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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  December 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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this is fox5 news at 11. local las vegas. thank you for joining us tonight on fox5 news at 11, i'm christine maddela. john has the night off. on wednesday we finally found out who was behind the sale of the review journal. casino mogul sheldon adelson is the new owner but the story doesnt stop there - fox 5s abby theodros joins us from the r-j with more. earlier today the review journal published a story that detailed a bizarre request from their corporate management to monitor a local judge. turns out that judge was presiding over a law suit against adelson. another day another headline on the secretive sale of nevadas largest news paper. james dehaven [phoner]: its just a
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outlets across the country have commented on how rare and remarkable something like this is to be purchased by mysterious owners when your whole industry is centered on transparency on wednesday - the rj cleared up some of the confusion surrounding who owns their paper - publishing a story naming casino mogul sheldon adelson as the new man in charge. but - as rj reporters would soon find out - the story was just getting started. in an article published friday- rj detailed an unlikely discovery. as the $140 million dollar sale was being finalized - their corporate managers tasked several court watching the behavior of sevreral reporters including a clark who oversaw a termination lawsuit against adelson. there was never that there was editorial value to this project and so i think it probably did come across as pretty strange to all our reporters on
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even stranger - the findings were never published by the paper - but an article scrutinizing that judge ended up in a connecticut newspaper linked to adelson. former rj managing editor mary housch says adelsons intentions are very clear. mary housch: mr adelson spent a lot of money for a news paper and hes not a journalist hes a business man so i believe he bought it for power and influence another interesting point housch brought up is the implications this sale with have on election season. sheldon is openly republican -we'll see if that plays a role in who the paper endorses. this story has received national exposure - earning the review journal support for their efforts demanding transparency. we're learning more about the man police say shot and injured a metro officer yesterday. teag fox did not have a criminal history... just a few traffic related cases and a civil case involving a
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fox5's miguel martinez-valle attempted to speak to him today, and has more details. 38-year-old teag fox was on the run from metro police for about 5 hours before being arrested. jeff clark, sergeant lvmpd " through an intensive investigation and subsequent man- hunt our detectives were able to locate the suspect in the south west part of our valley and he was taken into custody without incident" it was before noon when metro officers responded to a domestic disturbance call in the area. police tell us fox was in no way related to their investigation at the time of the shooting... " there was an exchange between the officer and the suspect, they ultimately exchanged gunfire, and our officer was hit by the suspects gunfire" the officer, who's name will be released by officials at a later time, was shot wice, once in his vest and again in the arm. joe ellis, witness " he was injured, it looked like all of the cops were trying to tend to him, trying to make sure he was ok, they had everything blocked off." the suspect fled the scene after the shooting, he was arrested just before 5 pm in a gated community in
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highlands... a police source told fox5 that fox made a call to be picked up from a gas station nearby, he was then taken to the community in the southern highland area... the same source tells us fox's weapon was recovered from a house in that community, neighbors of the area who asked not to appear on camera told fox5 they saw dozens of police cars all around their neighborhood, they also saw officers leaving a nearby house carrying things in their arms... fox is currently at the clark county detention center, he is being charged with attempt murder of a police officer with a deadly weapon and discharging a firearm into an occupied structure among other charges... police are still investigating the motive fox originally agreed to speak with us about the shooting, but later declined until his lawyer was present... metro still isn't releasing the injured officer's name... but we know he is a 21 year veteran with the department. and is expected to make a full
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neighbors were on edge this morning, when police chased a suspect driving a stolen car through a valley neighborhood. this started around eight-30 this morning, near lamb and boulder highway. metro officer spotted a car that had been stolen the night before. the driver took off, and led police to a neighborhood near washington and jones. the stolen car hit another car parked outside a home. police say the suspect hid in a backyard during their search. two nearby elementary schools were put on lockdown just to be safe. anytime we have active incident in school area. advise school police we have active scene and make recommendations to have school on lockdown. " the suspect was arrested a few hours after the chase started. no one was hurt. a 21-year-old motorcyclist has lost his life, after getting into a
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truck. " pay attention. you know motorcycles are smaller profiles, harder to see, pay attention. look twice, look three times before making that turn into opposing traffic. you never know what's coming at you. " this happened around three-30 today near elkhorn and buffalo. metro says a pickup truck driver tried to turn in front of the motorcyclist. the rider slammed into the truck's side, and died at the scene. metro says the truck driver failed a field sobriety test... and they arrested him on a felony d-u-i count. a person was hurt and a cat was killed in a house fire early this morning. it happened around four-30, at a home near charleston and the 95. people reported hearing an explosion. clark county fire fighters and las vegas fire and rescue both responded to this scene. a woman was rescued, but unfortunately a cat was found dead in the home. southwest gas workers were seen working on a gas leak outside the home after the fire.
