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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  December 1, 2016 4:00pm-4:41pm MST

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gunshot wound, but they're not calling it yet a murder suicide, but we are being told it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound and this is devastating news that we are hearing. we have not heard from the husband yet. we do know from a family spokesperson that he is
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something suspicious. there have been five fires here this month. we learned that from west metro fire. the biggest of these fires was monday night. you might remember that one. it burned nearly 100 acres monday night and lit up the ridge line of green mountain. you could see it from miles away. it took about 150 firefighters to put it out. no homes burned, just a lot of dried up grass. investigators say it is unusual to see five fires on grn they believe that these fires were intentionally set and they're asking for help finding who did it. >> we've eliminated all the possible natural causes which leads us to believe there's human believe involved. so how the public can he one, you have seen anything suspicious during the month of november, please let us know. >> reporter: so again if you
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change in the weather in the ne24n the 9news backyard. it's plenty cold, but we like to plan around here. what should question look for tomorrow? >> more than likely the snow went to start until the afternoon. it will be very light here in the denver metro area. i would say a trace to an inch and an inch is being generous for accumulation. we'll talk a lot more about
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available with this system of the already right now we are very dry. you can see the sunshine that's sitting over the city. 41 degrees, 37 at dia, 41 greeley, 307 for fort collins and we're in the 20s and 30s through the foothills. ??.thatdoes not d, dot impressive and even over parts of idaho and montana
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how great our loss is. cody was the rock of our family. he was always there to make us smile, lend a hand, give a hug. our hearts are forever broken. we do want to take this opportunity to ask all who have been touched by this tragedy please don't drive carelessly. if you see emergency personnel on the side of the road, please slow down and move over. two little girls are going to grow up without their daddy and there's just no good reason." another deadly crash the sixth of the year, happened last night near 28th and arapahoe. a turning semi truck hit the rider. if you have any information, call boulder police. the other five cyclist accidents happened between may and august. a denver health physician is taking heat on social media from across the world today. the hospital announced that doctor michelle heron will not
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further notice after posting racist comments about first lady michelle obama on facebook. it started with a post from someone else defending mrs. obama's eloquence. then denver health anesthesiologist weighed in with this. monkey face and poor eubonic english. there, i'm not a racist, just calling it like it is. she doesn't seem to be speak doing eloquently here. thank god we can't here her. ha entitled folks said all the liberals." the hospital said it's deeply disappointed by heron's comments and that they do not reflect the values of denver health. heron held a nonpaid faculty appointment at university colorado school of medicine. the school tells us this afternoon they have decided to terminate her appointment, dean john riley saying her values are at odds with the school's. someone thought it would be
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windows -- to smoot out a bunch of car windows with -- shoot out a bunch of car windows with a bb gun in eagle. police can't tell us who they arrested because they're still investigating. at least 30 cars were hit, but investigators expect that number to grow as more people report damage. crews fighting fires in tennessee say their goal is for residents to access their property by the beginning of next week. more than 700 buildings are destroyed, over 1,700 acres working on a computerized map for the public to show which structures were damaged or destroyed. it's close to 7 7 -- 17,000. investigators say they've received many tips and following up on many leads. >> it's one of the most difficult things you can man. for instance, if my family was
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want an answer. other than that i can only say that i understand their frustration, not only with them, but it's also with me, but we have to go through the process and finish so we can know. >> investigators say the fires are likely to be human caused. the gatlinburg area has received some rain. the crews are telling people it's just not enough to make up for all the dry conditions before the fire started. a storm creating deadly tornadoes in alabama and tennessee is reported in florida, georgia and south carolina. several people are still in the hospital. some have critical injuries. the national weather service has now confirmed 34 tornadoes in seven states. tacoma, washington, is dealing with the third death of a police officer since 1985. late last night officer reynolds jake tieres was killed after responding to a domestic violence call. the suspect was shot and killed
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standoff. police say the gunman used two children as human shields. s.w.a. officers rescued a 6-year-old boy and 8-year-old girl who were inside the home when the standoff was happening. it's not clear what their relationship was to the suspect. >> we've suffered a great loss and i think the community has suffered a great loss and i don't know how to put that into words. other than to here appreciates the kind thoughts and t to us. >> the children didn't report being injured, but they were taken to the hospital. president-elect donald trump is celebrating jobs today after he announced carrier air won't send more than 1,000 jobs to mexico. p to indiana where carrier is located with vice president-elect mike pension. the president-elect said
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leave -- mike pence. the president-elecwpt id coanto leave the united states anym without consequences. he said companies leaving will be taxed very heavily at the u.s. border. >> companies aren't?o going to leaving anymore. they aren't going to be taking people's hearts out. >> today america won and we have donald trump to thank. >> cnbc has confirmed carrier is closing another indiana plant exporting 700 jobs to mexico. trump is vowing to lower the country's business tax rate from 35% he says and eliminate regulations, but any changes to the tax code would need to be approved by congress. today congress selected marine general james mattis as his nominee for secretary. trump won wisconn 22,000 votes or less than a percentage point.
