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this is fox5 news at 11. local las vegas. we are learning new details about the man who caused a six hour stand off today with police. i'm christine maddela. i'm elizabeth watts in for john tonight. ricardo martinez is in custody tonight. fox 5s cyndi lundeberg is live outside his home with more details. this is the home where martinez lived with his family... earlier he dumped five gallons of gasoline inside the home... police tell me... he did the same thing in los angeles... and said thats why they were being extra careful today... to make sure he didnt set the home one fire... martinez posted on his facebook during the standoff showing himself holding gasoline... and even a gun.. take a look. facebook video: i didnt threaten anybody... i didnt do sh a visibly upset ricardo cesar
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plea to his family while showing a razor blade in his mouth ... johnny correa tells me he called martinez after seeing the disturbing posts on his friend's facebook page. johnny correa i was like are you okay and he said no i am not okay i cannot live like this anymore i said things will get better i said dont do this you will be alright correa says he was on the phone with martinez when north las vegas police showed up just after 1030 wednesday morning... aaron patty pio north las vegas police- we received calls about a disturbance in the 2600 block of st george our officers received information there was a potentially suicidal subject inside the home throughout the six hour long stand off... martinez updated his facebook... posting things like time to get shot by police... he asked police for information... talked to his family... facebook video: "to my family... (opens mouth) officers set up a command center nearby... and monitored martinez' facebook page... aaron patty pio north las vegas police i cant say thats somethign we see everyday however it does pop up like it has today but thats something its a different dynamic in every
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talked martinez out of the home... and took him into custody. i mean there was so many things going through my mind i was please dont do this you dont need to go out like that it would be horrible to see a friend take his own life im glad he didnt im glad everythign is safe and good martinez cousin tells me he is in the hospital tonight... police tell me martinez' family cannot go home tonight because of the gasoline... they say its m me the air poisonous. reporting live cyndi lundeberg fox5 news. local las vegas. police told fox5 martinez will likely be charged for todays stand off. henderson police released the booking photograph, for a young man they say killed his father. 22-year-old daron clanton was arrested monday, in henderson's first homicide of 2016. in his declaration of arrest, police say daron shot his father "kevin clanton" after an argument possibly over college
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he got scared, and grabbed a gun. he says when he saw his father walking toward him, he fired all of the bullets. officers had never been called to this home before. clanton now faces an open murder charge. a metro officer is accused of beating his girlfriend, and holding her against her will. and police say this isn't the first time he's been accused of domestic violence. an arrest report for "james burt" reveals why metro police had to arrest one of their own yesterday. police say on monday night, burt and the victim got in an argument, and she tried to leave their home. she told police burt wouldn't let her go, and he dragged her from her car. the victim says burt choked her and threw their dog. when police interviewed burt, he denied he had hurt the victim. but later, he told police to quote, "throw the hooks on and take me to jail." metro says burt was arrested back in 2011 on another domestic violence related case. they say there were a lot of similarities to this case. a woman was killed early this morning in a
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nevada highway patrol says the driver was going eastbound on summerlin parkway west of rampart. she drove into the dirt right shoulder, and over-corrected to the left... losing control of her saturn. troopers say she wasn't wearing a seatbelt, and she was thrown from the car. the coroner says the driver was 37- year-old stacey palmer. metro police are looking for a man and woman they say robbed two stores at gunpoint. the robberies happened january fifth and ninth, on the west side of town. police say the man pointed a large gun at employees, and both suspects stole cash and other items from the victims. both may be in their 20's, and police believe the woman may have recently dyed her hair. if you know who they are, call crimestoppers at 702-385-55-55. the record breaking prize amount made for record breaking sales... one winning ticket was sold at a 7 eleven in chino hills california take a look at this, a group of people gathered outside the store of this la suburb where the winning
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the winning combination was 4- 8- 19- 27- 34 and powerball 10 lotto officials say winning tickets were also sold in florida and tennessee... fox 5's miguel martinez-valle joins us in the newsroom with more on the last few hours of powerball maddness... the ap just reported more winning tickets were sold in tennessee and florida ... the jackpot was going for 1.5 billion dollars, but that wasnt the only record broken because of the jackpot... california reported its biggest day of lotto sales and many of the stores selling tickets around nevada's borders feel like in the end, they were the big winners. " its been a little bit crazy, were all on over drive, weve been having to work together as a team." the power ball frenzy has come to an end... at least for now after reaching a record breaking jackpot of more than 1.5 billion dollars...
