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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  November 28, 2016 4:30am-4:59am MST

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a recount as president elect donald trump denounces the party candidate jill stein has already filed to recount votes in wisconsin-- we'll talk about how long she has to file the same requests in two other states coming up. good morning i'm gary -- here with cheryl and marty. more on that top story in just a moment, but first
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weather. we're expecting to
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wisconsin will be able to move forward with a recount -- before the electoral college deadline next month. the green party is challenging election results in three states-- and former democratic candidate hillary clinton is joining them. president-elect donald trump is calling it a scam. more on the recount efforts. the green party's requesting recounts in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. "this is not about helping one guy and hurting another guy. this is about providing a system that we the voters can believe in." president-elect trump's denouncing the effort on twitter...alleging voter fraud in states hillary clinton won claiming - without proof - that he won the popular vote because millions voted illegally. he calls the recount a fundraising "scam. the green party denies that. super burned in "this is a total and complete distraction and a fraud and something that they should drop." hillary clinton's campaign lawyer says they've found no evidence of hacking - they're not behind the recount - but will participate. meantime, there is dissention inside the trump transition... over possibly appointing mitt romney secretary of state. super burned in "people feel betrayed to think that governor romney" "would be given the most significant cabinet post of all." "we don't even know if he voted for donald trump." and after the death of fidel castro there are
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will embrace or reverse president obama's renewed relationship with cuba. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. stein has until five p-m eastern time today to file the same request in pennsylvania . the deadline to file in michigan is this today to file the same request in pennsylvania . the deadline to file in michigan is this
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denver police are trying to get information after a particularly deadly weekend. two people were killed in three shootings sunday. police say the first shooting happened when a fight broke out at a party near arkansas and cherokee. one man was killed, another hurt. then another shooting at another party near 56th and chambers left one man dead. and 3 people were hurt and taken to the hospital after someone started shooting at a bar on 38th and high street. police are asking anyone with them. el paso county sheriff's have yet to release the name of a man who died after a 40 foot fall on the palmer lake reservoir trail. according to the gazette, the 37-year-old man died saturday after he was treated by search and rescue. they are not saying how he fell--but the investigation is ongoing this morning. colorado state patrol is urging drivers to stay safe after the
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message that included a picture of people saluting and honoring trooper donahue, and a flag - at half-staff. they also tweeted out - a reminder: slow down and move over for first responders. trooper donahue was hit and killed by a truck on i-25 on friday - near tomah road - while he was investigating an accident. noe gamez- ruiz was driving the food truck that hit trooper donahue. he faces charges of careless driving resulting in death and failure to yield the right-of-way to an emergency vehicle. back country skiers and boarders need to be extra careful today. there are several warnings out from the colorado avalanche information center this morning. the center has put avalanche danger at "considerable - for the san juan mountains. the sawatch range, sangre de cristos - and parts of aspen - are at: "moderate danger". the warning says the most dangerous slopes will be those
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andrew sorensen is in the formation center with more.
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if children's toys are one of the items you'll be clicking around for today-- the consumer product safety commission has tips to keep kids safe as you make your picks. they recommending choosing age- appropriate toys by reading the age label on the toy. for kids younger than three-- avoid toys with small parts that can be choking hazards. if you'll be purchasing a scooter or other
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be sure the child has a proper-sized helmet as well. be cautious when buying high- powered magnetic sets. they can contain small magnets that are dangerous and should be kept away from children. if you went out for black friday this year-- you may have noticed you saved a little bit more than last year. the national retail federation says that's because discounts were deeper this year. on average people spent about 289 dollars over the four day weekend. that's down about when you compare it to last year. it was a battle to the bitter end in the afc west showdown between the kansas city chiefs and broncos at mile high last night. it took 75 minutes of football to decide this one -- as the chiefs hit a 34 yard field goal
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kansas city will move into second place in the division behind the 9-2 oakland raiders. the chiefs and broncos will face off again on christmas night. and we'll have much more on the game last night
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there are days of mourning in cuba this week after fidel castro's death. some are celebrating saying it is an end to tyranny. it is said that castro survived 600 assasination attempts during the revolutionary leader who turned to communism and defied eleven u-s presidents died friday at age 90. there will be nine days of official mourning. thousands are expected to visit havana's revolution plaza starting today to honor the late leader.?4zj a funeral will be held on sunday. fidel's brother-- raul will now lead the country. some cubans don't believe much will chage-- others say they're optomistic about the country's new direction.
