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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  November 24, 2016 4:30am-4:43am MST

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macy's thanksgiving day parade. that on channel morning. marty - it will be a windy but warm day.
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celebrate thanksgiving. its a day off for many of yoou... but alot of people are hard at work today -- to make sure anyone in need - gets a good thanksgiving meal. the salvation army will start serving meals at 11-30 this morning.. at the colorado convention center.. people can start lining up at 8.. homeless veterans can head to v-f-w post 1 starting at 10 -- that's on sante fe drive.. there are also options in boulder and larimer county.. you can find a full list on 9 news dot com.. just search "free thanksgiving" ... normally competes for customers -- will forget about that for today - and focus on giving.. they're calling it "food trucks- giving." about a dozen local food trucks - will gather this afternoon - and serve meals to the homeless. the trucks will park near 35th avenue and brighton.. it starts at 1..and goes until they run out of food. there are now two women playing key roles in donald trump's administration. before taking time to celebate with family - the president elect
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secretary.. betsy devos will be education secretary.. she's a billionaire republican donor and school choice activist who opposes common core and wants to expand voucher programs. and south carolina governor nikki haley accepted the job as u-s ambassor to the u-n early wednesday morning.. haley comes from an immgrant family -- and criticized donald trump during the campaign. two and a half weeks after the election..and hillary clinton's lead in popular voters -- is still growing. some votes are still being counted in states like california.. mark - which is a record for a candidate who lost in the electoral college. green party presidential nominee jill stein - wants votes to be recounted - in 3 key swing states. michigan, pennsylvia and wisconsin-- donald specs. ?,all ?th sain?#row to par th
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his owners.. leon the turkey seems to have a small case of mistaken identity.. he acts more like a dog...than a bird.. or maybe - it's just a perfectly timed act.. leon the turkey-
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tonight on channel 20. and - the season of giving is here.. you can get in on the action by donating on colorado gives day.. that's on december 6th. it's an annual statewide movement -- to celebrate and
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entertaining.. but this time of year - it can be especially touching.. yesterday.. and tried not to interfere while everyone reunited with friends and loved ones. there were plenty an yr is we know what sk for today. finally falling in the?<


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