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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  November 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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welcome to the dawn of a new republican government. >> all i want to do is curl up with a good book. >> this is my final trip overseas. >> we didn't do our part to stop the spread of misinformation. ? good morning, welcome to "sunday today." i'm willie geist. president-elect trump has spent the past few days filling in his cabinet. he met with mitt romney, who was a harsh critic, this amid new questions about trump's business entanglements. also up early and on
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"hamilton." later a man we haven't heard from much lately, michael somestipe. he's talking about the early days of r.e.m., and the song that changed everything for them. >> i couldn't go anywhere for -- after that song became the huge hit single it became. >> more with michael stipe, hager. let's begin with president-elect trump. he was up before the sun this morning tweeting more insults about the broadway hit show "hamilton" two days after a member of the cast read a statement from the stage to vice president mike pence, who was in the audience. kelley o'donnell is near the team in bridgewater, new jersey with the later. good morning. >> reporter: apparently the
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issue. he has a busy day ahead. as he as his future vice president are working behind the scenes to fill a number of administration jobs. the most anticipated guest to arrive saturday at donald trump's golf resort. mitt romney, the insult war between him and trump now over, they met for more than an hour. when they emerged, sh >> it went great. >> the topics romney told the reporters about seemed to fit the department of state. >> we had a far-reaching conversation with regards to the varies theaters in the world. >> reporter: whether romney is offered a role is or not is sun clear, but he appeared to be on good terms. >> i look forward to the coming administrations and the things they will be doing.
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importance of another meeting. >> great man. >> retear marine general james mattis, wore the uniform 44 years. he's under seniors consideration for a role, including defense secretary. >> a brilliant man with a great deal, we'll see what happens, but he's the real deal. it let to a series of front a range of potential cabinet picks, including former d.c. schools chief and democrat michelle rhee, robert woodson, under consideration for housing and urban development. >> very well. >> reporter: nine different meetings during a busy day, trump also found time for a war of words on twitter, with a broadway actor who called out mike pence at "hamilton." >> we are the diversion america,
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protect us. >> reporter: his last tweet calling the actor very rude. that tweet was quickly deleted. to the press trump sounded more presidential. >> we're seeing tremendous talent. >> reporter: and the president-elect told me he expects there could be some decisions as early as today. when i shouted a question to him about that. again this morning he's still asking for the il tweeted, quote, a number of twoits are coming today for additional meetings. they include new jersey governor chris christie, former mare yor rudolph yule yanni, and b.e.t. founder. we have the co-author of the books that defined the 2008 and 2012 campaigns. >> how is it going?
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and the meeting yesterday. i can't tell you how many republicans and even democrats saying, yes, let the mitt romney thing be true, maybe a symbol of stability inside this transition team. is it real or donald trump signaling to people that i'm talking to the right people? >> it could be both. for sure there's a signaling things going on, there's a variety of things to try to i also think it's real. that doesn't necessarily mean that it will happen, but seniors consideration on the part of the trump team. i think there's questions whether romney will take the job, though mice sense in the romney world sources tell me if it were offered with the right conversations, he probably would take it. >> at the seems he would want to control his lane, but you're dealing with someone that likes to control all the lanes. can they work together?
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that gives mitt romney -- but dealing with this other array of people who have been in charge. michael flynn may be the central figure, head of the national security council, maybe the central figure, and romney and flynn are very different cats. could they work with trump and the rest of the team that trump is assembling? part of the reason you're hearing from republicans like you're hearing, not just stab team, but could he be a moderating force on what seems to be shaping up as a hard-line team. >> michael flynn, questions about his relationship with russia, and what he said about muslims. steve bannon, jeff sessions, mike pompeo. as you look at that group in total, what do you see? >> i see a really group of old white men.