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after being punched in the face at caesars palace. the incident was caught on surveillance camera, and metro has a good idea of what the suspects look like. take a look at this video. the attack happened december 12th, around four in the morning. metro says a man got into an argument with three men. one of them later confronted him, striking him in the face. the men were seen leaving in a silver 2 door infiniti. the victim is still in critical condition at sunrise hospital. a local charity is devastated someone stole a trailer full of items meant for struggling families. but they have some hope... now that people are coming together to replace these items. "we're really happy and fortunate with whats been going on despite someone came out and stole a lot of stuff we've been working toward with foundation and families." "the ogden foundation"
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for this fundraiser. they say sometime on the evening of december 12th, the trailer was stolen, near eastern and horizon ridge. a holiday party is planned for tomorrow to give the families their gifts. if you want to help out, we have information on the links page of our website, fox5 vegas dot com. a mexican restaurant has a creative way of spreading the word about a recent break-in... in hopes of catching the burglars. take a look at this video... "frijoles and frescas" took the surveillance video of the burglary, and edited it with a dash of humor. the three burglars are portrayed as hungry people just looking for tacos... as they tear apart the front counter. the owners say they're upset the restaurant was broken into... but also upset someone was in the position where they felt they needed to steal.
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we can't be mad at the whole world. we want to make sure everyone is happy around this time, take something bad and turn it into something positive" "frijoles and frescas" is by charleston and rainbow. police say these men have broken into businesses nearby. the restaurant did give the un- edited version of the video to police. police are looking for a man involved in at least seven armed robberies. the incidents happened between november 22nd and december 16th. north las vegas police say the crimes happened all over the city. in one case, the suspect shot someone before taking off. that person is still in the hospital. if you know who any of these suspects in these crimes are, call crimestoppers at 702-385-5555. famed magicians siegfried and roy are mourning the
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tiger cubs. "liberty" and "justice" both died from an infection that led up to a kidney failure. siegfried and roy thanked the veterinarians who tried to save liberty and justice, and wrote this statement: "not since the passing of mantacore have siegfried and i been hit this hard... even though we only had a short time together, they changed our lives and will be greatly missed. siegfried and roy say the cubs' sisters, hirah and maharani do not show any signs of infection. nevada senators approved a major bill, that offers tax incentives to bring electric car maker faraday future to nevada. the senate voted 17 to one on the bill tonight. it authorizes about 120 million dollars worth of rail, water, and road improvements at the apex industrial park. the bill also simplifies the process for workers to be declared nevada residents... especially if they're veterans. the bill now heads to the assembly for review.
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suffered a tough loss this week. but maybe their winning streak will resume against another team from arizona. we'll check in with fox5's kevin bolinger, who's with the rebs for a preview. and here in las vegas, it's red vs blue, cougars vs utes... as both teams gear up for the royal purple las vegas bowl! how fans got in on the action tonight. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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runnin' rebels don't have too much time to dwell on their frustrating loss to arizona state on wednesday.
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plays at number 13 arizona saturday. fox 5's kevin bolinger is with the team in tucson and joins us with a preview. kev on cam can the runnin' rebels respond after an ugly loss wednesday night that saw them score only 19 points and shoot 19 percent in the second half while giving up 16 offensive rebounds? that's the key to look for here in tucson.and oh other thing.arizona's pretty good. on saturday the rebels travel to tucson to take on a much different arizona team. new faces and key injuries - most notably caleb tarczewski have wildcat fans nervouse about this one, especially after last season. unlv knocked off the then 3rd ranked wildcats in front of a raucoud thomas and mack crowd that stormed the court. it was arizona's only non- conference loss in three years. don't think the rebels are sneaking up on anybody this time. head coach sean miller will pound home last years
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not only revenge but a catalyst in their quest for a fourth pac-12 title in the last seven years. as usual defense will be the key to everything. arizona is in the top five defensively in the nation. offensively ryan anderson has been a load down low. and once again unlv will have to go into a hostile arena against a team that rarely loses at home. arizona hasn't dropped a game at the mchale center in their last 44. 24:47-54 (off riverside game) ben carter/unlv forward: they play defense. they're physical and it's a great challenge for our team. they're gonna challenge us. 12:25-39 dave rice/runnin' rebels head coach: we've got to go defensively rebound the ball. we've just got to find a way. yes we have to block out, yes we need better techniques but at the end of the day the team that goes and gets the most 50/50 balls is the team that wins and we have to do that if we want to be a championship level team. 15:59-16:04 (off asu game) dave rice: we've just got to continue to play with pace and play together. and not panic. kev on cam we will get a good idea of what this
