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tv   FOX5 News at 600pm  FOX  December 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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and if your husband or wife.. or maybe even your kids aren't around right now.. maybe they are in the crowds of people today doing last minute christmas shopping. this is fox5 news at 6. local. las vegas it's not the way christmas eve should be spent .. but for some metro officers .. they spent the day investigating the valley's latest homicide. i'm christine maddela .. john has tonight off. a gunman remains on the run after shooting and killing a man near charleston and pecos. lundeberg spoke to a witness today and joins us live in the newsroom with the story. a call came in last six that a man had been shot.. it happenned at apartment complex... one neighbor i stop the victim from bleeding... his neighbors to come forward with information to catch those responsible. "boom boom boom and i knew it was a gun" wednesday night duane bernier says
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at the sunset villa apartment complex... and heard a commotion and rushed outside to see what happenned. i looked around the corner and the lady was holding the guy who got shot and she was really hysterial he wasnt moving a man neighbors knew was shot and killed. witnesses say two men got him out of his apartment... then shot him on the steps in the back of the complex. officers say the shooting happenned just after 6 p-m wednesday... and the gunman or men are still on the run. "i couldnt sleep last night i just though about that poor woman there she is watching tv with her husband one minute th next minute hes dead" "how can you do something like that how can you be so cruel?" police haven't said why the shooting happened... bernier says he immediately went to help the victim... and told his wife to bring him a towel so he could put pressure on the gun shot wounds... "so she brought me a towel and i took it up to them and gave them the towel
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bleeding" "all i know is he got shot and i saw the hole in his back "and i just felt so bad because theres nothing you can do about it" people who live nearby told me they saw two men running through the complex after the shooting... and im told one of them dropped their hat.. and police picked it up and appeared to take it as evidence. police were out on scene again today... but at last check .. no one is in custody. cyndi lundeberg.... fox 5 news local las vegas. anyone with information is asked to contact police... or crime stoppers to remain annonymous at 702-385-5555. metro police are also investigating a shooting from this morning. this time no one was injured .. but police tell us three people.. 2 men and a woman .. tried to rob the 'amigo's jewelry' at the corner of eastern and owens. an employee, however, hit an alarm.. locking the doors .. and the three people inside! one of the people pulled out a gun and shot out a front window and
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driven by yet another person. in all .. police were able to arrest three of the four people involved. no one was injured.. and no word on if anything was stolen. the southern nevada health district reports that two people have died from the flu in clark county. its the first flu- related deaths in the county for the 2015-16 season, according to the health district. both deaths were men over the age of 60, but the district did not release any further information. the health district says that flu season typically peaks in the beginning of the new year and there is still time vaccine. an update now on the ongoing solar nevada. the state bureau of consumer protection has asked regulators to put a hold on a controversial new rate structure for customers with rooftop solar panels. the request was filed two days after the public utilities commission voted to move forward phasing out subsidies and raise
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the bureau's reason for the filing is customers who bought their panels years ago may not have been aware that their rates could change. as we first reported yesterday .. rooftop solar company solarcity says it is stopping solar panel sales and installation in nevada because of the p-u-c's ruling. for all you late holiday travelers out there - the transportation security administration has announced new procedures that could have an effect on your wait times. fox5's abby theodros is live at mccarran with more on what you can expect now ... and in the months to come. travellers generally have the option between a full body screening and a patdown but an update to tsa's protocol has changed that. it's one of the busier times of year at mccarran airport and whether you're leaving the silver state - raymond cresiski, ct: we typically fly on christmas eve - it's usually pretty light because we're going home. or in town for the holidays - rachel duggal, michigan: "i'm excited to see
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there are a few changes coming your way. christine crews: security is always a top priority in the airport environment and its also something that is always changing and evolving and part of the strategy is to keep it not predictable and to keep us all safe. the latest switch up allows the transportation security administration to dictate who goes through a body scanner even if a traveller opts for a pat down. the decision - according to the agency - will be "warranted by security considerations in order to safeguard transportation security." steve feldman, detroit: i know if its for security measures and it makes our travels safer - i'm willing to do it. the modified security measures come amid concerns about overall aviation security and threats involving possible terror plots. body scanners could help spot threats missed by a pat down. nats and for those late holiday travellers- be sure to allow yourself time at before your flight. christine crews: we are seeing that our wait times are a little bit longer. we're doing the most thorough job possible so if that means we need to slow things down a bit we will. arrive