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in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania and hasn't so far provided proof the ballots were miscounted. yesterday wisconsin republicans charged that she illegally coordinated with hillary clinton to raise money for the recount. stein's campaign manager said the recount effort is nonpartisan. stein is not cooperating with any other campaign. house minority leader nancy pelosi is not going to have as much power as in the past, but she supports it. in a private meeting today house democrats said they voted to make the leader of their political committee an elected post. until now pep pelosi has a -- pelosi has appointed the position. this state is growing and fast. there seems to be a crane on every other corner downtown ?
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parker is a really good thing. >> there's a zoning board meeting at 7:00 tonight. economic development officials say the project could be cleared to begin the middle of this month. the cu buffaloes have arrived in california for the pac-12 championship tomorrow. the team left from the university this morning. they will play washington who is fourth in the college football playoff ranking. that's all right. we're eighth.
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this week. one of the biggest parts of thccess has been ??c?qtheir coach. and today coach mike macintyre was named the walter kemp coach of the year for 2016. the foundation was founded in 1967 with the goal of perpetuating the ideals of father kemp. the award is considered among the most prestigious since the honoree is based on a selection of his peers. coach mcintyre is the second coach bill mccartney earned the honor in 1989. on tuesday coach mcintyre was also named pac-12 conference coach of the year. >> so happy for coach mac. it's been one heck of a year. >> something you really have to earn. >> he earned it. >> the buffs play tomorrow at 7:00 and 9news reporters matt renoux and aaron matas are on their way to levi's stadium. we think they know how to get there.
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broncos won the super bowl. >> they'll join us coming up in the next half hour. 1st sky9 is over a water main break on york street between east 26th avenue and east 27th avenue. it's reduced to one lane. traffic impacts are probably through the evening rush hour, all lanes on york street to be open by 11 p.m. if that's your typical route home, find another way. water service to surrounding customers is not affected, but the drive >> those things don't just get fixed in a half hour. >> they take time. so be aware. that's a unique way to share their stories, women who are hiv positive are showing us what that means to them. >> a new kind of online betting is becoming really addictive,
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we are having a donor line 9 this afternoon. volunteers are here from the donor alliance to answer your questions, everything about how old do i need to be to donate? how does the process work?
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goes without saying so many people are waiting, so many people are waiting for that gift of life. so the number to call, 303-698- 0999. lines are open until 5:30 tonight. perhaps this is the time of year more than ever to think about this. so make that call. >> lots of people on those lists. a program in denver is encouraging people who are hiv positive to share their stories on video. as part of a story centers staying positive project and the documentary center. 9news reporter maya rodriguez brings us the story of one of 10 women staying positive even with hiv. >> reporter: sometimes an image or a voice can change the way you see the world and yourself. >> like so many women living with hiv i'm a collection of traumas, challenges and scars. >> reporter: that voice belongs to barb cardell. >> as our first exercise, we had an opportunity to go around the room and people to share
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hiv positive women in the denver metro area who participated in story center's staying positive, a collection of videos where each woman shares her own story about living with hiv. >> i actually acquired hiv in 1991. so i am considered a long term survivor. i acquired hiv from a boyfriend which was unfortunate. it was somebody that i trusted and that happens to a lot of women. >> reporter: power is a recurring theme in barb's >> so i gave my power away. >> i think that to me was what the biggest shame is and i see it happening now with girls which is that we want to fit
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>> news outlets around the world are contacting this guy because of the sign made that went viral.?q
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>> the cost of the 12 days of christmas is going up.
