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tv   Today  NBC  November 30, 2016 7:00am-8:20am MST

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ab cet
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s, everybo who joins the office poo al but is appen . we'll tell you more about that in just a little while. let's get right to those drugs unfolding across the south. the wildfires are still burning in the smokey mountains of tennessee. overnight, weather tornados. we have complete coverage start, those storms. tim pham has the very latest. tim, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. tornados ripped through polk county, tennessee.
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roads and shutting down a major highway. we spoke with the benton chief of police rocky king and he tells us the majority of the damage is near the akoe. he told us there are at least a few fatalities. he could not confirm the number. but he said this community looks like a disaster zone. >> al, how is the forecast looking for those people? >> well, it's goi ng to on be tough. in fact, we have new tornado watches out for that region once again. this was a very vigorous sy we were telling you how the atmosphere was juiced up yesterday. the tornado and wind damage reports, 74 of them. the line stretches 550 miles. and right now, we have tornado watches stretching for much of louisiana including nowhere else, all the way upntagain. and we' thunderstorm warnings up into parts of the carolinas. now, look at this. today we have a risk of strong storms stretching 10 million people under a severe risk from new orleans all the way on into western north carolina.
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front pushing through, strong storms firing up. the only silver lining is this is going to help the drought down there. but you can see rainfall amounts hem 1.5 toinches.o>m[ mere could
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rby devastating. authit s to move to places like this be be s ithegest f seen
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fire was moving closer. when it did and so quickly, he was cut off from his wife, constance and daughters, 12-year-old chloe and 9-year-old lily. >> we got up to the house and it was completely engulfed. and i got out and just screamed their names. >> again overnight, hundreds spent the night in shelters. >> it was nothing but red. i was taking care of an elderly lady. i had to help get her out. our animals, that's the only
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>> the fire zone, a popular tourist destination, home to
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of course, there we just saw some lightning. hallie is once again outside of
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mandated to do this under important as president to in?du.
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treasury secretary. for commerce, it's investor
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?r@f g
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what do ya think? it's like you... it's like you read my mind! ? ? and that's your latest weather. coming up, more twists in that mysterious abduction of a california mother. this morning what her family is now revealing about her ordeal as police expand the search for suspects. and in light of that, a special rossen reports.
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potentially stop an attack and save your life. firstn a wednesday morning,
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always made the holidays just a little bit sweeter. we forgot to put our names on them! thank you boys.
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attached to her wrist and ahead meone down when she was able to free one of her hands. during her lost so much weigh sn to 87pounds. her body covered in bruises, severe burns, red rashes anda?7. her signature lond!?gnd had been chopped off. branded. ould that m? >> maybe a method of way of co ortr a
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phone was discovered about a
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m'?aa sure, you could sit around all night
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time. i always wonder, like, could that be me? there's a lot of times when i could be defenseless. >> reporter: missa baker is a waitress who leaves work late at night. today trying out popular new apps and gadgets that promise to protect women. up first, wearsafe, a virtual panic?d b>> it's wearable.?n?zu button and it audio n what happened a few seconds ?@exactly. and it sends that toriends with my exact gps location to let them know i'm in trouble or >> let's try itout. >> i'm bny6hen i'd hit the button. >> and that's it??&. ep?$town,??say.
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this ?qout.yo take your thumb off le you ?4were beiacked and you coting you?wn. you have8 your pnalin numbe ows. emma lif response. we have rvere alt. i have?+?? otiedhe?e?2 police aegps lifeline response tracks locati and cal thek ps. bjemetet brown sinscomi, the/mce >>his iscrazy. azy. >> you guys knew exactly where to come. >>?6 exactly where to go.
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>> i love?? this app.
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yodidn't really veo. or get rolled over.(6wr>o
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? ? well, if you want to sing out, sing out ? ? and if you want to be free, be free ? w that there are ? ? and if you want to be me, be me ? ? and if you want to be you, be you ? ? 'cause there's a million things to do ? ? you know that there are ?
