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tv   FOX5 News at 1000pm  FOX  January 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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tonight in a fox5 investigation, we talked to the mother of the man shot and killed by police yesterday afternoon. i'm christine maddela. john huck has the night off. metro police officers were called in to help catch a suspect they tell us was wanted for attempted murder. fox 5's cyndi lundeberg joins us live now. she has exclusive interviews with the man's family... and cyndi, they say what police are telling us... isn't true... keith childress was 23 years old when he was shot and killed by metro police. he lives in phoenix arizona and was visiting his uncle who lives here in las vegas. the family says keith does have a criminal record... but attempted murder is not one of the things he's guilty of. i love him i love him so deeply and i dont understand danielle steagal wants to know what happenned to her son thursday on gilded crown court. they said he killed him and they said they found out because of the
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notified by any police officer that my child is deceased she said vince arent on durango i said ya she said my sons dead she said they killed my son i just saw it on the news we went back to the scene of the shooting. childress was shot in this cul- de-sac. when officers fired, some of the bullets hit nearby homes. we counted nineteen bullet holes in this home's front door, the garage and on the side of the home. no one answered when we knocked at the door, but another neighbor heard it all. (neighbor- heard bullets) it was like bam bam bam bam it was a lot and iw as like get on the groundo las vegas metro police say u-s marshals called them to help track a suspect wanted for attempted murder in arizona. two patrol officers began giving commands they believed htye saw a firarm they told him to drop a firearm he did not drop the item that item turned out to be a cell phone. childress was unarmed. "because this was a resdential area they dischared on the suspect hitting him several times he was in las vegas visiting his uncle for new years. the family says childress got in trouble with the law in 2013, but it was because he was working as a bounty hunter and
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wrong person. they tell us childress was charged in the case. kieht was pending charges for a crime relatd to his job fox5 tracked down his criminal record and found he was charged with burglary, armed robbery, kidnapping, aggravated assault, and theft from that incident. his uncle was with childress when u-s marshalls came looking for him. he looked over his shoulder said some wrods and then took off running i was drawn on told not to move says do you know why your nephew is running? hes wanted for attempted murder out of ariznoa the family tells us police aren't telling them anything... and are refusing to release childress' body... i called the coroner to see if it was true because i couldnt believe it they said they have someone with that birth date
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office, they told us they were not releasing the man's name until they notify his family. i want answers i wanna know why my son is not here today his mother says she just wants her son to know one thing... mommys here always mommy loves you so much youre my everything we reached out to the u-s marshalls service... their las vegas, washington d-c, and arizona offices to check on the attempted murder charge... but have not heard back. metro police issued a statement about the shooting, but did not allow the media to ask any questions. reporting live cyndi lundeberg fox 5 news local las vegas. police say they called emergency services immediately to get medical attention for keith childress. the family tells us they went to the police station to pick up his belongings, but
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contact they've had with police. its the first day of the new year - and one man is already dead from gunfire. north las vegas police spent the day investigating the homicide. they think the victim and the suspect knew each other... fox five's miguel martinez-valle has the details... christine it was a tragic start to 2016 for family members of the 41 year old man who was shot and killed earlier today... police say it wasnt a random shooting, the suspect and the person shot did know each other... they even lived in the same gated community. only hours into 2016 and north las vegas police already have a homicide investigation on their hands... " this is really unfortunate, especially being the first day of new years. we were happy we were fairly quiet last night but this is no way to start a new year." a 41 year old man was shot and killed inside a condo in a gated community...the person who shot
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police got word of gun shots around noon, neighbors say the shots were fired earlier... " maybe around 10, 11, around that time frame, i was half asleep and i heard the gun shot. and i kind of peaked out the window i didnt really see anything so i layed back down. and then maybe 2 minutes later i heard a lady crying outside." police say this was not a random act of violence... the shooter and the man killed knew eachother, and they wern't alone at the time of the shooting. " i believe there were a couple of chldren inside, im not sure how many or their ages at this point. but we do know that there were multiple people inside." no one else was hurt by the gunfire, but police spent the greater part of january 1st speaking to the people who saw what happened... " witnesses reported that there was some sort of audible altercation right before the shot was fired, so detectives are working to try to determine the relationship between the two." police are still looking for that suspect, they didnt give us a description but they spent most of the day talking
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trying to find out where they ran to... from the newsroom, miguel martinez-valle, fox5 news local. las vegas. anyone with information about this shooting can call police or crimestoppers at 7-0-2-3-8-5-55-55. a driver and passenger were killed in a new year's eve rollover crash. it happened around ten p-m on the i-15 near craig. witnesses told troopers the car lost control... hit the dividing wall... and rolled across the travel lanes before bursting into flames. n-h-p says both people were found dead inside the car by firefighters. no other cars were involved. the cause of crash has not been released. a suspected drunk driver slams into three other cars on new year's eve. n-h-p says the driver was traveling on the wrong side of the u-s 95 near the 2- 15... when they hit three other vehicles. the driver was taken to the hospital. troopers did not