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groups that now in the country are most concerned about what we're seeing -- is the vast mills onof nonwhile americans, that are looking at the group, because if you take those people together -- bannon, flynn and sessions -- all three of them have a history of being involved at a minimum racially insensitive endeavors, and to some people worse than that. so part of the thing here is i think that's unsettling to a larger will take us to that conversation about "hamilton." that's a hard-line group, on immigration, on foreign policy, apart from reince priebus, who is the only obvious pragmatist group, that's an idealist group. president-elect trump was up earlier this morning tweeting about "hamilton." he pointed out that many people
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thinks the cast should apologize for the way they treated vice president pence. this is what he tweeted -- i mean, we've gotten used to this, seen it during the primary, but he's the president-elect. is this how he's going to conduct himself in office? >> i hope not. i personally think it's a bad idea to boo mike pence as an audience member. he should be welcomed in the theater. i think a conservative going in reaching out in some ways to a part of the world that was opposed to donald trump. i think that that was rude on the part of the audience members to boo hem. for an actor to read a respectful statement, that doesn't qualify as harassment. even if it was harassment, we have a first amendment in this country. so to have the president-elect demanding apologies from people who are respectfully raising
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where we're headed. that's going to be a very ugly thing. there will be a lot of people in this country raising concerns and more criticizing the administration. trump will have to learn to live that with. >> he tweeted a tweet yesterday, but back up and doing it again this morning. thank you. >> good to be here. some say that fake news stories that circulated on facebook are at least partly to blame. facebook now he's changing that position. jo ling kent has the story. we can work to give people a voice, but we also need to do our part to stop the spread of hate and violence and misinformation. >> reporter: misinformation some believe may have affected the presidential race, zuckerberg changing his tone from his
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>> the idea in a fake news on facebook of which it's a very small amount of the content influenced the election in any way i think is a pretty crazy idea. >> reporter: now the 32-year-old founder and ceo changing his tone about the issue, writing in a new post, we've been working on this problem for a long time, and we take this responsibility seriously. in an usual move, zuckerberg detailed facebook's plans to say the company will improve misinformation detection, making flailinging earlier, yew third-party fact checking, and potentially label stories as false. the new strategies cusp as a buzzfeed news investigation found that fake news on facebook generated more clicks and comments compared to stories from traditional outlets, but
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be enough. >> ultimately we have to move past the band-aid solutions i think to a greater reenvisioning of what facebook is. >> reporter: zuckerberg admits not all their fixes will work, but he says his 'committed to getting this right. for pseudopseudo, jo ling kent in new york. more than is 00 people were killed when a passenger train torches to cut there are the wreckage. authorities fear the death toll will rise. president obama is meeting with the leaders of australia and canada at a summit in peru. on saturday he tried to reassure world leaderses, and not to jump to conclusions about president-elect trump. >> as i've always said, how you campaign isn't always the same
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>> this is mr. obama's final foreign trip as president. a 6 days old newborn is safe this morning. on thursday the little girl's mother was killed in wichita, kansas. on saturday police found baby sophia at home in dallas unharmed. two people are in custody and being questioned. big news in space. on saturday three new astronauts arrived aboard the international space station, including 56-year-old peggy the oldest woman ever to fly in space. meanwhile, a new weather satellite blasted into orbit. forecasters say trillion revolutionize the way they can predict storms, fires and storms. simmons as stayed largely out of sight for years amid fears about his well-being. he released a statement saying
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he's in good health and he's hope. joe thomas sr. got into a game for the first time. why is the newsworthy? because he's 55 years old. that made thomas the oldest person to ever place in a division i football game. his son is now with the green bay packers. after the game, the old guys' teammates carried him off the field. he ended up with four carries for mine where you one it's never too late. >> that's awesome. the latest on the first big winter storm. dylan is here with more. >> some areas in the upper mid wet got hit heart. take a look at what is going on back through western northern. this is in sinclairville, just south-southwest of buffalo. but four inches of no, but lake-effect snow bands stop and start in an instant.
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conduct down hard. it's all because of the cold air crossing over the still very, very much unfrozen lakes. the lakes still really warm right now. winds are also very gusty, so even in areas up and down the east coast, we're still looking at very chilly windchills. here's how much snowe we can see
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highs and lows of the week. the first, where v in dallas, where the cowboys are the hottest team, with dak prescott, and tony romo laid up with a fractured back. fans have been wondering if he would get his job back when he was healthy. this week the 36-year-old romo addressed that awkward topic of debate. >> if you think for a second i don't want you probably never felt the pure ecstasy of competing and winning. that hasn't left me. in fact it may burn more now than ever. i think dak knows that i have his back, and i think i know he has mine. ultimately it's about the team. it's what we have preached our entire lives. >> pure class, right? that is something we have gotten used to not seeing
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there, but good for him. >> he said he was feeling a bit like an outsider, but he's there and he's got the guys' backs. so we're celebrating the class from tony romo. in parliament, one man accused the other man sitting next to him being an agent of the kremlin. he remained stone-faded better leaping to his feet and throwing how do you know that's unusual? watch the reaction of the guy behind. doesn't remove, doesn't act, not a single human facial movement. apparently it happens all the time. you seat the two goons right back next to each other. let's go to round 2. this times an slower right hook. catches his accuser, who really
6:21 am
again the guy in the back row does not mo of his head. >> he's thinking about lunch. the cat-like reflexes and the big hands of one big brother in florida. keep your eyes on the upper part of the screen. the moment turns her back for a moment. this could be bad, but in comes the brother, 9-year-old joseph swoops in to make a diving catch. covers a lot of ground there. >> is that what that buckle is for? >> yeah e. keir your eyes here. our apartment is so small, there's nowhere else to go. >> the next low in the world of baby cams. everyone is okay in this one. grandma valerie sharp was putting her sweet granddaughter down to sleep using a step stool to clear the front.
