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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  December 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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(jeb bush/(r) presidential candidate): "donald is great at the one liners but he is a chaos candidate and he would be a chaos president." (donald trump/(r) presidential candidate): "i am the most solid candidate up here." presidential candidates take on national security... and donald trump once again steals the show. we're live at the venetian tonight with your debate highlights. it's not just republicans keeping a close eye on the candidates. we check in with democrats, and what they're saying about the debate tonight. and more details about the secretive faraday future are on the way. the plans tomorrow for lawmakers to discuss the company, and the impact it will have on nevada. this is fox5 news at 11. local las vegas. presidential candidates take the stage here in las vegas. thank you for joining us tonight for this special edition tonight on las vegas. thank you for joining us tonight for this special
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i'm christine maddela. i'm john huck. we're here live at the venetian, where just a few hours ago, the candidates took on a topic that's top on americans' minds: national security. "(rand paul/(r) presidential candidate): "we defeat terrorism to show them we do not fear them." (chris christie/(r) presidential candidate): "america has been betrayed." (ted cruz/(r) presidential candidate): "america is at war." " the republican candidates talked about what they would do to protect our country if they become president... and their stance on terrorism. they also spent a lot of time focusing on donald trump, and controversies surrounding him. we have team coverage for you tonight. fox5's rachel moore has reactions from democrats watching the debate. but first kevin bolinger joins us with some of moments from front-runner
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closed captioning will resume shortly strong security measures could be seen at the venetian... for the debate focusing on keeping america safe. both debate attendees and hotel guests were searched by guards with k-9's
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venetian. everyone also had to have their cars checked. people who left the media spin room, had to be searched again when they returned. plenty of democrats were also watching tonight's debate. tonight the nevada state democratic party held a watch party at the martin luther king junior senior center. that's where fox five's rachel moore joins us live. about three dozen voters watched inside -- and throughout the debate you could tell when they paid close attention to whenever a candidate mentioned hillary clinton -- as well as when they talked about national security -- a major issue on the minds of voters right now. neal matzkin, democratic voter: "i think that the biggest problem is that they think everything is very simplistic." simply put, las vegas democrats were less than impressed with the republican
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took the stage at tuesday's debate. inside the nevada state democratic watch party, the group shared some laughs, played a little gop debate bingo, and scoffed at most of the answers the candidates gave. roberta lange, chair, nevada state democratic party: "i would like them to just have a substantive discussion. i think were all interested in the same types of things. there's is more rhetoric. ours is more content." these voters are particularly concerned with some of the plans the candidates vowed to implement if elected. jacqueline johnson is a retired nurse, and is disturbed by the fact that all of the republican candidates want repeal the affordable care act. "it really bothers me that these people come in week after week trying to vote it out. they have no idea. they have no understanding of what they're doing if they're done with the affordable care act." but what seemed to be the main the topic of discussion in the debate and in the watch party was national security. many of these voters say front-runner donald trump's promise to temporarily ban non-american
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country is ridiculous. andres ramirez, voter: "it's very obvious that these republican candidates are still focused on these xenophobic policies in creating fear among americans by alienating immigrants, by alienating people who live in this country." - (closed captioning will resume shortly) the debate hall was packed with voters watching each gop candidate go head-to-head. fox5's ophelia with what those amongst the audience in the venetian theater thought. the first thing we we asked who came out on top - it seemed an overwhelmingly number of people were pleased with marco rubio - 2nd place was a mix. "i think marco rubio continues to show
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best overall message among hispanics among generational voters among young people." "i think jeb bush did an unbelievable job we call him a cat becase we got 9 lives this was his last chance he did and unbelievable job he had some great responses he talked about how serious he is as a candidate" "rubio no questions...i think rubio made it clear that he should be our next candidate and i think that chisty did a fabulous job" "i came here with an open mind but i was really impressed by marco rubio and his whole stance on everything." "well i think marco rubio did a great job i think jeb was more comfortable this time than hes been in the past he has some really really strong statements to make i think a few others had great responses i think chris christy."
