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tv   FOX5 News at 530pm  FOX  January 14, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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last seen with stokes who took her shopping... the little girls body was later found with stab wounds dumped in a housing tract. district attorney steve wolfson says he's happy with the plea agreement... because stokes will never get out of prison. " steve wolfson- this is what i would call las vegas justice we have great lawyers in my office the defendants lawyers did a good job but the bottom line is this woman did a horrendous thing she will never get out of prison and thats what justice is district attorney wolfson says he he worked alongside the family of jade morris throughout the plea deal and says they were happy with the outcome. another part of stokes' agreement is that she waived all of her rights to an appeal... reporting live cyndi lundeberg fox 5 news local las vegas. in total - stokes pleaded guilty to five charges...
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kidnapping... murder.. burglary... attempted murder and mayhem - all with a deadly weapon. bail has been set for a metro police officer facing domestic violence charges. james burt's bail is set at 75- thousand dollars as a result of an incident that occured late monday night at his valley home fox5's les krifaton joins us live from outside the clark county detention center. les i understand this is not the first time burt has faced these type of charges that's right. similar charges filed by his then wife in 2011 were dismissed after burt agreed to counciling and 100 hours of community work plus forefitting a thousand dollar bail. for this latest incident bail has been set much higher. cuffed and shackled james burt listedn as his attorney and prosecutor argued about everything from the charges to what is admissible in court. burt is charged with kindppaing in
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and battery after an altercation with his live in girlfriend. she had to be treated in hospital. back in 2011 his then wife was a victim of domestic violence, after that case was dismissed in 2011, burt was reinstated to active duty, but an internal investigtaion led to him getting fired. he was reinstated after an arbitration hearing. this morning the judge decidedto set bail at $75 thousand and gave burt a warning stay away from his latest alleged victim should be make bail. if at anytime it is brought ot my attention that you have communicated with her, your bail will be revoked and you will be held without bail until this case reaches it's conclusion" monday night his girlfriend needed to be treated at a hospital for injuries to her neck and chest. burt claimed in the arrest report those injuries did not occur as a result of the
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i spoke to metro this afternoon about the case and was told that they had to abide by the arbitrators ruling and reinstate burt back in 2012 something the department didn't want to do. some of nevada's biggest casinos want to get off the grid and source their own electricity. they have permission... but the penalties may be too expensive to be worth it. fox5's abby theodros is live with more. three gaming companies filed separate applications to part ways with nv energy and together itll cost them 126.6 million dollars back in december - the puc approved
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mgm, $15.7 million for wynn, $23.9 million for sands. gaming company advocates say a fee is expected but combining them all together when they filed separate applications increase les the projected impacts of their exits bob list, former rep. governor of nevada: "instead of considering the individual application they aggregated them. they lumped them all together. and then the divided up the consequences in terms of the total amount and assumed that they would all leave and then they stuck each one of them with a percentage of the total on the assumption that everyone woul go." critics of the steep fees say it's meant to strengthen the utility's monopoly but a representative for the puc said they're simply protecting their remaining customers from increased rates. former republican governor bob list says the puc's decisions on energy distorts what the
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the three gaming companies requesting the change - make up 7 percentof n.v. customer base. the law allowing gaming companies to purchase energy on the response to the 2001 western energy crisis... and allowed major power users to freely. banks are making more money on a- t-m and overdraft fees... than ever before. how the dollars are adding up - and what one presidential candidate is promising to do about it - if elected. plus - how one major retailer over-estimated demand... during
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es are costing americans so much money - they've become a presidential campaign issue. j-p-morgan chase... bank of america... and wells fargo made more than six- billion dollars last year in a-t-m and overdraft fees. more than five billion came from overdraft fees alone. presidential candidates are weighing in. hillary clinton called a-t-m fees - quote - "usurious." and bernie
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elected president - he will cap them at two-dollars - instead of the average four dollars being charged. many retail stores look for holiday sales to give them a push at the end of the year. but - it looks like best buy didn't get that. the big box electronics retailer says its holiday sales declined nearly 1-percent. best buy said it experienced lackluster demand for mobile phones and other consumer electronics. now - the company expects fourth- quarter domestic sales to shrink - instead of remaining flat. a bomb goes off... near a starbucks overseas. "(boom)" who's now claiming responsibility for a deadly attack - in a busy shopping area in indonesia. the oscar nominations are announced.... but not everyone is happy about it. who got snubbed.... and what each nominated actor has in common... that's raising a few eyebrows. your fox5 weather
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this is fox5 news at 5:30, your only choice for live
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a bomb goes off in front of a starbucks in indonesia - and it's caught on camera. it was part of a deadly attack in jakarta - and now isis is claiming responsibility. "(boom)" off... at the same time attackers used grenades against a police station - leading to a shootout. at least seven people were killed, including five of the assailants, and 23 people were injured. police say a dutch citizen is one of the people killed. it appears a navigational error is what caused navy boats to stray into iranian waters in the persian gulf. that's according to defense secretary ash carter. ten u-s sailors were detained by iran and then released. they are now back with their american fleet in