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anticipate longer wait times from finding a parking space to checking in to already going through our security screening processes. christine crews: we always recommend that anyone travelling that - know before you go, is the way we put it. and we recommend that you visit tsa.g ov to look for the latest updates for security screening procedures. statement says passengers undergoing the screening will generally have the option to decline a body scan. its just in the instances that call for it - they can call for a screening. the westin lake las vegas hotel has been sold for 25 million dollars. while this is a lot of money - it's much less than what previous owners paid almost a decade ago. in fact .. this selling price is 84-percent lower than what it was bought for. the resort was bought out of foreclosure by a san diego-based investment firm. the hotel is one of three resorts at lake las vegas. back in 2006, new york-based loews
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million. employees of a local restaurant served up some christmas cheer today for the less fortunate. natasha williams - owner of "jalisco cantina" - has been celebrating her birthday the same way for the last fourteen years. it started with just her and her friends volunteering - but this year she is partnering with the salvation army to serve christmas eve community meal. they prepared five-hundred burritos today! "even if it's just your time, whatever it is that you have, it's just really important to give back to the community and there are so many people in need all year long. that's philosophy in doing this." the group also provided goodie bags to children attending the meal. inside were hygiene items, activity books, toys, snacks, and juice boxes. it is christmas eve... and not everyone is done with their holiday shopping fox5 went to check out the henderson. you can see the
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rush home with their treasures. looks like there's no shortage of procrastinators in the valley. "it's a little packed, the parking lot is def packed, finding a parking spot is pretty hard" "shopping for last minute christmas shopping. why'd you wait until the day before christmas? i just got paid. how's it been? crazy. lot of people, packed, lines are crazy." "there's a lot of people, but everybody's nice. everyone's in the spirit, and i love that." "i hope to start earlier next year, we'll see." you don't have much time left if you need to get out there. the galleria mall just closed .. but since we're a 24- hour town .. we're sure there are stores still open. one couple stopped by an animal shelter today to give animals without homes some special treats. debby johnson and jerome keever started their tradition last year -- and spent christmas eve with some furry friends. the two along with a few other volunteers wore santa hats and handed out dog
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jerome is a volunteer at the animal foundation. he and debby felt they had everything they needed - and wanted to put the giving spirit in another direction. jerome keeber / volunteer "we're here to give every animal that's here a treat. numerous treats." debby johnson / volunteer "it comes to christmas we were giving things to each other that just sat around the house, so it was time to stop giving and find another place to give." they visted with the animals and some new pet parents as they handed out goodies. jerome said the animals needed a christmas treat. ahead tonight ... a popular fast food chain is trying out a new comfort food menu item. find out what it is. but if you live in one of these cities.. you might not be able to afford it.. they are the most expensive american cities to raise a family. and an update from across the nation as deadly storms leave a path of destruction. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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you're watching fox5 news at 6. local. las vegas
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hey, is that it? i think that's it. oh! go amanda! we love you!
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a pre-christmas storm system has wreaked havoc on the southern portion of the u.s.,
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people injuring dozens others. meanwhile, the northeast is experiencing temperatures well above the norm for the holiday. karin caifa (kay- fuh) has details on the unusual christmas eve weather in many parts of the nation. daybreak on christmas eve shed light on storm damage in areas southwest of nashville -- the result of a wave of weather that arrived wednesday. it is not the kind of holiday, anyone wanted. (mos) your heart just sinks. it makes you feel terrible. and you know, you just want to run and help, and do the best you can. :48 an unusual christmastime system brought severe storms to tennessee and arkansas -- and a deadly tornado in northern mississippi. a twister that started there may have been on the ground for 150 miles, according to the national weather service. (lance meeks/storm survivor) rolled right over me. uprooted trees, cut trees in half. and i don't know why i'm still standing here talking to you. hit especially hard -- the community of holly springs and surrounding marshall county, where a seven-year
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in a car with his family. (mayor kelvin buck/holly springs, mississippi) "the smaller the community, the more people you know, the emergency responders here, you're gonna deal with your family, your relatives, people that you meet and greet every day on the street. " forecasters believe the greatest threat to the region has passed -- the risk of severe storms lower, but more rain expected. meanwhile, in the northeast -- last- minute travelers in cities like new york and washington have experienced spring-like temperatures in the sixties and seventies -- but, under some clouds, and a little rain. i'm karin caifa reporting. now fox5 weather 24/7 (( weather )) there are no weather advisories for las vegas , but all of southern nevada will be seeing wind gusts up to 50mph off and on through the coming weekend.
