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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  November 24, 2016 5:00am-5:21am MST

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problems on wedneday. crowded -- and busier than normal. r-t-d says the trains were running on time all
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has a lot of plans for this holiday... he was locked up for 28 years for a crime he didn't
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he was locked up for 28 years for a he was locked up for 28 years for a crime he didn't commit -- clarence moses-el has no hard feelings about this. he spoke with 9news about the jury's decision to release him from prison last week. it's the second time a jury found he did not rape and beat a woman in 19-87. moses-el says even though he was wrongly convicted -- and had to go through two trials for sex assault -- he's now happy. moses-el says the
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doesn't fit his journey. dozens came together at a tennessee church for a prayer service in memory of the six children killed in a school bus crash in tennessee. all six kids were students at an elementary school in chattanooga. 30 other students were injured -- five are still in the hospital. the bus driver -- johnthony walker -- is now charged in the crash. police say there were no traces of drugs or alcohol in the 24-year-old's system -- but the n- t-s-b says the bus was not on a route approved for transporting children. president-elect donald trump continues to choose his cabinet and staff -- he's picked the first two women to his administration: betsy devos as his education secretary. she's a major republican donor and school choice activist. many school choice advocates praised the choice -- including jeb bush. the nation's largest teacher's
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appointment. devos has supported common core -- but trump has denounced those education standards. but a trump spokesman says anyone joining the president-elect's adminstration is quote "signing on to the president- elect's platform.' trump announced devos to the position just hours after naming south carolina governor nikki haley as the ambassador to the u-n. while she opposed trump's muslim ban -- she did support a block on new syrian refugees entering south carolina. she has made eight international trips while in office -- es experience. the move puts south carolina's lieutenant governor henry mcmaster to governor. he was an early the trump team says the president-elect is focused on appointing cabinet members nd
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post roronlya!?z?3n made time for two telligence?5?8 briefis sincthe ection.
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want another way to show your want another way
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gratitude on this holiday? adopt a pup! you now have nearly 80 more adorable options. about 80 new dogs are now at the dumb friends league. they were transfered to denver from texas over the past few days. if you've been considering adopting a dog recently, now might just be the right time. they range from puppies to adults -- and are all different sizes and breeds. staff will make sure each dog gets vaccinated treatmetns, and microchips. call the dumb friends league if you want to give any of these guys a new home. dry, itchy skin doesn't always mean you need to moisturize. you may have eczema... in today's home remedy, we tell you how you can try to
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> but first -- on this thanksgiving holiday we're remebering what r'?u we're thankful for today -- and all year round. share with us what you're thankful for. use the hash
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hydrocortisone to treat it. naturophatic doctor john harris -- strongly recommends to not use it. he says ile it id of gets re rash on your skin -- it pops up in other places like the lungs. instead, he suggests you turn to your kitchen j cabinet. > > other options are oatmeal -- or cr!deams like coconut and shea and there are various eczema creams online -- but doctor harris says treating yourself at home is always a safer and cheaper method. from the porcini to the portobello. the morel to the truffle.shrooms can be tasty.but they're also a fascinating fungus! the denver botanic gardens has one of the most well documeed mushroom collections in the country. they took us under the gardens into their archives also known as their herbarium. ?>g8nd ! this space holds re than 22 thousand
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percent of tfrom colorado. the mylogist.or ro?[?= expert.vera.can name each and every one. she's been studying fungi since 1977. vera gets calls from all over the world asking her to identify ?u? mushrooms. the oldest mushroom they have is from the 1920s. the rarest mushroom in the state - the cerco pemyces crocodelinas - was found in ft collins in's one of three in the
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enjoying life without kids... for now. so what if you could have it all by waiting to have children. the trend to freeze your eggs, still ahead. but first let's check in with marty... juggling a career
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can be a difficult task. so why not do both. many young women are now turning to egg freezing -- to live their kid-free life now -- but not give it up for the future. tegna reporter
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remember the gum from the willy wonka movie that tasted like a three course meal? remember the gum
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holiday righ the ultimate traditn,atraid. >> step two, ,?cooking up the holiday meal. step three? >> i'm grateful for my dog, inhands, and grateful for my house, sharing food, sharing toys. >> love! [ laughter ] we celebrate t?thi holiday, giving thanks and


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