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and passengers involved went to the hospital... but they are expected to survive. n-h-p has not released the condition of the at-fault driver... but says that person is suspected of d-u-i. law enforcement says both crashes ended the year on a sad note. just hours before the new year... n-h-p says more than twenty people were arrested for d-u-i. they also responded to three hit-and- runs... along with the deadly crash on the i-15. troopers say most crashes on valley roads are preventable. "when people understand that when they get behind the wheel that it's a huge responsibility - that it's a responsibility not only for themselves people in the vehicle but also people in the road way - when they realize that they follow the rules of the road they keep themselves safe ." since may of 2011 -- our state has pushed its "zero fatalities" campaign. this year is more important than ever... since deadly crashes went up 17- percent in 2015 from the year before. coming up at 10:30... the number
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n-h-p expects in the new year... and how drivers can help law enforcement keep our roads safe. eight people were arrested on the las vegas strip on new year's eve. metro police say one of those was for a possible felony offense. clark county fire department responded to fifty-five calls in the area for medical and alcohol-related issues... including a man who had a heart attack outside of harrah's. off the strip -- two people were arrested on fremont street. las vegas fire and rescue says there was a slight decrease of the number of calls they responded to in the overnight hours of 2015. more than thirty people were forced to stay somewhere else after their apartment complex catches on fire. clark county fire department responded to the fire around two in the morning -- near maryland parkway and desert inn. several units were in flames... and crews requested more backup. the entire building was evacuated. firefighters were able to control the fire... and stayed on scene until five in the morning. no one was hurt. the red cross is helping 19 adults... seventeen kids... and two
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displaced. "really the best thing is seeing the look of relief on someone's face when they see there's someone there who's going to help them. often what happens after an emergency is a sense of helplessness" the red cross gives families vouchers and money to get whatever they need t@ get through the next few days. the cause of the fire has not been released. president obama is pushing for tougher gun control. in his weekly address -- the president said his new year's resolution was to move forward on unfinished business -- including the epidemic of gun violence. white house officials say the focus remains on the "gun show loophole". it allows certain firearm sellers to avoid requiring background checks before making sales. the president is calling on the american people to help him fight for change. "each time we're told that common sense reforms like background checks might not have stopped the last massacre, or the one before that, so we shouldn't do anything. we know we can't stop every
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what if we tried to stop even one. what if congress did something, anything, to protect our kids from gun violence." currently -- federally licensed firearms dealers are required to seek background checks on potential firearms purchasers. advocacy groups say some people who sell guns at shows are not federally licensed. a gun store owner we spoke to says statistics show that mass shooters pass background checks. "so to buy a gun from me costs 40 dollars more than it would buying from a private party. why wouldn't you buy it from a private party? it's economics. it's not that these folks are criminals, like i said there is no data that shows lack of background checks turns into crime guns." the president will meet with attorney general loretta lynch on monday. the executive action plan is expected to be announced sometime next week -- ahead of the state of the union address.
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state with the new year. nevada legislators passed fifty bills this spring. the new laws take effect in whole or in part starting today. one requires c-c- s-d to set aside money to give teachers performance- based bonuses. it doesn't allow the money to be used somewhere else through union contracts. another requires day care centers to schedule active playtime for kids. one also paves the way for voters to get sample ballots through email. there can only be one... or maybe not. where two babies were born first in 2016... and what the families think about all the attention they're getting. an arizona same- sex couple makes history in las vegas. how many marriage licenses the city has now issued -- thanks to them... and how they were able to celebrate -- las vegas style. plus -- the first bout of the new year happens in las vegas. what's on the line for u-f-c 195... your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero fir months payment on a new jetta and otherselect models. live from las vegas. you're watching fox5 news at 10, with emmy award winner john huck. christine maddela. and weather 24/7 with chief
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pretty. this is fox5 news at 10. local. las vegas. 2016 came in with a bang in las vegas! hundreds of thousands were ringing in the new year at the strip. here's a look at several different casino rooftops shooting off fireworks. l-v-c-v-a says new year's eve brings in around 228- million dollars to the valley. more than 149- thousand hotel rooms were almost fully booked! here in las vegas -- two babies were the first to be born in 2016! ramone hernandez was welcomed into the world at 12-04 this morning at mountain view hospital. the baby boy weighed six-and- a-half pounds and was 18-and-a-half inches long. his parents jazmine and marco are excited about all of the attention the little one is getting. "it's very overwhelming. everybody's texting me, oh your baby's on the news already, it's really great, he's going to be famous the rest of his life (laughs)."