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good morning. i'm cheryl preheim with a look at what's ppening on channel 20 for 00 a.m. a security guard could face criminal charges for sexually assaulting a student. the school says ponderosa high school says it is taking steps today. are plus when the guard could be formally charged.
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today. a little bit of heavy volume around the stadium curve but so far that's just about it to wor
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it will be modest at most, a brief warmup sunday before colder air moves in next week. i will detail that coming up
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, deadly disaster. severe weather slams parts of the south kovernight. tornados killing at peop, as devas wildfires
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>> it's always?mh?j that way, t ri knowhat if ooes out, edff thx
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bit longer. ?matt. >> kerry sanders. kerry, thank you. president-elect donald trump announced this morning that he will leave business operations to focus on the presidency. he'll hold a news conference in two weeks to discuss the details of meantime, he's filling up more of his cabinet. trump has picked his former campaiinance chair, steven
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running for secretary of state. a vocal critic during the campaign, romney now says he has increasing hope that trump can
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healing." but would i want the world to s iyiit?
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? take him just because you can ? >>n i could lisn to that all y. >> that's good. >> and dolly is a busy lady. she'll be among the stars
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night. so there he is giving unsuspecting students a lift. talking about
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nd everye knows )tabt
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>>asinstead one student claims he hurt them. a ponderosa high school security guard is being banned from campus and now under investigation after a possible
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school in parker with the latest. with all the holiday parties and holiday sweets, people usually put their diets on hold. what if instead of getting a partridge in a pear tree on the first day of christmas, you got a workout, a good old workout. corey inspires us for these christmas workouts coming up. comparing denver to the high country for now, two different worlds but lots of snow in the ghcouny ?(?$ keeping public crews busy. the snowy mountains coming up on channel 20. check the weather and traffic with amelia and marty now. >> i think most folks are enjoying the drive today, a but for the most part looking pretty nice. 25 on the north side, your drivtoward thorton parkway and 84th is lightening up and c-470 is back to normal. we had a big backup leading up eastbound to a crash near the i- 25 interchange. been oulders so now we are back to about a 15 minute ride, a little bit of sunshine there and then the biggest delay to the north and the west is our eastbod i-70 corridor leading
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minutes carry you through from sixth avenue so i do -- i so 44th as an eastern alternate
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at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always believed the holidays should be about joy. where days are filled with magic, not madness. it's why we have amazing pres on thoughtful gifts, everyday.
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? a little mood music. ? >> mickey smith from louiana. >> all right, mi?>ckey, thank ve much. merryfgge christmas.
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they have been here since the wee hoursa?xv> big cebrity sing and song writers. seas, all for a gre ?ncause. performance. o get aive also ead, o ongoing holidays and work through that
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today. weather in th pac h the northwest. high surf advisr our , osblders? $we are going tlo rying out r here in the northeast, ank
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you need it, go to the weather channel. ? ? smooth jazz, baby. >> al, thank you very much. now i got ways to make this a stress-free holiday season, before all the company arrives. the scott brothers are known for thei hit show "p]!?kpertybrothe
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kids, they like to mix things up y f you have commitment issues, you can get peel and stick. like drew has commitment issues all around. >> changes with the season. >> all right, let's move we hae picture pictures. t transoms, it was used for extra light, classic feature that looks beautiful. and everything is back in style. in new orleans, you put them in above the doors. if you cannot cut holes or worried about the structure, we have a cheat you can do. make your own transon without cutting a hole. >> just use a mirror. this is one we got, $5, just at the dollar store. >> you can see right up my nose, right there. >> great view. >> trimmed for you this morning. >> it adds depth to the room.
8:23 am
it feels leak a transom. >> $5 for the mirror. >> tin tiles. why do you love them? >> i would like to point out, if anybody watched brothers take new orleans last week, i won, all because of the tin tiles. so again, way back in the day, if you go into cool restaurants, you'll notice they putin tiles back in. >> a lot on the ceiling. >> exactly. that's where you normally see them. they come new like this. but like it to look aged. you can take it a this, and then work with it like a grinder or saw and give it that original look. >> or if you want something more slick, you can have it, paint it black, solid, elegant. use it for wainscoting. >> how much tile? >> you can get one that are plastic, which are less. but nobody will know if it is up on the ceiling. u can work it, no way to screw
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>> if you want to break it up more, sand it down.
