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tv   9 News Saturday Morning  NBC  November 26, 2016 7:00am-7:41am MST

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presoffirss luting.
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fidel castro's revboio?fn k@?b?= cuhis forceswept into e ?5?6?[u-
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we're doo?as anls p?k?oeresa, ?o anu ?#somuch
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an3 y-?fc"ived rc dq
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this is 9news. revolution dieat ople
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?n?8 p priority. dd?small business saturday. so fawe don't know his ro is kn revolution in the 1950s. fidel's you canner m as preside 2008after showing sis of declining health. after nine days of mourning, he
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course. teeratures in the 40s around 10:00. winds now onin the high country gusty at times.
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ready. onded down to 8 the area. and is remaining at her side. >> papini reappeared thursday at 150 miles from where she wel travel season, french officials say they've stopped a quote large scale terrorist attack. investigators say it's likely plannithe attack. france is still under a state
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attacks killed hundreds. in this week's raid, four people were arstin strasbourg.
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did noen.
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germany, i in ,the district is condemning slt graffiti. it's someing happening here in colorado. we spoke with ?fa woman in auroa after someone ?w?;w:spray paint she'to uded the n wo say. thfuy. risk by doing this. and im?4allowingother le to sho
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vi?qdeo. 54-year-old climbed to the top and then down glass covered $4?building. ??) and here'she most part. e daredevil did it without a harness. the whole thing took about an ? the ground floor again. >> you know, if you were spider #?rwould have a web thatd a esr >> i feel like the police officers must have felt awkwd waiting for him h?w?to slowly r
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turday. know the deals are out ere. and folks are shopping for th holidayspick up an extra toy holidays it ?to children in ?ou fos. let's get into the forecast. this morni, it's a chilly one, but we're going to warm up here's a look at your weekend headlines, yeah, you made it to the weekend. many of u r e weekm@. enjoy the la few ?quqdays you have to geback to ??work. breezy. but we have a storm headed to the gh country. and for us, wito increase tomorrow. it?@'ll turn cooler with a smal
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and in t high country, temperatures in the 40s. over night low. the clouds will be increasing. and your temperatures across towards the san juans. then tonight through tomorrow s edging further to the noeventua then into the northern q. untains. it becomes more sp tomorrow afternoon. fous, tomorrow morning, you're going to wa?]ke up to so clouds. some spotty showers around town and the wis pick up. tomorrow around lunch time, tht but the snow continues in the high country.
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snowboarding, folks, the drive the ?+41extended forecast. but now, with our friends out and i have some volunteers m.
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my gosh. how about tuesday? what happens wpxday? >> my name is eln. and it's going to be partly cloudy on tuesday with a ?vu4lo 35. >> 35 degrees. it gets chillier on tuesday. how about wednesday, joaquin? >> my name joaquin and it's going to be partly cloudy with a low of 38. >> 38 degrees. that's how warm it's going to applause. wathe ?'dolls for ?i daughters toy drive. i want to bring in jessica. we d a few donations othis morning. the distribution happens q?next week. right? tell us about the impact. and just kind of the reaction ththey receive these , the families are very, very appreciative of
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evchd will receive a new guys, we'll be here throughout :00. rehat.
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others waited for a normal time to hit the stores on black friday. here in outside cabella's in lonetree, hundreds were lined -#up the ??h??& busters. a reporter said someone in line was smoking meat while they were waiting. >> hey. that's one way to wait listen up, there's a bucause of video. when you watch this video, it causes phones to slow down watch out for a video of on stae the word honey on the screen. no to be lost a result of ience of having to seems be reset your phon milar to a xt message hack that went viral last year. le of thumb. don't watch a video that you don' ytjessica. >>ant go?j hesuper bowl ??t
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that. u is get to drinking in will wonka factory. that just finding anhing gold. even if it's a gold can it will
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welcome to the 9news rally. here'saylor. >>everyone. we'rdown to the school football season. and it's a gamble who will make victorious. roll the dice on the remaining team high stakes. >> it's fun dog in my cases. >> come ?da??with a higher rewa >> in a way we're playing with house money. us. >> nine playoff games on saturday and no one is a walk
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with all the ?ocrowd there. it's a cool atmosphere. >> t?zhree of the senas will be rematches from earlier seed and prove the doubters wris amazing. >> they're now playing for the 2a state championship.
