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tv   FOX5 News at 530pm  FOX  December 24, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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police were back on scene today... witnesses say they saw two men running after the shooting... they say one of the men dropped a hat which police picked up and it appears booked into evidence. bernier is asking his neighbors to come forward to help catch those who are responsible. cyndi lundeberg fox 5 news local las vegas. police have not released the victim's identity. if you have information on the shooting - call police right away. you can remain anonymous by calling crimestoppers - at 702-385-55-55. the t-s-a is updating its security procedures just in time for one of the busiest flying seasons. fox5's abby theodros joins us live from mccarran international airport on how those changes could effect you. tsa workers can now dictate who goes through a body scanner even if a traveller opts for a full body pat down. in the past
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uncomfortable with body screenings could do a pat down. that's still the case but in certain situations - tsa workers will be authorized to mandate a screening. in a statement agency officials said that a mandated screening would be quote: "warranted by security considerations in order to safeguard transportation security" these changes come amid one of the busiest holiday seasons but als concerns about overall aviation security. using body scanners could help spot threats missed by a full body pat down. "christine crews: security is always a top priority in the airport environment and its also something that is always changing and evolving and part of the strategy is to keep it not predictable and to keep us all safe." officials with mccarran say their wait times are a little bit longer than usual because they want to ensure a safe flying experience for their customers. officials emphasized that your best bet for a smooth trip through the airport is to come early. and for those of you who have
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airport the images are generic and more of an outline that an actual photo. reports also show that the scanners do not store images. reporting from mccarran airport abby theodros fox5news local las vegas. the t-s-a says the t-s-a says an update now on power battle in the state bureau protection has to put a hold on a controversial new rate customers with rooftop solar panels. the request was filed two days
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commission voted to move forward with new rates to phasing out subsidies and raise prices over five years. the bureau's reason for the filing is customers who bought their panels years ago may not have been aware that their rates could change. as we first reported yesterday .. rooftop solar company solarcity says it is stopping solar panel sales and installation in nevada because of the p-u-c's ruling. christmas shopping turns violent - inside a shopping mall. it started with a fight that sent last minute shoppers running. this is fox5 news at 5:30, your only choice for live
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power.
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won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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a fight erupts in a crowded shopping mall - and an armed man is shot and killed by police. "it was just pure pandemonium, it was just the frightened looks on the people's faces that made me realize that this is something serious." police say that off-duty officers were working at the northlake mall in charlotte north carolina. they got to the mall after a fight broke out. the person shot was pronounced dead at the scene. another person
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no officers were injured. demonstrators are staging what's being called a "black christmas" march on chicago. "i'm willing to sacrifice my christmas eve and my christmas in order to stand in the gap for people who cannot speak for themselves right now." they're protesting what they call unfair police violence against minorities - and want mayor rahm emanuel to resign. sporadic protests have taken place in the city - since the release of dashcam video last month - officer shooting laquan mcdonald16 times. tonight.... shoppers will be picking up last- gifts. how the surprise squad helped pay off... some of on layaway. and there's a new member of the police force. how this "elf on the shelf" is actually helping officers get work done. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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hey, is that it? i think that's it. this is krystal, and her dream is to be a roller derby girl.
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oh my god it's jj watt! oh my god!
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this is fox5 news at 5:30, your only choice for live local news right now the fox5 suprise squad is powered by united nissan.. dollar loan center.. and helix electric the pressure is really on to find that perfect christmas gift! but sometimes the stress isn't what to get... just bringing it home! so the fox5 surprise squad teamed up with a local k-mart to help their layaway customers. cassandra: so we are hiding out in the pants section our first costumer that we are about to surprise, and they have no idea whats coming. let's jones with the fox5 surprise squad. i stuff on layaway quintessa: yes i do. cassandra: yea? have on layaway. quintessa: um all my kids christmas stuff. colandra: a lot of things, clothes, and learning toys, and yeah. layaway is helpful holidays?
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cassandra: well what would you think if we went ahead and paid for your layaway today? quintessa: gasp colandra: oh my god! thank you guys! laughing i'm gonna cry. cassandra: we would like to take care of your entire layaway bill. jesus: you got to be kidding me? oh my god. cassandra: we're gonna pay for all of it and you don't have to pauy a penny. jesus: that's good cassandra: merry christmas! jesus: thank you cassandra: you're welcome. quintessa: wow thank you! cassandra: you're welcome. merry christmas. quintessa: merry christmas to you too. it helps me out a lot. i'm working three jobs abd i'm a single mother so.. colandra: it helps me out a lot. i'm a single mom of one. i am a school bus driver, and the two weeks we finna be off. oh my god. i just oh, i have chill bumps right now. cassandra: so that's almost $250 bucks back in your pocket for the holidays. colandra: yes thank you ! cassandra: you're very welcome. jesus: can't believe it really. it's not
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you have another layaway? jesus: yeah. cassandra: yea? you have another one? jesus: yes. cassandra: what if we pay for that one too? jesus: you got.. no god. cassandra: would jesus: sure. that'd be great. laughing thank you fox5. cassandra: you're very welcome. have a great holiday. buh bye. jesus: oh my go0d. cassandra: we're gonna go surprise somebody else. they have no idea that we're here and that we're going to be taking care of their entire christmas bill. come on. cassandra: hello laughing cassandra: hi! i'm cassandra jones with the fox5 surprise squad. where you going? where ya going? what are you buying? franshelle: toys for the babies. cassandra: toy for the babies?? franshelle: yes cassandra: how many babies do you have? franshelle: two laughing cassandra: don't we would love to entire layaway bill.
