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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  January 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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maria silva. i'm dave hall. now it's time to get a first look at your fox5 weather 24-7 forcast... meteorologist cassandra jones joins us now. good morning i'm cassandra jones with fox5. we can expect mostly sunny skies today with a high of 54 degrees & light breezes to 10 mph. by tuesday we will have some clouds move overhead with a high of 55. temperatures will continue in the mid 50's through the week with a few clouds & a slight chance of showers through the weekend but the bulk of the activity should stay well to our north. daytime temperatures remain below normal for the week ahead with our average at 58 degrees this time of year. here's your fox5
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here is a look at your drive here are the accidents to watch out and alternate routes you can use listed on our maps here are the construciton areas to look out for and alternate routes listed on our maps here are your photos for the day back to the news desk. u-n-l-v parts ways with runnin' rebel basketball coach dave rice. last night - the university announced dave rice resigned, and while this is called a resignation - rice was forced out the runnin rebels have lost four of their last five games - including the first three of the mountain west season to teams that - quite honestly - they are better than. in all of those losses - unlv had leads late that they blew down the stretch. assistant- todd simon was chosen to take over for the rest of the season on an
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the main people involved met with the media to discuss the change. fox 5's kevin bolinger who's been traveling with the team all week, shares more with us on some sweeping changes in the runnin' rebel program. closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning will resume shortly
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five news local las vegas. dave rice leaves unlv with a 98-54 record including ten wins against ranked opponants. he will receive 900- thousand as a buyout for the remaining three years on his contract - most of that money coming
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meanwhile - a national search will be held to find a new head coach for next season. the runnin' rebels are back in action for the first game under todd simon on tomorrow night at the thomas and mack against new mexico. local law enforcement pleading with drivers to slow down, this as eight people lose their lives during another deadly weekend on valley roads. the most recent happened at 11-30 yesterday morning near carey and losee. police say a male driver was speeding when he lost control of the s-u-v... and it fell twenty feet off a bridge into railroad tracks. the driver and passenger died at the scene. "so a good reminder for us to slow down. this is something tragic where we've lost two people. it's the first fatal crash for north las vegas. so a good reminder to slow down. you aren't just affecting your life. you're affecting other people's lives as well." no other cars
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said if alcohol or drugs were a factor. the coroner will release the victims' identities. mexican drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman is back behind bars... the same prison he escaped from in july. he is currently awaiting extradition to the u-s, a process that could take months. as reid binion reports, while on the run "el chapo" agreed to a secret interview with one of hollywood's biggest stars. with a narcotics empire at his command... and two prison breaks under his belt... ...drug-lord joaquin "el chapo" guzeman's story reads like a screenplay... ...and it appears, that's just what he wanted - a bio-pic, a project he had been planning for a while. so it was fitting when - a day after el chapo's friday arrest... sean penn published an article about his secret meeting with the drug lord in the mountainous mexican jungle, in october. in penn's piece for rolling stone, el chapo boasted of his narcotics empire... ...his prison escapes... and once referred to donald trump as "mi amigo." he later answered penn's questions
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responses..... explaining his path to drug trafficking. (el chapo) "i was raised in a ranch called la tuna. in that area, and until today, there are no job opportunities." penn says the interview was planned by kate del castillo, a mexican- american actress. she reportedly began communicating with el chapo during his second stint in prison in 20-14, 2 years after a controversial tweet about the drug lord. in 20-12, she tweeted quote, "today i believe more in el chapo guzman than in the governments that hide the truth from me even though it is painful." she later told c-n-n that it was meant to criticize political leaders, not praise guzman. with her name yet again tied to his... ...and mexican officials looking to question her and penn, del castillo has not commented since the publication of the article. as for el chapo, he insists that his way of life was the only one available to him. (el chapo) "as i said, where i grew up there was no other way, and there still isn't a way to survive."