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it may not seem like a big deal, but addiction specialists are warning ourelatively new form of online gambling. casual gamblers are getting sucked into alternative games or bets. it's called proposition football game, will brock osweiler throw an interception, how long will lady gaga's rendition of the national an tell last? people are -- anthem last? people are actually betting on these things. the sites aren't in the u.s. it can be illegal if you win any cash. federal agents have shut down some websites already. new ones pop up new every day. they are very dangerous for someone with gambling addiction and someone who doesn't know
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the song for some is rock and roll or r and b that lowers any kind of thought that might go into a reflection about well, do i really want to bet on these? >> psychiatrists say it's important to recognize signs of becoming compulsive. it can also lead to depression, this kind of betting. you can bet on absolutely anything, anything. again the time of the national anthem? >> i think just talk about it. i don't people want that thrill. it can be dangerous, too. >> a gentlemen's bet? i don't know. >> have a beer, something simple. >> we tend to do this every year. we put dollars to cents on these important things. >> yeah, right. >> speaking of bets, we could have bet yesterday about the beard now that i say this. >> and i could have had all the control. it's still here, folks. it's here for now. >> you listened to the viewers. >> i did.
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not surprising, the list from the 12 days of christmas is getting more expensive, not for all the items. >> the 12 days of christmas, turtledoves, pear trees, whatever. the three french hens are still $182, but the price of 2 turtledoves that jumped from 290 to 375, all very important stuff. all the gifts list wood cost you 34,000 -- would co $34,363. if you purchased the gifts in that carol, you'd spend about 155,000 bucks. you probably would need a farm for the ridiculous amount of birds you'd buy. you can thank wage increases for the increased expenses of milk maids, pipers and drummers. pnc wealth management makes the estimation every year to reflect inflation year to year. this always reminds me of the episode in office where andy
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everything from the 12 days of christmas and she said stop buying these birds because they started to scratch her. can you imagine? >> no. >> she thought it was a romantic thing. it's my reality, okay? >> a funny tv show. it is the season of giving and you can get in on it by donating on colorado gives day december 6th , an annual statewide movement to celebrate increased philanthropy across the state. >> some 9th graders in boulder are collecting fo foundation in boulder county. the organization is one of more than 1,000 you can te to on
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former air national defense command. q?
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i went with the people. 75% of our poll said keep it. >> i like it. it looks good. >> here it is for now. >> for now. >> if you get cold, you can take your hair and wrap it the other way. we'll be good to go. >> i think that quill go over really well with everyone. you know, next week is a time you'll really want to bundle up. tomorrow is going to be colder,
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next week -- i don't want to get too far ahead of myself. we'll talk about that in just a minute. currently as we look outside we've got partly cloudy skies, high clouds sitting over the city, not a lot of wind, so yes, low 40s, cold today but not bad considering the wind was calm. 41 was the official high at the airport. our average high is 45. we're nowhere close to setting. 1973 it was set at 73 degrees. as we get into tomorrow, the high temperatures will look :( much like what we see now, 37 in denver now, 38 around greeley, 40 in fort collins. eastern plains is in the upper 30s and low 40s. 20s and 40s for current temperatures in the mountains and upper 30s across the western slope. here outside of the 9news backyard mostly clear skies, temperatures at 37.
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that will about be our high going into tomorrow. we are watching a storm system ready to push into colorado. right now we've got winter weather advisories where most of the snow lies across parts of idaho and montana. that storm system off to our east almost done. that is going to continue to push out. you can see we've got some snow just now exiting maine and it's going to continue to move out over the next 24 hours, but ?hq% those advisories come with a storm system that doesn't carry witha
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our mountains, but also in denver. tomorrow to our west we may center isolated showers in our foothills. as we go through the day, that area of snow becomes much more scattered, sp doesn't quite cross east of i- 25, at least not in the denver metro area ?u1@by noon. by 2:00 we'll have a chance of snow around here. it will be very light and very brief, an inch or less is all we anticipate in denver area, emphasis on the less. it's not going to be a lot of snow for denver, fort collins or greeley, not a lot of snow for locations near the palmer divide and castle rock. places that see snow more of the day starting in the morning through our foothills lasting into the afternoon, those locations from estes park down to evergreen possibly seeing 1 to 3 inches of new snow and some isolated pockets in our northern and central mountains could get 2 to 4 inches of accumulation.