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of the year. centennial hills hospital had a baby delivered at the exact same time. a little girl to laura and alberto. this is their first child. las vegas reaches a milestone. the 5000-th marriage license for a same-sex couple was issued this week. ronald bauman and dumitru alexeev from phoenix, arizona were the lucky couple. to recognize the occasion -- they were awarded with a few prizes... like a stay at mandalay bay and circus circus -- courtesy of m-g-m resorts. they also received show tickets and a steak dinner. "we actually thought kind of a low key event, and as we were applying for the license we saw a little commtion and people asking questions. the clerk said she'd explain in a minute and then she did." the couple planned on having their wedding today. welcome to 2016. for the next few days expect to see increasing cloudiness and slightly warmer temperatures. as a
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coast on monday it will help deliver some unstable weather to our area staring tuesday. rain chances increase tuesday and wednesday to 60%. then on thursday we see rain potentially sticking around with the chance of rain at 50%. the threat remains friday but not as high. temperatures for the week will remain around or just slightly below normal.
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for the next few days expect to see increasing cloudiness and slightly warmer temperatures. as a low approaches the coast on monday it will help deliver some unstable weather to our area staring tuesday. rain chances increase tuesday and wednesday to 60%. then on thursday we see rain potentially sticking around with the chance of rain at 50%. the threat remains friday but not as high. temperatures for
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remain around or just slightly below normal. closed captioning
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the first u-f-c fight of the new year happens in las vegas tomorrow. carlos condit versus robbie lawler. what both fighters had to say about their opponent. the tech world will be abuzz next week. how the las vegas convention center is preparing for the annual "consumer electronics show". how las vegas rang in the new year... the fireworks, to the music... comments, questions, and concerns about it all coming up in the rant, and we
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both fighters are in their prime. challenger carlos condit looks to dethrone welterweight champion robbie lawler in the main event of u-f-c 195. the weigh-in happening at the m-g-m grand garden arena this afternoon. this is lawler's second time defending the welterweight belt. "carlos is a heck of a fighter. hes fierce but im here to stay im the champ and im going to showcase im the best in the world. come on guys. lets do this." "ive been impressed by robbie and his skills. this is opportunity to put highlight on career. i feel ive been working entire life for this moment right here. u-f-c 195 is at the m-g-m grand garden arena. it starts tomorrow at 3-30 p-m. hundreds of thousands will be in town to check out the latest in technology and gadgets. the "consumer electronics show" takes place next week at the las vegas convention center. it brings people from around the world to see new innovations and trends for 2016.
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records last year. more than 170- thousand came to the exhibit space. c-e-s starts next wednesday through saturday. coming up -- a car bursts into flames on new year's eve. two people were killed. what nevada highway patrol is doing to have "zero fatalities" on valley roads this year. plus -- the grammy winning singer of "this will be" and "our love" has passed away. a look back at the life of natalie cole... and how she made her own mark in the music world. a halt to hoverboards. the new requirements for hoverboard users in california... and what those who own one -- think about the changes.