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actually thought he wasn't as out of line as they expected. then who was the most offensive - we got rand paul for a few responses. we also asked them if they thought cnn asked the right questions - reaction was mixed with some who had hoped for a broader range of topics. one thing everyone agreed on - it was an entertaining debate. a school district janitor custodian is in trouble with the law. the charges he's facing, after a teacher made a disturbing discovery in her classroom. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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we're checking in now with fox5's elizabeth watts. she's joining us live from our newsroom with your local news. a clark county school district employee arrested-- accused of performing sexual acts involving a teachers property... fox5's miguel martinez-valle joins us in the newsroom with the disturbing details. 42 year old michael skelton has worked as a custodian in clark county for about 18 years... but he was arrested yesterday after being accused of leaving a wet substance on a teachers personal items... the investigation started about a week ago when a teacher from harvey n dondero elementary school reported finding a wet substance on her
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lip balm... skelton, who was working as an overnight custodian for the school district, is now being charged with posoning or adulterating food, water, or medicine, open and gross lewdness, and malicious destruction of property... police are saying the lewd acts happened after school hours and that he was alone in the classroom when they took place, still parents with children at that school were disturbed by the news of his arrest. " i think that clark county has to really get involved on the backgrounds of people that they hire, because i know this is not the first time that something like this happened. so its something that really concerns me that we have people around our kids that are acting like that." skelton was working as a floating custodian, meaning he moved around clark county schools as he was needed... hes currently listed as absent without authorized leave at work... skelton is being heald at the clark
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school district told us that he'll be placed on suspension without pay as soon as he's released ... in the newsroom, miguel martinez-valle, fox5 news, local las vegas... school district police stressed that skelton commited these acts long after students left the school... earlier this month, a man was arrested for kidnapping a teenage girl, and holding her hostage for a month. the f-b-i believes there are more victims out there. "nevada internet crimes against children task force" and the fbi are releasing more information on "jimmy carter kim's" social media accounts. many of the screen names he used are too derogatory to say on air, but "yimmy- sin" was one he used often. kim is facing more than 30 counts of sexual assault against his victim. we have more information on what the f-b-i is looking for on the home page of our website, fox5 vegas dot com. every school in the los angeles unified school district canceled classes today,
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emailed threat. officials say the threat came from overseas, and it was very specific. schools were closed out of precaution. new york officials say a similar threat was sent to their schools, but they're investigating it as a hoax. here in clark county, school police say they have not received any threats. but they are constantly updating their safety measures, especially with the possibility of emailed or social media warnings. we never say that it couldn't happen here. our motto is to prepare for anything that does occur. we are always anticipating that we could receive this type of a threat and we prepare accordingly" some of the school district's preparations include a crisis response plan, police presence, and training for staff members on how to detect threats. tonight, the f-b-i is discrediting the threats to the school districts, and says schools in l-a are safe to reopen. governor brian sandoval is calling the legislature into a special session tomorrow... to discuss faraday
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move to nevada. that session starts tomorrow in carson city, at five p-m. we will have a crew there, and bring you updates in all of our newscasts, starting at five. faraday future announced last week it will build a factory in north las vegas. now fox5 weather 24..7. with chief meteorologist ted pretty we'll start around freezing at mccarran for wednesday and thursday morning with some las vegas valley areas seeing low to mid 20s for lows. we'll see a high of 48 on wednesday, then 52 on thursday. by friday we'll start in the upper 30s with high in the upper 50s. the weekend features highs around 60 degrees with afternoon southwest wind to
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then northwest wind to 20 mph on sunday. average high this time of year is 56 degrees. we'll start around freezing at mccarran for wednesday and thursday morning with some las vegas valley areas seeing low to mid 20s for lows. we'll see a high of 48 on wednesday, then 52 on thursday. by friday we'll start in the upper 30s with high in the upper 50s. the weekend features highs around 60 degrees
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25 mph saturday, then northwest wind to 20 mph on sunday. average high this time of year is 56 degrees. closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning
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we're continuing our special debate coverage here on fox5. we'll check back with john and christine... and what one presidential candidate says he would do for
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we're back out here live at the venetian, covering all of your debate highlights. john, you were sitting in the audience during the event, tell us some of your impressions of the candidates. (ablib) (ablib) ((ablib)) closed captioning will resume
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"this bill did however take away a valuable tool that allowed a national intelligence agency and other intelligence agencies to quickly and rapidly access phone records and match them up with other phone records to see who terrorists have been calling. because i promise you the next time there is an attack on this country the first thing people are going to know is, why didn't we know about it and why didn't we stop it. and the answer better not be because we didn't have access to records or information that would have allowed us to identify these killers before they attacked us." " (gov. chris christie/(r) presidential candidate) "listen, i want to talk to the audience at home for a second. if your eyes are glazing over like mine, this is what it is like to be on the floor of the united states senate. i mean, endless debates about how many angels on the head of a pin from people who never had to make a consequential decision in an executive position. the fact is, for seven years, i had to make these decisions after 9-11 - make a decision about how to proceed forward with an investigation or how to pull back. whether you use certain actionable intelligence or whether not to.
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about this bill and the subcommittee and what - nobody in america cares about that. what they care about is, are we going to have a president who actually knows what they're doing to make these decisions?" ((closed captioning will resume)) ((closed captioning will resume)) ((closed captioning will resume))
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i caught up with presidential candidate doctor ben carson after the debate. he compared his voice to much louder candidates... like the tortoise and the hair. he's consistant, he's steady and logical. doctor carson also touched on what he would do for nevada if he won the presidency. "what do you want to tell nevada voters? i want to tell you that you have a beautiful state here and that one of the things that i am very interested in is making sure that some of that land gets transfered back to the state of nevada. 86% of it is federally owned. i wouldn't do it all
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be absorbed i think would be a wonderful thing the state and for the country." when i asked doctor carson about how las vegas is now known for politics. he told me that las vegas is such a great convention city and its a great place to be. unlv's debate team coach jacob thompson was paying close attention to the candidates. he told us who stood out the most to him. "i think that cruz and rubio both made big steps in this debate as well. they both had a lot of air time, a lot of speaking time as well. they're both polished debators, bush didn't come off quite as good, and one dark horse is christie. " thompson says the stand-out moment was when jeb bush went after donald trump... the first time he says he's seen the candidate go on the offensive. thompson says despite these moments, he did not think there
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was a clear winner. as you bundle up inside to escape the chill... you don't want to forget about your outdoor equipment. the steps you'll want to take as soon as possible, to avoid any pipe explosions due to freezing
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