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and ?the feathered friend was named ter the giant birdin th. to today's game. but you never know. he might show ?up.
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they were one of six nikeed fro the country who won a title last year. tw we have from today's games tomorrow morng on the 9news rall find eended halftimes and going frtwom past games don't go any where.
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so the world is reacting to the death of fidel castro. cuban citizens once exiled filled the streets of miami over night. they were celebrating there while in cuba they were mourning the loss of the former president. we have much more on this
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this is 9news. the world has different reactions to the death of former cuban leader castro. cuban citizens once exiled are filling the streets of miami other night. an 11 year veteran of the colorado state patrol has been killed in the line of duty. he'll be really missed. >> he died keeping us safe. another major loss for the colorado state patrol which has lost too many troopers in the past few years. the president elect continues to build his cabinet
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a proc ofcers demonstrated a show of support by lining the streets a show of respect for a fallen brother. >>n troopers hue i anu
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the cotry right now incuba, z22h eyon't ?@have food, they of struges. >> a fferactionfrl caro asometh everyone's his year. have held some childrewill spend the
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so our normal for th tar upper so be ave sunny skies.
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administration. heedas the ?n?4 national
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ribbon. one that's one centimeter wide and another that's 1/8 of an te
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would need. i cut that piece down and glued it in smplace, making sure i glued my thin ribbon under it first. i grabbed two pompoms d
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from colorado's sports leader, here's aaron matas. good morning, the nugget blew an 11 point lead last night against oklahoma city and folded in over time. i had a feeling the game would end in regulation when russell westbrook had the ball in his hands in the final seconds.
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at the buzzer. jamal murry had a chance to get the lead, the shot didn't stand a chance. oklahoma city won 132-129. the broncos are healthy and coming off their bye week, heading into a huge divisional game against kansas city on sunday night football. aqid talib is back after miinthree games. derek wolf will al tuof the bal after missing one game. talents and two big personalities back demarcus we coared the group to a band. >> i'll be like stevie ray vaughn. playing the guitar. i'm the lead guy. i've got to be in the front playing the guitar man, it'sway but it's good. just having so many personalities on defense. and it's fun. that's what keeps everything going. sometimes guys are down. you got the ne guy to pick up the slack. >> wyoming clenched the mountain west mountain division without even playing last night.
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state next saturday in the conference championship game. air force beat boise state in colorado springs. brett baldwin blocked a punt in the first half. tyler weaver there to grab it and run it ore. it was a seven-point game in the final minutes. boise, fourth and goal from inches away. the falcons come up with the goal line. stand to win it. what a stop. what a season for air force. 9-3 after beating the university of denver hockey team extended its unbeaten streak to 11 games. jared scored the game winner in over time. pioneers win 4-3. they host wisconsin today in denver.
