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tv   FOX5 News at 500pm  FOX  January 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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stokes will be sentenced march ninth. district attorney steve wolfson says her sentences will run together without the possibility of parole... we have new information on a a metro police officer accused of battery. we now know that officer was fired years ago for a similar incident with his ex wife. that came out in court today when he appeared to face allegations by his current girlfriend. fox5's les the clark county detention center to tell us what happened... and how he was after his 2011 arrest. history played a part in today's court appearance when a past arrest for domestic violence was brought up. burt's attorney argued that had nothing to do with this latest incident, the d.a. argued otherwise
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cuffed to his sides and wearing leg irons one of metro's own appeared in court...on the charges connected to domestic dispute. how do you plead to those charges? not guilty your honor. according to the arrest report james burt a veteran metro officer got into an argument with his live in girlfriend. she told arresting officers when she tried to leave burt dragged her out of her car into the house injuring her neck and bruising her right breast. he eventually let her leave apologizing then asking her to help him get help. burt's attorney argued that because his client was a honorably discharged marine, a police officer and that he co-operated with the arresting officers bail should not be set high. but the d.a.'s office wanted nothing to do with that argument based on another domestic violence arrest in 2011. he put that victim on the couch, his knee on her chest, she can't breath grabbed her around her jaw. in both situations there are injuries that are consistent with the events of the victims burt's attorney responded by pointing out the previous case had been dismissed as your honor knows dismissals
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presumed innocent until proven guilty in this case, the state elected to dismiss those charges. it turns out according to las vegas justice court that case was dismissed because burt forested $1,000 cash bond, agreed to stay out of trouble, did counciling and 100 hours of community service. the judge reminded burt's attorney that the prior case was a negotiated deal then added. in thinking about this case and the occupation of the your client doesn't he get a benefit because of what he does, or does he get treated differently because of what he does and quite frankly he should be treated like every other defendant in this courtroom in the end the judge set bail at $60 thousand for kidnap 1st degree charge and $15 thousand for domestic battery. she also warned burt not to contact his alleged victim should he post the $75 thousand bail if at anytime it is brought ot my attention that you have communicated with her, your bail
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and you will be held without bail until this case reaches it's conclusion in the previous case burt was relieved of duty pending an investigation but was then reinstated after the charges were dismissed in 2011. an internal investigation led to burt being fired by metro in 2012. he was reintstated later that year after an arbitration ruling in his favor burt is scheduled to be back in couyrt on february 5th. you heard about the rate hike for roof top solar customers and how the public utilities commission denied a request to delay the changes. well turns out solar customers aren't the only ones dealing with challenges following last night's meeting. fox5's abby theodros joins us with more on how gaming companies could be hurting. last night the commission also allowed a group of gaming
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they choose. but it comes with a multi-million dollar price tag. if you're a gaming company looking to purchase energy on the open market .. now you can. but it'll cost you millions. bob list, nv coalition to protect rate payers but also encompases to of the casinos invovled (sands and wynn): they have to pay an enormous amount of money which is frankly unaffordable. 126-point-6 million dollars to be exact. the puc voted to allow mgm, las vegas sands, and wynn split the exit fee if they want to part ways with nv energy. former republican governor bob list nevada coalition payers and says an expected but the suggested rate is unrealistic. they have such a monopoly. the statute allows them to leave the monopoly but the public utilities commission has impossible for them to do that. list is talking statute 704 b. it was created in response to the
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energy crisis and allowed major power users to buy their power on the open market. together the three gaming companies requesting the change - make up of n.v. energy's customer base. critics of the steep fees say it's meant to strengthen the utility's monopoly but a representative for the puc said they're simply protecting their remaining customers from increased rates. list says the puc's decisions on energy makes it impossible to go forward with what the legislature intended. this is is a free country people ought to have choices. whether youre an individual home owner that wants roof top, whether your a business - one of casinos that wishes to go out on the open market - buy power and save money while doing so another concern among the companies is the way the fees were calculated. all three companies filed their applications separately but were clumped together - which ultimately increased the projected impacts