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will deliver his final state of the union address tomorrow. the president will use the address to lay out his plans for his final year in office. white house officials say he'll focus on long term issues facing the country even after he's out of office. "what the president is going to lay out is a picture of the country moving forward. focus on the future, not afraid of it and very optimistic about our future because of what he knows about this country." president obama says he'll keep an empty seat next to first lady michelle obama to represent gun violence victims. he's also invited a syrian refugee, who the president calls an inspiration after his story was featured in a popular blog called "humans of new york". a local veteran will be one of president obama's guests at the state of the union. cynthia dias will sit in the visitor box with first lady michelle obama. dias served during the vietnam war as a registered nurse. after completing her service -- she was diagnosed with p-t-s-d. dias says it caused her to lose her job and
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"i was in a women's shelter at one time and i was in another family shelter the shade tree. so homelessness i have experienced firsthand." dias is now a resident and volunteer at veterans village. it's a non-profit helping homeless veterans. she still can't believe she's going to be sitting with the first lady. " i'm still in shock. until i get there i'm amazed. i mean i feel very privileged to go there and be there." in november of 20-15... las vegas announced it housed every homeless veteran. it was part of a challenge launched by michelle obama in 2014. veterans village founder -- arnold stalk -- will also be at the white house. he will watch the state of the union speech from the president's theater with other guests. republican presidential hopeful donald trump looks to gain voter support in the
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"walking out to eye of the tiger, he waves and smiles" the front-runner was in northern nevada for a rally at the reno events center yesterday. more than two- thousand people came out to see him. trump talked about how police officers across the country are being treated. "the police of our country, they're being abused, frankly. they're being abused. they're not being treated properly, and i just want to tell you, you know, you're always going to have a bad apple, and if somebody does something it's always the biggest story in the news and it's a horror show. they don't show the incredible work that the police of this country do, and they don't get enough credit, okay." c-n-n says ted cruz remains the front-runner in iowa with donald trump in second... but trump leads in new hampshire. for democrats -- hillary clinton
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while sanders is ahead in new hampshire. in more local news, metro is still looking for new police officers. the department is hiring, and will accept applications until tomorrow. they are looking for police officers, and are also helping other departments around the valley find recruits for their forces. applicants must have a high school diploma or g-e-d and be at least 21 years old. if you or someone you know is interested, we have information on the links page of our website, fox5 vegas dot com. theres still hope!! the powerball jackpot continues to grow. meaning you still have a chance to walk away with more than a billion dollars! the stars take to the red carpet. as the golden globes kick off awards season. we have some of this big winners, next.
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the entertainment world this morning, legendary artist david bowie has died. representative's for the singer confirm he died last night surrounded by family, following an 18 month battle with cancer. the multi- talented artist - just released his 25-th album "blackstar" on his birthday friday. bowie was 69. now fox weather 24/7 with cassandra jones
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cassandra jones with fox5. we can expect mostly sunny skies today with a high of 54 degrees & light breezes to 10 mph. by tuesday we will have some clouds move overhead with a high of 55. temperatures will continue in the mid 50's through the week with a few clouds & a slight chance of showers through the weekend but the bulk of the activity should stay well to our north. daytime temperatures
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normal for the week ahead with our average at 58 degrees this time of
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here's your fox5 traffic solutions here is a look at your drive here are the accidents to watch out and alternate routes you can use listed on our maps here are the construciton areas to look out for and alternate routes listed on our maps here are your photos for the day back to the news desk. some good news for those feeling lucky this morning. although several people took home big bucks from saturday's powerball drawing, no one won the jackpot! that's right! and now the powerball is up to one-point-three billion dollars. fox5's abby theodros visited the lottery store in primm where one lucky ticket holder got five out of six numbers. reporter intro:
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lottery ticket here in nevada but people were making the trek across state lines to test their luck today. in fact the line outside the primm valley lottory store was 2 and a half hours. reporter pkg: bruno mars - "billionaire" with the powerball up to record numbers- the dream of being a billionaire could become reality wanda: the powerball is up to $1.3 billion dollars and im super excited about it because i feel good that might have something to do with where she bought her tickets from. at primm valley lotto - one lucky ticket holder bought a five out of five. that's a prize of $1 million dollars. shay vogel - director of retail operations: it's been crazy. i dont know if you saw the lines in the parking lot - pretty much we come in and there are people in line and we go home and there are people in line. while your chances of winning are one in 292.2 million - nats people in line were already making plans for the big winnings. miles fusilier - if i win im going back to school because i can afford to go back to school if i win
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- buy a beach house - definitely kerry bartlett - im sure i would share if i won a billion dollars sunday's crowd had a lengthy line of hopefuls - but some ticket holders scored big with saturday's winning numbers. 25 tickets won $1 million dollars. and three others won $2 million. wanda: im hoping i win because if i do im going to make a lot of people happy reporter tag: between january 6 and saturday more than $900 million dollars in powerball tickets were sold. abby theodros fox5 news local las vegas. you have until wednesday night to purchase a lotto ticket. while the powerball climbs into the billions... gas prices continue to fall. triple-a says the cost of gas across the country could drop to one dollar a gallon. can you believe that! this hasn't happened since 19-99. experts say areas could see a dollar a gallon because of tumbling oil prices and availability. right now -- the national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas is a dollar-96. but here in las vegas -- gas prices are around two- dollars and fifty
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the stars were out in hollywood sunday night for the 73rd annual golden globe awards. melisa raney has that story and more in today's hollywood minute the 20-16 awards season kicked off sunday night with the 73rd annual golden globe awards... ricky gervais hosted the star- studded event. he martian" won best comedy... and best drama went to "the revenant." leonardo dicaprio won best actor for his role in the film. and sylvester stallone won best supporting actor for his role in "creed." it's sly's first golden globe... which the audience gave him a standing ovation for. lamar odom is officially out of the hospital. the former nba star was seen being driven around the san fernando valley over the weekend. lamar has been hospitalized since october when he was found unconscious and fighting for his life at a brothel in nevada. (nat pop) holding on strong
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the force awakens" ... cashing in nearly 42-million dollars.. in second place.."the revenant" .. bringing in 38 million. and rounding out third.. "daddy's home" .. raking in an estimated 15-million dollars. for hollywood minute, i'm melisa raney. raney. alabama faces off
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the college football playoff title tonight. teams are in arizona, getting ready for the big game. tonight's game comes with big stakes. with a win, clemson would become the first team in major- college history to go 15-0. it would also be clemson's first national title in 34 years. alabama who is currently is angling for its fourth national championship trophy since 2009. braving the temps. a freezing day for seahawks' fans. the record breaking temps they sat through that ultimately turned tears to icicles for one side.
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family tak advantage of the cold weather by building an 18-foot snow octopus in their front yard. the giant snow creation was done by three brothers to raise money for charity. it took them 500 hours in total! the family makes a different sculpture every
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last year it was a giant sea turtle. their goal is to raise 10-thousand dollars to bring clean water to haiti. also in minnesota more than 50- thousand football fans braved the cold -- in the third coldest game in n-f-l history. temperatures were negative six degrees with a wind chill of negative 25 in minneapolis, minesota. the vikings and seahawks faced off in an n-f-c wild card playoff game. it was the coldest one in vikings' history... but that didn't stop fans from showing their support and passion for their team! some say the home field advantage and elements were on their side. "the seahawks seachickens are 1 and 7 when it's below 30 degrees and it's way colder than that and we are going to kick some butt." "they are used to 40 degrees and rain. they are going to freeze out there today. the vikings are going to stomp all over them." and the vikings
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game! the seahawks won ten to nine after vikings kicker blair walsh missed a 27-yard field goal. plenty more straight ahead on fox5 news this morning... gas prices are going down... but will we see the same drop here in nevada? we'll fill ya in next. it's a night one local teen won't soon forget.... his teammates won't either. why his time on the court was a dream come true for one high schooler... and a lesson for the
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passed away. more on david bowie's death... plus his vegas connection. "i want to do what's right for everyone involved." "the team and i met for quite a long time today and we mutually decided that i would step aside." and just like that... the dave rice coaching era at unlv is over... we'll have more on what into the decision... and what's next for the team. gervais says: "i'm going to be nice tonight. i've
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jenner. obviously"
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