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scent scent-sational. two body butters or two soapy suds. one or the another. >> and choose your flavor? >> you choose -- yeah, you choose your flavor and then you can split them up, like >> i know. >> them?' deal $29. >> $29? >> that's % ?1?xoff. hese are $ >> each. >> is this for thetqw teacher o the baby-sitter? >> yes. >> up, up, up, careful and go. >> this is the marquee by waterford crystal ornaments. retail $99. it's a ?ootthree-piecernament s. you can hang7( them on th tree.
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the retail " of as>> jill'som would say, split them up. or -- >> look at this. >> you get the vasend retail $1. ea 70%$42th
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stationary studio personalized stationary. so this is -- you have the border here. you can choose from four borders. it comes in the gift box so just add a bow. >> how nice,of cards and 50 velopes. come?l?1 e it has our names on did regifting segment. >> did s regift jv from me.?' ri i >> you right ther >> s?vo thatheso this is pengui cook retail $67.50 to $70. there's nine cookbook sets from all different people. great chefs. >> how many books are in a set? >> different in different sets.
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nine cookbook choose
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open?qbu it. will you open it for him? >> if you have a toddler, they like to be helpers. they like to have a role. do you encourage that?or sure. and having the toddler b i think also looking back at pictures of your toddler when
8:33 am
days.lly appreciate your advice and i know you've got a lot more. thank you so much for being here. by the way, our next parenting challenge, we want to know what you do to reduce ?1uu holidays.
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series on "today" is proudly presented ?0ru "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. officially the holiday seaso wn thi bany6d of merrymakers stops by
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>> ho ho ho. >> ho ho ho. ? five?r?? golden rings? ? dashing throu the a o'er the fields w go laughing all the way ?
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an merry maker ? ? fala, la la lawf la ?rh?nye faithful ? ??goy?! 5m?8 ye ?
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??[zrists you a?;-q??mz ?meymak? omerrymakers ?
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soving he, w.l/d!? ?w??
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you're going to drink hot chocolate and you're going to get in th spirit. >> ho frkin' ho. >> in 15 minutes, they're gone. >> my mother is the same way. she wants the christmas tree up and then as soon as we open our gifts, it's got to go, done. my mother does not play. the tree has to come down the minute the gifts are open. >> we use a fake tree now because we don't want to chop down. when we were kids we >> we've got a squirrel in the house because my dad brought the tree home and there was a squirrel in the tree and we could not get it out. >> you got a tree and you guys would plant the tree. >> afterwards. >> you cut it down outside, we dragged it in, needles everywhere. there was a squirrel that got loose. it was in the tree. >> how do you plant a cut tree. >> not that tree. in the early years we would get them still with the root system and then plant it. >> i want to go back to the squirrel thing. >> tell us about the squirrel.
8:43 am
id you get the squirrel out? >> it was going in behind book shelves, flying under the sofa. we thought as kids this was the greatest thing ever. jonathan wanted to keep it. >> it was jumping from like the cabinets and my mom was freaking out. >> did a moose get in there too? >> this is canada. you've got moose coming through there and we don't have a very big igloo, right? it was crazy. >> i like pranking jonathan so that was my inspiration. rooms. >> that's your new show. >> we're in new orleans. we've been going to new orleans for years. it was only three and a half to four feet this alligator that i put in his home. >> only? it's an alligator. >> i hear this rustling in the closet. i turn around and there's an alligator. i'm thinking because i've done projects where we find raccoons
8:44 am
high." >> this is ryan looking so dapper. but it's not about ryan. closer. keep going. >> oh, wait, wait. >> in the back. >> that's drew and me. two k7. >> when w first ryan, t wer high." >> and there you go. and there you go. you look like don johnson meets the guys from snl.
8:45 am
one? this one? dance, dance. >> they would tell us to come down and bring our own wardrobe, bright, bold colors and these ami vice-looking that? mj???4 ttould be back in the '90s. >> so you guys were like child stars. >> we were actors before we got into hosting. we have. we went to -- >> it was delicious.