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cassandra: yes franshelle: oh thank you. thank you guys, oh my god. cassandra: we'll pay do this. how much do we owe ya? franshelle: this surprising. i'm excited. i'm happy. everything. and put it under the tree early. thank you guys. cassandra: you're welcome. merry christmas. see ya! there was one more family the squad helped... and it was nothing short of a christmas miracle. to see the magic tune in tomorrow - christmas day - on fox5 news at 5pm and 10pm. there are thousands of people across the valley who don't have enough to eat fox5's "take 5 to care" holiday food drive continues through the end of the year. you can drop off your non- perishable food items at any valley albertons and vons. you can also donate cash right at the register. all of the proceeds benefit three square
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and - don't forget - the las vegas motor speedway is decked out with the largest drive-thru light display in the valley. "glittering lights" features more than three million holiday lights shining bright along the two- point-five mile course. the event raises money for the speedway children's charity among other local organizations. its open nightly starting at 5:30 p- m. you know "elf on the shelf"... but in pennsylvania - there's now an elf on the force. the police force - that is. melissa nardo explains how a new recruit is helping to spread some holiday cheer. sworn in to protect and serve. the elf on the shelf is the eyes and ears of santa claus, watching to see who's naughty and who's nice. (sgt. toby wildasin/ west manheim township police department) as you may or may not know he goes back to the north pole every night. however- this elf, is taking on a little more this holiday season.
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the west manheim township police department. the stuffed officer is taking his oath very seriously, conducting official police investigations. (sgt. toby wildasin/ west manheim township police department) he is captured photos of the itemized pieces of evidence. testing out his skills as a sketch artist... (sgt. toby wildasin/ west manheim township police department) he made use of our leg shackles for that. and even getting into a little trouble. (sgt. toby wildasin/ west manheim township police department) i'm able to capture a photo of him when i come in each day at work. sgt. toby wildason makes sure to document his every move on the department's facebook page. sarge is quickly making friends. (sgt. toby wildasin/ west manheim township police department) it's been an overwhelming response. it's kind of made it enjoyable. i've actually gotten a lot of good comments on our social media. one of his followers even writing a letter. (sgt. toby wildasin/
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township police department) she said what a difference it makes, it's a great concept and we're sure it is reaching our great town of hanover. it's special that one person, or elf, can make such a big difference in life. his fellow officers say he's doing a great job at connecting with the community. showing a different side of law enforcement. (sgt. toby wildasin/ west manheim township police department) the goal through the use of sarge our scout elf is to get followers that would maybe not otherwise like a police facebook page. and ultimately helping solve crime. (sgt. toby wildasin/ west manheim is also a book that was first published in 2004. mcdonald's is experimenting with a limited roll-out of macaroni and cheese. the popular comfort food quietly popped up this summer on menus at 18- cleveland ohio restaurants. a mcdonald's spokesperson says they're always looking for new ways to -- quote -- "offer relevant tastes to our customers." a mac and cheese entree is being sold as part of happy meals for kids -- and as a separate item. but only through february. then mcdonald's says it will evaluate
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now fox5 weather 24/7 there are no weather advisories all of southern envada will be up to 50mph off and coming weekend. and the national weather service has posted a high wind watch for the lake mead area starting saturday morning and running through sunday morning. the days of highs well-above normal are over, as the mercury will only reach the mid- to-upper 40s for the next few days,
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climbing back to the low 50s by the last day of the year. we need to mention that oh-so-slight chance for a few snow flurries as santa makes his sleigh ride over our area. no accumulation is expected. closed captioning
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closed captioning will resume shortly if your truck gets stolen - it's good to have a photo of it - to show police. if not - you'll have to make a drawing instead. how this sketch became on online sensation - and led to good things in
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here's a look at some of the 'all new' stories we are working for fox5 news at six. bad news in the fight against flu here in southern nevada.. we have new
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county. and more bad news for the companys that run fanasy sports web sites.. another state's leaders decide to kick them out! in mexico - a woman's attempt to find her stolen pickup truck led to jokes and ridicule - but she came out on top in the end. when the authorities asked zaira salazar for a picture of the stolen truck - she didn't have one... instead - she drew a picture for them... and that drawing got people online laughing - as it went viral. some people had fun with photoshop... in this case - showing the truck as part of the isis army. in another image.... another photoshop user shows the truck being towed away. but salazar is the one who really had the last laugh... the extra online attention helped her not only track down the vehicle - but also win a brand new truck! it was donated to
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to her story. thanks for joining us.. fox5 news at 6
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live in las vegas fox5 news at 6 with a man shot dead overnight.. neighborhood is wondering why this violent crime happened.. we hear from a to save the man. christmas eve .. many people are going from mccarran .. a live update from the airport just ahead.. including new security
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and if your husband or wife..
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