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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  November 29, 2016 6:30pm-6:59pm MST

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property brothers. >> what's sexier? popping your pecks. >> or slapping your keg. >> this is "entertainment tonight". >> a raging fire threatening to destroy dolly parton's beloved amusement park. we begin with katy perry flaunting some brand-new bling in new york. did orlando bloom put a ring on ? ? >> first, let us give you a close-up look at the giant rock. it's an oval cut yellow diamond surrounded by tiny baggetts and katy is holding her perfectly manicured hand in a i've got a little something -something i want to show off. could it be that after ten months of dating kabloom is engaged?
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both stars and we got no requests for comment, and orlando popped the question back in august when the two vacationed in italy and oh, yeah, it's about the same time those memorable nude photos popped up of the two on the beach. rumor is he spent $1.3 million on the ring. ? ? >> the sparkler is called quite an upgrade compared to the ring katy got from russell brand and what kerr. the 31-year-old cutie has met katy's family. he instagramed the pajama instagram together and how cute would it be if his son flinn was the ringbearer? as for kabloom's future, here's what katy told us. >> would you have kids down the road? >> of course! i think when the time is right i will probably make my biggest project. my biggest collaboration, and
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good mother and giving as much attention as children need. >> katy perry, the mom. >> not yet, thank you very much. >> we'll certainly be on rewatch tonight at the snowflake ball because katy is being honored for her work as a unicef good will ambassador. >> breaking news of the wildfires around dollywood, could dolly parton hold the amusement park she holds so dear? >> dolly said today quote, heart broken about the east tennessee fires, and these dramatic photos show just how close the fire has gotten to the singer's dollywood resort in pigeon forge. >> dollywood announced it has suspended operations at least through tomorrow. on monday night resort staff evacuated families staying in 50 rooms in dollywood's resort and 19 of the dollywood smoky mountain cabins. although there isn't any damage done to the amusement park
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cabins it manages were damage order destroyed. >> hi, this is dolly parton with smoky. >> the fire danger is no surprise to parton. she appeared in this psa that was just released yesterday. >> this extended drought has resulted in high wildfire danger. >> e.t. was with dolly just last week at the park for the premiere of her new tv movie. part of it was also shot there. and we also joined dolly inside the amusement park in 1992 when gatlinburg where one resident posted this vvdeo as he tried to escape the wildfires. >> go, go, go. >> parton remains hopeful telling us, quote, i am praying for all of the families affected by the fire and the firefighters who are working so hard to keep everyone safe. >> and so do we. before the fire broke out we sat down with dolly and she told us about the day she truly thought she was going to die. we will have that story coming up in 12 minutes, but right now
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latest with kim and kanye, and boy, they have been in crisis. >> their world has been turned completely upside down now with kanye's hospitalization and the nothing can stop keeping up with the kardashians. >> are you okay, kim? >> despite kim and now kanye dealing with trauma, an e! spokesperson tells e.t. the show is currently in production. the one after kim's armed robbery. >> if two people are in a reality show your health has to come first. i think halting and stepping back is the key. >> yesterday kourtney's ex scott disick stayed mum on kanye's condition. kim's husband is, quote, not schizophrenic and doctors have not diagnosed hem with a specific disease or disorder. >> that same source does claim kanye had been suffering to
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was, quote, not able to beinga knowledge what's happening in real life. >> it's probably a combination of exhaustion, dehydration and lots of not good sleep. those are the big key indicators that will wear your brain down so chemically you will start to have these bizarre hallucinations and those are what need to be looked at. >> if he's acting in a bizarre manner it would children or he would perceive it differently and maybe cause harm. so all around, it's better for everybody. >> certainly wish him the best. one member of the family kendall jenner is in paris for the annual victoria's secret fashion show and kevin frazier is joining in on the fun, but there is one concern, the safety of all of the angels. >> going out and you're taking pictures at the eiffel tower. clearly, people will start to lose their mind. how do you handle all of the other people?