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as it stands ... the commission- approved fees are nearly 90 million dollars for mgm, 15-point-7 million for wynn and 23- point-9 million for sands. toss to weather we have a series of storms moving over the area between now and tuesday. the first on friday afternoon just throws us some clouds with a high of 57 degrees. the second storm moves through on saturday with a few hundredths expected around the las vegas valley with a cooler high sunday we'll keep some clouds and actually see a high of 60 degrees. partly cloudy with
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expected on monday for martin luther king day. the final storm in the series moves through on tuesday with area showers expected with up to .10" in some areas. the man who helped guide celine dion through her life and career has died. the singer's husband rene angilil passed away this morning celine dion through her life and career has died. the singer's husband rene angilil passed away this morning at their family home in henderson. "more access" host sean mcallister joins us now with the impact angelil had on wife and family. john and christine -- the story of celine and rene is one of the greatest love affair's in entertainment history. after decades of work together... 21 years of
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three sons together -- that love affair came to an end today. angelil died at home this morning. the clark county coroner says he was under a physicians care during his third and fatal bout with cancer. angelil began working with celine when she was just 12 years old. after years together professionally -- dion and angelil married in1994 eventually having three sons. in 2014 dion left her las vegas stage so she could personally care for her ailing husband... the singer resumed her residency last summer at angelil's request... and spoke with us about the decision to perform again. i'm very different... (sigh). it's kind of awkward emotions. and i want to show my children that this is part of life and i got their
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we're doing this. we're ok. that is certainly the strength and determination that celine and her family will need to draw on again as understandably -- celine's shows at the colosseum are cancelled this weekend. however we do understand that her residency will resume at the end of february. john and christine -- vice president statement saying "rene was the most brilliant, generous and loyal partner one
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will never be another one like rene." did you fall short... in the record-setting powerball jackpot last night? don't throw out your losing tickets just yet. how you can use them... to cash in at las vegas casinos. plus - what we can expect tonight... from the next g-o-p presidential debate. you're watching
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officials say they're adding more guards and training officers how to use rubber bullets. it's an effort to end deadly shootings behind bars. but - the presence of shotguns in prisons was defended during a meeting today of the board of state prison commissioners. the state is responding to recommendations from a prison use-of-force audit released in september. nevada faces lawsuits over prison shootings - including one at high desert state prison in 2014 that left an inmate dead. the top republican presidential candidates - getting ready for their prime-time showdown in south carolina tonight. all eyes will be on frontrunner donald trump - who's been targeting his closest rival of late - texas senator ted cruz. joel waldman has more from north charleston. the stage is set here in south carolina for the first g-o-p debates of 20-16... and political insiders are expecting fireworks between frontrunner donald trump and his closest challenger, senator ted cruz.
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presidential candidates squaring off in the prime- time debate -- set for nine p-m eastern on the fox business network. spicer says: "i think you're going to see a very very economic-focused, and possibly some national security issues come up tonight with what's been going on overseas." donald trump has been hammering ted about his citizenship... raising expectations that trump will target debate. cavuto says: "we do know that every mr. trump has done that, the person he's targeting, their poll numbers go down. it remains to be seen if the same will apply to senator cruz." "you're going to see trump being very tonight, i think really a factor here. rubio not so nice, and he's going cruz." three g-o-p candidates taking part in the earlier debate at six p-m eastern on fox business network... among them former hewlett packard c- e-o carly fiorina...who's deriding trump and hillary clinton as the "ultimate insiders." fiorina says:
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raked in billions by actually buying people like hillary clinton and using the system to his advantage. we need to take our country back." tonight's debate provides the white house hopefuls with another chance to sway voters before the february first iowa caucuses. in north charleston, south carolina joel waldman, fox news. carly fiorina is returning to las vegas next week. on sunday - she will hold a rally at the siena community ballroom in summerlin. on monday morning - she will host a coffee event at the peppermill on the strip. more information - is available on fiorina's campaign website. now fox5 weather 24/7, with chief meterologi ted pretty we have a series of storms moving over the area between now and tuesday. the rs afternoon just throws us some clouds with a high
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through on saturday with a few hundredths expected around the las vegas valley with a cooler high of 54 degrees. sunday we'll keep some clouds and actually see a high of 60 degrees. partly cloudy with a high of 62 degrees expected on monday for martin luther king day. the final storm in the series moves through on tuesday with area showers expected with up to .10" in some areas.
