun of it. >> it was awful.
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because steve believes that star trek has spawned all space movies. nobody do anything before star trek. >> george lucas admitted he'd ripped off from star trek. he'd probably admit it if he could, but definitely did. >> i feel like there's more warlike themes in star wars. it's in after all. you'd have to get everyone on onboard on one sideto send all the ships star trek universe. >> you're hedging. >> i'm leaning star wars. >> don't lean. jump in. >> i'm jumping. there's always the weakness in e deh star. they've blown it up three times now. >> kim? >> i don't know anything about either one. >> kim can get a cup ofcoffee. >> it does not keep me up at night. i'm going to sleep well knowing that i don't care what happens to those two.
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blow each other up. all right. go back to your deep thoughts. >> thanks, guys. >> wipers, star wars, i don't know what we're talking about. >> a lot of fun things to disagree about. >> it's kind of nice because we've had a lot of tension about this election, but we are going to give you a chance to vent, to talk about it in a good way. >> indeed. a preview of a discussion
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let's do the giant understatement. the election season was heated and the climate was tense and it still is 10 days later. we are convinced people in our state are different and we can discuss political discussions
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i would vote against a democrat if i believed in a different candidate. so i don't just necessarily vote democrat because i'm the democratic party do. you do that because you're a republican and this is my candidate and i'm going with him right or wrong? >> there are going to be people who disagree with me and that's fine. that's why i love this country. we can disagree with each other. >> reporter: rather than continue in the tug of war we've got going on, we need to sit down. let's just talk and come together. >> the requests i put on social la know. i would like to know why you think things will be better, what it is exactly and let me know, but what i asked is that do it without insulting the other party, whichever side you're on. do it without an insult or name calling and i have to say i lost a friend. >> we are a visibly divided nation and a fear of people and their response into all this,
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and their beatings of people for just because i voted somebody. that's what scares me. >> i am happy that i was able to do this and listen and i believe that you can't necessarily change anybody in one conversation and i wouldn't be out here trying to change your opinion, but i'm glad that we can try to work together on our opinions. >> isn't that refreshing? it's called let's just talk. kyle clark joins us now. hundreds of people talk. >> it's astonishing. when we first put in idea out there, we're like we're either going to get two people or 200 and we got a bit more than 200. people who just want to understand where somebody on thother side of the aisle is cofrom on this election and our goal is to show people who are strangers talking with the thought that if two strangers disagree can sit down and talk, you can't call your uncle? you can't call your mom? like have that conversation with that friend that there's
4:51 pm
connect them. so we've got a great group of people at 6:00 today for an hour long presentation in which we're just talking. >> is this meant to be for the person who doesn't want to take the option of avoiding the political discussion at thanksgiving? maybe they get of this? >> i would hope so, some model conversation and ways to find consensus. one thing we found in our one on one conversations is so many voters assumed the worst of people on the other side. they take trump or hillary clinton and said oh, all those supporters, they're ke that or they support that and what we found and the coloradans we've talked to isthey said i voted for hillary clinton, but i different like this, this, or this or ?g
4:52 pm
to one person versus one person and it's a lot more complicated. >> that's 6:00 tonight on 9news, second half hour streaming live on >> if you have them all ?mholdi hands inthe end, i want a picture of your sweater. >> we could all use a little y therapafter that election, thanks.
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farewell to c-s-u's hughes stadium. tomorrow t rams football team will play their last so it's time to say farewell to csu hughes stadium. tomorrow the rams football team will pl against the university of new mexico. >> going to be sad, also last game to know that there will never be anothegame played here, you know, because there's been a lot of friendof memories and that type of stuff made here, seen a lot of players come through here, a lot of professional players that have come and gone. so it's going to be exciting but yet i know that i'll have a
4:56 pm
>> dick weideman is a csu super fan. he's been to more than 260 home games over the past 50 years. that's a lot of seasons including games at hughes stadium and the old field known as the mberyard. he was actually part of the concrete crew that head to build hutathe was transpiring on the field. >> we'dman will be at tomorrow night -- weideman will be at tomorrow night's game against umn. he hopes he'll be able to buy the seats he and his wife have sat in the past 48 years and take them home, a little of the lumberyard ?sat home. >> that's great. . csu ram and olympild
4:57 pm
town this week. she was paralyzed in an atv accident a couple years ago.n since then she has become a big advocate for spinal cord research. while she is focused on all of those thing, she's also excited about football. amy's husband tom ruin was a punter for cu and the broncos, &! playf, but -- and i'm like they just broke into the top
4:58 pm
look at where they are now. he gloats. he is not a good winner. >> conflict between athlete and fan. >> they'll be at the game tomorrow when the buffs take on? buffs are ranked 10th in the playoff rankings in college football. amy's message never give up. she's saying hey, that's what the buffs did. >> she's begrudgingly saying good for them. >> yeah, it's great. it's nice to see them say good- bye to hughes the i hope they go out with a big win. we hope you had a good 5:00 is hope you have a good weekend! >> see you there.
4:59 pm
totals from the first significant snow in denver. >> also ahead the two men who admitted to starting colorado wildfires that destroyed eight homes over the summer. >> and radiation from the nuclear plant west of denver next on9news. >> this is 9news. as is often the case with the first snowfall of the season in denver, it is disappearing quickly on the ground and the high country and metro area. that means dangerously cold conditions for friday night football games across the state and slick conditions on roadways where snow melt refreezes. we want to bring in meteorologist danielle grant. we're seeing initial snow totals from yesterday. >> reporter: the storm system was tremendous, up in the high country many areas picking up a foot of fresh powder at many ski resorts, finally mother nature on their side. around the metro, nice to
5:00 pm
there, pretty typical for this time of year. bailey, evergreen 5 to 6. , 2 inches in greeley and sterling -- 6 inches, 2 inches in greeley and sterling. our storm system packed its bags fairly quickly and is now moving out across the northern plains producing some snowfall in parts of minneapolis and then that line of strong to severe thunderstorms rolling throughout parts of the tennessee valley. around colorado what you see is what you get, a clear sky kind of night and that means ou right now some spots in the 20s like estes park, nederland, idaho springs. we're holding onto the freezing mark in broomfield, aurora 31, but tone once the sun completely goes down -- tonight once the sun completely goes down it will be cold out there. if you're heading out to any of the high school games going on, not only will you need the blanket, a good jacket and probably hot cocoa, too. coming up we'll go over the weekend forecast and a look beyond towards the thanksgiving


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