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desire and effort. a win here can make up for wednesday's loss in terms of a resume builder. tip off is set for 6:30 las vegas time. with the runnin' rebels in tucson, kevin bolinger, fox 5 news local las vegas. don't forget to tune into the rebzone on sunday. dave rice will be in studio to talk about the games against the arizona schools and give thoughts on what the team needs to do to improve. it's sunday night at 11 following fox5 news at ten. the rivalry between b-y-u and university of utah fans is heating up downtown, one night before the big royal purple las vegas bowl. go cougars!! go utes "if utah loses... i can't even go there. i can't go home, i've talked a lot of smack. " fans rallied for their favorite team at fremont street experience tonight. the game is at 12- 30 over at sam boyd stadium. but you won't be
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is sold out! the teams were treated to lunch earlier today at the convention center. fox5's elizabeth watts and chet buchanan hosted the event. players have spent this week helping out our community at various charity events. and this game is expected to bring in millions to our economy. now fox5 weather 24..7. with chief meteorologist ted pretty closed captioning will resume shortly high of 60 degrees on saturday with a slight chance of
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showers that will be with us until early sunday. we'll have southwest breezes to 20 mph late saturday, then northwest gusts to 25 mph on sunday with a cooler high of 55. we'll keep clouds and highs in the 50s all next week with the next chance of showers on christmas day in the slight category. high of 60 degrees
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late afternoon showers that will be with us until early sunday. we'll have southwest breezes to 20 mph late saturday, then northwest gusts to 25 mph on sunday with a cooler high of 55. we'll keep clouds and highs in the 50s all next week with the next chance of showers on christmas day in the slight category. closed captioning
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an officers actions are questioned... after a video shared of him breaking up a high school fight goes viral. the moment seen in this video that has parents and educators upset. " "i called 911 operator. and i was telling them the same exact story. she telling me there was nothing they could do. " a woman goes through great lengths, to save her pet pig... including camping out in a manhole! how she was
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been arrested or pleaded guilty to supporting terrorists this week in america. in one of those cases, the f-b-i says a 19-year-old suspect used 57 twitter accounts, to encourage
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the u-s. "(lorenzo vidino/ dir., george washington univ. program on extremism) "the connectivity that social media provides is something completely new, and that accelerates the radicalization process. because the intensity of being able to talk to somebody who is fighting, and that person is talking to you, it's something that has a lot of power." " u-s officials say most of the cases are connected to isis... which has unprecedented levels of support inside our country. investigators say one of the men arrested had received nearly nine thousand dollars from a isis group, to carry out an attack. omaha high school students whipped out their phones and started recording... when a police officer attempted to break up a fight. but parents are concerned, after seeing the officer punch the student in the face. you can see the officer punch the student at least three times in this video... then he subdues the student on the floor. school officials haven't said what started the fight. this video has been shared around the country. "( andreas dunn / senior, millard
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they see fights: just stand and stare, pull out their cameras, start recording..." " police say no one was seriously hurt, and the officer was temporarily reassigned. they say the video only shows a snippet of the fight, and they're investigating whether the officer's actions were appropriate. a pig named "rick bacon ross" fell down a 15 foot manhole on wednesday in georgia. and when 9-1-1 operators told his owner there was nothing they could do, she took action. "they told me he was going to die down there. i refuse to let my baby, my child die down there." " latoya middleton called wildlife groups, peta, the humane society, and kept getting turned down. so she went down the manhole... camped out with her pig... and called her local news station. luckily, the atlanta fire department heard the story, and was able to find the right equipment to rescue latoya and "rick bacon ross". if you need a
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preparation madness this weekend... we have you covered. a look at some of the fun events going on this
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santa takes a break from the north pole... to help drivers and pedestrians share the road. fox5's cyndi lundeberg shows
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santa is taking a break from his sleigh... and hitting the streets of las vegas. friday saint nick spent his morning reminding pedestrians and drivers how to keep safe on roadways. authorities say this fall has been particularly deadly for pedestrians. our goal is prevention wed rather not have these fatalities we've had 52 since november 1st santa and his helpers from metro police... nevada highway patrol and the clark county school district were on hand passing out tickets for pedestrians crossing unsafely and drivers not yielding the cross walk to santa they saw the santa and just kept speeding officers were also looking for drivers passing in school zones.. speeders and cell phone users. cyndi lundeberg fox 5 news local las vegas. santa began his holiday mission this morning at eight and ended just after three. in total today there were 277 violations... 86 of them were for not
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