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tv   FOX5 News at 530pm  FOX  December 21, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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and hear from the sheriff... as well as a woman whose
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thanks for joining us for your only local news at 5:30. let's get you up to
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latest local headlines. today weve been looking into the woman who turned herself in after crashing into more than 30 people on the strip last night. police believe she was homeless - and living out of her car. fox five has team coverage of this story tonight. let's begin with ophelia young - live on the strip. her name is lakeisha holloway - 24 years old. it looks like her life took a turn for the worst now facing charges in jail on suicide watch- she wasn't always a suspect. here's a video we found of her recorded three years ago. "i was a scred little girl who knew that there was more to live than crime drug addiction lower income alcoholism being underaeducated all of whch are things i grew up being familiar with. " holloway explains her mother became an alcoholic and holloway eventually became homeless. even then - she managed to finish high school and be the first in her family to attend college. she awarded for being a role model.
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shows pictures of her pregnant with a three year old daughter. metro says - the same toddler was sitting in the back of holloway's car when she jumped the sidewalk twice - plowing through 35 people. she then left the scene and ended up a mile away at the tuscany. ""she parked at that location exited her vehicle left her toddler within the vehicle and contacted the valet parker and advised that she had ran over some individuals on las vegas boulevard and requested the valet parker to call 911." in interviews with police - holloway said she was trying to rest in her car but was kicked out of where police believe was planet hollywood. she ended up on the strip quote a place she did not want to be. she didn't explain what made her snap - though police did tell us today she may be going through what they called a disassociation with the child's fater. that child - with child protective services now - holloway in jail
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facing murder with a deadly weapon - the district attorney says more charges are likely. reporting live... the district attorney steve wolfson says the case is moving fast - we may see holloway in court as early as tomorrow morning. tonight - three people remain in critical condition... two in serious. fox5's cyndi lundeberg spoke to u-m-c earlier today and joins us with an update... u-m-c says in total there were 15 people brought to them last night... 10 were able to leave this morning... hospital officials say the victims that were able to leave the hospital were suffering from broken bones.. cuts and bruises. u-m-c says they varied in age but the youngest was
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also said a lot of the victims were from canada so a french translator had to be brought in. i also spoke to a woman who witnessed the crash... here's what she said. "i cant believe it people fly like paper like something she doesnt stop she doesnt have a beak she just driving marina ivanov says her husband and her tended to the people that were injured. she also says her husband chased down the car that lakeisha holloway was supposively driving. in total police say about 35 people were injured. a memorial has also been set up right outside the planet hollywood to honor the victim.. jessica valunezela. victims were also taken to spring valley and sunrise hospitals. sheriff joe lombardo did stress he believes terrorism was not a factor in this crash. but did say with the new year's eve
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las vegas strip next week... they are being proactive to keep everyone safe. "we're doing to ensure that was an ongoing process and everyone knows that's something we do here every year. its a year long process and it has been ramped up in recent months in light of what's across the united states and the the sheriff did stress last night's have a direct correlation to new year's eve. fox5 for any new information coming out on this developing story. we also have any updates on social media as well as the nation's power grid - could be a prime target for terrorists. a new report on how american infrastructure...
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we have breaking news. spacex is staging a comeback tonight - with the launch of a falcon nine rocket. it marks the first first launch - since an explosion destroyed its
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capsule six months ago. the rocket launch - and is now attempting to return - and land upright. capsule six months ago. the rocket launch - and is now attempting to return - and land upright. more bad news for chipotle. we'll tell you about three new areas - that could be connected to an e-coli outbreak. plus - what the opening weekend of "the force awakens" has in common - with the release of the first "star wars" movie - back in 1977. your fox5 weather
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hey, is that it? i think that's it. oh! go amanda! we love you!