8:46 am
meatballs and spaghetti and her theory is, listen, i get to go in now because after i have the baby in a few weeks, i'm getting tight and ??ght. it was so awesome. thank you to them and thanks to matt for hosting >> check your local liings,
8:47 am
>> and last night you were at e snowflake ball. >> unicef continuing thetrreat s elias, mdate. i and wore thisit and now i on fashio>]n blogaiyay or y. to get up car and all these tweets start, hillary clinton, hillary clinton. i was downin. i had my t. 9:00. and i leave at 9:00. >> i thought you were going to say people thought winton. >> i'm mistaken for hu'w? all t time. >> it happens all tlimit. you think your team is losing and you get in the car and turn on the radio.
8:48 am
girl. >> so there was no murmuring or buzz in the crowd? >> not that i heard. but katy perry, congratulations to you. >> i'm sorry, you're not on the list. >> elias, her news producer, stayed. >> no, he did not. >>?t?? and got a picture with hillary clinton. >> congratulations to katy perry. sorry i missed it, though, but i was there in spirit. up next, you're used to seeing them all done up on the red carpet. now four of hollywood's hottest stars are going au a new calendar. so we'll show you the pictures and talk about this trend that continues of not being too made up. >> they're beautiful anyway. >> they're beautiful anyway. anyone with type 2 diabetes knows how it feels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around? what if you could love your numbers? discover once-daily invokana?. it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c.
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tell your doctor about any medical conditions and medications you take.
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uma thurman. that'sb& gorgeous. julianne moore. she's stunning. >> that's why i did not do the ca. >> you guys have been on magazines and all that. do you say, hey, air brush. >> no. i never use -- only difference is we're scottish and so we're basically translucent and so i have them give me a little color. >> can you p >> al, do you air brush? >> not that??-mc i -- well, i'vn on the cover of "field & stream." >> air brush the fish on the hook. >> exactly. i've never that i know, air brushed. >> something new to try. speaking of makeers,?d?t?; white hous holiday makeover. this is exciting. were asked if do it and sedul
8:53 am
?> what? you didn'tell me the white fsv house egypt sherod went down and it's absolutely gorgeous. >>e have milary family members joined the first lady for the obama family's fin christmas tree. we've seen the official tree washington. we promised to open up this house to as many people from as many backgrounds as possible. and we truly wanted to make the white house the people's house. particularly during the holiday seasons. and to all the military families, those of you who are here today and all those around the world, i want to once again honor you for your service and
8:54 am
love that my family and i share along with you. it has been such a complete pleasure to support you in this time. so i want to wish everyone a happy, healthy holiday season. >> i love her. i'm going to follow the obamas ! around and offer to do their christmas trees every year. >> they have a house now outside the d.c. area so maybe you won't turn them down for that. >> 1200 wreaths,hristmas trees. this year a new addition, 56 lego houses. >> that's cool. >> one for each state and territory. >> before you go to weather, what is garland? >> kind of roping. >> like a long skinny christmas tree that wraps around a bannister. >> so it's the green thing. >> people always make it out of popcorn. >> but it's always the beads. >> okay. things you need to know.