6:22 am
dive. both baby and grandma are just fine. valerie os daughter posted it to facebook. valley actual le said she could post it, saying, quote, so many people have seen my butt in the air. that's a quote. >> it looks like she just went to sleep there, cuddle up. the next is about chinese motorists, the smog was so b northern china that traffic on a major highway came to a dead stop. how do you pass the time? one way is to get out of your car and breathe in that air as you damage like nobody's watching. a group of women made the most of a delay by putting together a tightly choreographed routine. how did they all know the choreography. selfthe chinese version of "the
6:23 am
do this. the final low. dylan dreyer shows every thursday when she posts her old throwback thursday photos, and we love it. here's her latest. this is the photograph of a giant pair of glasses. there's also a young girl and doll in there somewhere. what was going on here? >> there's so much going on, between the stencilled lampshade, the jukebox behind me, granted the glasses and my magic nursely baby. is that your living doll thing. >> it was one of those, yeah. hopefully -- >> you're wide open with your throwback posts. >> there's a vault, a box i could just keep bringing things out of. next michael stipe, what has the band been up to sieve five years ago when they broke up. and i know you're my financial advisor, but are you gonna bring up that stock again?
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hello, mr. president elect, thank you for taking the time to meet with me. >> governor romney, so good of you to come. ug >> this isn't going to work, is it? >> i don't think so. >> good. great talk. "saturday night live" is alec baldwin returning and jason sell dak is repricing his mitt romney. it was almost 37 years ago that
6:31 am
college students met in a record shop in the college town of thain. they formed a band named r.e.m. with michael stipe out front, reform meismt rose to one of the best-selling acts in the history of music. on the 25th anniversary of the album that changed their lives, i spent some time with stipe and bassist at one of the places where >> what does it evoke. >> i've been back once since the early '80s, and talked concierges. it was a very different place back then. >> what kind of gigs were you playing? >> basically anywhere that would take us and pay over $is 00, enough to get gas and go back to the hotel.
6:32 am
in the closet. >> $5 a day was the food money. >> i would step out about 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning to find the deli that had the largest knish. that was my food for the day. >> from those $5 days. michael stipe and r.e.m. did well indeed, selling more than 85 million albums worldwide, earning a place in the rock and they released "out of time" the album highlighted by a song that changed their life ? losing my religion ? >> "losing my religion" is the song that catapulted you to international stardom. what does that song mean to you and wrote it. >> i wanted to write a song about love and unrequited desires.
6:33 am
considered to be the most cliched pop song. that was really someone who was so intractably shy, a wallflower forced forward into trying to express this feeling of love for someone, and failing miserably. >> that was you? >> it connected -- no, it wasn't me. i'm very rarely, over 32 years, was i could count on two hands the songs that are really, true me about me. >> you have a blank page or computer screen, such as it may be. how do you begin? >> it sounds really poetic, and i really push against that, but i don't hear music. i see it. my job as a lyricist is to hear the peaks and valleysesant and see the landscape, the vista
6:34 am
sonically, musically. i then have to find a story that fits into that landscape. that's what i did all those years. >> see, that's not something that non-geniuses can grasp. close your eyes, see the vista and you have a hit. five qulerg they announced the most amicable breakup possibly. the members of the band remain friends as they pursue other projects. >> now don't and have a beard and nobody sees me. it's fantastic. i have enjoyed every step of the way, including the retired part. >> but stipe, bassi mike mills and the guys have one more gift. the band is re-releasing "out of time" this time with bonus track, live performances and demo recordings that reveal early versions of hit songs, raw and unfinished. >> we were talking about before
6:35 am
process with this new project, putting out the demos, does that feel vulnerable or a cool -- >> for me it's bone-screechingly -- yeah, vulnerability is my weakness and my strength, so i embrace the strength. >> is it cool to hear those demo ises? >> it's great, and looking back at how we built the songs, that's pretty cool. do you remember when "losing my nt take off. did you look at each other and say we've done something different, special? >> i think it's when mike calling me -- i had a nickname in the band. i was called face, because i couldn't go anywhere for -- after that song became the huge hit single that it became around the world. >> what was that like from your side? >> easy. piece of cake for me. no, it was fun.