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fox5 news at 10. 10. local. las vegas. a deadly crash on new year's eve. a car burst into flames -- leaving two people dead. nevada highway patrol says this is an example of the danger on our roads and freeways. fox five's abby theodros shows us what law enforcement is
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in the hours before the new year - nevada's highway patrol arrested 22 people for dui, responded to 3 hit and runs and one crash with two deaths. trooper loy hixon says the numberr of crashes they handled is disheartening .. because most of them - are preventable . tpr. loy hixon: when people understand that when they get behind the wheel that it's a huge responsibility - that it's a responsibility not only for themselves people in the vehicle but also people in the road way - when they realize that they follow the rules of the road they keep themselves safe since may two thousand eleven - the state has pushed its zero fatalities campaign. and with another year in the books- hixon says the campaign is more important than ever. deadly crashes were up 17 percent in 2015 from the previous year. our preliminary numbers are showing that we are gong to be well above last year so we ask ourselves what more can we do? the campaign targets things we can all easily do to help to lower the
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related deaths. including just wearing a seatbelt - and more challenging ones like pedestrian and intersection safety. thats the one that seems to stick out to us every year. because we focus on it so much, we push that campaign and that message of making sure that when pedestrians are out there they do use the cross walk and they're paying attention but hixon says it's not only pedestrians... the drivers. you do have some pedestrians that are of course following those rules but the drivres again, focused on everything else other than their driving... that they say they dont see that pedestrian. and with the start of the new year - hixson is hopeful this year will be better.. we know 2015 left us on a sad note especially for the nevada highway patrol we can make thsi a great year we can lower those numbers tpr. loy hixon: always buckle up, never drive impaired make sure that they focus on the road and those other traffic safety" says more than 200 people died in a car crash this year. sixty of those were pedestrians. a metro police officer crashes a patrol car into a wall during a pursuit.
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around eleven this morning near arville and valley view. that's near clark high school. police say the officer lost control while chasing down a suspect. the officer was not hurt. police say the suspect has still not been captured. cities around the world were on high alert for new year's eve... including las vegas. there were tighter security measures... as law enforcement feared the threat of terrorism at a number of high- profile events. steve nannes reports on a thwarted plot on our homeland. the world welcomed 20-16 last night with a mixture of jubilation and jitters... as security officials across the u.s. and the world prepared for potential violence that ultimately never came. in rochester, new york, a terror plot was thwarted when officials arrested this man -- emanuel lutchman -- alleging he attempted to provide material support to isis. (gov. andrew cuomo, new york) "this person became a muslim, we believe, in state prison, went out, and became radicalized on the internet" his goal, according
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attack revelers on new years eve. (mark chiarenza/bar owner in rochester, ny) "it's a little scary and then i sat back and i though you know, we have very good security staff we have a great police presence on east ave. and you know they're really just trying to put the fear into us and we're not going to let that happen." lutchman allegedly discussed using a bomb and kidnapping people with an undercover operative. in europe... officials in brussels took no chances... canceling new year's eve festivities after authorities uncovered plans for suicide attacks. and in germany, police closed two busy train stations in munich after learning of a threat connected to isis. german officials say there is no threat of an imminent attack in the coming days. meanwhile, back in the u.s., extra security teams were deployed for the annual new year's rose parade in pasadena, california... as well as the rose bowl game. (chief phillip sanchez, pasadena police department) "if there is an unusual occurance, or an emergency, those teams will be immediately deployed" in washington, i'm steve nannes reporting. here in las vegas -- more than a thousand uniformed officers patrolled the strip.
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airport also had hundreds of nevada national guardsmen. a luxury hotel in dubai smolders throughout the day after a massive fire new year's eve. the 63-story hotel was engulfed in flames as crowds gathered for the annual fireworks display. you can see guests and residents running away. fourteen minor injuries were reported during the hotel evacuation. today -- emergency crews were inside the property... looking for any hot spots. investigators have not said what caused the fire. iconic r-and-b star natalie cole has passed away. the grammy winner and daughter of nat king cole died in a los angeles hospital thursday night from ongoing health issues. jeremy roth shows us how cole rose to make her own mark in the music world. unforgettable in every way... she was the daughter of a singing legend...who found her own musical success. as the child of nat king cole and
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maria hawkins ellington...natalie cole was exposed to a rich performing tradition from a young age. her 19-91 version of her late father's standard unforgettable - a virtual duet alongside his voice - helped the album sell millions of copies and win six grammys in 19-92. cole was open about a years-long struggle with drug abuse. she was diagnosed in 20-08 with hepatits c - and went on a public search for a kidney transplant. here's cole on c-n- n's larry king live in 20-09. it's like a virus, and they treat it very aggressively but i had had it forever and i had it from drug use. a nurse at the hospital where cole was being treated was so moved by the star's struggle -- that when her niece suddenly died -- she arranged for cole to receive her kidney. meanwhile her family says in her absence they're now left with quote "heavy hearts" but add that she died how she lived -- with dignity, strength and honor. natalie cole was 65 years old.