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it remains unclear if the crew made a mistake - or if navigational equipment was to blame for the incident. president obama is back on the road... following his state of the union address this week. he was greeted by a friendly crowd in baton rouge... where he talked about the economy - criminal justice reform - and finding a cure for cancer. it's all part of an effort by his administration to fend off the notion of "lame- duck" status - during the president's last full year in office. he also shared his thoughts on his family's future plans. "let me tell you, there are three things that are certain in life: death, taxes and michelle is not running for president." when asked about his biggest regret from his time in office - the president reiterated his thoughts from tuesday's speech - saying politics have become more rancorous and polarized during his presidency. awards season is
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world is gearing up for the biggest night in hollywood. julie banderas runs down the list of nominations - for the eighty- eighth annual oscar awards - announced this morning. (nat) leonardo dicaprio and his movie "the revenant" lead the way for this year's academy awards as the gritty 19th century drama about survival and revenge goes into the show with 12 nominations total including one for the biggest honor of the night "best picture". (nat) also going for the gold in that coveted category are: ensemble comedy "the big short"... steven speilberg's cold war thriller "bridge of spies"... a sweeping 1950s love story "brooklyn"... graphic novel styled action- packed "mad max: fury road"... this year's space adventure "the martian"... the
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investigative true story tale of "spotlight". (nat) when it comes to those vying for the best actor title this year -- dicaprio got his 5th oscar nod in this category and he'll be going for the gold along with... matt damon of "the martian", michael fassbender for his role as steve jobs", eddie redmayne of "the danish girl" and bryan cranston for his portrayal of dalton "trumbo". (nat) hoping their name is called when "best actress" is announced are this year's golden globe winners brie larson and jennifer lawrence... also cate blanchett of "carol", saoirse ronan for "brooklyn" plus charlotte rampling who stars in "45 years". (nat) in the running for best supporting actress are golden globe winner kate winslet of "steve jobs."jennifer jason leigh for her part in quentin tarantino's "the hateful eight";
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mcadams of "spotlight"; alicia vikander of "the danish girl". (nat) while up for best supporting actor are golden globe winner sylvester stallone for his return as rocky balboa in "creed", christian bale of "the big short"; tom hardy for "the revenant"; "spotlight's mark ruffalo; and bridge of spies actor mark rylance. (nat) there were some surprises and noticeable snubs this year... gray says: "i was stunned that ridley scott director of the martian was not nominated i mean i would have bet money he was going to win. i also was glad star wars got like 5 nominations but it did not get a best picture." (nat) all eyes will be on frontrunners "the revenant", mad max which garnered 10 nods, and the martian which
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nominations total. all of the big winners will be announced at the 88th academy awards february 28th. in new york, julie banderas, fox news. today's oscar announcements are also coming under fire for a lack of diversity. all twenty contenders in the actor categories - are white. the entertainment world is also mourning the loss of alan rickman. the british actor passed away... following a battle with cancer. rickman was known for a smooth, distinctive voice - and won several awards - including a golden globe. his most famous roles were as the lead villian in the original "die hard" - and professor snape in the "harry potter" series. alan rickman was 69 years old. now fox5 weather 24/7, with chief meterologist ted pretty we have a series of storms moving over the area between
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the first on friday afternoon just throws us some of 57 degrees. the second storm moves through on hundredths las vegas valley with a cooler high of 54 degrees. sunday we'll keep some clouds and actually see a high of 60 degrees. partly cloudy with a high of 62 degrees expected on monday for martin luther king day. the final storm in the series moves through on tuesday with area showers expected
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some areas. we have a series of storms moving over the area between now and tuesday. the first on friday afternoon just throws us some clouds with a high of 57 degrees. the second storm moves through on saturday with a few hundredths expected around the las vegas valley with a cooler high of 54 degrees. sunday we'll keep some clouds and
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partly cloudy with a high of 62 degrees expected on monday for martin luther king day. the final storm in the series moves through on tuesday with area showers expected with up to .10" in some areas. closed captioning
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the national zoo in washington is getting ready for a big debut. why this panda cub is already a familiar face... on social media. plus - tomorrow morning - "living the dream". las vegas is rolling out the red carpet for the annual m-l-k parade. fox five will talk about the events - road closures - and the message behind the largest parade in the
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some of the 'all new' stories we are working for fox5 news at six. we get our first look at one of the million dollar powerball winners at primm... kind of. why this lucky man is hiding behind that check. and turning a terrible situation into a teachable moment.. the minnesota vikings player who missed a game- winning kick meets his smallest fans. a panda cub is getting ready for his public debut... in the nation's capitol. bei bei will appear before the public - for the first time - this weekend at the smithsonian national zoo in washington d-c. the cub - who is now a healthy 20 pounds - was born in august... and has been busy hanging
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star on social media.... earning about five and a half million views so far - on the zoo's round-the- clock panda cam. thanks for joining us.. fox5 news at 6
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in las vegas fox5 news at 6 starts now. guilty by choice. the woman accused of killing 10-year old jade morris admits to the crime.. how long she might spend in prison.. and what jade's family thinks of her plea. new information tonight on the metro cop accused of battery.. this isn't the first time metro's had to deal with him and this situation. and remembering the life of rene angelil .. celine dion's husband who passed away earlier today. this is fox5 news at 6. local. las vegas the family of a slain 10-year old girl .. has justice.
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