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watch for the lake mead area starting saturday morning and running through sunday morning. the days normal are over, as the mercury will only reach the mid- next few days, before slowly climbing back to the low 50s by the last day of the year. we need to mention that oh-so-slight chance for a few snow flurries as santa makes his sleigh ride over our area. no
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expected. closed captioning will resume shortly raising a family is even more certain cities. a survey done by the economic policy institute finds in some cities in the u.s. it costs parents well into closed captioning will resume shortly area. no accumulation is expected. closed captioning
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even more expensive in certain cities. a survey done by the economic policy institute finds in some cities in the u.s. it costs six figures just to get by.. calculating the cost of living based on cost of housing, child care, food, transportation, health care and other necessities... washington d.c. was the most expensive city to raise a family. followed by nassau, suffolk and westchester york... suburbs of new york city. stamford- norwalk connecticut came in fifth... then honolulu.. new york.. ithaca, new york.. and san the biggest for parents in the care in five hundred of the more than six hundred areas the average cost for
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thousand dollars. mcdonald's is experimenting with a new item ... macaroni and right now, it's several locations in cleveland, ohio. the mac and cheese is being sold as part of happy meals for kids -- and as a separate item. through february .. at which time mcdonald's will not to begin selling mac and cheese at more stores. next .. the mudslinging on the campaign trail doesn't take a holiday.. and another state cracks down on daily
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sports betting is now considered illegal gambling in the state of illinois. illinois' attorney general issued a legal opinion yesterday declaring that when someone "plays a game of chance or skill for money" is considered illegal gambling in the land of lincoln. but, one online "fantasy sports" provider..."fan duel"....issued a statement calling her opinion "disappointing". the fantasy sites are also banned here in nevada and new york. republican presidential candidate donald trump continues to lead the field, in a big way, heading into the new year. fox news correspondent joel waldman has more from washington. well before christmas, in grinch like fashion, jeb bush, predicted donald trump's political success
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but, with the holiday here, the former florida governor finds himself in the low single digits ... as the billionaire real estate developer builds on his lead in a new, national poll ... it is hard to believe i am winning by so much when i am treated so badly by the media. new cnn poll amazing in all categories. 21 pt. lead but, trump's holiday cheer could be threatened by ted cruz. the second-place texas senator is inching closer to the frontrunner, even leading the donald in some state polls. while political watchers warn cruz may not be trump's only obstacle. schoen says " hillary's lead over him is pretty big and i tend to think if he gets down further with these personal attacks, i think it will only work to his detriment, and only hurt us as a nation". hillary clinton has largely ignored trump's tirades - only firing back
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focused more on her democrat foe - bernie sanders. the democrat frontrunner leads the vermont senator by 16-points in the most recent national survey - as sanders vows to keep fighting ... sanders says: "what people want to see is a political revolution." waldman says "a pair of republican candidates have made their holiday wishes clear. ben carson has threatened a campaign shake-up if his downard trajectory is not reversed ... and, mike huckabee says he'll drop out of the race unless he finishes in the top three in the - iowa caucuses in washington, joel waldman, fox news." tourists in fiji say they are thankful to be alive after a terrifying helicopter crash. take a look. a witness video in fiji earlier this week. the helicopter attempting to land, when a gust aircraft .. sending it into a nearby tree.. this is pilot. amazingly, all seven people on
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only minor injuries. detroit has a new top cop!! a 7-year-old boy was given the title of honorary chief. carter widmer hopped out of the department's helicopter in a new uniform yesterday. he was ready for action, as he took the oath of office. carter is the son of a detroit police officer. the tiny officer is also a dog lover, so his grandmother donated 250-dollars to detroit's k-9 unit at his request. carter even got to spend some time with fletcher.. the bomb-sniffing dog. carter says he wants to be a cop just like his dad one day. with only a few hours to go.. santa's on his way ... looks like he's
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here's a look at some of the 'all new' stories we are working for fox5 news at ten.
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known for its entertainment... and that doesn't change on christmas eve. "singing christmas song." how fremont street performers are working to give others the holiday spirit... its christmas eve, and santa has been working hard all day delivering gifts to kids on the other side of the world. he was last seen in ????. this is norad's live santa tracker.. .. entertainment.... but our city has now also become the culinary captial! seriously ... individuals) tonight a look at the celebrity chefs, shows and stars who've made our town the "toast" of ? and - we're in the kitchen with the
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