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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:21pm MST

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deserted parking lot inlone
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>> we've lost a wonderful mom and two boys. >> reporter: in highlands ranch, victoria sanchez, 9news. >> the husband ryan r islabe cooperating with they also say they don't ?w?=yh mother and her two ?tdied.
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spray d kkk she has r and a $)?al received several s since. city leaders including the police chief and mayor reiterated crimes like this will not be tolerated and are not a reflection of the community.
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say they are determined in catching and the prosecuting the people responsible. officials in severe county, tennessee, say three more bodies have been recovered after wildfires in the great smy mountains. a total of seven people have been killed and more than 400 buils damaged in ea tennessee. many are still missing including the wife and two daughters of a map who got separated ? trying toescape -- man who got separated trying to escape the fire.
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??through la r-ning up after ?m wreckage of a charter plane that crashed in the mountains killing the 70 people on board. the associated press is citing leaked recording information saying the pilot told ntrollers? out of fuel in the final minutes of the flight. as the plane approached medellin the pilot reported electrical problems and circled before the q hillside. two crew members who survived
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impact. er is read out i think very quickly it will become apparent if is in a fuel issue or range issue or some other kind of ?xmechanical problem. >> heavy rain and steep muddy conditions have hampered recovery efforts. six people did survive the crash. nancy pelosi has been reelected house minority leader. representative tim ryan of ohio lead the democrs.
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afternoon. it's going around sarah palin is in the running for secretary of vetrip to indiana tomorrow to announce carrier air conditioning, a frequent topic in his campaign speeches, will not be moving 1,000 jobs to mexico as once manned. the downtown estes loop project was approved during a special meeting tuesday night focusing on elkhorn, more rain
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avenues and riverside drive. the next move a meeting. it will be several years before construction actually begins. l with state and federal nds. ripple across the nation on
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overwhelmed. >> reporter: they're selling bands online and ji'??c at events this new >> hustle plus heart will set you apart. >> reporter: the funds will support the greed crown foundation which provides an academic -- the gold crown
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>> she's not only a basketball
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real estate council answering your general law questionat 3-69 until 5:30 this evening. a lack of sleep among american workers is taking a toll on their health and the nation's economy. corporation found sleep deprivation lead to the loss n rking ys a year. this absenteeism along with a ti less ?p?j2?pworkforce ?o
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people who sleep less than six houros??'of shut eye. clinical trial of the drug used under the direction of a trained psychotherapist. a woman who spent her life working to make the lives of others better has died. the family of jean coho tells us she died sunday. she was a well known community volunteer, philanthropist and a 9 who cares winner. we shared her story in january. many knew her as the queen of the denver st. louis shop, an organization that's given away
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organization that's given away toys to children in need for 40 years. jean worked in that shop for decades. she was 90 years old. new rule will require automakers to place labels on the sun visors of new vehicles how to place safety complaints and inform buyers that the complaintsd possible recall. there will be comments on that proposal until january 27th. cold today and possible snow in the metro area in a few days. >> then comes the weekend with the warm-up.
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okay, cold so we can get to the warm. we're just trying to get past the next couple days and then we'll be good. >> zip through the workweek and get to the weekend when mother nature is bringing her a game. >> you have that power, right, danielle? >> clearly. h before a shot of cold air, possibly some flurries and then this weekend looks fantastic.
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decorating on the house yet, conditions will be drier and warmer than normal. up in the high country they are saying thank you so much to mother nature, wolf creek opening up with more than 2 feet of fresh powder since anksgiving, a spectacular start to the day for skrs forecast, moon the way for degrees in denver, felt good in
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it was a chilly start today and tomorrow just the same. we bottom out in the teens across the eastern plains, single digits in kremmling, 1 in ur1 below in alamosa. our next storm system is barreling in. it rolls in that cold front as well as some pretty chilly temperatures. tomorrow will be more of a transition day, more clouds than sunshine, dry for eastern colorado, but this is waiting
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little snowfall. late tonight 11 p.m. tomorrow, wind not quite as bad as today. we stay cool up in the high country, 20s and 30s across the board, about 39 in aurora as well as parker, similar setup in fort collins, estes park 33. there's that next storm system, right now light snowfall, 1 to 2 inches tops in metro denver and then there is that warm-up. our eyes have been on mid-40s saturday, low 50s sunday and
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temperatures for the middle of next week. an opec deal and gains in energy companies, banks were not enough to make up for losses in the broader market, the dow edged up 2 points, subpoena suspect falling more than 5 -- s&p 500 falling more
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you get injuries down the stretch towards the end of the year. i'm not the on one. a lot of people have to deal with it. so it's just a little sore, but yeah, just a little sore. >> 9news broncos insider mike klis broke the story this morning again and we're live. mike's at team headquarters. let's play klis and tell, five games to go, broncos in danger of missing the playoffs and now they're in trouble? >> they might be, but were the yankees in trouble when wally pipp had a headache 50 years ago? >> no. >> reporter: last year were the broncos in trouble when peyton manning was in a boot and day to day? he missed 6 1/2 games. brock osweiler who we now know is not all bad came in 5-2. the broncos made the playoffs no. 1 seed and they take off from there. i do think that paxton lynch is
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jacksonville. i don't think trevor siemian will play. i'd be very surprised if he does. he's going to try, but i think paxton lynch, it's funny how it works in the nfl. were clamoring for lynch to ple maybe replace siemian. >> that's right. >> reporter: now people get what they wish for and oh, no. so we'll see what happens here, could be the beginning kjof the paxton lynch area. >> klis and tell, thanks, mike. ?[ paxy dance, the broncos huddle begins at 6:30. 9news sports reporter rod mackey and wide receiver emmanuel sanders are hosting the show. >> reporter: we've got a big snow on broncos huddle receivers times two bennie fowler and, of course, emmanuel sanders and the shoes! what's up with the shoes? >> you guys have to come by to
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shoes and why it will help the homeless and why we as americans are our brothers' keepers, you got to tune in if you want to know why. >> we're talking shoes, quarksreceivers scoring touchdowns all tonight on the broncos huddle. see you at 6:30! colorado and colorado state neat on the basketball court for the ?=120 -- meet on the basketball court for the 127th time tonight and we're live. 9news sports reporter aaron matas is in boulder. hi, aaron. >> reporter: advantage in the history of the series including a 53-8 record against the rams here in boulder except one of those eight losses came just two years ago, the last time colorado state came to cu the rams winning by two. you may remember the image of daniel bay horano grabbing the
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the buffs certainly do. >> it was a hard fought game. it came down to the wire. they came out with a victory, which is unfortunate. this year i hope it's the other way around. >> our biggest obstacle is who we're playing and where we're playing them. by who i mean five fifth year seniors against sophomores and some freshmen. so it's a monumental task to take on and the other issue is it's not just >> reporter: both eustachy and buffs head coach admitting this is a little more than both of the nonconference games on their schedule and buffs have won three of the last four against csu, but the game two years ago, kneel try to erase that mem -- they'll try to erase that memory tonight in boulder.
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coach eustachy for that interview. thanks, aaron. strange but drew, jr smith gave up an easy basket last night when he walked off the court to hug jason terry near the bench. he left his defensive assignment to ask what's up? smith said he didn't realize he was in the game at the time. >> oh, those rules.
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?5 tonight, double disaster -- wildfires, then frantic final ?e:?? ? lot of that doomed ?c?9 tliner, repeated tel runninout fue?jk how could h


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