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security on you. >> security was very tight as police escorted the ladies on their way to the iconic paris landmark. >> like, i don't know where the cameras are. >> paris police kept close throughout the shoot and couldn't resist snapping a few pics of their own, but some things there was no protection from. >> the angels will look flawless, but the the morning and this is paying the price to be a superstar. it's cold outside. >> it's freezing. >> my nose is red. >> that is beautiful. just to watch the sunrise here. >> it is unbelievable. >> next week's victoria's secret fashion show is the biggest ever and marks the first time that angels will be spreading their wings in the city of lights. >> what is the one thing you
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>> first thing i want to do? party. we're going to party and celebrate. >> one, two, three. nancy, look, i've been to the eiffel tower before, but it has never looked this beautiful. have fun back in california. we're doing okay here in paris. we'll see you soon. >> yeah, i'm sure you are, kev. i still cannot believe you're getting paid for that. it's just not the angels turning heads in paris. jennifer lawrence is a big star chris pratt. last night for the premiere of their new film. you better get ready for this, we are four weeks away from the return of "the celebrity apprentice" and there is a brand new boss in charge, arnold schwarzenegger. look out. ? ? >> i'm, you know, the boss. >> the terminator is the new apprentice ceo since donald trump has a new job of his own.
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callfornia, and for him it's great to go from this to politics. only in america. >> welcome to the new season of "celebrity apprentice." >> i'm 68 years old and it's a whole new challenge i've never done before so this is really wonderful and i think the characters they depict, there will be major drama. >> let's break down the celebs and first, the wild card, snooki. >> forget the jersey shore, the reality star has changed her ways. >> i don't go to and getting drunk and wasted. i'm home with my kids, and the brand is still snooki, but i'm a mom, nicole. >> this season the show moves from new york to l.a. we're calling her the local. >> i think what is an advantage is i'm born and raised in los angeles. >> athletes laila ali and lisa leslie are the contenders and boy george is the '80s e con. ? ? it's going to be very, very
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survive. we'll see. >> the billion dollar question, what will replace this iconic tag line? >> you're fired. >> there are so many ideas from hasta la vista, baby. >> hasta la vista, baby. >> to you won't be back. or get to the chopper! >> i like hasta la vista, baby, but >> i kind of like you won't be back. >> your accent. >> it was kind of bad. natalie portman's jackie o's transformation shot for shot and what does it have to be about a second oscar. >> i am superstitious. >> sexy stars go au natural and no photoshop.
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? ? awards season is in full swing with the gotham independent film award taking over new york city last night. katie holmes hit the red carpet in a chic zack posen dress while amy adams who received a career tribute gave us understated sex ney a navy blue suit. >> i was here 11 years ago, and i got the breakthrough actor award. so it feels sort of full circle. mama to be natalie portman didn't win the best actress this sequinned number. >> natalie is one of the most accomplished ak reses in the role, you would think no role could faze her. she told me playing jackie kennedy is different. >> of course. it was very scary to take on someone that people know so well, you know, the way she looked. the way she spoke, the way she moved, you -- you have to overcome that hurdle before you can even get people to sign on to, like, emotionally empathize
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>> being. >> can you hear me? i love you, jack. >> the film not only re-creates the tragic jfk assassination, much the drama shot on green screen, but natalie who often nailed the scenes in one take, managed the mannerisms and the look that jackie gave in 1962. >> just as long as it's the best. >> i will walk with jack tomorrow. >> when she smiles almost square at the end and you did that. did you realize that? >> no. i think -- maybe my mouth is square. >> on set, natalie bonded with the kids who played a young jfk junior and caroline and don't be surprised if portman who is pregnant with baby number two hears her name called, she won
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luck charms. >> they're good luck charms in life. they're the best things. still ahead, aging stars and no photoshop and no shame. >> isn't it okay to be 40, 50 or 60? >> stars over 40 lay their insecurities to rest for the new pirelli clealendar and we're on the scenes. we are with the property brothers and the hgtv hunky twins get real their love lives. >> that's the most unromantic thing you can say. >> dole parton shares frightening s famous truth. >> they said she's just trash. >> i said that's how i want to be when i grow up. >> closed captioning provided
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? ? ? when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future.