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comedian bill cosby has been ordered to give a deposition in a defamation suit against her husband. a massachusetts court rejected a motion by camille cosby to cancel the deposition order. she is scheduled to testify next week. the defamation case involves seven women who have accused bill cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. they say the 78- year-old comic portrayed them as liars after they went public with their allegations. cosby also faces felony sexual assault charges in pennsylvania from an incident in 2004. the comedian has denied any wrongdoing. college students can now apply for financial aid. today is the first day to submit the "fafsa" form. experts say it's also the best time... and the sooner, the better. you could lose out on some scholarships or grant money if you wait too long. students must submit the fafsa form to get any financial aid awards. this also includes federal and state grants... along with scholarships from your state and school. the form also helps determine how much you can
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democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton breaks a hundred-million dollar campaign goal. the campaign announced it's raised 37-million for the primary campaign in the last three months of 2015. the 100-million dollar goal was set earlier in the year. heading into the new year -- the campaign says it has nearly 38- million in cash on hand... and more than sixty-percent of their donations were from women. a favorite new year's day tradition in pasadena, california drew in people from all over the country. hundreds of thousands gathered to watch the 127-th rose parade. one very special float honored a local fifteen year old girl -- who died suddenly after suffering from a stroke at coronado high school. lauren deschaine's kidneys were donated -- saving the lives of two women. the float featured a floral portrait of lauren. the hoverboards were a hot-ticket item for christmas... but now those who own one in california have to deal with new laws. hanna battah
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new age restrictions and speed limits. it's safe to say nina andrews isn't thrilled with the new state laws on hoverboards. (nina andrews, hoverboard fan) "that wasn't cool." she says what started as a holiday gift to ride alongside her four-year-old on a bike, turned into a set of frustrations. (nina andrews, hoverboard fan) "i just got this board and now you're going to come up with a law two days later like who does that?! and i'm not going to wear a helmet like i gotta look cute doing this." along with helmet use, starting january first, california riders will have to stay in the bike lane on roads no more than 35 miles per hour. ((nats riding hoverboard)) the new law also prevents children under 16 from using the boards. (crystal walker, hoverboard user) "i've definitely seen kids younger than 16 riding it better than me." crystal walker says she understands the decision to require safety gear for use but thinks the law goes too far since her device caps at 6 to 10 miles per hour. (crystal walker, hoverboard user) "i
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putting rules and restrictions where it's not really needed." dmv officials say the intent of the law is to ensure the devices do not impede traffic or become a hazard for other pedestrians and drivers. both women say even before the new law... they didn't plan on taking their boards outside their neighborhood. (crystal walker, hoverboard user) "i don't plan on taking it out of this community so i don't think i'm going to change very much." (nina andrews, hoverboard fan) "if i get on a skateboard i can hurt myself, if i get on a bike i can hurt myself. so it's up to you to figure out your limitations. i'm an adult, treat me like one." the penalty for breaking any of the new rules... approved by governor brown, back in october... is up to a 250 dollar fine. singer taylor swift rings in the new year in style. we'll take a look at her sixth music video from her 19- 89 album. plus -- how locals and tourists who partied too hard last night could get help with their hangover... your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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the las vegas fireworks display. some say it was fantastic, some say other cities do it better... some ask, what was up with the music? it's the first rant
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this is the best block of all. it's like candy cane lane. i know. oohhh. oh, holiday ferris wheel. i kind of love it. look at those reindeer. jeffrey, you're awfully quiet back there. i was just thinking... maybe it's time we finish this test drive and head back to the dealership? that is so jeffrey... soooo jeffrey... so jeffrey... oh. elves.. it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment
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celebrated the new year... and there was some help for those who woke up with a hangover. locals and tourists made their way to "reviv medical spa" at the m-g-m grand this morning. you can get rehydrated with the help of i-v drips. it takes about 30 to 45 minutes. the facility was expecting a very busy day. after last night -- visitors say they were trying to feel "normal" to continue celebrating through the weekend. "well, long story short, i might have partied last night in front of the monte carlo for new year's eve and i would like to continue partying actually. so i'm just
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pick-me-up going." some people got the treatment in their hotel room for a few extra bucks. "reviv" also offers discounts to employees of m-g-m resorts. and while some were trying to get back on their feet... many were working on their new year's resolutions of getting in shape. gyms were flooding with people today. the new year bringing in a lot new people committed to getting healthy. regulars at "las vegas athletic club" say they are stuck waiting for equipment around this time of year. some gym members we talked to say they are happy seeing people dedicated and trying to lose those extra pounds. "as long as they're here, they've got a shot. so yeah, i like it. every year. and i don't care if i have to wait an extra couple minutes because in the long run, that's someone's health. so yeah, it's a good thing." regulars at the gym say the crowds of people don't generally last long and usually clear up by february. a trip to the lake mead national recreation area will cost a bit more. starting now -- fees increase for the park