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death. we'll take a look ck at his time?>in r. was on a run. dnappea ??xb a mother missing for weeks found ti up her kidnapper. announcement and a gift for one local basketball team, taylor has the details coming up later in the prep rally. but first, this morning, fidel castro is dead at th
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december 4th. ?z it's 8: yoursaturday morning. santa doesn't visit every home. this year ?9there will ?be many children looking to spend the holidays wiout any ents. giving. today 9news is partnering with dolls for daughters for a wstoy? drive. it's hapnistanley ?] britisscho on quebec street in denver. a lot of you have been asking?s us about that thismorning. belen deleon is there live right now. few donations. s, we've had a ?& but we need lots more. we'll here through 11:00 is morning. we have helpful volunteers th
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>>i'rrone today. let's okt the forecast. the temperatures today will wa il ve sunsne. it'll be a little breezy at
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temperat?zures at 38 degrees. we have a pretty big storm headed to the high country. several travel advisories will be posted. i'll wk you through that friends this morning. 8:34now. on to other headlines. new this morning aurora police
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rival gangs.cha confirmed dead after a building collapsed during a ake. other homes are at risk of m? collapsing. crews are evacngthere's any goo be had from all of this, the quake did hit near a very lightly populated area. their investigation concluded ?v this is part of a sophisticated russian propaganda ef. clinton and help donald trump. have you ever wondered how fast this fake news spreads. a report that cnn aired 30 minutes of pornographic materi??pal by mistake. you probably saw mething abin your facebook?j feed yest fox news reported it. thw reported it. but it's not true at all.
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cnn even initially confirmed it. again, it did not
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climate. >> when somebody starts off a letter addressed to children of satan and closes it by indicating what's going to happen to them is the same thing that happened in nazi germany, i think that's more than threat. >> an investigator is adding that with that kind of mind set you don't know what this person is capable of. investigators are trying to track down the person who wrote this letter. friends, family, fans continue to react to th better mother. she wasn't feeling well on she went to the hospital. her brother says she went to sleep that night and never woke
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beautiful story has gone viral. a grandmother invited a 17-year- old stranger to thanksgiving by accident. she follows through with it. welcoming the young man into her home. the text exchange between the two blew up the internet. and in the end, both the young man and the grandmother sat down for a thanksgiving meal. the two say they both learned about kindness from this experience. and expect to stay in toucin the future. >> i love that. and i love it even both of them did take the ex thanksgiving. it's one thing if you get a wrong text. but this guy had plans with his family on thanksgiving. but he also chose to go to that ?fknow, meet and mingle t to, ki before going to his own. today is small business saturday. and there are so many in denver and in colorado. do you have a favorite? where are you going to shop locally today? and tweet a picture for us. and we'll try to post them in a
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me from black shirt brewing. and megan, black shirt brewing in rhino. >> and angelie tweeted this. continue to send us your favorite shots for small business saturday. this is steve's by the way. living the dream in littleton. a lot of breweries. i lieve close to300 breweries >> today will be a great day. not just 8ntemperature wise. but get out about today. there are a lot of businesses offering deals and specials today. one yoga studio on colfax is offering free classes all day. considering what time of the year it '9?is, it's a for si and like we mentioned, it's becausthe temperatures are going to be perfect for tyit. she's going to break down the rest of the forecast, coming
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u through future dings in the
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r today, they're still taking donations th??roug ?xdecember 1st. u can fi thdrop tions at or atermptely fill by the end of thday hope that happens. thanks so much. fost?= and a mas story, next
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you botht? wow, boy, it's e morning ??s? reinactors good chance to get involved in this to ldwaii veterans that attend every year. and i love seeing them dancing with the cu young girls. out thng the holidays. >> y
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tell me when it is and w it's nr 3rd. you can go to the website to ??
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high stakes. >> it'fun being the under dog in cases. >> come with a higher reward. >> in a ?qway 're playing with house money. no one expected anything from us. >> nine playoff games on
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eagles from colorado springs. >> they're going to be motivate and we have to keep our focus d d who took the long odds of making it to the semis or all %7?7f?'j7the doubters wrong is denveris six seed title of their own. >> i think above all ?u4hwe're not ny people other than ourselves expected us to ge
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win. all nine games remaining ing?(t are today. anni?h?yat meeker.
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. josh: today on the voyager, we're diving in preserve its beautiful inhabitants. i'm a scientist. nna be really good. and ?ovisiting a shaman who raises jungle bees. wow, they're like drinking their own honey. whoa. my name is josh garcia.


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