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more. >> the first one was really emotional because it was the first time my family had been exposed, but this one will really pull at your heart. >> are we getting presents for christmas, daddy? >> dolly has come a long way from growing up poor from the mountains of tennessee with 11 brothers and sisters. in her second movie, christmas of many colors she shared a chilling memory which changed the family?dd together. mountains and we had no idea that the snow would come like that. we thought we were going to die and it was frozen on our little faces and so it had to have been prayer that melted the snow around us. that's like our christmas miracle, but mama had a lot of faith. >> you say you're all i need, i need you now. >> mama, country star jennifer nettles and ricky schroeder.
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>> i've always loved ricky schroeder since he was a little bitty boy. >> what everyone is talking about dolly's cameo. >> i got to play the painted lady, the woman i patterned after, and i never seen anyone quite like her, with her hair piled up on her hair, and they said she's just trash. i want to look like that. >> i want to i grow up. >> man you will, sweetheart. dolly told us this exciting news, she's putting together a musical about her life. >> can't wait for that. meanwhile, the wait iss??]?? ov the new pirelli calendar and this year it shows some women over 40 in all their natural beauty. >> kate winslet, 40 and no
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that we are. people continuously trying to make us look a softer version of 40 or a youthful, fresher version of 50, but -- isn't it okay to be 40 or 50 or 60? >> dame helen mirren is 71 wrapped in a blanket on a london rooftop. >> i was incredibly, incredibly honored to be invited. i said yes like that. >> the black and white photo for and revealing and peter lindberg pushed helen to be daring. >> you know you have to be nude, and i said do i? oh, really? i didn't say, oh, no. i thought oh, no. i was thinking oh, no! nicole kidman was 49 and braved the camera wearing minimal makeup. >> it's getting stronger and stronger now just inf?n?. terms the divide to have stories and have places in which we can work
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>> 46-year-old uma thurman and 55-year-old julianne moore posed for the unaltered photos. the bold approach of shooting the stars' beauty is sexy and honest. >> peter is known for not retouching and i think so many go by him because for most of us and certainly for myself, i don't want people to change how i look,ee seeing their veins on the backs of their hands and the crow's feet. absolutely everything. >> embracing your natuual beauty, gorgeous, gorgeous black and whites. >> if checking out beautiful homes is more your style, then the property brothers are definitely for you. >> twin brothers are facing their biggest challenge to date, renovating in the big easy and only them. >> let the good times roll! >> what's sexier?
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your keg? >> ever since we've been out of the womb we've been competing. >> i won the ox rriginal challe. i was born first. >> i wanted more relaxation time. >> they're going head to head in new orleans renovating side by side homes to see who can score the most property value. ?@?0 >> this is the most raw house we've ever worked competition. >> news flash, jonathan may be the licensedr, but i know how to swing a hammer. his is a designer hammer worth a t of money. >> insulation! >> the brothers invited special guests like ncis new orleans star scott bacula and today show host hoda kotb to judge the challenges. >> what do you think? >> oh, my god?
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other cry. >> i'm sure jonathan didn't cry too hard. >> my girlfriend came down a little bit, that's right. no longer single. sorry. >> and she's dating a member of the production company. >> she's our boss. we've been together five and a half years and it's a busy, busy schedule and workmm together, a well. >> that's the most unromantic thing. >> it will happpn one day. >> it's nice to see that they are pretty, too. >> they crack me up. to two families selected by a non-profit organization in the world that helps families recover from disaster.
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you why they called it quits.
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well, that is all of the time that we have for tonight. >> tomorrow we have two big movie exclusives that are both so wild in their own way. >> bye, everybody. >> is jennifer aniston on santa's naughty list? >> maybe that happened once, but that's it. >> only "e.t." is behind the scenes of her new comedy "office christmas party." plus, we are first on the set of the new britney spears movie and
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[ cheers and applause ] >> carson: come on in, everybody, tonight we will find out your top eight semifinalists. keep it going for yo coaches. mr. adam levine miley cyrus. alicia keys. and blake shelton, ladies and gentlemen. well, big night last night. your results from the show are in. in a little bit we will review seven artists saved by america's votes. the bottom three will sing for your instant save.


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