8:55 am
some severe weather out there. in fact we're talking about the storms down in the southeast. 7 damage reports. of course that stretched 550 miles. we've got strong stormsga today with tornado watches stretching from louisiana, including new orleans, all the way up to knoxville. we're going to be watching this very closely over the next
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brotherly love it or hatety broe >> he's a really good guy. i'll goodd in for you. >> true or false. we had a top 40 song on the
9:00 am
>> we have a new song released in january. true or false, one of us is a member. international brotherhood of magicians. >> true. >> that is true. in fact to prove it -- >> oh, my ee that? >> a. >> 18, he's right. >> you bought a house at 18? >> right out of high school. >> i remember reading about that. >> he knows this boss he's basically our brother from another mother. >> something went wrong. >> before we were on tv, we did all of these except for one. na the one we did not do. clowns at kids' bitter day parties, b, underwear models, c, scuba dive instructor, and d,
9:01 am
>> you go for it. >> c. >> scuba instructors, that is correct. >> you were underwear models? >> obviously. >> cut to the picture of the underwear modeling. >> the reason they weren't scuba divers, when they would go down 20 feet, they were still above the water. >> this is the finale question. >> al is winning? >> even our mom has a hard time telling us apart but there's one way that she says she can always spot the difference. a, jonathan has darker hair, b, drew is slightly jonathan uses bigger words, or d, drew has ah. >> drew is slightly taller. >> that's not right. >> my mom says jonathan uses bigger words. >> thank you, mother. >> al wins, but the side part is you get the tool kit. you have to makeover tamron's face. hey, coming up, gather around the tv toejt. right after the tree lighting,
9:02 am
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and c-470. they're not ?f releasing ma'll bring you more information as we get it. a student at a douglas county gh cer - seat pond1d?rx?era w8o3 school in parker.. the dougla? 49-year-old gary postell - on suspicion of sexl assault on a child. he is on administrative leave and isn't allowed on school property, but hasn't been charged yet. postell is scheduled to be in continto build as to his am secretary and commer sear and this morning -- trump says - he's drafting up the legal papers - to let go of all his business holdings and give them to his children - so there
9:05 am
9:06 am
the great dolly parton is at it again with another tv special that's going to be a holiday classic called "dolly parton's christmas of many colors circle of love." >> last year nearly 16 million of you tuned into "coat of many colors" and tonight is the n ext chapter in her young life. thent including ricky schroeder andw jennifer nettles who plays dolly's parents. take a look. >> you can't be mad at me. >> get off me, you big lug. >> look at me, woman, you can't be mad at me. >> i've been folding these clothes for half hour and you come in here covered with grease from head to toe. >> the bible says don't let sun going down on your anger, and it's getting dark, so you
9:07 am
>> heating things up. jennifer nelttles and ricky schroeder. >> i do that same move when i come back to the construction site. >> his girlfriend is like go shower first, go shower. >> how are you? >> obviously you're back, "christmas of many colors." i'm excited. i saw the first project but dolly wasn't in the first project but she's in this one here. without giving anything away, what can you tell us about? >> first of all, cameo appearance as the painted lady. if you know anything about dolly's store e, s shares that the painted lady is the woman in town after whom she fashions her style even today. she plays a part in part of the miracles of the show too. >> incredible too. there were so many kids involved in the show as well and they always say it's always a little leery working with kids and twin brothers, but what was it like having so man kids?f?? goodness great having their energy, but
9:08 am
kids -- there was nine of them running around. wading cats. >> so they were all different ages a.:?snd all into different i would just ge them sugar and?6 would just be b to go bring candy because i wanted to be popular so here's sglcandy. >> so you wanted them on your side. >> they can deal with them later when they're miserable, but right now they need sugar. >> you were a child actor as well. were you able to give them s advice when they were on set with you? >> olivia is such a hard-working young girl. &,?=i got to get pretty close w her. i just got to be friends with her and let her know that she needs to ask for things when she needs things. she needs to speak up. if she needs a?v?= break, if sh needs a drink, if she needs rest, she needs to learn to find her voice. >> she's a sweetheart, she absolutely is. i did a christmas movie and i shot in the middle of the summer, hot, and you have to wear coats and thick coats.
9:09 am
shooting all of this, yes, holiday themed. but we had cooling vests underneath our overcoats. i felt the worst for the hair and makeup folksau it was >> working in atlanta, we learned to sweat in places we didn't even know you could sweat. >> yes, absolutely. >> that is a christmas visual. but a good christmas visual, you performing with dolly. >> yes. >> how incredible is that? >> amazing. >> and the song -- i mean song "circle of love" is one of her originals. it's actually on my christmas album. she honored me by letting me record that. i had to sing a snippet in the movie which is how i fell in love with it. >> there you are with dolly parton. >> my 8-year-old self looks at that and cannot even believe it. as a young girl growing up in the south and dolly being as iconic even still is a big-time
9:10 am
sure. >> there's nobody more worthy or deserving than you to be with dolly because this is such a spectacular talent. >> he's biased. >> i'd like you to see the range thatfer has. >> i think he's hormonally challenged for a reason specifically. >> we'll leave it on that note, jennifer and ricky, thanks. by the way, jennifer's new holiday album to celebrate christmas is out now. tonight?@ at 9:00/8:00 centralc up next, take your winter wardrobe from drab to help you from hollyws fashionable stars, just in time fashionable stars, just in time fopro golf?er. my psoriatic arthritis caused joint pain. just like my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor said joint pain from ra...??.6hr& can be a sign of existing joint damage...