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on the u-s's diplomacy with cuba. he could still decided not to lift the embargo with the country-- ending any possible trade. donald trump is taking a hard line on the u-s's diplomacy with cuba. he could still decided not to lift the embargo with the country-- ending any possible trade. doctors in the middle of the fight to retake mosul in iraq say they're dealing with a staggering amount of injured people. center for trauma cases at one hospital is reporting 100 to 150 patients every day. that includes military and civilians. a doctor says they don't have enough beds or medicine, and they expect things won't improve for months. the offensive to retake mosul from isis is in its second month. iraqi military leaders say progress has been slowed as they try to keep civilian casualties down.
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suspected bomb being planted outside a u-s embassy in the philippines. police in manila say they defused the device early this morning. it was found in a trash mine a few yards from the embassy. the woman who found it says it was a cellphone attached to a bottle like cylinder-- wrapped in black with wires connecting
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the buffs are coming off a big win with bin what another win this weekend could mean for the team still to come. both sides in the case of a former
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university of cincinnati police officer who shot and killed a black man will be in court today. officer ray tensing killed sam dubose during a traffic stop in july 2015. he was tried on murder and voluntary manslaughter charges-- but the judge declared a mistrial saturday after the jury couldn't come to a decision. the prosecutor says he plans to retry tensing in a different county. tensing's attorneys want him acquitted and don't want a change of venue. the army corps of engineers says it will not force out protestors camping out against the dakota access pipeline. but protestors could still face charges if they stay past next month's deadline. in a statement yesterday--
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quote: "peaceful and orderly transition to a safer location". the corps told tribal leaders that all federal land north of the cannonball river in north dakota will close to the public on december 5th. those who stay - will be considered trespassers and could face charges. the buffs are on their way to the pac-12 championship. the team had some struggles but still beat utah saturday chance to play in the rose bowl. this is the most wins in a single season for the buffs since they went 10-3 under the direction of gary barnett in 2001. for some who were there for the 1990 championship season, this one's better. the buffs will play
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12 title. if they win, chances are, they will play in the rose bowl. that in itself - means 18-million dollars in incentives - for the pac 12. we've heard it before-- early detection is the key when it comes to fighting cancer. now doctors are urging former and current smokers to get tested now. we'll tell you which age group they say the screenings are critical for --
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encouraged more and more to kick the habit. doctors are also urging those people to make a possibly life saving move when they do quit. they are recommending current and former smokers between 55 and 77 get lung cancer screenings, even if patients need to be referred by their
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criteria and the results show any type of growth, you'll be referred to the appropriate care. last night's loss has some tiny bronco's fans putting in their two sense for keeping the broncos on top. their advice for head coach kubiak still to come. but first let's get a look at traffic and weather today with marty and amelia. you to join us for the annual 9news
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weekend! the first run will start at 8 p-m this friday-- then a repeat performance will be at 6 p-m saturday. and if you can't make it downtown, you can catch friday night's parade live on channel 9.
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some die-hard fans --- who may not be old enough to buy their own tickets --- certainly have a good grasp of the game. for sunday night's broncos and chiefs match up ... thousands of fans showed up early for the conference game. while the adults certainly come out in force --- the youngest broncos supporters wanted to make it known that they think they're the biggest fans. they might be short in stature ... but these youngsters
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kubiak to listen to. until allowance catches up to the price of a ticket --- they'll have to take their parents' lead when it comes to watching a game in person. years after the b-p oil spill on the coast of the gulf coast workers are building artificial reefs there. how long it'll take and how it could benefit the region still to come. and cyber monday has arrived- what the experts say you need to do before you start filling your virtual cart coming up. that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and weather to cover this morning.
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careful.fqtrooper lost -- killed in an? accident that could have been avoided... cuba lost its former leader -- t affect t u-s and the improv


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