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at least one winning ticket has been reported in california... and there could still be more < nat> one things for sure, the biggest lottery in u.s. history has been a huge win for border town businesses.... "we amped up our staff, we had friends, we had family, we had everybody come help us in this time when it's just been crazy." last stop in arizona says they saw at least 10 times their regular amount of customers in the last week alone... many of them first time players... " i saw last stop, passed by roseys, it was packed, turned back around" and nipton california's trading post which normally caters to about 40 people a day, served thousands trying to get the winning tickets... " its been pretty crazy with the lottery, but we love the lottery." after days of hectic lines and lottery tickets... these border town employees were just hoping for a winner... "i just hope someone wins it, i mean wouldnt that be awesome." and now with at least one winning ticket announced, the powerball jackpot isnt rolling over anymore... so they can finally get some
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it truly has been a long few days for many of these employees, i mean some that i talked to said they would get to work at 5 am with a line already waiting... and then leave at 11 at night... im sure theyre happy to get back to normal... ...... live from the newsroom, miguel martinez-valle, fox5 news, local, las vegas. so far no jackpot winning tickets have been announced from arizona ... but one ticket matching 5 out of the 6 numbers- for the million- was sold in nipton california which is a stop just outside of primm
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solar customers continue to challenge the changes made by the p-u-c. the decision made today... and how a famous actor got involved in the debate. uber and lyft now have more competition on our valley roads. what a new ride- sharing company in town is offering customers, besides a ride. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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here in vineland, new jersey where progresso light soups are made, we'll never give up our cheddar, our cream, and especially our bacon. so we figured out a way to add rich ingredients like this into 22 light soups, all with 100 calories or less per serving. so if you want to eat light and not give up rich flavor,
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today at a public utilities commission meeting ... hoping the p-u-c would delay net metering changes. " : you would think that with such an abundance of energy in the sky 365 days of the year we would use that to our advantage to help our economy and help our environment
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the p-u-c voted unanimously to deny that motion. last month, the p-u-c cut back on how much money solar customers get for generating extra power... and raised their rates. solar companies say their businesses are in jeopardy. solar city and sun-run have already laid off hundreds of workers. today's rally even brought out a movie star with a lot of passion for solar energy. "mark ruffalo: nevada is the testing ground of the utility industry to try and kill solar in the u.s. and heres where we have to stop it " the "alliance for solar choice" filed a petition for reconsideration. the commission has 40 days to grant or deny it. if the petition for reconsideration is denied, the group can take their motion to district court. thousands of nevada middle school students will soon get laptops to help with classwork. this is part of the new "nevada ready 21" program. schools apply for competitive grants that will be awarded in march. teachers will get training on how to use the c-t-l chromebooks... and students will receive those
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school year. this program aims to teach students skills they'll need to succeed in college and jobs of the future. a new ride sharing business is joining uber and lyft here in our valley. you're looking at the app for "get me"... a company that started up in dallas. this business actually opened late last year as a delivery service. but now, get me is offering ride- sharing services to people in our valley. when you use the app, you have an option of getting something delivered, or having someone get you. you then have the choice of a motorcycle, car, suv, or limo coming to pick you up. rates start at about five dollars for a two mile trip... up to 250 if you choose the limo option! google says its self-driving cars are getting better at detecting problems on the road. but there's still some moments where drivers were needed to step in and take over. according to the consumerist... google says in the last 14 months, there were 272 situations where software on its vehicles found a problem that needed a human's attention. these were all in california. in 13 of those
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driver hadn't jumped in, there would have been a collision. nevada was the first state to legalize self- driving cars. now fox5 weather 24..7. with chief meteorologist ted pretty we have a series of disturbances moving off of the pacific through the southern nevada area. most of these just throw us some clouds, but now models are picking up on a very slight chance of showers for saturday and sunday, then again with a separate system on tuesday. we'll stay around 60 degrees for highs through the 7-day forecast after thursday where we expect 55. overnight lows get above the 40 degree mark into the weekend and beyond. we will see another round of freezing lows into thursday with a
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we have a series of disturbances moving off of the pacific through the southern nevada area. most of these just throw us some clouds, but now models are picking up on a very slight chance of showers for saturday and sunday, then again with a separate system on tuesday. we'll stay around 60 degrees for highs through the 7-day forecast after thursday where we expect 55. overnight lows get above the 40 degree mark into the weekend and beyond. we will see another round of freezing lows into
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wayne newton, a- k-a "mister las vegas" has an exciting 2016 ahead of him. one of the highlights coming up... being part of the first show in the brand new t- mobile arena on the strip! the killers and i are going to open it and i have to have discussions - i prefer to have discussions with them as to how they see the show going and what they would like to see happen because i would like to walk out and do some of their songs with them either singing or playing guitar or whatever" " the opening night is april 6th. for now, newton fans can check out his casa de shenadoah, which is open for public tours. newton says he has another exciting surprise coming up in february. he won't say specifically what it is, but does say he'll be back on the strip. protestors in oregon say they're done with being taken for granted.