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the security of our nation's infrastructure has been a long- time concern for the white house. and now - two reports reveal a history of foreign cyber attacks on the u-s. laura ingle has the story from rye brook, new york. america's infrastructure under attack by iranian hackers. a new report by the wall street journal reveals they broke into the control system of a small dam less than twenty miles north of new york city. the bowman avenue
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flood control. director of national intelligence james clapper telling a congressional committee earlier this year that iran is more aggressive and unpredictable than nations with more advanced cyber capabilities. clapper says: "..these cyber threats come from a range of threats from nation states that fall into at least in my mind two broad categories - those with highly sophisticated cyber programs, most notably china and russia, & those with lesser technical capabilities but more nefarious intent, such as iran or north korea." the dam attack coming to light as a another new report finds the nation's power grid remains vulnerable. the a-p learning foreign hackers have been able to gain remote access to networks which run the grid nearly a dozen times in the past ten years. millions of americans, mass transit systems, businesses, and the military all rely on it for electricity. leverett says: "..nothing that we've really built over the last 30 years is secure by default."
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be among those trying to get into the energy grid. the f-b-i warning the energy industry last december that a group using iranian-based i-p addresses targeted the sector. (on cam tag) the hackers did not take over control of the dam here... but are said to have probed the system. in rye brook, new york, laura ingle, fox news. researchers say the u-s has more than 57-thousand industrial- control systems connected to the internet - more than any other country. they range from office air- conditioning units to major pipelines and electrical- control systems. security experts say companies have done little to protect these systems from would-be hackers. the number of republican candidates for president is down to 12. "today i'm suspending my campaign for president." south carolina senator lindsay graham announced hes out this morning - with an online video. he also spoke to c-n-n... saying finances were an issue - and that he couldn't spread
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without being on the main stage during the debates. he also discussed his ongoing battles with fellow g-o-p candidate donald trump. "if it comes down to donald trump versus hillary clinton, who do you support?" "i'm going to support the republican nominee. i can't have it both ways. now, do i think donald trump can beat hillary clinton? no -- not without some major adjustments." senator graham also says he plans to stay engaged in the discussion over national security and defeating isis donald trump... is demanding an apology from hillary clinton... for what the democratic frontrunner said during the latest debate over the weekend. "he is becoming isis' best recruiter." "they are going to people showing videos odf dionald trump insulting isl;and and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists." trump says there is no evidence that isis recruiters are using videos of him. he fired back this morning on "the today show".
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apologize . she lies about emails. she lies about whitewater. she lies about clinton's apology is out of the question. the c-d-c says it's recent cases of e-coli - linked to chipotle. five people have the new outbreak - including one each in kansas and three in oklahoma. illnesses happened in mid- november - and all five said they ate at a chipotle the week before they got sick. it's not known yet if they are linked to a larger outbreak that began at the end of october. chipotle has said it is implementing new standards to ensure food safety. star wars awakens to the biggest box office opening - in history! the newest installment bringing in an estimated 238- million dollars this weekend - in the u-s and canada alone. the force awakens flew past current record holder jurassic world. internationally - the film brought in 279 million -
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million. the film is also a hit with critics - scoring near perfect on rotten- tomatoes-dot com. the sci-fi franchise continues its legacy of being an opening weekend hit. the first star wars film also had the highest weekend debut back in 1977. now fox5 weather 24/7 with les krifaton ((weather)) you will notice a fair amount of clouds over the next few days as another winter storm descends on us. early tuesday expects some strong wind gusts as a cold front moves in. the front will push
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eve day and will drop our daytime highs. with enough moisture in the upper levels of the atmosphere we even run the risk of a few showers christmas eve. by the weekend mostly sunny skies return. winter officially begins a 8:48 monday evening. closed captioning will resume shortly it seems everyone has something to say... about the mistake heard round the world closed captioning
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will resume shortly closed captioning will resume shortly it seems everyone has something to say... about the mistake heard round the world last night. even donald trump is weighing in... after the wrong contestant was
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called the biggest "oops" in pageant history... happened right here in las vegas last night. it happened at planet hollywood - when host steve harvey crowned the wrong contestant "miss universe". "miss universr 2015
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it turns out - harvey read the card wrong. i have to apologize. the first runner-up is colombia. miss universe 2015 is philippines. [butt to] i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. it was on the card. even donald trump weighed in.... suggesting the
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title. you may remember - trump sold the
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