6:36 am
play that stuff and have so many people know the songs you worked so heart to make. >> do you ever talk about, can you believe this has happened? do you stop and take a deep breath? we were guys that bumped into each other in a music store and look where we've come. >> we had a lot of luck and a bit of talent. we really pushed each others. >> you accept each other for where you when somebody slips a bit, and we grabbed each other and put ourselves back on the ledge. that's part of a friend being and. >> you know when a band breks up, there's supposed to be drama, vh1" behind the music." you seem completely at peace. >> we did have the most boring beyond the music ever, because nothing happens.
6:37 am
that i've accomplished that many, and i don't think i've really done anything, but i can't believe how lucky i am. i can't believe my life. it's a great life. >> stipe dropped out of the art school way back then to pursue music. in the years since r.e.m. stopped playing together, he was a visiting professor of art at new york university. mike mills is touring with a ron fantasy football. and the band is happy. stipe and mills say they have no plans to get r.e.m. back together, but the thatth anniversary edition of "out of time" is available now. to hear michael stipe tell some of the secrets, including what shiny happy people actually was about, check out our web extras at next week, andy cohen, the host of late night's wild part
6:38 am
how wives circus. that's next sunday. big travel week leading up to thanksgiving. we are looking at another storm making its way onshore, with a flood threat for each areas like los angeles. it will get wintery through the upper mid west, and then wednesday into thursday, a storm system trying this could cause delays, with some storms stretching down into
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you like my soccer ball. >> i love how you stand. >> i don't know where to put my hands. >> you're doing it perfectly. protect the baby. just ahead on "sunday today," a couple who turned a garage experiment into one of the ? thanks for giving victor the energy to be the rowdiest fan. and joseph, the ability to see monsters. when you choose walgreens, you choose to make a difference... like how every vitamin and flu shot you get at walgreens helps give life-changing vitamins and vaccines... to children in need. so, really... happy thanks for giving!
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we obvious hear about the story of an inventor tinkering around in a garage and turns his experiment into apple or googl or some other company that changed the world. back on the east coast, the toy industry has their version of that story. jenna bush hager visits melissa & doug. >> are. >> reporter: if you're a parent of a child of a certain age, the name melissa & doug rings a bell how many people know there's a real melissa and a real doug?
6:42 am
>> reporter: the couple's brand of low tex mostly wood toys have become the early standard. >> the founders of the $400 million company that wears their name started making toys 28iers in doug's family's garage. >> the fuzzy farm puzzle was our first. we went to fabric stores, bought tons of fabric, things out and made it on our own. >> reporter: from the fuzzy puzzle to stuffed animals, coloring books, musical instruments, food sets and more. >> fuzzy puzzle was more of just a brainstorm, but it got us our way of doing things. >> a way of doing things that started union. as a girl melissa said she often felt like an outsider, suffering from cripples anxiety.
6:43 am
crafted, i learned the art of using my imagination and creating, and finding a place for the pain through creating. >> i loved playing, i loved my friends, i loved my neighborhood. i loved what we did. we were just always outside, always just playing. >> reporter: if their own childhood experiences that led melissa & doug to start a movement, to take back childhood, unplug. it's an idea supported about i the america academy of pediatrics, advising parents to limit screen time for young children. >> creative play stimulates new neurons, encourages language, encourages children to have to take social cues from other children and their parents. it's the one-on-one interact. >> we're not saying that technology doesn't have a spot. it does, but like most things in
6:44 am
balance. >> reporter: balance too between business and family. >> how come you dive on every became. >> reporter: including their children. >> very early on we told them we want you to be honest, because you are testing they for hopefully one day millions of children. >> while not every toy was the hit, it's the flops that mean the most. be hind her desk, a few of the failures. >> i keep them behind me to trying. >> reporter: proving that children's toying sometimes can be the best teachers. >> i think my child wouldn't have been believed i found a way to channel the pain to bring joy to kids. coming up next, harry smith
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with all mashmade light down here on earth, it's getting more and more difficult to see the natural light in the night sky. harry smith traveled to a
6:48 am
the view from above by going dark. >> reporter: westcliff, colorado is an old mining town, quirky enough to be quaint, quiet enough so tourists don't think it's --. all beautiful as all this is, you should see it at night. yep, that's the milky way. on this chilly autumn night, locals gathered at the community observatory. >> wow. >> reporter: it's a stargazer's dream come true. >> when i calm up here on a vacation trip, the first night i opened the back door where i was and looked out, and my reaction was, well, the clouds have come in, but the clouds aren't white at night.
