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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  November 21, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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nearby highway. a busy weekend for the president- elect.. the interviews continue - as donald trump works to build up his cabinet. the cu buffs are finishing up the season strong, it's been more than a decade since the team was this good.. and now they're getting ready for a history making game next saturday. good morning. gary, corey, cheryl and marty with you on this monday! marty- what is our holiday week looking like?
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on overnight.. jessica oh is here with the latest.. jessica - this time more than 400 people were involved.. it was one of the biggest demonstrations we've seen there so far. protestors and law enforcement have different stories about what led up to this confrontation. it was chaotic and tense, when hundreds of demonstrators met police on backwater bridge - north of the main protest camp. protestors say
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bridge. they claim that deputies who were blocking the bridge - fired rubber bullets and tear gas at them -- and sprayed them with a water cannon in sub-freezing temperatures. the sheriff's office says some of those claims are exaggerated. they called this an "ongoing riot" -- and said demonstrators started several fires and did try to attack the police line. people on both sides of this issue - have been coming out to protest. the pipeline is about 85 percent constructe the only remaining work left to be done - is on standing rock. the standing rock sioux tribe, along with environmental activists claim the pipeline construction could pollute the tribe's only water
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there could be more annoucements this week after a busy weekend for president elect trump. he interviewed about a dozen candidates for key positions. the meetings were at trump's golf club in new jersey. one of the guests included mitt romney...former massachusetts governor, 20-12 presidential nominee - and harsh critic of trump during this campaign in a recent interview, vice president elect strong candidate.. another surprise included a 30 minute sit down with new jersey governor chris christie -- who was let go as head of trump's transition team in the days after the election. former new york mayor rudy guliani is also still in the picture. and today -- former texas governor rick perry is scheduled to meet with trump. he's reportedly being considered for three different positions --
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energy and vertans affaris. russian president vladimir putin said he and president- elect trump are both interested in normalizing relations between the two countries. putin spoke at an economic summit in peru -- and says trump brought up the issue first - and he agreed. putin also said that campaign rhetoric and actual policy are usually very different -- and he's waiting to see how trump handles the presidency. conference -- president obama continued to show support for the trans-pacific partnership - or t- p-p -- a trade deal that the president-elect has strongly criticized. trump has called the t-p-p a "job killer" that's pushed by special interests. but president obama said the deal - which would connect the economies of 12 different countries - would be weaker without the united states. he said it's time to "do trade right."
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passed.. but the department of revenue says -- marijuana and alcohol won't mix in denver restaruants. they just issued a new rule -- that bans pot consumption at any business holding a liquor license. this--despite people voting to allow pot use in some bars and restaurants. places like coffee shops, yoga studios and other alcohol free places are still eligible for the permits - once they become available next year. the animas river - is now durango's only source of water. the durango herald says the the city's usual source.. but the dam controlling it needs work. the animas river was impacted by the gold king mine spill back in august 20-15, but the city's utility direcor says there are no health risks. he says - the city will pull more than 3 million gallons from the animas river every day. an air force staff sergeant accused of several sexual assualts will be in court today.. martin desmond was stationed at peterson air force base when he was arrested early this year. the 29 year old is facing charges for three sexual
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and one in aurora. police say all of the incidents - happened in 20-15 and 20-16. a school in stapleton was covered with hateful messages this weekend.. someone vandalized isabella bird community school - drawing a swastika on the building and spraypainted parts of the playground and sidewalks.... but - the community in and around the school quickly erased the messages - and chose to spread love and support instead.. once people heard about it, parents, staff and kids spent their weekend at the school scrubbing away - messages.. principal brian ricker was out there with them - he says -- the feeling of teamword and support - would stick around far longer than anything else.. the school is on fall break this week --
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teaching moment when they all get back. if you're loading up the car and hitting the road this week.. you'll be thankful for low gas prices across the country.. another game, another win.. the c-u buffs are higher in the polls -
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an officer in texas - was shot and killed wh writing a ticket.. and in missouri - a police sergeant who was sitting in his car was shot and is now in critical condition.. police in san antonio have released this picture.. they say he's a person of interest in sunday afternoon's fatal shooting. detective benjamin marconi was in his car, right outside of police headquaters. he was writing a ticket - when the suspect, who was not the person getting the ticket, approached and fired twice through the passenger window.
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20-year veteran on the force. as of this morning - nobody has been arrested. and in st louis, missouri.. a police sergeant is in critical - but stable - condition -- in an eerily similar incident. that sergeant - also a 20-year- veteran -- was in his car when he was shot twice in the face. police say - they are still searching for the suspect there too. today -- the man who confessed to kidnapping and kiling an 11-year-old boy in minnesota - will be sentenced. danny heinrich is expected to spend 20 years in prison as part of a plea deal.. in september - he confessed to kidnapping, assaulting and murdering 11-year- old jacob wetterling back in 19-89.. jacob was missing for 27 years before heinrich confessed. the families of those onboard malaysia airlines flight 370 -- are taking the search into their own hands. it's been more than 2 and a half years - with very few clues. several family members are planning a trip to madagascar -- searching for debris and clues..
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flying to from malaysia to beijing when it disappeared in march 20-14.. 239 people were onboard. since then - six pieces of wreckage have been found - all off africa's east coast.. but a group called "voice 370" - a family association - says there has been no organized search by investigators. there is an ongoing search in the southern indian ocean.. but it could be suspended soon. president obama says - he is not optimist a progress in the war-torn country. he and russian president vladimir putin briefly spoke during an economic summit in peru.. president obama says he raised concerns about russia's role in syria - but did not eleborate about the rest of the conversation.
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this week.. gas prices are down..
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dollars and 20 cents per gallon. it's dropped about 6 cents over the past two weeks - and industry analysts say - supply is increasing - so it will stay that way for a while. if you're planning to shop this weekend.. you'll be joining about 137 million other people - with the same goals. to finish up their holiday shopping and score the best deals. the national retail federation says - more than 137 million people will shop - or at least think about shopping - over thanksgiving weekend. that covers thanksgiving day, black friday, small business saturday and sunday... both black friday - is still expected to be the biggest - and busiest - shopping day. most families have them -- black friday traditions... so, are you one of those families who likes to get up dark and early to score those holiday deals? if you are, we want to tag along friday morning. email us at mornings at 9- news-dot-com if you're interested in us joining you... and showing your black friday adventures
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let's check in with marty.
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easy... but this veterinarian.. never let it get in his way.. from limited electricity in his childhood home.. to a prestigious a successful business in littleton.. 9news storytellers is
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mission hopes you can add some extra supplies to your shopping list... and no feast can compare to this.. it's only monday -- but one mom -- might be having the best thanksgiving ever good morning.
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cheryl and marty with you on this monday! marty- is tracking . good morning everyone. thanks for joining us. gary, corey, marty, cheryl on this monday morning. you're tracking snow. >> already started. decent snow by this time tomorrow. it will really be going.


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