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storms moving over the area between now and tuesday. the first on friday afternoon just throws us some clouds with a high of 57 degrees. the second storm moves through on saturday with a few hundredths expected around the las vegas valley with a cooler high of 54 degrees. sunday we'll keep some clouds and actually see a high of 60 degrees. partly cloudy with a high of 62 degrees expected on monday
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storm in the series moves through on tuesday with area showers expected with up to .10" in some areas. closed captioning will resume shortly three winning tickets have been announced for
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breaking powerball jackpot... worth one-and-a-half billion dollars. paul vercammen has more from chino hills, california - near los angeles - where one of the winning tickets was sold. the odds were one in 292 million. (powerball announcer) now, for your winning powerball number, good luck to you, it is the number 10 tonight. once...twicethree timesa lady. lady luck that is -- tickets purcsed in three states in wednesday's one- point-five billion powerball: in chino hls, california; chino hills! chino hills! chinomunford, t last jackpot was claimed in november, there were 19 drawings without a winner
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estimated two- point-six billion dollars on tickets. balbir atwal, owner of the 7-11 franchise in chino hills where the winning ticketas sold, said it was very exciting (balbir atwal, 7- eleven chino hills franchise owner) this is the luckiest machine on the planet, so make sure everybody come in here to play! after all, chino hills is the land of big league dreams, where they're known for replica baseball fields and if you are the big winner -- this powerball exec has some advice, (gary grief, chair, powerball group) we're just trying to encourage anyone who might be holding that winning ticket. go get the best lawyer. the best financial planner you can find before you come in and claim that one-third, almost $1.6 billion prize. and if you missed out on this one, the next powerball drawing is saturday with a jackpot of just $40 million. , i'm paul vercammen. one ticket worth about 630- thousand dollars was sold just over the ste line - at the lotto store in primm.
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holding that ticket has yet to or ward. two las vegas casinos said they are offering promotions for those without winning lottery tickets. the plaza downtown will reimburse people the amount they paid in powerball tickets - up to 25- dolls - in free slot play. losing tickets purchased between sunday and wednesday can be brought to the "royal rewards center" on the property. tickets must be redeemed by sunday. and - the ellis island casino and brewery - just off the strip - is offering five- dollar free play in exchange for losing powerball tickets. people can bring their tickets to the casino - through the weekend to redeem the promotion. there's some new competition - for uber and lyft. we'll tell you about a new ridesharing network... coming
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medic-west ambulance is celebrating 15 years of service here in valley. the company is an affiliate of american medical response. local business and political leaders were invited to tour medic-west's facility in north las vegas - and recognize employees who have been there from the start. "they're one of our larger employers the exciting thing is... they are the spine of the ems system in the whole region here. we're so fortunate to
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constituants in southern nevada and we want to come here to celebrate and let them know how appreciative we are for everything they do in our community." medic-west handles... on average... 100- thousand calls... and six-thousand special events... each year. a new ridesharing company is joining uber and lyft - here in southern nevada. as we first told you last night... "get me" opened in dallas last year as a delivery service. now they're picking up people. here's how the app works. you have two options... either delivered... or you can have someone pick you up. you then have the choice of a car, suv, limo or even a motorcycle to give you a ride. jonathan laramy, get me chief experience officer "the consumer's on demand too , so if i were going to go meet some friends at a music show, for example, it might be kind of cool to show up on a bike before i go out." rates start around five- dollars for a two mile trip. the limo option will set you back about 250-bucks. we also asked
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pricing ... laramy told us there is no surge pricing .. only a 7-percent increase overnight - every night - from midnight to six in the morning. there's much more coming up in the second half of fox5 news at 5. the woman charged in the death of her ex- boyfriend's daughter.... admits to the murder. what the d-a has to say.... about today's guilty
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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thanks for joining us for your only local news at 5:30. let's get you up to date with the latest local headlines. today the woman accused of killing a 10 year old girl... and then slashing a co-workers face with razor blades... pleads guilty. brenda stokes would have faced the death penalty had she gone to trial. fox5's cyndi lundeberg is live outside the regional justice center with details of the plea agreement. in total brenda stokes plead guilty to five charges... the most serious... was the murder of 10 year old jade moris... stokes plea deal means she will avoid the death penalty... but will likely spend the rest of her life in jail. in 2012 stokes was arrested for the murder of 10 year old jade morris... and also slashing a coworkers face with razor blades at the bellagio... the coworker survived the attack.
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