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that these things do not become a precedent or become the normal, we will see it time and time again." " we'll tell you the announcement the protesters will share at the end of this week. and see how the perfect selfie picture, landed
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ten american sailors are free from iranian custody today -- but questions still remain about both their capture and their release. this incident is adding fresh criticism to the iranian nuclear deal that will go into force in just days. steve nannes has the details from washington. the ten american sailors who were detained by the iranian revolutionary guard on tuesday were handed over to the american naval fleet early wednesday morning. secretary of state john kerry said the sailors were well taken care of... and thanked the iranian authorities for their quick response. (john kerry, secretary of state) "this kind of issue was able to be peacefully resolved, and officially resolved - and that is a testament to the critical role that diplomacy plays in keeping our country safe." but critics question the timing of the incident... occuring just days before a nuclear deal with
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in exchange for iran freezing its nuclear program... economic sanctions will be lifted -- a move that makes some international leaders nervous. (king abdullah ii, jordan): "it's a concern to a lot of us in the region, and i think further afield. so that's what i said - there's linkages to the nuclear deal and how iran performs on the other portfolios" lawmakers in the u.s. also say the incident should raise serious questions about iran's behavior. (rep. patrick mchenry (r) chief deputy whip) "this is the reason that i opposed the iranian nuclear agreement as well, because i think it is a great failure to attempt to sit down with folks that will take actions like what we see in this video." also stoking criticism --iranian state t-v aired a video of one of the u.s. sailors apologizing for entering iranian waters. (sailor): "it was a mistake, it was our fault, and we apologize for our mistake" it is unclear from the video whether the sailor was speaking voluntarily. the u.s. has not yet said under what circumstances that statement was made. in washington, i'm
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the group occupying a federal building in oregon says the protesters are sick and tired of being taken for granted. their leader, ammon bundy, spoke to reporters today, to share a message from the protestors. he spoke about their efforts to help father-and- son ranchers dwight and steven hammond, who were convicted of arson on federal lands in oregon. he asked officials to continue investigating the case. ""we stand here as a people who have been ignored for many a months and even years. and we stand solid on that ... that the truth must come out. and that the truth is important. and that the hammonds have been violated and that the constitution in many ways have been violated. " a march supporting the hammonds led to the armed occupation of the wildlife refuge. protesters are fighting what they call government overreach with federal lands. the protesters say they will reveal their departure date
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community members. after months of people becoming ill after eating at its restaurants... chipotle says it is confident that its e-coli crisis coming to an end. chipotle's c-e-o says its executives met with officials from the centers for disease control and prevention last week. he says the restaurant chain is hopeful the c- d-c will soon declare the e-coli outbreak over. the outbreak begin in october and infected dozens of people in nine u-s states. chipotle says it is taking additional measures to make sure its food is safe, including having more of its ingredients go through centralized kitchens. meanwhile, chipotle will launch a new marketing campaign next month aimed at luring back customers. an ohio fugitive didn't like the mugshot police released in hopes of finding him. so he sent them a selfie to use instead. donald pugh was wanted by police for failing to appear in court. he was originally arrested for embezzlement and battery. police posted some of his mugshots over social media. pugh apparently wasn't happy
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took action. "for the past few weeks mr. pugh has been on social media kind of taunting law enforcement, taking a selfie of himself and posting it to police department pages saying, 'hey, this picture is actually better.' he's also called into radio stations in ohio kind of teasing them that he's still on the run. " police used the new selfies, and someone recognized him. sheriff's officials say they were tipped off to where pugh was, and he was arrested. police thanked the public with the hashtag "thanks for the selfie". pugh's new mugshot shows him grinning from ear to ear. las vegas has been getting a lot of experience hosting presidential debates in the last few months. it's all leading up to the grand finale... when the top two candidates go head to head here in las vegas. what officials revealed today about october's event. and we'll show you what brought out some of the biggest names in
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the last-standing presidential candidates will take the stage for their final debate, at unlv. and it's not too early to celebrate! "nats of band " the university and the las vegas visitors and convention authority hosted a kick off event today.
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other nevada leaders spoke about the boost this debate will be to our state. and for unlv, it's a chance to showcase efforts to become a top tier school. " we have a lot going on, a lot of progress. this gives us an opportunity to showcase that to the country and the world. free publicity we can't afford, can't buy. it's tremendous for us." a new logo for the debate was unveiled. its slogan will be "let freedom ring." nevada attorney general adam laxalt made his decision about who he's endorsing for president. the first-term republican announced he's supporting texas sentator ted cruz. laxalt hosted cruz and other candidates at his annual "basque fry" political gathering in august. the consultant who ran laxalt's campaign is leading cruz's efforts in our state. laxalt called cruz a consistant and courageous conservative. there was some excitement down at the las vegas motor speedway. four nascar drivers took over the track, to test
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"nats of cars " jimmie johnson, brad keselowski, matt kenseth and kurt busch came to town to try out the new goodyear tires. las vegas native kurt busch says the las vegas motor speedway is an ideal track to do these tests. " most importantly it's the weather, secondly it's a track where we only race once a year. so notes don't get as defined here. " busch says he hopes these tests will help him and his team consistantly finish higher in races in the upcoming season. nascar weekend comes to the las vegas motor speedway march 4th through the 6th. visually impaired children got to try something new today... ice skating! "it's possible they wouldn't normally be able to do something like this, their parents might not be able to take them out, kids themselves might have some fear. but they're out here with their parents, it's a great opportunity for them. " children were taught various techniques at dowtown summerlin's rock rink. professional figure skaters taught the class. organizers say
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empowering, and it gives the kids a
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