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overnight tonight we drop to 17 in the city, 15 greeley, 19 for fort collins. eastern plains will see lows in the teens, single digits and teens for the mountains and across the western slope we drop to take low of 20. winds not bad tonight, 17, bundle up if you're headed outside. we'll be mostly cloudy, but winds out of the east at 5 to 10 miles per hour. that's light, not worried about that. 34 is our high tomorrow. we'll have some light afternoon likely less for most of us here across the front range will fall. and that's by tomorrow night. winds will be out of the east at 5 to 10 miles per hour for tomorrow. if you are headed out to join us for the parade of lights, it may actually be beautiful. in fact, the picture should be perfect with a couple of flurries at 7 p.m. we'll be at 28 degrees, light winds, mostly cloudy at 8:00 25
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you should be just fine for parade of lights.
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adele and i will be your hosts. on saturday the parade steps off again at 6:00. if saturday is a come on downtown then. >> you ready to bundle up and go, kim? >> we are. we are already discussing scarves and wraps and in and that. >> so you're going to look great doing it there, too. the buffs are in california ready for the pac-12 championship tomorrow. >> and levi's stadium is
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ralphie is there we think. we hope so.
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yes. the field is painted. the buffaloes are in california. ralphie is not. the turnaround is too quick. tomorrow night, though, the buffs play washington in the pac-12 championship. they moved up to no. 8 in the college football playoff rankings and are hoping to bring home another win. >> boy, washington is good. it will matt renoux and aaron matas are in santa clara. how is the weather out there in california? you guys got there about the same time as the team today. >> reporter: ryan and kim, it's absolutely perfect. it's almost embarrassing that aaron is wearing a heavy jacket right now in california.
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they expect for the game, lows in the evening, a little bit chilly. we are out here in santa clara, can., california, lee -- california, levi's stadium. this is where cu plays tomorrow night for a championship game. >> reporter: we kn?)ow the territory. now cu takes on washington tomorrow. it is a very big game, pac 12 championsh. washington comes in much like qq excuse me, cu as an st like the washington is favored to win the game, much like that super bowl game. it is the no. 1 offense in the conference in washington against the no. 1 defense in the conference in colorado. so it should be a fantastic game. many people think that a win for the buffaloes would put them in the rose bowl on january 2nd which would be obviously terrific, be the first time they'd have a chance to play there.
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of the fans about sort of the calculations with where cu will end up depending on what happens tomorrow. we saw some fans leaving today at dia flying out here with their kids. you guys were getting into it with all the different possibilities that could than, thousands of fans come out here -- could happen, thousands of fans coming out here. the cu unit out of cu boulder rented a van, will av night rotating shifts. we're hoping to catch up with takes to come out here to a pac- 12 championship game and support the home team in california. we saw how broncos fans turned out in huge numbers during the super bowl out here. we'll see what happens with cu fans. we've already seen some of the journalists out here. they're not nearly as snappy as we are. if that's any indication of their team, it's going to be a blowout. >> reporter: it's quite a drive from you know that personally. >> reporter: last
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of reasons to come out toful can, the just for the game, -- not just for the game, but it's a great climate, a beautiful place and they've got great food. >> reporter: we'll show you where we stopped already today. out burger i think and these burgers are probably about 45 minutes old and just always tasty as off the fryer. >> forget about it. it doesn't matter. >> they are so good. >> there's something about that burger. you guys chow down. >> what else have you done today? you've been there twice and there's always long lines. >> reporter: not twice
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the teessee wildfire said amazi
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when it comes to clean energy, we're always delivering. xcel energy. responsible by nature.
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greeted them. >> we seen the devastation which we kind of expected, but your mind can't see it any other way until you see it. >> reporter: them wednesday outside estates home valley where they returned to search for their remainying missing cat. >> we t one ?i?yand here he is d the ?scat' name is awesome.
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awesome name >> reporter: vrincluding now s >> i was scar haened. how do good since i ?h? lived in warevalley r about five years but had move into this home in june. now it's gone. >> i don't even own a spoon. i don't own a toothbrush, but these babies, my family, you feel lucky. i don't care what was in there. i have them and i have this community.
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>> also ahead sunny today. snow is possible tomorrow, a big change that willbe ri4ksts n0?77uld actually cost
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?:?y>&(i mi?eter mitomatic ?]?r


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