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camping. it's part of a larger national park service initiative to standardize fees in simliar parks across the country. the park sought public comment in february about the changes... and says less than one-percent opposed the change. you can find a list of the new prices on our website at fox five vegas dot com. just click under the links section. some brave people are literally diving into the new year. getting out of the water many participated in the annual polar dip and dash. jumping into the ocean off portland, maine... right as it's finally getting chilly in the north east. it's the eighth year for the new year's eve 5-k run and plunge... which aims to raise awareness about climate change. many people say the 40-degree dip is revitalizing... and a good way to cleanse away 20-15 to welcome in the new year. welcome to 2016. for the next few
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cloudiness and slightly warmer temperatures. as a low approaches the coast on monday it will help deliver some unstable weatto our area staring tuesday. rain chances increase tuesday and wednesday to 60%. then on thursday we see rain potentially sticking around with the chance of rain at 50%. the threat remains friday but not as high. temperatures for the week will remain around or just slightly below normal. welcome to 2016. for the next few days expect to see increasing cloudiness and slightly warmer temperatures. as a low approaches the
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will help deliver some unstable weather to our area staring tuesday. rain chances increase tuesday and wednesday to 60%. then on thursday we see rain potentially sticking around with the chance of rain at 50%. the threat remains friday but not as high. temperatures for the week will remain around or just slightly below normal. closed captioning
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on new year's eve we aired a rant from a man talking about how massive dubai's fireworks display is, saying las vegas should have the biggest fireworks display in the world. to quote, he said disgusting, absolutely
10:42 pm
magnificent as dubai. that got some people fired up. others say when it comes to vegas fireworks, there's room for improvement. 138 this goes out to the goofball caller that was saying that las vegas fireworks were disgusting and they were comparing us to dubai and saying his whole thing was disgusting. oh my gosh, dude! you must have a very disgusting life. you just made a on new year's eve we aired a rant from a man talking about how massive dubai's fireworks display is, saying las vegas should have the biggest fireworks display in the world. to quote, he said disgusting, absolutely disgusting that vegas can't do anything as magnificent as dubai. that got some people fired up. others say when it comes to vegas fireworks, there's room for
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well, here's a few stratosphere factoids for ya: the strat is the tallest observation tower in the u-s. it's not technically considered a building by many standards because it's not entirely habitable. that's why you won't find it on many "tallest buildings" lists. but it is listed as one of the top 20 tallest tors in the world. time for more rants... including some love for us here at fox5.
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hey, thanks for that. we appreciate you watching. email your rants to the rant at or call and leave a voicemail: 702-436- 8285 here's a look at what's coming up.. on fox five news at eleven. we're continuing our investigation into an officer involved shooting new year's eve. the family of the man shot shares his story. controversy over new billboards on a utah highway. what it's advertising, that's making many drivers uncomfortable. and you made it to your first friday of 2016! we'll look at some of the events going on around town. singer taylor swift celebrates new year's eve with a new music video. "to move the furniture like we could chance, we
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airplanes flying and i remember thinking. are we out of the woods yet? are we in the clear? " the grammy winner debuted "out of the woods" during dick clark's "new year's rockin eve". this is the sixth music video from her 19-89 album. it's already reached nearly five-million views. one animal goes wild in the news studio. why zoo handlers say this toucan got a little stage fright before appearing on
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be a little camera shy. this is "lupe the toucan". she was supposed to be on a segment of "good day atlanta"... but she was not ready to go in front of the camera. the bird ended up getting away from her zoo handler... and flew around the fox five atlanta studio. she hung out on the rafters for a while. eventually -- she came down and her handlers put her back in her carrier. this was lupe's first trip to a studio... and hopefully not her last.
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your only local station here for you at both 10 and
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live from las vegas it's time for fox5 news at 11. " "hes my everything that boy is my everything" " the family of a man killed in an officer involved shooting are desperate for answers. they share his story with fox5... and the frustrations they're having with investigators. north las vegas police investigating the first murder in their city this year. neighbors describe what they heard when the body was found. president obama is working to make it tougher to get a gun. how local dealers are reacting to his
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this is fox5 news at
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