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come on out. >> come here we have our first look which is one of my favorites for the season. >> love it. >>ny you can wear a black boot, you can wear a white boot. . you say that about the coats all the time. >> at our launch party for your style blog, i had white boot on, little shohi i love them. >> these are under $50, available at the critical thing is the jean. you want to make sure it's a crop jean so you can show off the boot. with a cute little buffalo plaid
9:16 am
>> don't wear them on a rainy day. >> go out with a gentleman. but here's a bigger issue. this is the disclaimer. if your blue jeans are really blue, they may rub off on the white. i'm going toou now, so be careful. >> good point. thank you. >> all right. >> right. next up we have a pleated makes skirt. victoria beckham wore this a few months ago. your dan is showing us how to wear it for the holidays. this is the perfect alternative to a sequin look for the season. so feminine. this one also under $60 available at stoll. beaded shoes and she is holiday party ready in a flash. >> glamorous. >> winter is coming. >> then brightly colored pants. women always default to black pants. january jones is showing us how to do a bright-colored pant. this is how to do it the right way, as well. again, very festive for the holidays. these pants are available at top shop. i love that they're crop because you can always show off that leopard pump. just make sure you don't do a
9:17 am
because you don't want to color block. you want a mix of print and texture. >> this is exact same as the home space so i love it. >> festive and the pants, even though it's cold, you have to suffer. your ankles have to be cold. get some leg warmers after you're done with the party. this looks hot. thank you. >> last but not least we have two very stylish brothers giving us a little style. here with a collared blazer and printed sweater. so this is our version here. so i love this colored blazer here, a little corduroy e. macy's. and that sweater from forever 21, under $30. this is the way gentlemen do style for december. >> that's the pretty christmas sweater if i've ever seen them. ugly christmas sweaters, and pretty christmas sweaters. >> that looks so nice. would you guys look that? >> that's based off your look. >> can i just take this from you now. oh, after, after. >> we're going to get you guys into a room. thank you so much. great looks, i love it. al, let's get a check of the forecast since we're now dressed for the weather. >> that's right. we've got some severe weather to
9:18 am
the gulf coast. severe storms especially down there. snow back through the rockies and the plains. high surf advisories in southern california. for tonight's tree lighting rockefeller center starting at 7:00 on nbc stations and nbc at 8:00, 59 degrees, showers and thunderstorms possible. and then as you can see we've got more drier weather coming into the east. mountain snows out west. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the wood up next, must be christmas
9:19 am
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>> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. thank you so much. i feel like it's christmas now. they're going to stick around, guys. more with kathie lee and hoda. get the shirt, celebrate christmas. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:30 am
under way. if you can't be here to donate in person, you can donate online all thanks to our partner, the nice folks at lori richter is public relations manager there. good to see you. >> good to see you too, al. >> you guys have always been terrific for us. why is it so important for you guys to be part of this? >> despite the best intentions, sometimes it can be hard to find the time to give back to those in need during the busy holiday season. so we're making it really easy for people all across the
9:31 am
from the comfort of their own home. just go to add as many items that you want, complete the checkout and we'll get your items to charity. >> what else you donating? >> 250 of these fire hd tablets. this is the kids edition so it's perfect for children. we're donating 250 of them to charity. >> that is so nice. thank you so much, lori, we really appreciate it. you'll make somebody's christmas very merry and bright. to all the folks at we'll have surprise celebrity guests on the plaza to help collect toys in our 8:30 half hour. you can bring a special gift or donate online at our friends website has all the details. we'd like to thank tiny and
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