6:49 am
>> reporter: even without a telescope, you can see our galaxy, and we're right on the edge of town. yes, the milky way, plain as day. that's no accident. >> this is the observe story. >> reporter: meet jim bradburn, a retired denver architect, who says most of the outdoor light is wasted. >> it's going nowhere, it's not lighting any, not making any more secure. it's just wasted. >> reporter: the re tiree campaign to start putting covers on street lights and covers on lights. >> the town's light are just as light as any other town, just nothing goes down the sky or down the valley. they have hoods over them. >> reporter: sure enough, but head into the hills a few miles. >> down there are the two towns
6:50 am
down there? >> there's two towns. >> reporter: to be sure, the idea has not always it could easy. sara shields' families has been ranched here. >> my mother said absolutely, positively not, we are not having that hooded light in her yard many. >> reporter: they had always been beacons guiding the way home on a stormy night, but with ample coaxing from m, finally covered one. >> i can't walk out the kitchen door, like up, see the stars, and it was all worth it. >> reporter: they now been officially designated dark skies community, and the word has begun to share. theresa katz is the co-ownerer of golden corner inn. >> we started getting called
6:51 am
>> reporter: for most of the time humans have wandered the earth, the night sky has mystified us. only in the last few decades have we done so much to obscure the heavens. here they have taken back the night. >> it's great for the ranchers, for the community, for the economics, for the chamber of commerce, but for me, for children to still have some connection to the sky, that's the best part. could it possibly be as clear as it looks in that video. >> absolutely. when you're standing there with the naked eye and right on the edge of a bowling alley. you just go off the edge, it's so close, it feels like you can touch it. ray farmers, the predictably amazing ray farmer, he took those photographs. >> it looks to me there's ancillary benefits. you have people coming in from
6:52 am
a local military veteran invented this. if you have a flag up all night long, he has to be lit. this is similar powered, and the light goes down. if you light a flag, it usually goes up. and the light that goes up, wasting a lot of money. >> lessons to be learned. harry smith, >> always a pleasure. ruth gruber was a pioneering reporter for most of her life. she may be remembered best as the savior of thousands the jews. president grant temporaryily granted asylum. gruber was assigned to fly to italy, to comfort the traumatized refugees during that
6:53 am
german-infested waters. the passengers called her mother ruth, as she held english lessons, cared for the sick and taught them american songs. she stayed with them at their new home, and lobbied the white house for the refugees to remain in the u.s. permanently. high school at is a, college at 18, master's at 19, and doctorate in germany in 20. he covered the gulags o the rise of hitler, and the infinite numbers of ships turned away from britain. known for the refugees as mother route, died this week ? happy holidays from crayola. so when do i start? um, shouldn't it be "spokes-crayon?" can somebody turn on the a/c? i'm melting here. ?air marker spraayer!!!?
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dylan is back as we close this morning with some predictions for the week ahead. on monday, the transition team of president-elect donald trump moves to washington, and the first wave of officials promising to drain the swamp. with nominees for attorney general and cia already on the table, the trump administration begins the work of making america great again. we predict that the trump team will stop at target for a new shower a hip radiohead poster in the dorm room, and engaging in awkward conversation. build your own stuff and claim the top bunk. thursday is thanksgiving. you'll be huddled around the tvs, watching the parade. afterwards you will -- >> i'm not into black friday,
6:58 am
also this week president obama will award the award of presidential freedom to a list of fine people. lauren michael robert redford and vin scully. the award is our high country's highest civilian award. we predict another award, as gary busey is deemed most improved player. >> he's really improving. >> he's a great shot. stay tuned for "meet the press." todd is joined by reince priebus. thank you for spending part of your morning with us. thank you, dylan. >> thank you. we'll see you back here next
6:59 am
7:00 am
the cu buffs haven't looked this good in 15 years and the cu rams celebrated the long time ending of their long time home. >> and we are expecting a travel. >> and prescriptions that can save your life or ease an illness can also make you bloat. you have heard about all the side effects but how about the side effects of their costs. >> and an annual condition in castle rock has an updated safety measure thanks to cool new technology. >> and a look at the high country right now. we can see a little show off on the sides but the roads are moving along just fine on this sunday morning.


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